Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My Fitness Journey - Part II

I didn't plan on working in the fitness industry; more so as a Personal Trainer.  This was just something that was thrust to me that in the beginning I was very reluctant to accept. However, I realized that when you welcome new challenges, dreams could change and we get to have a new shot at life. When I braved this profession, Youtube, Google and other forms of social media were my primary sources of knowledge. As days passed by, my performance was gradually progressing. Thankfully, my clients were also very patient with me. On my second year, I immersed myself in a formal education.

Here's the story...

It was about October last year when I decided that I would take a Fitness Instructor's Course at Gold's Gym Fitness Institute. I got disappointed when I was not able to enroll for Batch 33 which was scheduled to start January 2019. The class was closed approximately two weeks after it was announced open for enrollment. Lesson learned, I made sure I secured a spot for the next batch. But God had a different plan, I got in at Batch 33 via switch. Truly, I was meant to complete the cast.

Without a single idea on what to expect, I was too preoccupied prior to the first day of class. I was overthinking. Seriously. I dislike Science. I hate recitation. Introducing myself in front of a crowd gives me jitters. And the thought of having a failing grade does disturb me (in a way). To sit, listen and go home more equipped have always been my ideal class setting. At my age, going to school is synonymous to a war. My heart was always pounding. Really. I even had my share of embarrasing moment. Fast forward, I finished the theoretical course after fourteen crucial, boisterous and tedious Sundays. Truly, a roller coaster ride of emotion.

Prior to the next and last chapter of this course, I took some time off from browsing my handbook. I rested for a while; just long enough to prepare myself from physically challenging battle ahead of me - an 85 hour On-the-Job Training. Everyday, I was alloting seven hours at work and 4-7 hours at training depending on my stamina. I finished my OJT in 16 days. My journey with Gold's Gym has reached the homestretch when I got the Manager's signature. It was my ticket towards having the certificate that will give color in one corner of our 40 sqm gym. But more important than a piece of paper are immense learnings, experience and good memories which are within me. I was armed with integral foundation to be better in this field. I am forever grateful of the people I came across who generously shared their expertise. Although this entire training has been overwhelming, I know I still have tons to soak up to go beyond. I shall continue to educate myself if I desire the following years to look brighter. Now, I am on my third year as Fitness Coach. I am still quite nervous and excited but no longer skeptical.

Life really has a staggering way of surprising us. I have found my niche in a field I was not pursuing for many years. Why do I sound so sure? Because I am not earning much yet I am generally at peace and happy serving where God has put me. I believe He designated me this job to share His love. I know God also has a plan to prosper me financially because He knows exactly the other desires of my heart. I choose to be patient and faithful.

For this is God's plan for my life.

I know.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Fitness Journey -- Part 1

June 12, 2018. I mark the first year of traversing a path that I never thought would be part of my long list of work experiences. This is also the first business venture with my younger brother as my partner in crime. Who would have thought that we would run a fitness gym together? Specially, me?! Whose definition of a workout is either washing the dishes or doing laundry by hand. 

Unimaginable, really! But I have become a fitness trainor first by FATE and later on by FAITH. Cliche as it may sound, but really, everything happens for a reason. 

To narrate the back story would be long and emotionally draining. At the beginning, I felt I've got a lot on my plate. Let's just put it this way -- it's FATE. This is a sample of a situation where the option has no gray area. The number of times I said NO has no match to this destiny that has brought so many lessons and good memories in just a year and so. I call this my Courage Zone even up to this day. But as time passes by, it has become my choice to be where I am now. I have learned to embrace the challenge of doing the unthinkable. 

Just a Speck of History.
A preview of myself during the first few months: 
(1) I was a waiter, waiting for our clients to come and after an hour will hand me over two orange bills hidden in the compartment of their motorcycle. 
(2) I was the official utility person in charge of returning weights to its place, shining the mirrors, general cleaning, and doing the errands.
(3) I was the chat option of a man catching his breath after finishing three sets of bench press. 

Unlike my brother, I literally started from zero. I was so adamant to learn my job description as "Fitness Trainor." I thought being here during my shift would be enough. For months, I was simply a "bantay." Until one day, a young man with explicit fitness goal entered our gym and tweaked my stubborness. Suddenly, I felt I was oblige to mentor. The truth was, I was challenged because he was big boned and had to work some fat off. His arrival caused a stir for me to embrace my new role. It was a wake up call. And so... I researched day and night, I studied and tried the exercises myself. Everytime we would meet, he treated me like a teacher, like a real one. Unknown to my student, I, myself, was just like him -- a novice, a newbie. 

Fast forward, one year after, my student's waist line of 45 inches is now 32 which means a new set of clothes in his closet. But the result didn't come easy for my very first student. I bet a slice of pizza and a stick of barbeque took the backseat in most days. Temptation is strong. Struggle is real. Today, he is my biggest loser who is truly worthy of praise for the patience and perseverance.  Anyone who has witnessed his journey to this dramatic physical change will surely be happy for him. And like this guy, I also got my own transformation stories. I already gave away some of my large size clothes because I've been wearing small to extra small since last year. The better news is, I am healthier. My sinusitis and asthma attack have been limited. I am able to build a nest egg for some pleasure and other important matter rather than a trip to a drugstore.  Yes, I benefited from my student's fitness goal. Not only did I change physically, my mindset has gained so much more. And I am writing this to express my gratitude. I am grateful that fate brought me here and the faith of this young man in me. Sometimes, it takes just one person to trust (or curse) you to make you change your ways. 

God is good (and mysterious). He has given me an opportunity to serve others through a business I once dislike. I was skeptical, but now I am full of faith that I am here for a reason. Because I believe it is God who has put me in my position. Running this business for a year has neither made me (us) live in the lap of luxury nor an expert in this field. Honestly, I/We still have a lot learn. Meanwhile, I will trust the process. Promotion will come in His time. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Just a Short Entry

In my previous post, I listed down a bucket list to fulfill in my lifetime. The list has become lengthy that I forgot to pay attention on my short term goals (Definition of Short-term Goals: must accomplish until 2017), the ones that are important to me now.

1. Be spiritually renewed.
2. Be debt free.
3. Improve my financial investment.
4. Expand my micro business.
5. Continuity of financial assistance to personal advocacies.

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