Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say Cheese!




You think the whole world is against you?

Are you on the verge of giving up?

Pause for a while. Look at these photos:

Then, read this: “Everything will be alright. This painting is yours to take for free” That’s a simple note attached to Bren Bataclan’s paintings (photos above). He calls it “Smile Project.”
It was through lifestyle magazine show "The Sweet Life” that I discovered Bren Bataclan’s “Smile Project.” Bren brought his paintings of colorful characters which he leaves to different places worldwide with an objective to make people smile and basically to bring joy.

The universe is a mirror – Bo Sanchez

Imagine if you smile at the mirror and your face frowns. Run. Call the Ghostbusters! Of course, if you smile on the mirror expect to see yourself smiling. The same thing happens on the way we treat others and the way we perceive life.


If a friend gives you a gift, will you give him a glass of orange juice with a poison? An appreciative person will say “Thank you.”

If you are born poor and you injected in your mind the statement “I am poor” there is a high probability that you will die poor. Otherwise, if you are born poor but as you grow up you change your outlook in life there is always a possibility for a massive change.

Bren Bataclan isn’t unusual. Yes, he is a great painter and successful but like us he is also human - vulnerable to problems, sufferings, heartache and misery. However, he remains blissful despite a large amount of negativities around the globe. The happiness that he feels inside reflects on his artworks and advocacy. And each time he sees his recipients smile, perhaps his heart is smiling too.

So smile even though at times life seems too difficult to handle. Look around I'm sure you'll find a lot of reasons to smile. And just keep in mind “Everything will be alright.”

No wonder people frown when they see my photos. Blame it on my teeth. Hehe! But I smile a lot even when I’m alone. Ok, that’s crazy! Don’t do that. PLEASE!
For more details about the Smile Project you can visit http://www.bataclan.com/ You'll be amazed how Bren makes strangers smile and spreads hope through art.

P.S. My heart is smiling to a new recognition in blogosphere courtesy of KaBlogs. Thanks, folks!

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A-Z-E-L said...

cheese! :D

an optimistic post... and i like it.

btw, Congrats for being the recepient of GALING NG BLOG MO award. you deserve it!

And thanks for being a part of KaBlogs! kitakits!

dylan dimaubusan said...

Knowing we're able to smile eh isang reason to make us smile.. Kung minsan kahit walang dahilan... kahit sa simpleng bagay.. nakkagaan kasi ng loob, even sa iba.. Makakita lang sila ng nakangiti napapagaan mo na rin ang loob nila..

Smile is contagious..

Rej said...

Thanks Azel. :)

Tama ka Dylan. Smile is contagious :)


Ang cute ng mga Pics!

True! The universe is a Mirror!:)

Keep smiling!


Hehe. baka ako nga ang kapitbahay mo. :)

PeterPan said...

I agree we should be smiling let's not think about our problem cheese!!

manik_reigun said...

nice, ganda nung mga pics. panalo, ankkyot!hehe

tama, magsaya tayong lahat, apir!

tsenn` said...

mukang mas positive ka naun kesa sa mga nakaraang araw ate.. natutuwa naman ako.. ^___^

nakakahanga un painter! i'm scrolling on his works ryt now.. maiwallpaper hihi :)

apir ate1 :D

Rej said...

@ ACRYLIQUE: Donald ikaw ba yan? Hehe!

@ PeterPan: Thanks for dropping by. :)

@ manik_reigun: apir!

@ Tsenn: erratic kc ang mood ko. malungkot minsan. makalipas ang ilang minuto ok na. ganyan ata talaga mga Leo. Hehe! :p Thanks.

sana nga makarating din si Bren sa Novaliches. :p

tsenn` said...

waw.. cguro nga ate, leo kasi mommy ko.. hehehe :)

pag nakita mo c bren jan senyo ate sabihin mo puntahan din ako dito sa bulacan ^_^

Jun Bullan said...

I agree, let's smile and let the whole world laugh at our yellow teeth he he

Rej said...

Yeah :D

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