Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Magandang Umaga

Magandang umaga.

Bagyo. Kalamidad. Trahedya….

Magandang umaga. Good morning.

Mga kapatid, maganda nga ba ang umaga?

Were the opening statements of Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat in one of his homilies.


NDCC reported that the number of fatalities rose to 246; number of missing persons had increased to 38; and damage reaches almost P5B. Videos, photos and testimonials of Ondoy’s victims are certainly heartbreaking. In these times of crisis, can we still greet each morning with “Magandang umaga?”

Yesterday, I had a post entitled “State of Calamity.” It was followed by a short message: Both heart and mind. (sad face). I didn’t have a great morning. Worse, the bad feeling didn’t end there. The whole day, my spirit was so down and restless. When I became aware of Ondoy’s cruelty to some areas, I felt I have no reason to whine. I should be very thankful that even though we also experienced flood, the damage is so little compare to those living in other parts of the metro and nearby provinces. The fact that my family and I are fine and safe is enough reason to be grateful. But the bad feeling yesterday was uncontrollable. “Magandang umaga” were difficult words to say. I guess, Ondoy’s victims would agree.


I’m sure a lot of us have heard stories about foreigners who get so amazed by us, Filipino people, because even in the midst of tragedy we can still strike a smile. While in very prosperous countries, there are news about multi-millionaires who committed suicide because of anxieties; problems they couldn’t contain. I can imagine these foreign people screaming “Something’s wrong with Filipino people!”

Pilipinos are known for being happy people. In devastating moments like this, a smile does not only signigfies joy, it is also a symbol of hope. A hope rooted in our Christian faith. For the Bible says:

I will never leave you nor forsake you. - Hebrews 13:5

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. – Romans 12:12

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD. - Psalms 31:24

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off. - Proverbs 23:18

When calamity comes, the wicked are brought down, but even in death
the righteous have a refuge. – Proverbs 14:32

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16


Is there a joy in suffering? God did not come to take away suffering. He came to feel the suffering. That' why even in suffering Jesus is with us. When you embrace suffering, you embrace Christ. Even in suffering I find joy; I experience God. - Rev. Fr. Alex Balatbat
There maybe times that our mornings would appear so dim; that even though the sun is so high we cannot see the light because our eyes are blinded with problems and difficulties; our mind is constantly wandering; and our heart is deeply wounded. We should all remember that there is God who will forever be truthful to his promise. He is the reason why we should greet each morning with “Magandang Umaga.”

Let me end this post with a video of the song I See You Lord by Aiza Seguerra.

Mga Kapatid, Magandang Umaga! :)
Photo courtesy of Flickr (melaniemorgyn) and video from mindslife

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's all pray

Nawa sa panahong ito; sa panahon ng kalamidad ay mangibabaw ang mabuting puso ng bawat isa sa atin. Patuloy lang po tayong magdasal.

Habang may pag-asa, may buhay. Habang may Diyos, may buhay.

Let’s keep on praying.

And friends, be safe.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fill in the blank

Sa loob ng mahigit dalawang dekada, isang mag-asawa ang talaga namang namayagpag sa ating bansa; dalawang magigiting na mamayan. Hinarap nila ang hamon ng buhay hindi lamang para sa sariling kapakanan ngunit higit sa lahat ay para sa bayan. Si Ninoy at Cory talaga namang kahanga-hanga ang naging kontribusyon upang maibalik ang demokrasya. Dahil dito siguro maaari nating sabihin na: Ninoy + Cory = Demokrasya.

Sa kasalukyang administrasyon na pinamumunuan ni Pangulong Gloria Arroyo, kabiyak ni Ginoong Mike Arroyo, ano kaya ang maaaring maging kabuuan ng equation na:

Mike + Gloria = ?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Introducing My New Crib

Welcome to my new crib "Child of the 80’s!"

I decided to change the title of this blog when I finally realized that kiddomind sounds too childish. I know. I know. The word child is identical to kiddo. That’s why I added the phrase “of the 80’s” which means I am already in my 20’s. But even though my age is already classified as an adult, the child in me still prevails. My perception about life may sound matured and serious at times but I still find pleasure on simple things like playing jump rope and reading gossips in pep. This blog is not made to advocate childishness but to hopefully bring out the beauty of a child.

In the last two weeks, I had a major makeover. I changed the skin of this blog. I exported posts from my two other blogs which you can now view here. One blog is already deleted; the other one I kept for private viewing only. Now, there are also posts written in Filipino language for much easier self expression. Pardon to my foreign blogger friends. :p

Since almost everything is relatively new, allow me to reintroduce myself again. The third installment.

(Drum Roll)

26 Things about Rej, a Child of the 80’s

1. Rej is not my real name. It is just one of the many names attached to my being.
2. I am a female. I have to say this because often times, people think I’m a “He.”
3. I used to love Math but hated it when xyz appeared in supposedly fun class discussion.
4. I enjoy the company of kids. In fact, I have berks ages 3-7. Maybe they think I’m one of them. And by the way, they call me ate Jennylyn. Why Jennylyn? That’s another story.
5. I am a photographer wannabe. I swear I’ll buy a professional camera when the price goes down to 1k. Slap me! I’m dreaming.
6. I love dogs. Who doesn’t?
7. I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate flavored. FIC is the best.
8. I watched Jackass the Movie in cinema theater all by myself. A friend urged me to watch it because its fun. Sure, it was. But I didn’t know it was also ridiculous. No wonder why the ticket seller asked me “Ilang taon ka na (How old are you)?”
9. I didn’t watch Sailormoon when I was a kid. At that time, WWF and Bioman were the household faves.
10. I am equipped with basic driving method. But I didn’t take it seriously since (1) there is nothing to drive and (2) even if there is, I feel uncomfortable having two pillows under my butt.
11. I know many people who like Chicken Salad. I don’t because of mayonaise. Chicken Salad looks delicious but I say No thanks, it’s all yours.12. Most women enjoy shopping for sandals or any footwear. For me, it’s the least exciting activity I could do inside the mall. Nothing fits. Dammit!
13. I enjoy recycling. That’s something I have learned to embrace when frugality has acquired residence in my brain.
14. I always have Nescafe moment in the morning and before sunset. Antonio Pueo is also good but only when it is served free.
15. Listening to different types of music is one of my favorite sources of entertainment bliss. I just hope music will learn to love me back.
16. When I was in college, I got a TRES grade in Civil Technology. Similar to a classmate whose number of absences is more than the number of times we saw her in class. Sometimes, life can be so unfair!
17. Kapitan Sino is the only book of Bob Ong that I haven’t read. I hope the next time I visit National Bookstore I can find one without a plastic. Reading a book in a standing position isn’t so difficult afterall.
18. Inang Yaya (Mother Nanny) is the movie I would like to see again. I love the Skeechers scene.
19. I don’t smoke for three reasons: (1) The smell is awful; (2) I don’t want to pollute my own lungs and (3) others too.
20. I don’t like the smell of boys when they sweat. Haha!
21. I am not a fan of horror movies. War and massacre movies are definitely not on my list too (regardless who directed the film including a National Artist).
22. I believe in my high school teacher’s lecture about the types of destiny: (1) Character is a destiny which we can control and (2) fate is destiny which we cannot control.
23. I am not showy. But I have my share of Cheesyness. Sobrang cheesy talaga. Yay!
24. I am so blessed to have good friends. I don’t see them often. But in my heart, I know they are just there.
25. I love being with family. Simply the best!
26. God loves me (and loves you too). :)

P.S. The photo above is me. The Epitome of Great Pretender. So, Beware! Bwahaha!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just for Fun - What Piercing Are You?

I just visited HappySurfer’s blog. She took a personality quiz – What Piercing Are You?

Got curious.

Here’s mine...

You Are an Eyebrow Piercing

You are unique, quirky, and more than a little eccentric.

You cultivate the weirder sides of your personality, and you don't mind sharing them.

Ever since you were a kid, you've had strong opinions. You've never been like everyone else, and you're okay with that.

And you've always been able to tell people exactly what you think - even when they don't want to hear it.

You love to create, dream, imagine, and communicate. You live in your own universe.

And unlike most people who live in their own little world, you're happy to invite anyone in!

Flashback (Weird daw ako? Ows? Posted 9/08/2009)

You Are 70% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?

But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!




So, what’s yours? Try it. Just for fun…

Nyt Trip

Blog Hopping with “Ako’y Isang Pinoy” as background music. Alas sais ng hapon, busybusyhan sa pamamasyal sa internet. Ngunit bahagyang nabulabog nang pumasok ang isang grupo ng mga Koreano sa telebisyon (na nasa bandang kanan ko). May hawak na gitara sabay awit ng “Ako’y Isang Pinoy.” Nang matapos ang kanta isang interpreter ang pumasok upang mainterview ang mga nasabing banyaga. Pure Korean pala ang mga lolo embracing our own song. How cool is that?

This is it. Pasado alas syete ng gabi ay tumulak kami papuntang NAIA. Isang kamag-anak namin ang pinalad na mabigyan ng tourist VISA sa Inglatera. At noong Miyerkules nga ay tuluyan ng naisakatuparan ang matagal na nyang pangarap.

Unexpected heavy traffic. Ang sarap talaga bumyahe pag gabi. Mailwanag ang kapaligiran at hindi na masyadong traffic. Pero yun ang akala naming lahat. Pagdating ng Balintawak tollgate ayun bumungad ang heavy traffic. Shocks! Isang oras kami hanggang A. Bonifacio. Kumusta naman un di ba! Naging smooth lang ang byahe pagdating ng C-3 road tapos dirediretso na hanggang airport. Salamat naman.

Road Trip. Masaya ako dahil Manila ang napili nilang rota. Nadaanan namin ang monumento ni Rizal at ang kahabaan ng Roxas Boulevard na talaga namang makulay pag sapit ng gabi. Maluwang din ang kalsada; walang hassle hindi tulad ng EDSA.

No hugs; No kisses. Mahigit tatlong oras bago ang ETD dumating kami sa airport. Swak lang. Pinapasok agad ng aking tiyuhin ang aking tiya upang maagang maasikaso ang lahat. Inakala naming maari pa itong lumabas kaya no goodbyes pa. Nang lumipat kami ng pwesto ay nabasa namin ang isang paalala. Shocks! Bawal ng lumabas ang mga passengers kapag nakapasok na ito sa loob. Kaya no hugs; no kisses. Hindi nagamit ang tissue. Chos! Text, text na lang. Hayst!

Back home. Medyo malungkot ang mood kaya dinaan na lang sa kwentuhan at pagkain ng burger.

Stop over sa Brothers Burgers along Roxas Boulevard. Iba talaga ang libre. Parang mas masarap. :p

All by himself. Medyo malungkot talaga ito para sa aking uncle na tanging alagang aso ang makakasama sa loob ng apat na buwan. Di bale kuya, (I call my tito, Kuya) susunod din tayo dun. Antay ka lang. Afterall, dreaming is free.

Y not coconut!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Death (Edited)

Death is the word that I dreaded the most. Actually I'm not really afraid of dying (Because there is such a thing as heaven and hell) but on the manner of dying. One of the foremost reasons why I sometimes avoid watching news programs is the fact that reports about murder, salvage, massacre, fatal accidents etc. are all synonymous to killing.

I keep on asking myself “Why do some people have to die in a brutal manner?” Worst, some people leave the world because of the evil thoughts of men.

When I was in grade school, I dreamt of becoming a doctor. But as I grew up I am convinced that a medical profession is not my calling. Just a thought of dealing with a dying patient who has been stab with a knife frightens me. In addition to that, I am also a minor hematophobic.

Ok, let’s have some U-turn from human being to natural environment.

Death isn’t just applicable to people. Plants, trees, animals, insects and their natural habitat also experience death.

In Jose Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not), our national hero described Ilog Pasig (Pasig River) as a river that serves many purposes - from transportation to bathing to laundry washing. It is so sad that the clean water of Ilog Pasig can only be seen in old photographs and stories of historians and first generation ancestors.

If we go to high-land places in some Northern and Southern part of Luzon, the ground which tall trees and shrubs used to stand are now occupied by private subdivisions and resorts. The residents in those mountains or the bakasyonistas are very lucky to have nice over-looking sceneries with cooler breeze. But hey, the fate of the old trees is not so lucky.

We have probably heard news about Global Warming a hundred times already. Global warming is an increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere, especially a sustained increase sufficient to cause climatic change. The main cause of global warming is the attitude of mankind to nature. (source: and

Have we realized the message of every story related to global warming?

For me the message is clear “There is something wrong with our natural environment.” Or should I say ‘There is something wrong with human nature?” And if we keep on ignoring the point of every story, global warming might also stand for DEATH (death of our mother earth and men) – a death all rooted to human negligence.

At once, let’s think about the welfare of our neighbors and the planet that we live in before it’s too late.

Posted 9/16/09 1:16AM

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Let me share with you a Bible reflection I read in Didache (July, August, September 1999 Issue) entitled "Government."

A lot of people complain about tax evaders that the government does not catch, the widespread graft and corruption that the government condones, the environmental pollution that the government tolerates, the houses that the government does not give them, etc. These they say are signs that the government is trying to bring its own people down to depths.

Government? Who uses office supplies for personal purposes? Who throws cigarette butts, candy wrappers and other garbage into the canals? Who invents additional children to increase their tax exemption? Who dares the bus driver when he crosses the street where there is no stop light or pedestrian lane? Come to think of it, isn’t a democracy a government of the people? If this is so, who is the government?

I am not excusing anyone. Government officials and public servants may be doing a bad job and thus, pulling the country down to the depths. How about the rest of us pulling towards heaven by not adding to the problem? After all, the walls of Jericho would probably not fallen if only Joshua marched around the city. The Israelites would not have been able to leave Egypt if they did not lend their support to Moses. Gladys B.

Lord, You have given us a beautiful country, may we take care of it the way You intended for Your greater glory.

Reflection: In what direction are you pulling
Election Time. Aside from numerous infomercials (minus the “Vote for me” tagline), for me road constructions all over the metro is a clear indication that election is near. Last week I just saw one near the subdivision’s main gate.:p

Nine months from now, we’ll be electing new set of leaders – President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Vice Mayors, Governors, Councilors and Party Lists. Among the long list, the president is the most important position. Synonymous to parenthood. To be the President of the Republic of the Philippiines is like being a parent to 92.23 million Filipinos worldwide. With this figure, why is it that many politicians still desire to be the nation’s head? Running for President is suicidal, don’t you think?

However, the reflection above gives us a different angle about what government is all about. In my opinion, government is comparable to a big family. The father is the president; the mother is the vice president; and the children are us, common citizens.

Family, Freedom and Limitations. Most parents want their kids to have a good life. That’s probably the primary reason why parents work really hard. They also set rules so that the children will not wander in wilderness. And when things go wrong, parents are expected to take charge. But this is not always the case. Because children grow. And as children grow, they start to crave for freedom- freedom to decide on their own; freedom to choose their own clothes, their own friends, the activities they want to go into etc. Without a choice freedom is gradually given. However, responsibilities are also being introduced. They are being taught how to stand on their own; how to clean up their mess; how to protect themselves from harm etc. Hence, decision making is no longer parents’ sole responsibility. But certainly there are limitations.
Example: Assuming you are a teenager, your parents give you consent to go out with friends but you have to be home by 8 p.m. Parents who trust their kids will probably ask just the basic questions like “Where are you going?” and “Who are these friends that you are going to go out with?” Everything else will depend on you and your friends, right? Freedom and limitations go together for good reason.
In a big family, you cannot expect parents to do everything except of course when kids are still small and highly dependent and for affluent families who can afford to hire housemaids or yayas to oversee the children’s needs specially when both parents have job. In a typical family, the older children are expected to look after their younger siblings specially when parents are not around.

1. Every member of a family has a role to play.
2. Cooperation is a must.
3. Freedom is good but there are limitations that we must follow
(In government, freedom is called democracy and limitations as laws).

The difference between family and government. (1) In a family, parents can plan how many kids they want to have. In government, the numbers are given (and tremendously increasing). (2) In a family, children don’t have a choice who’s going to be their parents. In government, however, common citizens have the freedom to choose our leaders which happens during election. In real life, there are good parents but there are also irresponsible and evil. Who would you choose?
It's up to us!
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Monday, September 14, 2009

I Object!

When I was in college, my professors would always address the importance of business planning. Planning is the most basic of all managerial functions. Without it, the other functions such as organizing, staffing, directing and controlling are of no use.

Let’s take a small review on the basic steps in planning.

1. Define the business idea.

2. Establish goals and objectives.

3. Forecast cash needs.

4. Identify sources of funds.

5. Write a business plan.

(Source: Management for Filipinos)

Actually, my main subject matter isn’t really about a lecture on business planning. It’s about a book entitled “NEGOSYO Joey Concepcions’s 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories.” Ok, it’s still about business minus the planning (or maybe not).

Two week ago, my uncle barrowed this book, gave it back after a week and told me that he didn’t like it. Of course, I was a bit disappointed. Disappointed not because he hated the book but because of his reason for not liking it. I respected his opinion though. However, I could not agree with it.

He did not like the book for two reasons. First, the word “entrepreneurship” is present in all stories which he considered a tongue twister (I agree). Next, he was convinced that the entrepreneurs featured in that book are financially well-off. Therefore, it is not impossible for these people to succeed since they have the resources and probably government support too. For me, this is not arguable. On the other hand, it’s not just about money. The non-monetary factors are far more important.

Successful entrepreneurs who are already rich from the time they started their business may be considered very lucky. But I don’t think they become successful just because of the amount of assets they possess. It is their brilliant mind, hard work, patience and commitment that should be given more credit. And probably their great business plan too. The book is not created to make us envy but with a purpose of stirring up our business mindset. It also tells us that everyone is doomed to fail (in different ways) but our survival highly depends on our outlook and attitude in life.

My uncle and I may have different views on this matter nevertheless, we both agree that putting up a business is risky that is why business planning is important.
Posted 9/14/07 6:05 PM

Photo grabbed @


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.,,,,,,, and

This Will Make Your Day!

I’ve been attending Kerygma Feast since September 2007. The first time I heard Bro. Bo’s talk I told myself “I am going to bring my family in this place.” It wasn’t an easy task. It took me almost a year to convince them. When they finally agreed to join me in the Feast, it was Bro. Arun Gogna who gave the talk. When I visited Arun Gogna’s website last night,I was surprised to see the videos of his talk during my family’s first day in the Feast. It was such a beautiful talk. They become regular attendees of Kerygma Feast. No more force. No more sweat. Enthusiasm is there except for the teenage boys. Nevertheless, they still come with us. Enough reason for us to be happy:p

Let me share the videos with you. It’s very meaningful and motivating yet so hilarious. Enjoy and be very blessed!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

Videos courtesy of (Kerygma Feast)

More videos at:

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lessons From a Wanderer (Part I)

Have you seen the movie A Very Special Love?

In the first half of the film, Miggy (portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz) for me, is the epitome of a very notorious boss. I am blessed because I have not encountered a boss like Miggy. I occasionally experienced some mood swings though but they are all good people, worthy to be adored by people in the rank and file positions nonetheless.

At my age, I have already experienced working with different bosses and here’s what I can share with you. I am not a professional per se but the suggestions below were based on personal experiences. Triggered by past mistakes. :p

Always have a pen and a notepad with you.
I am a forgetful person. Though I believe I am far from acquiring Alzheimer’s disease, I sometimes have the tendency to forget what has just been said. In my case, a pen and a notepad are always on top of my table. But even if you are totally my opposite, when you have a mountain of work load to do, writing down notes is highly recommended. I read in a broadsheet that Efficiency in an employee is being always ready. A habit of taking down notes will help you to act systematically. It will gear you up for the real battle. Thus, it may also lead you to become very efficient. We all know that there is no harm in writing so try to make it a habit.

Always be punctual. I have no big problem with this. But there are circumstances that are beyond our control. Suppose you leave your house before sunrise but you arrive a minute after your boss laid his things on his table. He will ask you: “Why are you late?” “There is a road accident near my place that causes the heavy traffic,” you reply. Do you think your boss will believe you? You’re lucky if he woke up in the right side of the bed. It’s ok to be late once in a while but pray hard that you won’t be behind the schedule when your boss is sure to come early.

Learn how to speak. Whatever career path you choose, you have to learn how to mingle with others. You need to develop your introvert character. If you can’t be friends with everybody at least try to talk to the people around you once in a while. I am not suggesting a major character transformation if you are comfortable with yourself and you like yourself that way. But adjustments have to be made. I am sure that you don’t want to be unaccompanied all the time. You will never know if you are being surrounded with beautiful people or it is best to quit your job soon when your eyes are too focused on your job alone.

Communicate with your boss. Above all things make sure that you report to your boss on a daily basis whether he just appeared in his office to sip a cup of coffee or he decides not to become visible at all. His absence is not an excuse not to discuss with him the situation of the business. Communication is also very crucial specially when a problem occurs. It doesn’t matter too much if you have solved a problem on your own. There are bosses who appreciate employee’s initiative but some interprets it as “by-passing the authority.” Most of the time, a good intention doesn’t count. It is understandable that it is quite intimidating to talk to a person above your level but the thing is He is your boss. He has to know every single problem.

I have a confession to make. One of the primary reasons why I blog is for me to be mindful of the lessons I have learned and matters which I still have to internalize. I decided to make a post about this topic not just with an objective to help the newly grads endure the reality of life after college but to serve as a personal reminder - that in the corporate world I can’t expect everything to happen the way I envision it. Like a former boss once told me:

“Iba-iba ang brainwaves ng tao.”

P.S. If there is anything that you would like to add, you may proceed to comments. Let’ help each other survive in the corporate world. :)

Lessons from a Wanderer (Part II)

Proofread reports before submitting it. It is a mortal sin to present a finished document without reviewing it from top to bottom page or cover to cover, scrutinizing the spelling of every word used and verifying the inside address and signatories. Read it five times even though it only needed to be read twice. It is much better to be cautious than be sorry later. Lastly, make sure you can explain your work because some superiors do not bother to read documents specially with a hectic timetable. There is a high probability that you and your boss will chit chat over its content.

Do not bring work at home. Carrying a memory stick with unfinished reports or a file of documents at home is a big mistake. If you don’t want your workload to chase you in your dreams then leave everything in your table. Make a To-Do-List before going home so the next day you know exactly your priorities.

Make sure your cellphone is always on. I don’t know about you but in my case, a cellphone has always been a necessity. I used it not only to answer questions of my co-employees but more importantly to attend to clients’ inquiries. I know it is not in the context of any profession to take action when work is over. There are text messages and incoming calls however that demands utmost attention. By the way, if your cellphone is frequently used for official communications than private purposes do not hesitate to ask if you can reimburse your load expenses. An all text 20 load a day could saddle your wallet in the long run. So, Practice your right!

Working could be so much fun for so many reasons but we sometimes fail to experience the joy in the workspace also for so many reasons. Adjusting to different people and being flexible to various situations are very vital in any line of work. This is quite difficult specially if you arejust new in the company. However, you shouldn’t give up easily. When one starts working it is not important that you graduated with honor. Your performance and your overall attitude will ultimately determine your tenure and possibly your success. But if you fail and fail and fail in your pursuit of a seemingly perfect job, here’s a quote from a man with no arms, no legs and no worries::

"What do you do when you fall down? Get back up…
If I fail and I give up, do you think I’m gonna get up? No.
But if I fail and if I try again and again and again, there is always a possiblity that I will get up.
I just want you to know that it's not The End.
It matters how you're gonna finish and
you are gonna finish strong."
--- Nick Vujicic ---

To all job hunters, try again and again and again until you find your niche!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blogging, My Instant Medicine

Patay ang electric fan. Hindi naman brownout. Sadyang malamig lang ang gabi dala na rin ng pabugso bugsong pagulan. Ngunit hindi maiwasan ang magising kahit di pa nagaalarm ang celfone. Binuksan ang ilaw at dinampot ang tissue upang tanggalin ang nakabara sa ilong. Pagkatapos ay hinanap ang medicinal oil upang ipahid sa nananakit na ulo. Ang agang headache.

Dapat may lakad kami ngayon. Sasamantalahin sana ang free skills training na ibinibigay ng DTI-PTTC. Ngunit dahil sa sama ng pakiramdam at sungit ng panahon tulad ng dati’y napurnada na naman ang matagal ng plano. Hayst! Nakakapanghinayang. Bonding time din ito sa aming mag-iina pero walang magawa dahil baka lumala ang sakit at makahawa pa ng iba. Kahit walang ulan hindi rin naman ako makakapasok sa PTTC buidling dahil bago ka makapasok ay tatapatan ka sa noo ng “flu detector” o “fever scanner.” Basta yung gadget na nauso noong tila napapraning ang buong bansa sa A(H1N1) virus.

Eto ako ngayon. Pinupuno ng liquid ang katawan. Tubig, kalamansi juice with honey at Biogesic ang nagsisilbing gamot. Mamaya lagundi naman. Pipitas na lang ng kaunting dahon sa aming tanim. At ilalagay sa pinakuluang tubig. Mabisang gamot din ang blogging at blog hopping. Doctor recommended? Sympre hindi. Adik lang talaga. :p

Birthday din ng pinsan ko ngayon. May kaunting handaan mamaya. Pilit kakalimutan ang fever. Chibugan ito. Yehey!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weird daw ako! Ows?

Maraming beses ko na ring narinig ang linyang to “Ang weird mo talaga.”

In my face!

Kaya naisip kong pagtripan ang Personality Quiz. Here’ the result:

You Are 70% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?

But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remembering our Grandparents

Last year my grandmother suffered a mild stroke. She was rushed from Quezon province to Chinese General Hospital by her sons and daughters living near my grandparents’ house. The entire family reunited but not for a bottle of wine and crispy lechon. It was one of the darkest points in our lives. We were not ready to lose her. We all prayed for God’s healing. And God answered our deepest prayer. Now, almost everything is back to normal except for constant reminder to be more cautious of her health. God is good.

Last December 2008, I joined a pilgrimage in Anawim Lay Missions Foundation. Let me give you a brief desciption about Anawim.

ANAWIM is a Hebrew word which means: the poor, the afflicted, the humble - those who stand faithful before God even and especially in the worst of times (source: It is the home of more than 50 abandoned elderly and few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons. Basic human necessities like food, clothings, and shelter are being provided by the founders, volunteers and sponsors who flock and live in Anawim. But we, human beings, the tangibles are not enough for us to survive. We need to feel loved. Hand in hand, the founders, volunteers and visitors are the ones filling up the empty cup.

It is so difficult to understand why these elders have been abandoned by their own families. Is it because of fate or simply the product of lack of love and gratitude of their own family? On September 13, we’ll be celebrating Grandparents’ Day. Some grandpas and grandmas will be pampered by their kids and grandchildren. I am not sure if the abandoned elders will experience the same indulgence. But for me, one thing is definite, like my grandmother (and grandfather)they are special people. They deserve eternal love. Nothing but true love.

We can make them smile

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Song

Ber month na! Narining mo na ba ang paborito mong Christmas carol?

Senior Hay Skul. “Lumikha ng awiting Pampasko gamit ang himig ng kilalang Christmas song,” winika ng aming guro sa Filipino. Isang group project bago sumapit ang araw ng Pasko. Walang agarang pagpupulong sa aming grupo. Kung paano kami nakabuo ng kanta, eto ang naging eksena.

Nakapila ang buong klase malapit sa school sari-sari store
Habang naghihintay na matapos ang klase ng morning shift
As usual dakdak dito; dakdak doon
Ang tatlong magkakagrupo biglang naging pilyo
First stanza'y biglang nabuo
Ngunit naudlot ng nagmartsa na patungong kwarto.

Sa loob ng classroom
Habang ang ila’y naghahanda para sa short quiz sa Computer
Kami’y nagsusumikap na madugtungan ang munting nasimulan
Buti na lang Multiple Choice at True or False
Segundo, minuto, oras at ilang araw ang lumipas
Sa wakas natapos din ang aming obra

Gusto mo bang malaman kung ano ang naging resulta?

(to the melody of Sa Paskong Darating
with slight adjustment in the tune)
Composed by:Jeng,Rej &Son
Ang crush ko’y dumarating
Pasulyap-sulyap sa akin
Sa harap daraan
At ako’y kikiligin
Nagsuot na nga ako
Ng kwintas at polseras
Mahal na pabango
Ay aking inilabas
Siya’y ibang iba
Walang panama si Aga/Ara
Kaya ako nama’y
Laging nagpapacute
Ang crush ko’y
Ang gwapo (2x)/ganda (2x)
Ang macho (2x)/sexy(2x)
Na lalaki/babae
Ang araw na ito’y
Di ko malimutan
Pagkat ito ang araw
Siya’y nasilayan
Sa Paskong darating
Kay Sta. Claus ay hihiling
Na siya’y masilayan
At sa aki’y mainlove rin
Nawa ay matupad
Ang Kahilingan ko
Pagkat ito ang tanging
Hangad ko sa Pasko
Repeat I – III
Repeat Chorus (3x)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lead us Father

I will be your father, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty. – 2 Corinthians 6:18

Noynoy for President – is the battlecry of Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s supporters for almost a month now. Although there is no official declaration coming from the man himself, Sen. Noynoy, the couple of presscons that happened in the past two days give us a nearly clear vision of future events.

During the Martial Law or the Marcos regime, it was Senator Ninoy Aquino who bravely faced all odds in order to regain democracy. After the latter’s assasination, his wife Cory courageously responded to people’s call to lead our nation which paved the way to a peaceful revolution that ousted a dictator. Now that Pres. Cory is also dead, many are convinced that Sen. Noynoy, being the son of great leaders, has the attributes of a leader capable to direct our country towards unity and progress.

Why is it that each time there was a huge heartbreaking event, a member of the Aquino family will suddenly rise to fame and be encouraged to take the torch? What are the leadership qualities that these people have that apparently have become so transparent? Ninoy Aquino is dead for more than two decades but why is it that even up to this date his life is being remembered by many?

Last Saturday, in a Christian tv show Inside the Fish Bowl, the host George Gabriel shared his insights about the qualities of a good leader. For him, a good leader is someone who love; someone who live; and someone who leave.
We are taught that in the family, the father is the head, the primary leader. Here’s what I believe: In the Aquino family, Ninoy was a father who loved, lived and left.

Ninoy loved. I was born nine days before Ninoy’s death. I have known him through old video clips, history books, documentaries, pictures and verbal illustrations of his family and the people close to him. Although he maybe considered as a historical figure, I am convince that Ninoy was a father who loved. His love reflects on the attitude and principle of his wife and his kids. They are so full of love not only for themselves but more importantly for others.

Ninoy lived. Ninoy lived not only to breathe the cool breeze of December or to eat lechon or to live in a mansion or to enjoy his wealth or to tell his wife and his kids “Do this and Do that.” He was a rich man but he knew that his greatest treausre was not on the value of money he had and can still acquire but on good deeds and love for God. He maximized all his strengths and valued his principles not only for his personal aspirations but for the sake of national interest. He was indeed a great example to his family.

Ninoy left. When the Aquino family lived abroad and had a good life, Ninoy could have decided not to come back and just live peacefully with his loved ones. But he did the opposite. Thus, his life ended the tragic way. So, why did he choose to leave his family to face a possible tragedy? Perhaps, he knew in his heart and mind that his family is strong. Even without his physical presence they can survive because he was a father who loved and lived. At that time, our country needed a father like him, someone who can tell us: Hey, I’m here. I’ll be infront of the battle. Let's not lose hope.
Imagine your father is someone who horsewhips your mother’s face.
Imagine your father is a womanizer.
Imagine your father is rich but is always involve in financial anomalies.
Imagine your father is someone who treats you like a mannequin (as if you don’t exist).
Imagine your father is a drunkard and is not doing anything for a living.
Imagine your father is someone who beats you each time you made a mistake.

I wouldn’t be surprised if your description of life is miserable. You are full of insecurities; always envious. I’m sure each of us would love to have a father who love, live and leave. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. So, if your father is the exact opposite of what I have mentioned above, consider yourself very blessed.
A father’s role in the family is very important. The behavior, actions and principles in life of a father have influential effects in shaping the character of his children. Fahterhood, therefore, is not just about passing a name to your descendants, there are responsibilites attach to it. Defining leadership through example is one of them.
Now that Sen. Noynoy is facing a big dilemma in his political career it is so admirable that he is contemplating so deeply before announcing his decision. Maybe he is still reflecting on his parents' leadership while praying to seek guidance from GOD, our father. The father of all fathers. The father who love, live and leave.

I believe it was also faith in God, our father that made Tita Cory brave enough to lead the Filipino people after the death of her beloved. It was a very painful event for her and her family. Yet she was able to overcome the mourning because she trusted God, her father;her primary leader.
Posted 9/05/09 4:55 PM

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ang Kawawang Bata

Scene 14

Sa jeep.

Sasakay ang dalawang magkaibigan.

Rush Hour na.

Drayber: Isa na lang sa kanan.

Friend: Sakay na tayo. Kanlungin na lang kita.

Scene 13

Sa office.

May kukunin sa taas ng cabinet.

Officemate: Ako na lang mukhang hindi mo abot eh.

Scene 12
Sa Flag Ceremony.

Leader: Fall in line. According to height.

Classmate: Ei, mas matangakad ako sa’yo. Palit tayo.

Scene 11
Sa Class Picture.

Classmate: Dito ka sa unahan baka hindi ka makita.

Scene 10
Recess Time.

Kasama ang kaibigan.

Naglalakad sa hallway.

May biglang nangalabit sa balikat ng kaibigan.

Grade V: Ate, ate, tingnan mo ko Grade V pa lang ako mas malaki pa ko sa kanya.

Scene 9

Papasok sa skwela.


Sa babaan ng tricycle.

Kasamang pasahero: Meron bang high school na nakapantalon?

Scene 8

Sa sinehan.

Manonood ng R-18.

Kasama ang dalawa pang kaibigan.

Nang ibibigay na ang ticket sa ticket inspector.

Ticket Inspector: Miss pahingi ng ID?

Magkakaibigan: Wala po kaming dala eh.

Ticket Inspector: Sorry hindi kayo pwedeng pumasok.

Scene 7

Sa sinehan.

Solo Flight.

Manonood ng R-18 movie.

Nang bibili na ng ticket

Cashier: Miss ilang taon ka na?

Scene 6
Sa restaurant.

Kasama ang nakababatang kapatid.

Customer: Isa ngang …

Cashier: blah blah blah.Ma’am iseserve na lang po…

Waiter: Ma’am eto na po yung …

Customer: Thanks.

Waiter: Wala po ba kayong kasamang mama (as in nanay)?

Scene 5
Sa Public Toilet

Kasama ang kaibigan.

Pumasok at lumabas ng cubicle.

A: Ayaw ko na mag-CR dito.

J: Bakit?

A: May discrimination eh.

J: Anong discrimination?

A: Ang taas ng lack eh. Hindi ko abot.

Scene 4

Kasama ang kaibigan.

Tayuan sa loob

A: Pakapit ha.

B: O sige. Naiintindihan ko.

Scene 3
Sa bilihan ng sapatos.

Customer: Size blah blah nga.

Salesman: Eto po.

Customer: Ay, hindi po kasya.

Salesman: Wala na pong mas malaki dyan.

Customer: (pabulong) Nambobola ba to o nangiinsulto?

Scene 2

Sa Departmentstore.

Sa cashier.

Magbabayad ng bibilhin.

Customer 2: Miss cash ha.

Customer 1: (pabulong) Excuse me. May tao po dito. Nauna po ako.

Scene 1
Sa kwarto.

Naghahanap ng work sa classified ads.

Applicant: Eto ok to ah.

Titignan ang qualifications.

Applicant: Female. At least 5’3”.

Oops! Kanino kayang kwento 'to?!

Don't Complain

Did you smoke minutes before you go to sleep?
Don’t complain if your wife or husband doesn’t want to sleep beside you.

Did you drink a case of beer last night?
Don’t complain if you feel nauseous and have no energy to report to work.

Did you spend most of your time on online games instead of reviewing for your upcoming board exam?
Don’t complain if your name does not appear in the list of board exam passers.

Did you indulge in womanizing and premarital sex?
Don’t complain if everybody calls you “Playboy” and no one would take you seriously when you’re ready to settle down.

Did you go home late without permission?
Don’t complain if your mother’s voice can be heard in the entire neighborhood and seems unstoppable.

Did you savor your unlimited call or text priviledge until midnight even though you have to wake up early the next day?
Don’t complain if your head is aching and your eye bags are bigger than your eyes.

Did you hit your credit card limit just to splurge it to your luxuries?
Don’t complain if one day you find yourself burried in debts.

Don’t complain. You chose that life.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free Skills Training

In times of financial crisis it is shrewd to constantly seek opportunities or find ways to ameliorate our living. We can have a regular 8-5 job and a micro business on the side. Otherwise, we can focus on entrepreneurship and generate jobs for others. Learning new things is a vital key towards the realization of other aspirations we have in mind. So if you're thinking of learning new skills but have no enough budget to enroll in a learning institution you might want to participate in free massive trainings by DTI-CLEEP (Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program) at Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC).

The DTI-CLEEP free seminars at PTTC started last April 25, 2009. They offered various free trainings on How to Start a Business, Basic Costing and Pricing, Basic Business Recording, Food Safety, Food Labeling, Salon Management Principles and Techniques, Fish Processing, Meat Processing, Vegetable Processing, Fruit Processing, Flower and Balloon Arrangement and Basic Webpage Design. The next seminar will be on September 12, 2009. Topics are (see photo below):

Grab the opportunity while it’s still FREE!!!

For more information click here.

For those thinking of venturing into business or investment programs I suggest that you visit,,,, or
Go Negosyo Youth Entrepreneurship Summit will be held on September 11, 2009 @ SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visit for more details.
13th Food and Drinks Asia and Food Franchising Asia 2009 or AFEX 2009 will be held on September 17 -20, 2009 at the World Trade Center, Manila from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Visit for more details.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Say "NO" the Positive Way

When your financial statement is fluctuating and a friend approaches you and asks you “Can I borrow money from you…blah blah blah?” which of these two responses would you choose?

“I’m sorry, I don’t have money” or
“I’m sorry, I’m temporarily broke”

Whether you are making an excuse or your pocket is really empty, Be Positive!!!

The bottom line of this post? I’m temporarily broke! Bwahahaha!!!
Posted 9/2/09 6:20 PM

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