Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Second Movie Review - The Billionaire (Top Secret)

My Second Movie Review
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It was 9pm. Just when my younger brother was about to leave me alone and jump into his bed, I asked him to help me download a Thai movie which was highly recommended in a certain group page in FB. Unsure if the movie is not infected with virus, we opted to try our luck in Youtube. After three search attempts, with my eyes wide open I was certain that I would be in front of this flat screen for the next two hours.

The Billionaire is a film based on a true story of a Thai teenager named Aitthipat Kulapongvanich also known as Top Ittipat, one of the youngest billionaires in the world. At age 16, Top spent most of his time playing online games instead of studying. His addiction to online games, however, generated so much money that he was able to buy a car for himself. Unfortunately, the “easy money” he was gaining didn’t last long. He decided to drop out of school and sought other business opportunities such as selling cheap DVDs to roasted chestnuts. The former was a failure from the very beginning. The roasted chestnut business, however, somehow gave him hope. One day, he discovered that his family was in big financial trouble. Bankruptcy and huge debt triggered his family to go to China.  But Top refused to go with them and decided to continue with his business. Just when his roasted chestnut biz was starting to make money, he realized that even though he makes one million Baht per year, this amount couldn’t pay his father’s 40 million Baht debt. Top, with the help of his ever supportive uncle, continued to persevere.  Finally, at age 19, he was able to create a product that made him truly rich and famous. He released ‘Tao Kae Noi’ fried seaweed snack to more than 3,000 7-Eleven branches and the rest is history…

If you are a student taking up business, or an aspiring entrepreneur, or just someone looking for inspiration to keep going, this movie is a must watch. Top’s failure after failure after failure is inevitably heartbreaking but hilarious in a certain way. The various mistakes he made will surely make you laugh. And the result of some of his decisions will make you sigh. But Top’s sheer hardwork, perseverance and natural entrepreneurial mindset are what make this film remarkably interesting. That at the end of this film, you would wish to shake his hand or pat his shoulder or give him a hug for a job well done.

Top’s simple words of wisdom:
 “Do not lose your courage --- no matter what… Because if we give up --- game is over!!!”

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Friday, November 7, 2014


With my teeny-weeny fingers firmly pressing the keyboard for a blog entry feels really strange but blissful (with a speck of nerves). This blog has been comatose for a long period and here I am about to give a dose of oxygen to my dying blogsite. Just a short story telling...

New dreams are beginning to form in my head. Last July, I and some of my cousins shared a wonderful day together. I called it monumental. I said to myself “this is just the beginning…” Last November 3, we were able to do it again (minus 1, plus 2). At least, we are escalating in numbers. Yahoo!!! Yesterday, I had a crazy idea of having one last hurray for 2014. Hesitant, it was only today that I had the guts to speak my mind and create a new GM in FB (where it all started).  Since December is the month of parties, reunions, gimmicks etc. I thought this one is going to be hard. The calendar days would be literally hectic and financially challenging. So while hoping for YESesss, I’m allowing the slideshow in my brain to produce happy thoughts.

Dream1: Organize a semi-momentous event

Probably, the most critical decision (hopefully not stupid) I made today was to sell a rising stock I’ve been holding for months and bought a speculative stock which some stock traders describe as “basuras.” I’ve decided to join the ride. I’m keeping my high hopes that the trend is still upswing. That’s the problem when one doesn’t want to study her lessons. Yes, I’m making “kopya” at sana lang talaga tama ang nakopya. Haha! This is the nerves I’ve been talking about in the start of my post. My conscious mind is telling me the risk will pay off eventually. But part of me is asking “What did you do?” As Tom Rodriguez always say in his game show “Don’t lose the money!”

Dream 2: Learn how to trade successfully

This Sunday, the championship game of Shakey’s V-League will finally go live on the boob tube. I’ve been planning to watch it live in San Juan Arena since last week but due to budget constraint I’d rather postpone it. Oh yes, suddenly I’m a volleyball fan. And I’m rooting for the Philippine Army Lady Troopers. Still hopeful!!!

Dream 3: Watch live volleyball game in San Juan Arena

Few hours ago, I saw a photo of a second cousin standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Envious much. Hehe! Hey, who doesn’t want to go to Paris? I had two out of town this year and several metro escapades. Hoping to see more new places next year.

Dream 4: Travel more

Honestly, I’ve been very lazy this year. I’ve become too complacent with where I am now. I’ve settled with the average. I know I could have done more if only I let perseverance always run in my head. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and my family. But Thank God for always giving me another day; for always giving me a chance to pick myself up and be a better servant. This one is not a dream but a goal.

Goal: Push myself harder

That’s all for now!!! Goodnight World! 

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