Tuesday, November 21, 2006

5 Ways God Wants to Use the Problems in Your Life

I have been thinking of recent events or issues that might sound interesting but my mind couldn't come up with one. So let me just share with you something that I got from Bo Sanchez of Kerygma TV. Please try to contemplate and feel the presence of God.

1. God uses problem to direct you.
2. God uses problem to inspect you.
3. God uses problem to correct you.
4. God uses problem to protect you.
5. God uses problem to perfect you.

These are the five important lessons that I have learned in my previous experience. Hope it works on you. God Bless.

"Our biggest problem is our biggest blessing. We do not know how God will work but one thing is sure, He is after our good."

Note: Please visit www.bosanchez.ph. or watch Kerygma TV by Bo Sanchez aired every Wednesday, 11:30 pm, at RPN 9.

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