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Rej is 31, female and Rej is not her real name. Rej is just one of the many names attached to her; a young woman who has no fashion sense, definitely not a kitchen superstar, a frustrated architect and doesn’t know how to swim. She has a lot of weaknesses but she prefers utilizing the many blessings she is receiving rather than dwelling to her numerous imperfections. Born under the astral sign of Leo, she is definitely a gutsy girl. But behind the ferocious image she projects is a benevolent heart. She believes that her mission in life is to become a true entrepreneur who will create jobs, help improve many lives and serve. At present, she is internally trying to decipher the track towards the realization of that mission. Though her direction remains uncertain, she is optimistic that there is a bright future ahead of her simply because there are people who are always willing to support her and most importantly there is God who loves her so much (and loves you too).



My God will fully supply whatever you need, in accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus - Philippians 4:19

I am 30. At my age, one of the things that I have learned to accept about life is this "Change is inevitable." Four years ago, I had a post entitled My Brief Prophetic Autobiography. I rewrote it a year later with a bit of twist. Today, I'm looking at my past, present and future quite differently. And it's even more exciting and more challenging since I think change is happening even faster than before. Or maybe it comes with maturity? Change has always been part of one's life but we have to be mindful to notice it and move forward. Therefore, the editing might take every now and then or maybe a lifetime.

(Drum Roll) 

Two hours ago, I blew two numeral candles, a double no. 9. Yes, today is August 12, 2082. Surrounded with people from generation Y to the babies of the 21st century, I am celebrating my 99th birthday.

Some still get surprised when they discover my real age. They thought I am only in my 70’s. Thanks for the compliment, folks. I owe the current formation of my human anatomy not to any modern surgical operation or to any advance medicine but to people who has never failed to bring life in my life through the years. However, I must admit that my eye sight is getting dimmer and my bones are becoming weaker each day. Thus, I can feel that I am about to reach the end of my journey. Before I finally bid goodbye, with a joyful heart allow me to share with you my brief autobiography.

I was born in 1983 in the City of Manila. My parents, Baltazar and Evangeline, named me Joan. I was the second and only daughter of three children. My father is a high school graduate and never entered college. But his dreams were bigger than his failures. From being a kargador he became a seafarer. My mother was a college dropout. She was a wife, a mother and a best friend. My parents were the epitome of Good Samaritan of their generation. Their compassion for each other and for others is pure and true. It was through my parents where I learned how to love others.

I started studying at the age of three and graduated college at twenty with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Management in a state university. I experienced being a student in both private and public school. I had a lot of wonderful memories as a student. I was in second grade when my weight reached 50 kilos. My height deficiency and plumpness made me an easy target for bullies. This event opened my eyes about some life's harsh realities. That even at young age bullies and nasty people exist. But along with the bad side is a good heart hiding somewhere. And just like any other, I'm far from being a saint. Most of the time, I was one of the most behave pupils in class. My mom never experienced a meeting with a guidance counsellor. But I have my share of naughtiness specially when I was at home. At times, a totally different person. You wouldn't imagine I was a Best in Conduct awardee for a number of times. In third year high school, I joined Cadet Officer Candidate Course (COCC). Despite my short stature, I finished the rigid training. I became a commanding officer. I then became confident of myself and started discovering my other abilities. I struggled severely to get high grades but still I failed in several subjects. Math was my most favorite subject and Science was a curse. However, my love for arithmetic dwindled when xyz appeared in supposedly fun class discussion. But it was ok. At the end of every school year I got passing mark and was even recognized on stage a few times. It is in school where I met a lot of friends. My relationship with my closest was not perfect. We had many petty quarrels and a few quite serious disagreements. We had a lot of ups and downs. We were so different in many ways. But we love each other no matter what. They are my friends up to this day. Although some of them went to heaven earlier. They all had prosperous lives.

When I finished college, I would move from one company to another after few months or a year of service. I wandered for a long time. It was frustrating. Because of this, it came to a point that I suspected myself to have Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. To confirm my notion, I met a psychologist. On our second meeting, she told me I was 100% normal. With that, I was a bit relieved. Our relationship continued even after I finished the required sessions. She continued to inspire me until she died of old age. She was a terrific woman.

In 2007, I experienced an incredible twist in my life when I attended the Kerygma Feast, a Catholic prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Community. I experienced a spiritual renewal. I also instantly became part of the Kerygma Family which was formed only through exchange of messages in a Catholic virtual forum. They were composed of young men and women with the same desire to restore their lives through Christ. After almost a year, one of my ultimate dreams happened before my very eyes. My family finally decided to join me in the fellowship. Our relationship significantly changed as we encountered God’s presence in our daily living.

In 2010, my family finally had a serious micro business after a number of failures. It was a sari-sari store just in front of the apartment that we rented owned by a relative. Two other sari-sari stores were born in a span of two years. Due to ballooning expenses and other personal issues we decided to close our first store. The third one turned out to be the most successful of them all. It became a mini grocery that eventually became the commuter's favorite last stop before going home.

Towards the last quarter of 2012, I and the entire family encountered a huge challenge as a result of a mistake of two people outside the family’s primary circle. Many questions ran in my head, complained even. Restless in all aspects. The situation we were in was breaking my heart each day. Only to be betrayed after all the sacrifices that we all went through for several months. It’s really unimaginable how other people can be so insensitive, worst ungrateful. But in the end we chose to ignore the sorrow. Honestly, it took me long years to forgive the person who caused us this pain. The grudge was just so massive and incomprehensible to be healed in a snap. However, for the sake of an innocent fruit I was still faithful to what is right.

In 2014, my father finally retired. We couldn’t imagine how the entire family would be able to surpass our monthly outlays. But God really has a special way of converting the bad into good. Our business flourished and we were able to raised more than what we needed. The same year, my teeny weenie financial investment eventually grew into bigger chunks. And little by little I was able to make my other dreams into reality. I was ticking my bucket list every so often. I was ageing rich and happy. Indeed, financially worry free while continuously doing my ultimate goal in life which is to create jobs and give my employees opportunities that could change their lives for the better.  I was also doing my advocacy to help poor people and various organizations that I already had in mind since I was in my twentys. I turned old single but very much happy. I believe I lived a life that was written in my fate. I retired at the age of 55 with no regrets because everything that happened to me was all valuable in the process of molding the person that I am today. I continued to serve God through my family, my friends and my advocacies. The rest of my days were even more fruitful. 

Having said all these, God indeed has showered me with blessings beyond my imagination. As I look back, I am thankful for all the failures and triumphs for they were essential to my journey to self discovery. To everyone, thank you for loving me and understanding my weaknesses and shortcomings. Thank you for always believing in me. Thank you for helping me fill up what is lacking in my life. I became who I am because of your love. And I thank God for having you in my life. Soon, I will die and meet my Creator. May you continue to love each other as you have loved me. If you think you are a big failure and a nobody, bear in mind that God has plan B, plan C, plan D and so on for your life. He wants your life to be very blessed. Because you are His child and He loves you so much.

Always young at heart,

Joan aka Rej

Note: This is an activity inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez. . Have your own too. It's fun and the rules are so simple: 

1. Include the bad experiences and the lessons learned. That’s part of your life and there is no way that you can erase it. Do not be afraid to be judged. Keep in mind that you cannot please everybody. Be open-minded and know that you are loved. What you consider awful part of you might serve as an inspiration to many.
2. If your present is something that you want to continue, imagine how you want it to go on. Otherswise, develop a new scene.
3. Remember that the future may not happen exactly the way you imagine it. Remember this is just a vision. Nevertheless, keep on imagining. It will motivate you to reach your dreams. And know that dreams do come true with the help of others and our God.

I would love to know yours...

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Yellow Bells said...

hello Rej, thank you for following me and taking time to visit my blog. I like that little prayer on the sidebar of your blog. i'll be here and there in your blog from time to time. cheers from Dubai from Yellow Bells!

Rej said...

thanks. :)

Louis Delos Angeles said...

sis Rej musta? just would like t ask a favor, please update my blog's link in your blog to http://investinginphilippines.com


Rej said...

sure. astig may sarili ng domain name. hehe!

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