Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I, Me, Myself & My Frugal World (Part II)

He’s a charming teenage boy. Much taller than me. Addicted to online games. Adept in car and motorcycle parts and engine (though we don’t have both). And the guy who stole my crown after 12 years of reigning as the bunso in the family. Let's just call him Utoy. And sometimes Bill. Bill is the root word of BILLi mo ko nyan; BILLi mo ko no’n. And here's the heartbreaking part: his desires worth BILLsss. He is my total opposite. My cabinet is the ultimate evidence to this. It’s not important that I only have two jeans in my closet (one I bought in college and the other I bought on sale four years ago) for as long as it fits and there's no hole that a guy can peek. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I, Me, Myself & My Frugal World (Part I)

I’m frugal. My brothers know that. My mother knows that. My father knows that. My four younger cousins know that. And now, I am opening the portal to My Frugal World to everybody. Wide open.

1. When I was still in college, there were days that my wallet contained just the exact amount (or 1-5 peso higher than the exact amount) for my pre-calculated expenses. This way I was able to turn down the unneeded and was able to save more bucks than usual.

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