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Extreme Makeover

Puto Bumbong.
Malamig na simoy ng hangin.

Yan ang ilan sa mga bagay na nagpapaalala sa akin na malapit na ang Pasko. Last year, masayang masaya ako dahil naisakatuparan ko ang isa sa mga simpleng pangarap ko. Nabilihan ko ng regalo ang mga kamag-anak namin sa Quezon particular ang mga nakababatang pinsan. Dahil January pa lang ng 2008 eh unti-unti ko ng linalagyan ang mahigit benteng ampaw na binili ko sa bangketa. Tumitigil lang ako pag nareach ko na ang budget ko para sa taong pagbibigyan. Ang hirap kasi kapag sa 13th month pay ako kukuha ng ipangreregalo. Ayoko ng pakiramdam na meron akong pera tapos mawawala lang na parang bula kaya maaga pa lang nagiipon na ko. Nakakapagod ang mamili pag Christmas season. Kabilaan ang traffic at jam packed ang lahat ng pamilihan. Mapaaircon na mall o Greenhills o Divisoria. Kaloka ang eksena. Nagoverheat pa ang utak ko dahil may mga pagkakataong hindi tugma ang budget vs. sa gustong iregalo. Pero nakaraos naman.

Ngayong taon, sobrang affected ako ng financial crisis. Kaya ang budget ko na pangregalo naging limited na lang sa mga inaanak. Pero salamat sa 168 at sa mga tindera sa bangketa ng Divisoria. Nakabili pa ko ng panregalo sa mga pamangkin at pinsang babae na mabibilang mo sa daliri ang dami. Tawad muna sa mga boys, raised to the 2nd power ang dami nyo. Kaso may problema pa ko. Gusto ko yung ibibigay ko sa kanila. Pag gusto ko kasi yung nabibili ko parang sumasakit ang dibdib ko. Slight. Hehe!

Eto yung para sa mga girls…
Gusto ko sana yung pencil or ballpen na may feathers sa dulo. Nakita ko kasi yun sa officemate ko dati. Nainggit ako ng bonggang bongga at parang bumabalik sa pagkabata. Pero dahil hirap maglakad sa Divi ngayon, masaya at kontento na rin ako dito.

Accessory sa celfone na tulad ng doughnut malambot din sya. Para to sa mga teenagers kong insan. Tigiisa sana kami kaso kulang pala nabili ko kaya wala ako. Wahhh!!!
Coloring book at basic school supplies. Paguwi ko sa bahay saka ko lang narealize bakit ba hindi ako bumili ng coloring book na para sa kin. Luhaan. Nanghihinayang. Bwahaha!
Mommy ko bumili nyan. Para sa pinsan ko raw na nandito sa Maynila. Hindi naman ako masyadong mahilig sa Barbie pero gusto ko to. Maamo kasi ang mukha. Sana magbago ang isip at ibigay na lang sa kin. Nakikiagaw pa sa bata. O gusto nyo yun? Hehe!

Kung medyo butas ang bulsa ngayong taon, meron naman akong isang bagay na nagawa na sobrang ikinagagalak at ipinagmamalaki ko. Nalinis ko ang kwarto ng brother at insan ko. Ang hirap nun ah. At sa tingin ko naman ay successful ako. Labor of Love, ika nga. Pero sa totoo lang palusot ko lang yan, ang totoo kasi wala akong regalo sa kanila ngayong taon kaya effort na lang. Hehe!



The joy in giving is not in the actual giving but in shopping. Yung tipong mamimili ka ng walang kasiguraduhan kung magugustuhan ba ng pagbibigyan mo yung bibilhin mo. Pero namimili ka pa rin kasi you have the desire to give. At hindi pa natatapos dun, irawrap mo pa ng bonggang bongga. To the highest level ang effort. O kung talagang kapos daanin na lang sa sipag at tsaga o pairalin ang creativity. Iregalo ang oras at panahon. Pasalamatan ka man o hindi; may kapalit man o wala, no big deal. Because there is joy in giving; there is joy in tears (dahil siguradong after ng shopping butas din ang bulsa).

Two Sundays ago, sabi ni Bro. Adrian Panganiban, ang Pasko ay kaarawan ni Hesus na syang pinakamagandang regalo na natanggap ng ‘sang katauhan. Biruin mo sya ang may birthday pero sya ang nagreregalo sa tin. Sana ngayong Pasko regaluhan din natin sya. Ano kayang ireregalo mo sa kanya? May naisip ka na ba?

P.S. Mukhang kailangan ng Extreme Makeover ng conversation sa chatbox sa ibaba. Ano sa tingin mo?

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Me Lately

Addicted again to
Lois and Clark

The Halliwell Sisters
Loves the vocal prowess and musical harmony of
La Diva
Reached the peak of
Kamay ni Hesus

Like Stairway to Heaven

Busy with small business venture

Very affordable. I swear!
Attended a birthday party of a high school friend
Nice cake

Keep coming back on my small ranch
Now Level 18 and going up...
Enjoying this…
Pasko na!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There is Joy in Tears

When you came out of your mother’s womb
The entire Operating Room was filled
With your loud and seemingly unstoppable cry
But in the middle two creatures were rejoicing
One was lying on a single bed
And the other one was holding her hand.

When a happy couple suddenly splits
Both hearts are surely bawling in distress
But as time passes by
Inner healing takes place
Separation is meant and worth it
In finding your One True Love.

When a loved one with terminal disease dies
Sadness envelops your spirit from head to toe
Not even a hard tickle can stop you from weeping
At the back of your head however
You are relieved that the suffering has ended
Finally he can rest in peace.

When your burdens are too heavy
Sometimes you want to sit and shed tears
If you follow your heart’s desire
Out of the blue a friend comes in
Sits beside you and lends you his shoulder
And say “I’m just right here.”

When Jesus Christ died on the cross
Mary, his mother and Jesus’ disciples
Mourned underneath the cross
But the will of God, the Father
Was not to hurt Mary and the Apostles
But for the welfare of the entire humanity
And for us to know that God is a loving God.

"For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16
Everything will be alright
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Zero Balance

Your credit card’s statement of account has just arrived. You were terrified to open it. You didn’t want to know your total liabilities. But the white envelope was in front of you. You tore one end, nonetheless. You pulled the white rectangular sheet of paper inside. Five digit numbers greeted you. The due date is less than a week. Your cash is only good enough for the essentials. You were so worried. But the financial agony didn’t end there. The next day, the electricity bill was delivered. Minutes later, a messenger knocked and gave you your recent water billing. In the afternoon a courier came and gave your telephone and DSL statement of account. Expenses are piling up. Your cable bill is not yet in the list. With your limited resources you feel that only miracle can save you.

What will you do?

a. Find a Bumbay. Go for 5-6.
Consequence: Bumbay, bank or any private money lender entails interest.
Warning: It’s a never ending story.
b. Disregard your debts. Pay them when you have more than enough.
Consequence: Next month your credit billing is equal to: Amount due + monthly interest. And your house might be the only one in your community without electricity, water supply and a phone ringing.
c. Find a new house and change your contact number.
Consequence: Do it if your conscience can take it.
d. Pay your electricity, phone and water bill. Then, call your credit card company and ask for a settlement. Make it installment instead of one-time payment.
Consequence: Honesty might just save you. There’s interest but at least you don’t have to pay the whole amount at once.
e. Sell some of your properties that you think you can live without. Pay all your liabilities. Then, tear your credit card into small pieces and throw it away.
Consequence: Somehow, you’ll feel depressed but eventually you will learn to live according to your means.

In Psychology, Habits are automatic routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, without thinking. They are learned, not instinctive, human behaviors that occur automatically, without the explicit contemporaneous intention of the person( Taking a bath everyday and brushing teeth after every meal are typical habits of a responsible adult. When we were still kids our parents were doing it for us regularly. Consciously and unconsciously we are also being taught about the benefits of good grooming. But as we grow up and becoming more independent, we learn to take charge and like how our parents would do it, we do it regularly until it becomes a habit - neither planned nor dictated; it’s automatic.
I’m sure everyone would agree that money is important. We need money to buy to food, clothes, celfone load and MRT ticket; to pay our bills, tuition fee, insurance and taxes etc. In short, we need money to survive most specially if you are living in an urban society. But earning a living is not an easy thing to do. Worse, when money touches our hands a mountain of temptations are always ready to entice us. Will you entertain the seduction until you get zero balance? Or weigh your priorities and budget your finances?

It’s up to you.

P.S. Did you see yourself in the first paragraph?
If yes, here’s my simple advice: Next time, Make Saving a Habit.If no, here’s my simple advice: Make Saving a Habit and Have a Merrier Christmas.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

If Only

Isn’t great to be in this world surrounded with all the beauties of heaven?

Life, even at an early age, is already full of “If Only.”

If only my mom knows how to cook oatmeal for breakfast, so bread and butter or instant noodles will have a break.
If only my father is working in Canada, so I can buy a new Barbie doll every month.
If only I study harder, so maybe gold medal is already hanging in our wall.
If only I have an extra daily allowance, so I can buy Cola instead of a fresh orange juice.

And as one grows old, we still fail to thank our mom for always waking up so early to prepare our food; we constantly miss to kiss our dad before going to a party; we usually resent the times when great opportunities keep knocking but we refuse to open our door; we always see the awful things but very seldom we appreciate the importance of goodness and healthy living. Well, these are only few examples that most of us can definitely relate with.

Now let me share my own version of “If only” of yesterday, today and hopefully not tomorrow.

If only I have bigger feet, so I can feel the freshness of air strolling in the spaces of my toes instead of imprisoning them in a white rubber shoes every time my body requires some tedious work-out; so I can wear skirt on Sundays or during formal occasions without having to worry that someone might notice the extra space underneath.

If only I have nice teeth, so there is no small food particle which can easily go through the gap; so I can confidently say “cheese” when the camera light strikes; so I don’t have to wear metal-like pieces that chomp every word that goes out of my mouth.

If only I grew taller than I am now, so I can easily watch a R18 movie inside the theater and not just catch a glimpse of the film in the television screen; so I don’t have to tell my age and my birthday or to show an I.D. before the ticket inspector allows me to buy cheese-flavored popcorn and a large size of coke; so my friends will not blame me for such misfortune I never intended to happen although it’s already expected.

If only I have a dynamic voice as good as Nina or Kyla so I can pluck the piano keys while the lyrics are also coming out of my own diaphragm; so my screen name Rej, just like the Asia’s Songbird, will have a luminous sense.

If only I can draw without looking at a piece of paper with SpongeBob SquarePants dominating most of the spaces; so I can sketch his image introducing himself to my baby brother who happens to be his biggest supporter; so I can draw a self portrait with a half eye and blue bonnet covering half of my facade that represents mystery and secret identity.

If only I know how to cook, so I don’t have to nurture my empty stomach with instant food or crackers or “ininit meal” each time my mom is not around the kitchen; so I can serve rice porridge for breakfast, beef and vegetables for lunch and lasagna for snack parallel to a luxurious Italian restaurant cuisine.

If only I am a Green thumb, so I can fill our garden with the shades of green and brown and a variety of colors that blossom mutually with the leaves; so I can vigorously partake in a “Plant a Tree” project for the restoration of animal shelter, natural scenic view, and sun screen.

If only I am loquacious and vigorous, so I can state whatever thoughts that govern my brain and not just seize the notion of the majority; so I will not just sit and stare in the gorgeous countenance of the speaker; so I can openly share my triumph and struggles to the people I truly trust and not just bury the happiness and heart aches till it fade.

If only I decided pursuing a new course, so further knowledge, camaraderie and new set of challenges will set in; so once more I can feel the freshness of the dawn and snooze after the telebabad session; so I can always spot good-looking guys/“papalicious” that kindle one’s adrenalin and indeed can be an inspiration.

If only I have adequate resources in making handicrafts and candles, so I can utilize my craft without limit; so I can give the birthday celebrator or my monito/monita a personalized photo album or scented candle with his/her name engraved; so when everything are all set, I can start my own business and get rich (I hope).

If only my friends are just residing two blocks away from me, so together we can fool around, watch a movie, chew the fat, fantasize that boy-next-door standing nearby, get a score of 100 in Videoke, drink a bottle of gin, laugh at shaggy dog stories and funny antics, share a common dream, and cry out loud till sunup; so we can always bring back the memories of the past - like naive playing charade during break time.

If only I am not afraid of rejection so maybe by now I already have a new job and earn money for myself; so maybe I am not always repressing my true feelings on certain things and be involved in a cold war; so maybe I can easily say “Sorry”, “Thank You,” “I Miss You,” and “I love you to the people I loved so deeply and stop assuming.

If only I have the wealth and the power to help everyone who is in need, so there will be no children knocking on the car mirrors begging for penny; so I can reconstruct the roads, build more houses for less fortunate, and have my own company with one thousand hardworking Filipino employees; so I can feel the morning breeze in Boracay, feed my sight with fantastic scenic views of Palawan, and have the most sumptuous dinner in Paris.

If only I can stop saying the words IF ONLY and just be contented with what I have and who I am, so everyday will always be a new day to enjoy and to glorify God for the greatest blessing called life. Because life is not just about living in despair but a gift that must be utilize, develop, value, treasure, and love each day.

If only all leaders of the world can prohibit the use of “If only” and will have to pay ten thousand US dollars and five-year imprisonment for those who infringe the law, so every human being could learn how to accept our own physical deficiencies and exploit the beauty and expertise that lies from within. Never mind if we don’t have “this and that” as long as we dwell in the world of compassion, solidarity and contentment, our planet is indeed a living heaven – a place that exist only in our imagination or a place where our soul can fully breathe the atmosphere of love and peace.

There are some things that we don’t like about ourselves but we can’t do anything to change it; we committed mistakes we wish we didn’t do; and there were some stuff we regret we didn’t do. Some plans aren’t meant; some dreams aren’t granted. Because of these, sometimes we wonder why our goals are not going our way while our only ambition is to escape from misery and be happy. This question has been stockpiled in my mind 24/7. But certainly there is always hope and I am glad that through this word I would like to go on…

I am sure each and everyone has his or her own edition of “If only.” Someday, I hope we could stop saying these words so we can completely surrender our lives to our Supreme Deity and start living according to his purpose.
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Aim High

You should always have a goal but it has to be reachable or else you’ll get frustrated. But at the same time, it’s got to be high to make it worthwhile to achieve it – Felipe Gozon, President & CEO, GMA7

Let's Dream, Believe, Survive!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Byaheng Cubao

Cubao - sentro ng komersyalismo sa QC; isa sa pinakabusy na lugar sa Pilipinas. Nandiyan ang Farmers Plaza, Araneta Coliseum, Fiesta Carnival at mga terminal ng bus ng iba’t ibang probinsya mapaNorte man o Timog Luzon. Ngunit sa pagtakbo ng panahon unti-unting nawalan ng kinang ang ilang sikat na pasyalan sa lugar. Nalaos ang Farmers Plaza at inagaw ni Henry Sy ang trono sa pagkalat ng SM hindi lang sa buong Maynila kundi sa buong bansa. Ang Fiesta Carnival na dating patok na patok sa mga bata ay unti-unting nakalimutan ng umusbong ang iba’t ibang amusement park katulad ng Star City and Boom na Boom sa Pasay at Enchanted Kingdom sa Laguna. Ang Araneta Coliseum bagamat sikat pa rin sa ngayon ay marami na ring katunggali na matatagpuan sa iba’t ibang sulok ng Kamaynilaan. Sa paglipas ng panahon tila ba napabayaan ang Cubao at ang ginampanan nito sa kasaysayan. Maraming maunlad na negosyo sa Cubao na ngayon ay hindi mo na matatagpuan.

Parte ng aking kabataan ang Cubao. Kapitbahay lang kasi namin ito dati. Ngayon tuwing nagagawi ako sa Cubao, namimiss ko ang dating Fiesta Carnival at ang Smokeys along Araneta Avenue. Bagamat meron pa rin namang Fiesta Carnival hindi na ito tulad ng dati. Kasi outdoor na sya at sobrang maliliit lang o baka naman maliliit lang talaga yung Fiesta Carnival dati bata pa kasi ako noon kaya parang lahat ng bagay ang laki-laki. Ngayon ata Cubao Expo na eh. Hindi ko lang gano sure kasi hindi ko pa napapasok yung loob. Samantalang yung Smokeys mukhang nilamon na rin ng smoke. Dinemolish ng tuluyan.

Ngayong 21st century, naisipan naman ng pamahalaan na irehabilitate ang dating kinang ng Cubao. Nandyan na ang Gateway Mall, meron na ring mga Call Center sa paligid, may pinapatayong hotel na hindi mukhang chipannga at ang paligid na Araneta abay ang sosyal lalo na sa gabi. Sana nga magtutuloy-tuloy na ang muling pagbangon ng komersyalismo sa Cubao para makapagproduce ng trabaho sa mga Pilipino at mabawasan na rin ang nagaabang na lang na may magwithdraw sa ATM, susundan, hahanap ng tamang tyempo, tapos tututukan ng kutsilyo. Ouch! San si Concencia? Kilala pa kaya nila?

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images: The Araneta Center

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Guy Who Stole My Place

You are usually oblivious
Or maybe you are not just listening.
Your mood changes in a split second
More extreme than those with PMS.
You seldom browse your books
Because you are so mindful of your farm.
Your favorite songs
Are not music to our ears.
You want to buy everything you crave for
Regardless if your wallet becomes zero balance.
You break all the rules when it comes to food
Despite the doctor's advice to have diet.
And last but not the least
You stole my place in the family
The throne I reigned for 12 years.
However everything I’ve mentioned above
Are just specks of who you really are
In your big sister’s eyes.
Big treasures are hidden
In the deepest part of your soul.
You are everybody’s playmate
On dull hours and boring nights.
You are the most affectionate
Specially when mommy needs it.
You are a genius in computer games
Always a winner in any race.
You don’t study your lesson
But you get 24/25 in Math.
You go to the store to buy ate load
Because ate hates the sun.
You like watching SpongeBob
Awakening the child in us.
You are a wonderful guy when you’re outside
No bad words can be thrown against you.
You bring great joy in the family
With just your mere presence
You are a blessing in this world
That's the truth.
And most importantly
You are my baby brother
And I’m proud of it.

Note: Photo taken when he was one year old.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coming Back

I'm back to work. But this time on my own.

My brother is home. Family bonding. No time for blog hopping.

Efren Peñaflorida will go home as CNN's Hero of the Year! Yey!


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Gift of Celebration

Courtesy of Light of Jesus

Lord, thank you for the new friends I've met here in blogosphere and all bloggers in the entire world. Every blog is a gift to each of us. We may not know each other personally but we are able to celebrate life together through this wonderful technology. Bless us all and help us to be a blessing to everyone - here and in real life. Help us to use our blogs to spread your love. In Jesus name, Amen.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Ten Wishes for Juan dela Cruz (Edited Edition)

Posted 5717/09 7:24 PM
1. I wish that all evening news will give equal period on negative reports and inspiring stories. Yes, being in a democratic country, we have the right to know the issues about political upheavals, problems on poverty and job employment, government’s unresolved battle with different group of bandits etc. However, wouldn’t it be nice if after hearing these depressing facts about the Philippines we would meet an altruistic Filipino in a busy metropolis, see a wonderful natural scenic spot and witness persevering athletes prepare for an international competition? There are so much more amazing things to discover about the Philippines and we should all take pride of that. 
2. I wish that every Filipino would learn to save even at least P5.00 a day. If we multiply that in 365 days we will have P1,825.00 at the end of a year. Small? Maybe for some people. But isn’t it better to have P1,825.00 than to have nothing to pull out in your pocket? According to a psychologist the word habit is associated with the word “automatic.” My advice: Make SAVING a habit.
3. I wish that news and public affairs documentaries like I-Witness, Reporter’s Notebook, The Probe and The Correspondence will be shown in an earlier timeslot. Sometimes, I pity the people behind these worth-watching tv programs since only few viewers would make an effort to stay awake until midnight just to watch it.
4. I wish that people who do not give any amount of money to beggars will learn to keep their mouth shut (esp. if they have nothing good to say). I believe that not giving anything to the poor does not make a person selfish, but to make an unjust judgment or negative criticism after refusing to donate a coin or a few Peso bill is a big crime. Some opinions about cadgers might be true but that does not give us the authority to step on their character. The key word here is – RESPECT.

5. I wish that effective and efficient employees/laborers will not be left unnoticed. These are the people who truly work hard towards the realization of company’s goal/s while in most cases the company owner is just sitting in his office, signing documents and answering important phonecalls. In short, deserving people must be rewarded. They are heroes in their own right. But these people do not need to have their own monuments in EDSA. Monuments are nice but they need cash (hehe!).
6. I wish that more bibliophiles or bookstore residents would actually care to read (and hopefully buy) the works of Filipino writers. Being one of National Bookstore’s certified stand-bys, I notice that a lot of brilliant minds are waiting to be heard. Let us support them so other aspiring writers will also be encouraged to publish their masterpiece.

7. I wish that more Filipinos will be interested in sports that do not require height. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the country. But as far as international competitions are concerned, our national team are usually having a hard time winning. Why? Because basketball requires height (something that we cannot change). Since most Filipinos are born not too tall or too short, we should take advantage on the things that we could still work on. There are other sports (e.g. billiard, swimming, soccer etc) that purely rely on skills and positive attitude. And we, Filipinos, have that. (P.S. I didn't include boxing because I'm not really a boxing fanatic and it requires a body as hard as a rock. Nevertheless, I'm proud of Pacman and all Filipino boxers).
8. I wish that every Filipino would learn to put their trash on the garbage bin specially when they are in public places. Metro Aides are not there to clean the roads 24 hours because in reality we all have responsibility to take care of our environment. The result: every corner of this country would be a great scenery. 
9. I wish that entrepreneurs would all realize that a business is not created just for the purpose of earning profit. Nowadays, it is very noticeable that a lot of private companies or some public sectors are now seemingly becoming oblivious of their responsibility to their clients. It’s always “Business as Usual.” In private schools for example aside from high tuition fee, students are sometimes required to buy school supplies from the school while students can purchase the same items at a lower rate in the market. And when you check the quality of the product/s? I doubt if it will last until the end of the school year. And when you assess the quality of education? Hmmm... No comment. In some private hospitals, when you’re poor you won’t get admitted regardless if your body is shaking like a leaf or your blood is already flowing in the street. No Cash - No Entry.
10. I wish Filipinos would learn to elect public servants and not just simply government officials. Election is near. I hope we won’t get blinded by the fine-looking mask that running officials will be putting on their faces. Let’s be careful and honest with what we truly believe in. Let’s stand for what is right and for is good. In the long run it is us, voters who will get the most benefit.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Kulot noo. Salubong na kilay. Iiling-iling na ulo.


Scene 1
Signal No. 2
Malakas ang ulan at hangin.
Flash Report: Elementary and High School walang pasok sa buong Metro Manila
College student: San yung College?

Scene 2Signal No. 2
Pumasok ang college student sa eskwela.
Sinuong ang traffic at baha.
Pagdating sa school.
Mr. Nathaniel Cruz: Nasa ilalim na po ng Signal No. 3 ang buong Metro Manila.
Sa wakas, narating na rin ng estudyante ang gate ng eskwela.
Basang sisiw. Haggard.
Guard: Wala na pong pasok.

Scene 3Christmas Season
With 13th month pay and bonus.
HR to Contractual Employee: Regular Employee lang ang may 13th month pay pero meron din naman kayo.
Iniabot ng HR sa Contractual ang small brown envelope with a short note sa labas “Merry Christmas!”

Napalingon ang Contractual employee sa Regular employee.
He saw beautiful eyes.
Contractual opens the envelope.
Counts 3 crispy bills: One P500 and Two P100.
Envious Grin.
Scene 4Sa mall
Napagod at ginutom ang isang shopper.
Pumasok sa isang resto.
Waiter: Ma’am here’s our menu.
Customer: Ano kayang masarap dito? Ah eto na lang mukhang kakaiba.
Waiter: Ma’am can I take your order?
Customer: Oo, bigyan mo nga ako ng isang pansit buko at isang Coke.
Waiter: Ma’am you ordered pansit buko and one Coke. Ma’am would you like to add blah blah blah…
Customer: Hindi na. Thanks.
Waiter: Ok, ma’am. Your order will be served in 10 minutes.
Customer: Ok, thanks.
After 10 minutes.
Waiter: Ma’am, here’s your order pansit buko and one Coke.
Bahagyang napangiti ang customer na may halong hinanakit sa dibdib.
Ang pansit na dapat ay nasa plato napunta sa buko.
Ang creative no?!

Scene 5
Sa ordinary bus.
Punuan ngunit mapalad na nakakuha ng pwesto ang bagong pasahero ng bumaba ang isang patpating mama.
Umupo ang pasahero.
Kalahati na lang ng pwet nya ang nakaupo.
Liningon ang katabi at sinabi.
Pasaherong kalahating pwet lang ang nakaupo: Pwede pong pausod ng kaunti.
Katabing pasahero: Wala ng iuusod eh.
Nagtsaga na lang ang pasahero kesa naman tumayo dahil magipit 100 kilometro pa ang byahe.
Makalipas ang ilang minuto may biglang tumayong pasahero.
Tumayo si Pasaherong kalahating pwet lang ang nakaupo at dali-daling tumindig sa tabi ng malapit ng mabakanteng upuan.
Pasaherong nakatindig na: Yes, makakaupo na rin ako ng maayos (Pabulong sa sarili na punong puno ng excitement)
Napalingon si isang pasahero.
Nakita ang malapit ng mabakanteng upuan.
Kahit halata namang may nagaabang na tila ba deadma lang at dali-daling tumindig din sa malapit ng mabakanteng upuan.
Lumakad na ang bababang pasahero patungong estribo.
Shoot agad ang pwet ni ikatlong pasahero.
Abay talaga namang alerto at tuso.
Pasahero nakatindig pa rin: Nauna ako ah!!! (Pabulong. Nagtitimpi).
Lumingon sya sa dating kinauupuan.
Tinaas ang braso.
Kumapit ng mahigpit.
100 kph ang speed.

Scene 6
Naglalakad sa mall.
May lumapit na naka dark green na pants and white long sleeve with black necktie.
Man in dark green pants and white long sleeve with black necktie: Ma’am may credit card po kayo?
Naglalakad sa mall: Meron, bakit?
Man in dark green pants and white long sleeve with black necktie: Ma’am congratulations po qualitfied po kayo sa aming promo.
Naglalakad sa mall: Ah talaga, anong promo yan?
Dadalhin sa gilid ang naglalakad sa mall at tsitsikahin…
Man in dark green pants and white long sleeve with black necktie: …Oo ma’am saglit lang to. 15 minutes lang po. Punta po tayo sa 5th floor sa office namin. Dun po kayo bubunot ng mapapanalunan nyo.
Tila ba nahypnotize ang naglalakad sa mall. Sumama eto nang may halong tuwa at kaba.
Pagdating sa main office.
The manager comes in…
After 2 hours…
Bumalik ang man in dark green pants and white long sleeve with black necktie.
Man in dark green pants and white long sleeve with black necktie: Ma’am eto po ang napanalunan nyo.
Inaabot ang dark green na payong na konti na lang ay kasing laki na ng ginagamit ng mga nagtitinda sa bangketa.
Man in dark green pants and white polo with black necktie: (With big smile on his face) Ma’am, Congratulations po!
Lumabas ng pinto ang nanalo ng dark green na payong.
Now with a pale complexion.

Kulot noo. Salubong na kilay. Iiling-iling na ulo.


May gusto kang idagdag?

Sige lang.

What’s your Tsk Tsk Tsk?

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Perfect Combination

It is not enough that one is busy. One should be both busy and happy. Otherwise, being busy would not be worth it - Tony Tan Catktiong, President, Jollibee Food Corporation.

I want to be like him. Who doesn't?

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Namimiss ko ang P1.50

Sa panahon ngayon, ano bang mabibili mo sa halagang P1.50?

*Candy? Tatlo dalawang Piso na. Maliban na lang kung payag kang bumili ng Piso-isa.
*Isang stick ng sigarilyo? Hindi ako masyadong sigurado sa presyo nito dahil hindi naman ako nagyoyosi. Pero parang P1.75 na ata ang isang stick. Short pa rin.
*Fishball? Tatlong piraso. Mabusog ka kaya? Malamang hindi.
*Chichiriya? Pwede. Tatlong nguya ubos.Wala pang sustansya.
*Pandesal? Ang liit. Bitin ang isa.
*Ano pa ba? Hmmm… Wala na kong maisip.

Grade 5 ako noong natuto akong magcommute mag-isa. Matsaga na akong tumitindig sa bus para lang di malate sa eskwela. P1.50 lang ang minimum fare noon. At ang pamasahe ko from Caloocan to Muñoz ay P4.50, minsan kwatro depende sa kondoktor. Kapag aircon may dagdag lang na sikwenta sentimos. After xx years, naging times 5 ang minimum fare. At ang dating nabibili lang sa halagang P1.50 bigla ring naglahong parang bula.

Sinasabi ng ilan na umuunlad daw ang ekonomiya ng bansa. Kung pagbabasihan ang mga istraktura, maari siguro nating sabihin na may naganap na bahagyang pagbabago. Kung sobra ang traffic dito sa Maynila, triple ata noon lalo na nung wala pang MRT. Kaya ang mga nagtatrabaho sa opisina at mga estudyanteng pumapasok sa malalayong lugar ay umaalis ng pagkaaga-aga. Yung tipong halos kasabay ng pagtilaok ng manok nasa kalsada na ang ilan. Dahil kapag tinanghali ka na ng alis, katakot takot na traffic at jam packed na bus ang sasalubong sa’yo. Siguradong magshashower ka sa pawis. At dapat matibay ang mga tuhod dahil kung mamalasin nakatayo ka sa bus hanggang makarating sa patutunguhan. Wag ka ng umasang may gentleman na magbibigay ng upuan sayo. Dahil mukhang noong Spanish era lang yata nagexist ang mga ganun. :p

Habang ipinagmamalaki ng kasalukuyang administrasyon ang sinasabi nilang pag-unlad, tila ba hindi naman ito nararamdaman ng karamihan. Ang dating mapaggagamitan ng P1.50 hindi mo na mahagilap. Kung dati madali lang ang manlibre ng kakilalang nakasabay sa jeep, ngayon kung may pisong sukli sasabihan mo pa ang driver ng “Manong sukli ko po.” Sa panahon ngayon, napakahalaga ng bawat Piso’t sentimos. Pandagdag sa naipong P1.50

Ikaw, ano ang halaga sa’yo ng P1.50?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who is Bo Sanchez?

The first time I saw him, I knew he was one of those people who has touched many lives. It was in 2005 when I found him standing in the best-selling bookstand of National Bookstore. He’s face occupies almost ½ of the cover page of the book entitled The Boss (now How to be Really Really Really Happy). Disheartened, I picked it up and brought it to the counter hoping that his words can seize my day.

Bo Sanchez is a wordsmith. He is a genius in vocabulary. His acumen in writing is a mixture of sincerity, creativity, wit and wisdom. He certainly leaves a mark so significant that you will have peace in your heart. Eventually, my book collection grew. Later on, I discovered his website Kerygmafamily. I registered and communicated with other members through their forum. It started as a simple pastime, with an intention to have someone to talk to. But the relationship became deeper when I met them personally at Valle Verde Country Club where Bo Sanchez delivers his talk every Sunday. After a long time of admiring Bo Sanchez from the distance, I finally saw my idol, shook his hand, stood beside him and posed in front of Louis’ camera. And by the way, I also realized he looks better in person. :p

Bro. Bo Sanchez, however, is not just a best-selling author and Catholic lay preacher. He is the founder of various ministries such as Light of Jesus Community, Shepherdsvoice, Kerygma TV Anawim Lay Mission Foundation and more. He is also a succesful entrepreneur, a happy married man and a friend to everyone. And above all, Bro Bo is a lover – he loves God first. He shares God to others through his books and magazines, insightful talks and most importantly by the way he lives. He turns his words into action. He is indeed worthy of honor and respect.

To know him more visit and

*Watch Kerygma TV every Sunday, 6 to 7 a.m. @ TV5.
**Attend Kerygma Conference 2009, the biggest Catholic learning event of the year, at The Big Dome on November 28-29, 2009.
***Kerygma Feast (mass, worship and talk by Bo Sanchez) is held every Sunday at Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig City
Time: 8 am to10 am, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mga Aral Mula Kay Mr. C

Posted 12/11/06 10:19 AM

Ryan Cayabyab's acceptance speech during the 12 Gawad CCP Para sa Sining.

Ang mga Natutunan Ko Hanggang Kahapon Bilang Isang Manunulat ng Musika:

1. Walang mangyayari kung nakatitig ka lang sa labas ng bintana habang naghihintay ng inspirasyon. Malimit na ito ay hindi dumarating.

2. Kapag mayroon ka nang naumpisahan, tapusin mo.

3. Kapag may pumansin sa nilikha mo dalawang bagay lang ang gagawin mo: una, kung ito ay pinuri, ngumiti ka; pangalawa, pag ito'y binatikos, humalakhak ka. Huwag mong pakawalan ang iyong bait. Mabuti nga't napansin ang likha mo.

4. Lumikha ka lang ng lumikha. Tumigil ka lang pag patay ka na. Siyempre.

5. Huwag mong liliitin ang mga nilikha mo. Minsan ito ay may kapangyarihan na hindi mo matalos.

6. Sa kabilang dako naman, huwag ka nang magmalaki. Maraming mas magaling kaysa sa iyo, kung hindi ngayon, sa mga darating pang panahon.

7. Hindi sa iyo ang mga nilikha mo. Ginamit ka lang na isang daan upang maisalarawan mo ang kalagayan ng iyong kapanahunan at kapaligiran.

8. Magpasalamat ka sa mga taong nagpakita sa iyo ng daan.

9. Magpasalamat ka sa bayan mo na iyong kinalakhan.

10. Magpasalamat ka sa Diyos dahil ikaw ay humihinga at ikaw ay isang alagad ng sining!

May pahabol pang isa: Hangga't maaari, huwag ka nang dumakdak ng dumakdak, tugtugin mo na lang.”
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Points in Heaven (Re-Post)

There are people who are rich, gorgeous looking, bright and witty. They are successful in their chosen career. Their family is strong and happy. Their health is perfectly fine. But that’s not all, other people love them too. Because they are not just beautiful on the outside, they are good Samaritans too.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Nostalgia - Ka-Barangay Ako. Ikaw ba?

Noong dekada nobenta sobrang die-hard fan ako ng Ginebra. May kanya-kanya pa kaming pwesto ng Big Brother ko kapag may laban ang team. Walang lipatan ng channel. Talagang nakapako ang pwet sa upuan. Pag natatalo, ang sakit sa dibdib. Siguradong kantsawan na naman sa klase kinabukasan. Pero pag winner, high na high ang feeling. Taob ang mga detractors.

Top 10 Reasons Why I loved Ginebra
1. Paborito ko si Noli “The Flying Tank” Locsin. In Tagalog, Lumilipad na Tangke. San ka pa! Ginebra lang meron nyan.
2. May ilang nagsasabi dati na kahawig daw ni Vince “The Prince” Hizon ang Big Brother ko. Parang hindi naman. Hehe!
3. Kapag nagseset ng play si Big J, may mga pagkakataong halatang hindi naiintindihan ni Bal “The Flash” David. Pero in fairness, madalas game saver yan.
4. Si Marlou “The Skyscraper” Aquino, kahit patpatin astigin sa hardcourt.
5. Kamukha ng tito ko ang three point shooter na si Pido Jarencio.
6. Ang kahulugan ng fastbreak ay batuhan ng bola mula sa half court.
7. Pag pinasok na si Dudot dalawa lang ang ibig sabihin nun: last 2 minutes na at sobrang laki na ng lamang. Yehey! Masaya na naman ang 2/3 ng total population ng Pilipinas.
8. Kakaiba ang game style ng team. Magpapatambak muna ng mahigit 20 points sa 1st half, maghahabol sa 2nd half, pakakabahin ka pag last 2 minutes tapos matatalo o mananalo by 1 point. That's the never say die spirit!
9. Maraming alas sa balyahin ang Ginebra. Nangunguna na yung coach. Hehe!
10. May nagbabatuhan ng empty bottle ng mineral water kapag natatalo ang team. Exciting no. Lolz. :D

Ngayon, tulad ng karamihan, tila ba naumay na ko sa kakapanood ng PBA. Isa pa, ni isang bakas ng team na dati kong hiniyawan wala na rin akong makita. Wala ng Jawo, Locsinm, Hizon, David, Aquino, Jarencio, Gayoso, Cheng, Fheil, de Joya, Ong, Dudot at Saldaña.

Asan na ang thrill?

Wala na. :(

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Meet and Greet - May Holds a Gun

Household chores were at the least of her expertise.
Extra curricular activities didn’t excite her at all.
Being in a private 3rd class in CAT was a non-issue
But she is definitely a no non-sense
She is like the female counterpart of Herodotus
In the modern-day era
A genius in computer programming
She is now a successful expat
But the road to success was narrow and intricate
She had to do things she was not accustomed to
She had to endure a lonely life
Away from the people she loved so dearly
But instead of giving up
She turned her forlorn life
Into something beautiful
She clinged to her values and strengths
Patience, hardwork and perseverance
Were her armors during tough times
In the end victory smiled at her
She is now soaring high in the US Airforce
A lot of things have already changed
Nonetheless only one thing matter
She is simply my friend
With or without a title
With or without a gun in her hand
Black, brown or blonde hair
She is not May but Mumay
Forever and ever...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday The Week That Was - Everything is New

I hope someday I can confidently say “Look I Can Cook! I’m talking about more complicated dishes such as menudo and adobo. Call me pathetic. My head will nod ten times. ” But hey, I’m learning. At least I have decided to take the first step. So, what’s next?

Last week, due to some technical problem I decided to make a new account and transfer old posts from kiddomind to a new home which I entitled Rej Speaks. I want my new crib to exhibit maturity. No more Kiddo or Child or any equivalent word on top of everything. But I didn’ totally abandon my previous space. I gave it a new look and theme - videos that I find interesting in You Tube. Surprisingly, it’s now working perfectly. Patience is indeed a virtue. :D

In this blog, I also decided to have a calendar. Wherein each day, there is a particular topic that I will try to live up to (Schedule on the left column). I am not the most organized person on earth. I hope this one will help me establish a good habit.

This week: Art projects, Travel and hopefully Cooking.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Prayer - Novena to God's Love

Today, I receive all of God’ love for me.
Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abudance of God’ universe.
Today, I open myself to your blessings, healing, and miracles.
Today, I open myself to God’ word so that I become more like Jeus everyday.
Today, I proclaim that I’m God’s Beloved, I’m God’ servant, I’m God’s Powerful Champion,
And because I am blessed, I will bless the world,
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Composed by Bo Sanchez - LOJ

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Napanood Mo Ba? Wag Magpahuli. Uso 'to.

Posted 7.14.06 5:14 AM
Maria del Barrio.
Betty La Fea.

Sila ang mga nagreyna sa telebisyon sa kalagitnaan ng dekada nobenta. Sa mga pangalang nabanggit tanging kwento ni Betty La Fea ang aking nasubaybayan. Ngunit dahil sa sadyang tanyag ang mga nobelang nilikha ng mga Mehikano noong mga panahong iyon, nakilala ko rin ang iba sa pamamagitan ng kwento-kwento.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ang mga tao matapos makapanood ay pagkukwentuhan pa ang nangyari sa palabas. Kaya kahit hindi ka masugid na tagasubaybay ng mga ito mapipilitan kang sumilip para makasali ka naman sa daldalan at upang hindi ka maging “OP” sa grupo.

Ngunit sa pagtakbo ng panahon, unti-unting nabago ang laman ng telebisyon. Inumpisahan ito ng IBC 13, ang Amazing Twins. Ewan ko kung napanood mo ito. Basta marami akong kamag-aral na tumutok dito. Sumunod naman ang Meteor Garden. Parang signal no. 4 nang biglang bumuhos ang kasikatan ng grupong F4 at Barbie Xu. Ang lahat ay kinilig at sinubaybayan ang pag-iibigang Dao Ming Ze at Shan Cai o Hua Ze Lei at Shan Cai. Isama mo pa ang dalawang sigang pabling na sina 
Mei Zho at Shi Men.
Halata ba na isa ako sa tinamaan ng malakas na bagyo? E sino bang hindi?

Pagkatapos nito ay parang kaboteng nagsulputan ang mga nobelang mula din sa Taiwan. Pero hindi naglaon ay inagaw ng mga Koreano ang trono. Sa ngayon, Koreanovela naman ang patuloy na namamayagpag sa ere. May mga bago mang dumarating mula sa Tsina at Japan, hindi maikakailang Koreanovela pa rin ang tumutugma sa panlasang Pinoy.

Ganun pa man, hindi ito nangangahulugang tuluyan na nitong nilamon ang mga gawang Pilipino. Mula sa tinaguriang soap opera (dahil ito ay sponsored ng mga sabon/shampoo) kinalaunan ay tinawag itong teleserye. At sa kasalukuyan meron na ring telefantasya at teleserye ng totoong buhay o “reality show” sa salitang Ingles. Hindi na lang ako magbabanggit ng mga halimbawa upang maiwasan ang sagupaan ng Kapuso at Kapamilya.

Hay naku! Kay dami talagang nangyaring pagbabago. Parang kailan lang ginagaya pa ni Michael V. si Corazon at si Ogie naman nagkaroon ng makapal na balahibo sa dibdib magaya lang si Sergio.

Hindi ako magtataka kung bukas makalawa mga alien at mga robot naman ang magsasampalayan sa telebisyon. Pero umaasa pa rin akong hindi naman aabot sa ganun. Umaariba pa rin kasi ang tambalang Juday at Piolo; Marvin at Jolina; Mark at Jennylyn; at Richard at Angel.


It’s 2009. Ano na ba ang in ngayon sa telebisyon?

Sa mga nabanggit na artista tanging si Mark at Jennylyn na lang ang matibay na loveteam. Kung dati patok na patok ang Koreanovela. Ang Pinoy adaptation naman ang bagong trend. Meron na ring tinatawag na Sine Novela kung saan ang mga lumang pelikulang pumatok sa takilya at pinagbidahan ng mga batikang aktor ay ginagawang tv series with a twist para siguro mapahaba ang istorya at umangkop sa modernong kwentong Pinoy.

Nang biglang mauso naman ang mga talent show parang pila naman sa lotto ang dami nito kung saan ang mga ordinaryong tao ay nabibigyan ng pagkakataon upang maipakita ang kagilagilalas nilang talento, sumikat at kumita ng pera. Ang TV 5 may Talentadong Pinoy na nagnunumero uno sa rating; ang ABS-CBN Kapamilya ay may Showtime na pumalit sa Game Ka Na Ba, Singing Bee ni Cesar Montano at ilang game segment sa Wowowee ay may kaunting talent portion din bago magsimula ang laro; at ang Kapuso Network naman ay may Kahit Sino Pwede or KSP na napapanood sa Eat Bulaga, Pinoy Extreme Talent ni Chris Tiu at Sheena Halili at Bitoy’s Showwwtime na pumalit sa Bitoy’s Funniest. Akalain mo kahit sa titulo ng palabas pareho ang labanan ng Kapuso’t Kapamilya. Kung may nakalimutan pa akong show pasenya na tao lang po.

Dahil marahil sa pagkahilig ng mga Pilipino sa pagkain, sunod-sunod na ring naglilitawan ang mga cooking shows. Kahit sa ilang travel show meron ding inilalaan na ilang minuto sa pagluluto ng putaheng kilala sa lugar na itinatampok. Kung nursing ang naging pinaka paboritong kurso ngayong taon, hindi na ako magugulat kung next year lolobo naman ang bilang ng college freshmen na kukuha ng HRM, Culinary Course o anumang kursong may kinalaman sa pagkain. Tamang tama magpaPasko na. Busugin nyo kami ha.

Nakakarinig na ako ng mga Christmas carols. Nagsisimula na ring lumamig ang simoy ng hangin lalo na sa gabi. Pasko na sa Pilipinas! Gusto ko ng puto bumbong!!!

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Antyhing Goes - I Sat on the Passenger Seat

Sumakay ako ng tricycle. May nakita akong sticker: Basta Driver Sweet Lover.

Sumakay ako ng jeep. May nakita akong sticker: Basta Driver Sweet Lover.

Sumakay ako ng bus. May nakita akong sticker: Basta Driver Sweet Lover.

Basta Driver Sweet Lover. Sinong Henyo kaya ang nagpauso nito? Sigurado ako ginamit nya tong linya na to para makuha ang matamis na Oo ng babaeng kanyang iniirog. At sigurado rin ako na successful sya. Maghanap ka ng sample. Anong nakita mo?

Medyo madalang ko ng makita ang sticker na to. Lumang tugtugin ba. Pero sadyang nakatatak na sa isip ni Juan dela Cruz. Kung baga sa showbiz ang sticker na to ang Star for All Season dahil bukod sa pichur maganda ang rhyming.

Teka, ano nga ba ang kahulugan ng Sweet Lover? Eto ba ay nakaugnay lamang sa tinatawag na romantic love? Dubdub dubdub dubdub. Oh, well. Sana hindi naman. Sana kahit hindi romantic nandun pa din yung love - love para sa bawat pasahero, kaangkas, karelyebo, kaibigan, kapuso't kapamilya. Love na naipapakita sa pamamagitan ng maingat na pagmamaneho. Yung tipong sasakay ka sa Poingt A tapos makakarating ka sa Point B ng walang galos, buo ang katawan at higit sa lahat tumitibok ang puso. Dapat hindi rin nagtatalsikan ang mga pasahero tuwing tinatapakan ang preno; hindi nagkakaron ng instant chest pain tuwing humahataw at nagoovertake. Alalay. Smooth. Suave.

Alam nating lahat na araw-araw marami ang namamatay sa car accident. At karamihan dito ay dahil sa kapabayaan ng kung sino mang may kontrol sa manubela. Mamang driver, gusto nyo bang patuloy na humaba ang pila? Hindi lang ang iyong lulan ang maaaring magpaalam. Worst, baka masama ka sa bilang. Sige ka, that’s not sweet.

Isang araw, may pumunta sa langit na biktima ng isang car accident.
May nakita syang sticker:
The Driver was not a Sweet Lover.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Anyone can cook but only the fearless can be great – Chef Gusteau (from the movie Ratatouille)

I can cook (I can fry hotdog and egg). If I can be great, that’s another story. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lipat Bahay?

If symptoms persist, lilipat na talaga ko ng wordpress!

Ang hirap magblog hopping iilan lang ang naoopen ko. Ito mismong sariling lungga hindi ko madalaw. Nokokontento na lang sa pasulyap sulyap kapag binubwenas. Wahhh!!!

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