Friday, June 10, 2016

Just a Short Entry

In my previous post, I listed down a bucket list to fulfill in my lifetime. The list has become lengthy that I forgot to pay attention on my short term goals (Definition of Short-term Goals: must accomplish until 2017), the ones that are important to me now.

1. Be spiritually renewed.
2. Be debt free.
3. Improve my financial investment.
4. Expand my micro business.
5. Continuity of financial assistance to personal advocacies.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Is This Love? (Part VI) - Her Version


It’s 11 o’clock in the evening
She pulled her memory stick
Her sister said “let’s go”
She answered “last two minutes”.

The older sister finished her biz
Then settled in one corner
Inserted a pair of earpiece
It’s Papa Jack’s love advice.

She looked at the clock
And revisited her FB account
Nothing seemed interesting
In news feed or pinned posts.

She turned to callout box
Clicked the message button
With a simple greeting
She sent to a strange guy.”

Upon opening the message box
She saw the word “typing…”
Paused for a moment
Eyes frozen on the screen.

In not less than a minute
The word “typing” disappeared
She was surprised to realize

There was no reply to a simple “Hi.” 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is This Love? - His Version (Part VI)


It’s 11 o’clock in the evening
The memory stick was pulled
His brother said “Thank you”
And just jumped into his bed.

The big brother was stunned
By long unproductive hours   
He laid on his single bed
Bored but without a choice.

He looked at the clock
And rushed to the screen
He saw a single numeral
Inside a small red callout.

He clicked the shoutout
And saw a girl’s name
Beneath it is a simple “Hi”
Waiting for his reply.

Without much thinking
He pressed the keyboard
Oblivious of the scarcity
Happening in his battery.

The multi-coloured monitor
Suddenly turned black
He was millisecond late
To respond with a short “Hello.”

To be continued...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Bucket List as of January 2016

Few years ago, I had entries about my personal dreams and goals. Some have already been ticked. Others are yet to be realized. A few ones are no longer thought-provoking. Inspired by Krissy’s Ultimate Bucket List 2016, I have decided to list down my dreams and goals once again. Procrastination has always been a major snag for me. This list, I believe, will help me stay focused and stimulated to pursue the desires of my heart. This is going to be a mixture of old and new dreams; a blend of attainable and ambitious; a combination of short-term and long-term goals.

(Drum Roll)

Business/Financial Goals:
Consistently follow my “Income Allocation System.”
Be Debt Free.
Expand existing business.
Learn stock market technical analysis.
Earn from blogging.
Attend business-related seminars.
Own a travel agency.
Invest more in FarmOn or Agricultural-related industry.
Invest in Insurance and Mutual Fund.
Operate a food park Filipino style.

Spiritual/Service Goals:
Read three chapters in the bible everyday
Watch inspirational videos daily.
Pray seriously upon waking up and before sleeping.
Attend mass more often with family.
Bring more people to “The Feast.”
Donate to various charitable institutions.
Send someone to school.
Constantly support church activities for construction of a new church.
Create more jobs with rewarding income.
Teach people basic but effective financial planning.
Give gifts to loved ones in all special occasions.
Visit an orphanage.
Organize a party for homeless people.
Join a pilgrimage to Holy Land.
Provide financial assistance to new mothers of Fabella Hospital.
Teach a kid basic skills or academic-related.
Promote Quezon Province as a tourist destination.
Support and promote Expos.
Promote volunteerism.

Relationship Goals:
Treat my mother monthly.
Massage my father every night.
More sundates with the whole family.
Have a monthly date with my cousins.
Have a regular communication with close friends.
Try new things with friends.
Have annual travel adventures with family and friends.
Spend more quality time with my godchildren.
Attend the Feast with family and friends.

Health/Fitness Goals:
Wake up at 5:15 am everyday.
Exercise daily for 10 minutes.
Limit coffee intake to only one cup a day.
Soda is allowed once a week.
Bike once a week.
Enjoy Zumba dancing at home every weekend.
Run on a treadmill once a month.
Eat more fruits and veggies.

Simple Activities/Extreme Adventure Goals:
Organize a retirement party for my father.
Organize 60th birthday of my mother.
Celebrate Chinese New Year in Binondo.
Renovate our house.
Have a cozy backyard.
Own a mini farm.
Try ride revolution.
Have full body massage.
Have hair treatment whenever necessary.
Win in a raffle promo.
Learn to play drums.
Color an adult coloring book.
Collect toys.
Have a photobook of all my travels.
Have a photobook of family pictures.
Compose a song.
Create a blog for my college friends.
Write an inspirational article in a broadsheet.
Finish story version of “The Last Man Standing.”
Complete poem version of “The Last Man Standing.”
Create a comic version of “The Last Man Standing.”
Make “The Last Man Standing” into a short film.
Write a book.
Have movie marathon inside a camping tent.
Watch at least 10 or more movies every year.
Watch at least 3 Filipino-made stage play every year.
Watch Eat Bulaga live.
Watch a concert near the stage.
Watch a movie in Director’s Club Cinema and 4DX Cinema at UP Town Center
Watch Aliwan Festival.
Watch a fashion show.
Watch dance battle.
Witness various Philippine Festivals.
Witness a movie shoot.
Watch Cebu Dancing Inmates groove.
See Aurora Borealis
Experience Night Sky Cinema.
Experience Antipolo’s nightlife.
Staycation in a 5-star hotel.
Spend a night in a private resort on top of a mountain.
Laugh in a comedy bar.
Be part of the production team of an independent film.
Visit more museums.
Visit more old and historical churches.
Watch a volleyball finals match.
Witness Olympic games.
Get spa treatment.
Play in snow.
Ride a carabao.
Ride an elephant.
Ride extreme rides in an amusement park.
Try target shooting.
Experience archery.
Bike on air.
Ice Skate.
Solve a mystery challenge.
Join a fun run.
Go Kart Racing.
Have selfie in Edge Coaster
Ride Habal-Habal.
Walk in a hanging bridge DONE @ Masungi Georeserve 3.12.2017
Climb a mountain.
More zipline adventure.
Go mud karting.
Explore caves (1) Sumaguing Cave 
Bike on air (Anicycle)
Have a selfie in an edge coaster
Overcome Giant Swing.
Selfie at man-made spider web DONE @ Masungi Georeserve 3.12.2017
Wall climb.
Bungee Jump/Plunge.
Feel the breeze in Fly Fish.
Ride PNR train.
Ride Pasig river ferry.
Ride 4x4 ride to Mt. Pinatubo.
Tour Albay thru ATV.
Tour Batanes thru biking.
Day Tour Subic.
Day Tour Tagaytay
Trek Cavinti Falls.
Walk on sandbar.
Watch whale shark. 
Get wet in water tube.
Bathe in kawa.
Watch the sunset in Manila Bay cruise.
Watch dolphins.
Watch a fire dance on the sea shore.
Watch the sunrise in a beach.
Bathe in hot and cold spring.

Food Adventure Goals:
Food trip in Binondo
Food trip in Maginhawa Street
Food trip in Pasig Kapitolyo.
Food trip in Lilac St., Marikina
Food trip in Tagaytay
More Cebu lechon
Lechon Belly
Ripe mango of Guimaras
Ice cream from various ice cream parlors
Estrel's Caramel Cake
Palabok of Little Quiapo
Torta delos Reyes Sansrival of Aristocrat Bakeshop
Fresh cow’s milk
Lasagna of Bhest Lasagna
Tornado Peri-peri Chicken 
Cheesecake by Maria's Kitchen Manila
Authentic mang inasal of Iloilo
Dine in at Loboc river cruise
Dine in at Don Henrico’s
Dine in at 100 Revolving Restaurant
Dine in at Caffé Piansa 04.02.2017
Dine in at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Buffet Restaurant
Dine in at Sky High Bar, Ace Hotel and Suites, Pasig
Dine in at Spiral, Sofitel Hotel, Manila
Dine in at Movie Stars Cafe

Travel Goals:

Venice Piazza, Taguig - 03.21.2016
Circuit Makati
Solaire Resort and Casino, Pasay
The Henry Hotel Manila, Pasay
Robinson’s Magnolia
Rockwell, Makati
Art in Island, Cubao
Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Parish Church, Las Piñas
Manila Ocean Park
Yexel’s Museum, Las Piñas
Mystery Manila, Libis
Future Park, Makati
Malabon Zoo
Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay
Music Museum/Teatrino, San Juan
Centerstage, MOA

Batanes Island
Callao Cave, Cagayan 
Palaui Island, Cagayan
Sagada, Mt. Province - DONE (April 21-24, 2016)
Puerto del Sol Resort, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Anawangin, Nagsasa Cove, Capones and Potipot Island, Zambales
Thunderbird Resort, La Union
Monasterio de Tarlac, Tarlac
Kart City, Tarlac
Sandbox, Porac, Pampanga
Corregidor, Bataan
San Rafael River Adventure, Bulacan
Philippine Arena, Bulacan
Pinto Museum, Antipolo 04.02.2017
Hinulugang Taktak, Antipolo
Masungi Georeserve, Tanay, Rizal 03.12.2017
Pililla Wind Farm, Rizal 03.12.2017
Ten Cents to Heaven, Tanay, Rizal
Calaruega, Batangas
Fortune Island, Batangas
Casita Ysabel, Batangas
Nuvali, Laguna
Mountain Peek Resort, Laguna
Rizal Shrine, Calamba, Laguna
Cavinti Falls, Laguna
Villa Escudero, Laguna
Puzzle Museum, Tagaytay
Taal Lake, Tagaytay, Cavite
Aguinaldo Shrine, Cavite
Caleruega, Nasugbu, Batangas
Balesin Island, Quezon
Padre Burgos, Quezon
Cresta de Gallo, Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Bellarocca, Marinduque
Maniwaya Island, Marinduque
Palawan Island
Mayon Volcano, Albay
Calaguas, Camarines Norte
Caramoan, Camarines Sur

Kawasan Falls, Badian, Cebu
Tumalog Falls, Oslob, Cebu
Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Mahogany Forest, Bohol
Loboc River, Bohol
Rolling Hills, Nagtipunan, Quirino
Calanggaman Island, Leyte
Sambawan Island, Leyte
Mac Arthur Landing National Park, Leyte
San Juanico Bridge, Samar/Leyte
The Ruins, Negros Occidental
Campuestohan Highalnd Resort, Negros Occidental
Manjuyod White Sandbar, Dumaguete City
Lakowon Island, Bacolod
Gigantes Island, Iloilo
Guimaras Island, Panay

Camiguin Island
Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur
Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao del Sur
Siargao Island
Dahilayan, Bukidnon
Rivers of Cagayan de Oro
Camiguin Island
Aliwagwag Falls, Davao
Buenavista Island Resort, Davao City

Join a pilgrimage in Jerusalem
Be like a child in HongKong Disneyland
Witness Loy Krathong, Thailand
Skate on Ice in Korea
Experience Spring in Japan
Shiver in Formula Rossa, Dubai
Ride an elephant in Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Witness Dubai Fountain
Explore Santorini Greece
Selfie in St. Peter’s Cathedral, Russia
Set foot in Eiffel Tower
Hear mass at St. Peter Basilica, Rome
See Christ the Redeemer in Brazil up close
Slide at Kandersteg Alpine Slide, Switzerland
Pass by Golden Gate Bridge
See Grand Canyon, Arizona
Walk on Great Wall of China
Stay in Fairmont Hotel, Canada
Freeze in Niagara Falls, Canada
Pass by in Jasper Skywalk Canada
See Aurora Borealis, Canada/Norway
Hear mass at Sagrada Familia, Spain
Stroll at Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland, California

Things to Buy:
Folding bike
Hula hoop
Jigsaw puzzle
Handy camera
Washing Machine
Running shoes
Heavy duty mixer
Food processor
Personal car
More jeans and shirts
Flat screen tv
Play station
Hair dryer
Truck and jeep for business
Sala set
A bed designed by Woodstackph
Two Story house with backyard

The End (for now).

But dreams constantly occupying your thoughts are nothing without faith and action. I am aware that I have to supplement my bucket list with perseverance and hardwork. Strive to be an eager beaver. With God’s grace, I believe, these dreams will be fulfilled…in its own time…in God’s time…One step at a time. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

This Blog is not Dead

This time last year, I shared an iota of the remarkable events that I experienced in 2014. Today, billions of people are actively engage in various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to personal stuff and be updated with the hottest news in town. I’m no exception. But this crib is not dead.  After a lengthy hiatus, I’m going to speak once again with words supplemented with mixed emotions converted into a blog entry. 

Dissecting 2015

I splashed out money on major health issues. It was a lot and mostly severe cases. Normally, we look at the mirror to inspect our look and fix what needs to be fixed. Many times during my virus-infected days, I would look at the mirror to view the nasty transformation of my appearance. Sadly, there was no quick fix. Here are my top three worst health cases last year:

Stye. I had the most awful and excruciating stye that lasted for many weeks. My brother’s shades became my best buddy. Mind you, when the pain has started to spread almost all over my face, I consulted two different ophthalmologists from two different hospitals to be certain I got the right medication.

Infection. My middle finger underwent a minor operation. Because I was too coward; because I was too unmindful of my mother’s advice; because I didn’t want to seek doctor’s assistance; because I chose to follow my “not so wise prescription”… the pain I was enduring for several days became unbearable that only a minor operation can stop the infection from further damage. 

Dengue. Just when a huge financial crisis started to haunt us, I had skin allergy, UTI and a severe case of dengue all happened in almost two weeks. While consulting a doctor  and undergoing blood testing for two consecutive days, I was also continuously rejecting medical professionals' recommendation to have myself admitted in the hospital. I thought I was superman that only kryptonite can take my life. And then, boom! On one Thursday night, flat red rashes occupied my whole skin. The itchiness of the rashes was complemented with on and off high fever. I had the most bothering sleepless evening ever. And after five days of cheating myself, my doctor’s trembling voice on our second meeting finally convinced me to have serious monitoring and treatment in the hospital. 

 I had a lot of travel plans that went pear-shaped including a birthday getaway in Tarlac, Tanay or Tagaytay. I wanted to experience kart racing in Tarlac, feel the rush and gratify my need for speed; or walk on mountains and see the world on top of it. If I only I knew what others were thinking, I should have followed my collective plans. Admittedly, I have not overcome this bitterness even up to this day. Para akong nanakawan pero hindi ko pwedeng ireport sa pulis. Ganon! Pak! But I will move on and forget this eventually.

I was my mother’s right hand; a shoulder to cry on; her support system. In the 4th quarter of 2015, financial crisis were left and right. Though not a personal problem, I couldn’t take away myself from it. But with the help of God even in the worst of times I was able to put on a brave face. I guess, through the years I've become more patient and resilient. Sometimes ‘the not so good events’ in our lives are blessings in disguise.

In my Novena to God’s Love, I wrote: I want to send someone to school. It is still unclear if God has already answered my prayer in the person of a twenty year old high school graduate who wanted to take up a vocational course. Last year, while my mother was desperately juggling our finances, I was using a part of our income from our micro business to help support this young man in finding a job. He wanted to take the opportunity to work and earn while enrollment is still far. I supported him to the best of my ability. It was not only physically draining but financially challenging as well. Two months later, he was able to find a job. The whole process was a test of character. I refuse to stop there. I pray that the Lord will continue to give us patience and strength so we can guide him in his journey towards the achievement of his ultimate dream - to give his own family a better life. 

In 2015, I realized that my connection with my closest friends has started to narrow. Our eagerness to see each other was no longer as high as compared to the days when most of us were still single and ready to mingle. Sometime in August, an older sister of a dear friend died of cancer. The night before my birthday, some of us had a mini reunion in a wake. Ironically, this sad event made us gather. Fast forward, we met again last December 30 just to catch up and simply chillax. We had dinner, watched an MMFF entry and spent the night in our living room. We were only three but our voices were equivalent to eight. Lol! I also made it a point to see some of my college friends and a former colleague before 2015 ends. Just so our bond will not be completely broken. Ganun yata talaga kapag tumatanda na…tapos may FB pa. :(   

On a happier note, in April 2015, together with some relatives and a couple of high school friends, I stepped on the grounds of Ilocos. It was the longest road trip I ever had in my entire life. Yes, it’s a long travel and a very tiring one but it’s worth it. The 4x4 Adventure and Sandboarding at La Paz Sand Dunes awaken the thrill-seeker in me. It was pure adrenaline rush. Nonetheless, my most favorite. It was like riding a roller coaster without any protective device. Just hold on tight and call all angels in heaven to protect you. Lol! Kidding aside, Ilocos is a place that offers buffet of things you can do in Ilocos – from exhilarating adventures to historical sites to nature trip. This travel vacation was made extra special for me because I had relatives and friends all in high spirit in one frame. I was the happiest, indeed.

Of course, my year wouldn’t be complete without attending “The Feast” with my cousins. Nothing beats the feeling of praying and worshiping the Lord beside a loved one. After The Feast, we would eat together and stroll together and take selfies until the sun goes down. Unfortunately, our Sundates were fewer last year. Hope 2016, will be different.  

To sum it up, 2015 had legion of thorny issues. In the middle of my post, I mentioned bitterness. Honestly, I feel guilty for not allowing myself to completely forgive and forget. This 2016, I hope and pray that I will overcome. The truth is, I have a lot of things to be thankful for in 2015. I've learned to see Christ in different people specially in times of difficulty. In the scripture Matthew 11:28 it says “ Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” God was physically present in every moment I was in pain. I felt God’s presence in my mother’s loving arms when I was hospitalized and at my weakest point. I felt God’s presence in my doctor's genuine compassion to help me get well and lighten our hospital expenses. I felt God’s presence in all medical professionals I met when there was something unusual happening in my system. I felt God’s presence when I have peace of mind under any circumstances. I was never alone in my battle that's why it's perfectly fine to rest. God is good all the time. Kudos 2015!

Cheers to more peaceful, healthier and happier 2016!

To God be the Glory!

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