Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Second Movie Review - The Billionaire (Top Secret)

My Second Movie Review
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It was 9pm. Just when my younger brother was about to leave me alone and jump into his bed, I asked him to help me download a Thai movie which was highly recommended in a certain group page in FB. Unsure if the movie is not infected with virus, we opted to try our luck in Youtube. After three search attempts, with my eyes wide open I was certain that I would be in front of this flat screen for the next two hours.

The Billionaire is a film based on a true story of a Thai teenager named Aitthipat Kulapongvanich also known as Top Ittipat, one of the youngest billionaires in the world. At age 16, Top spent most of his time playing online games instead of studying. His addiction to online games, however, generated so much money that he was able to buy a car for himself. Unfortunately, the “easy money” he was gaining didn’t last long. He decided to drop out of school and sought other business opportunities such as selling cheap DVDs to roasted chestnuts. The former was a failure from the very beginning. The roasted chestnut business, however, somehow gave him hope. One day, he discovered that his family was in big financial trouble. Bankruptcy and huge debt triggered his family to go to China.  But Top refused to go with them and decided to continue with his business. Just when his roasted chestnut biz was starting to make money, he realized that even though he makes one million Baht per year, this amount couldn’t pay his father’s 40 million Baht debt. Top, with the help of his ever supportive uncle, continued to persevere.  Finally, at age 19, he was able to create a product that made him truly rich and famous. He released ‘Tao Kae Noi’ fried seaweed snack to more than 3,000 7-Eleven branches and the rest is history…

If you are a student taking up business, or an aspiring entrepreneur, or just someone looking for inspiration to keep going, this movie is a must watch. Top’s failure after failure after failure is inevitably heartbreaking but hilarious in a certain way. The various mistakes he made will surely make you laugh. And the result of some of his decisions will make you sigh. But Top’s sheer hardwork, perseverance and natural entrepreneurial mindset are what make this film remarkably interesting. That at the end of this film, you would wish to shake his hand or pat his shoulder or give him a hug for a job well done.

Top’s simple words of wisdom:
 “Do not lose your courage --- no matter what… Because if we give up --- game is over!!!”

The Official Trailer

Friday, November 7, 2014


With my teeny-weeny fingers firmly pressing the keyboard for a blog entry feels really strange but blissful (with a speck of nerves). This blog has been comatose for a long period and here I am about to give a dose of oxygen to my dying blogsite. Just a short story telling...

New dreams are beginning to form in my head. Last July, I and some of my cousins shared a wonderful day together. I called it monumental. I said to myself “this is just the beginning…” Last November 3, we were able to do it again (minus 1, plus 2). At least, we are escalating in numbers. Yahoo!!! Yesterday, I had a crazy idea of having one last hurray for 2014. Hesitant, it was only today that I had the guts to speak my mind and create a new GM in FB (where it all started).  Since December is the month of parties, reunions, gimmicks etc. I thought this one is going to be hard. The calendar days would be literally hectic and financially challenging. So while hoping for YESesss, I’m allowing the slideshow in my brain to produce happy thoughts.

Dream1: Organize a semi-momentous event

Probably, the most critical decision (hopefully not stupid) I made today was to sell a rising stock I’ve been holding for months and bought a speculative stock which some stock traders describe as “basuras.” I’ve decided to join the ride. I’m keeping my high hopes that the trend is still upswing. That’s the problem when one doesn’t want to study her lessons. Yes, I’m making “kopya” at sana lang talaga tama ang nakopya. Haha! This is the nerves I’ve been talking about in the start of my post. My conscious mind is telling me the risk will pay off eventually. But part of me is asking “What did you do?” As Tom Rodriguez always say in his game show “Don’t lose the money!”

Dream 2: Learn how to trade successfully

This Sunday, the championship game of Shakey’s V-League will finally go live on the boob tube. I’ve been planning to watch it live in San Juan Arena since last week but due to budget constraint I’d rather postpone it. Oh yes, suddenly I’m a volleyball fan. And I’m rooting for the Philippine Army Lady Troopers. Still hopeful!!!

Dream 3: Watch live volleyball game in San Juan Arena

Few hours ago, I saw a photo of a second cousin standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Envious much. Hehe! Hey, who doesn’t want to go to Paris? I had two out of town this year and several metro escapades. Hoping to see more new places next year.

Dream 4: Travel more

Honestly, I’ve been very lazy this year. I’ve become too complacent with where I am now. I’ve settled with the average. I know I could have done more if only I let perseverance always run in my head. I sometimes feel sorry for myself and my family. But Thank God for always giving me another day; for always giving me a chance to pick myself up and be a better servant. This one is not a dream but a goal.

Goal: Push myself harder

That’s all for now!!! Goodnight World! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

100% Delectable Halo-Halo Version 2.0

Medyo mainit pa rin kahit malapit na ang Christmas, Halo-halo you like?

100% Delectable Halo-Halo!

A bunch of chitchat, a pack of laughter, and a load of dynamic stares on few potential boyfriend (like Ave, Dickies, Doc-nurse, EJ, Justin, Kaka, and Roldan- mga true-blooded PAPALICIOUS) inside TUP campus, that’s what the TROPATITS are known for.

Tropatits’ cast is like chalk and cheese. There is Cheryl “The SixthBiomic Soldier;” Rona “The Undisputed Raconteur;” Beverly “The Sturdy Lass that Rarely Sleep;” Katherine “The Megaphone;” Ronalyn “The Tomboy turned Pretty Woman;” Bernadeth “The Walking Skeleton;” Raymond “The Barbeque Stick to Potential TV Host;” Rochelle “The Inventive Linguist;” Elenor “The Dimple and The Noisy;” and Michelle “The Kapuso Unregistered Lawyer.” In short, Tropatits is a mixture of gentle, jovial, naughty, stunning, and well-endowed creatures.


Cheryl “The Sixth Biomic Soldier”
Noon.. Did you know that Cheryl is the sixth powerful being completing the Bioman? In fact, she owns the title “Lavender Six.” Look at the bag; the shirt; the umbrella and so on - always in Lavender. Armed with overbearing skills, she was able to bring out the hidden riches of BAM. Oh! That is SUPERPOWER. Her secret weapon? ALAXAN FR. So guys, take Alaxan FR everyday and discover your own special ability.

Ngayon… I have not seen her since we graduated in college (I think). Thank God for social media, I have seen her husband and son. And I believe she is a doting wife and a mother. I heard, long time ago, she works in a local bank in Batangas. Surprised?!!! A career related to money maybe her call. Wishin’ to see a new shoutout in FB, or better yet, hoping to see her soon with lots of money that can bring us to a place where we can harbat.

Rona “The Undisputed Raconteur ”
Noon... If Darna swallows “bato,” Rona takes "Everlasting Battery." She is a person who has not learned the gist of stillness; a person who doesn’t know how to whisper a single word; a person who usually shares her outrageous and so-so stories in “todo na ‘to!” manner. So watch out! Get ready to have your saliva dried out once you sit and have a chat with her. It seems that you are one of the listeners in a show entitled “Chikagalore with Rona.”

Ngayon… Still loveless but not hopeless (I hope). Maybe she has to talk some more to meet that One True Love. Or maybe it’s about time to stop and listen because Mr. OTL is already in front of her but has no chance to speak his heart out. Kidding aside, I’m glad she has not changed through the years. Her being a “chatterbox” is what makes us fall in love with her. That’s her Masteral Degree. How to Pause (sometimes) might be a good Doctorate. LOL!

Beverly “The Sturdy Lass that Rarely Sleep”
Noon... Bevs is a sturdy lass when it comes to “puyatan”. If for most people “Sleeping is the best medicine (to a tired specie),” her notion is different. Well surprisingly, she is someone who has not learned how to sleep. Maybe that’s the effect of drinking too much coffee or perhaps she dreamed of becoming a call center agent. Therefore, strong immunity plus some cups of coffee is equal to high paying job.

Ngayon… Just like Cheryl, I have not seen this girl in years. But the social media gives us a clue where she is – in a BPO company. Her ultimate skill is now producing financial wealth. But despite her busy schedule and less sleep, she looks perfectly happy. That’s the way to becoming rich. I bet she’s on the right track. Please, don’t forget to share your blessings!!! PM is free.   

Kathy “The Megaphone”
Noon... Kathy’s name is synonymous to the word – Megaphone. Basically, her voice is the sum of five people battling for the Final Seat to a StarStruck gig. It seems that her tone is higher than the maximum volume of a voice amplification device. When she starts talking you can instantly feel the energy flowing in her blood streams and at once you would like to be quiet and just listen. Surely, you will be entertained more than you will become deaf.

Ngayon… The last time we met, I saw the same girl I know in college except for the girly girly skirt. Still full of stories to tell but more like a matured woman in her early twentys (Naks). Because she has learned how to control the volume. A voice that is more feminine. LOL! Seriously, I found out that she is more adventurous now. I actually envy her travel adventures while making money during weekdays and soon having money work for her. That’s the way girl!

Ronalyn “The Tomboy Turned Pretty Woman”
Noon... Have you seen a boyish gal turned pretty woman? Well, the drastic changes in this girl’s poise and bearing are the living evidence to this. Before, she projects a powerful character that every guy around her would hesitate to ask her name and celfone number. Surprisingly, she has transformed from being a typical lady contented with a simple infatuation into a young woman with consistent textmates - exclusive for Smart subscribers only.

Ngayon… If having a family is not a solid evidence of her womanhood, ewan ko na! LOL! From being a typical lady with consistent textmates she is now a picture of a happy wife and mother. I am glad she has not moved far away, I can go to her house by just a jeepney ride and a kilometre walk. We can still talk about anything under the sun, including our favourite field reporter Joseph Morong. :D

Bernadeth “The Hopeful Framework”
Noon... When the Supreme Deity had showered fats and carbohydrates in the Philippines, she caught 0.01 percent only. Her body is just three times bigger than a Coca-cola can. For this reason, she was usually having a hard time picking clothes that could fit her slender body. But hey! The story doesn’t end there. Lately, her “bilbil” is noticeably building up around her waist. At last, Welcome to the club!

Ngayon… Unlike Ms. Che (now Mrs. Che) and Bevs, her twin’s baptismal rite was our last meeting. And unlike Rona, Kathy and Ronalyn, she has changed. She gained not only 0.01 carbohydrates but 0.01 exponentially raised to the nth power. However, her figure is way too far to qualify in FHHM of Eat Bulaga. Just, Welcome to our Club! where bilbil and slim body collide. Chos! Seriously, she radiates a contented woman - a very happy married, career woman.

Raymond “The Barbeque Stick to Potential TV Host”
Noon... Back in college days, Raymond looked like a barbeque stick wrapped in a white and black coverings. His physical appearance would remind you of Tita Swarding. But today, this unfound son of a famous showbiz radio reporter has digested more nutritious food. With chubbier cheeks, burlier body and more vibrant countenance, he is more suitable to take the place of Boy Abunda than be the next AM radio asset.

Ngayon… Like Berna, he has changed. From being a barbeque stick to a bamboo, is a major transformation. He is a stronger guy who falls down but rises quickly. Naks! Now that Boy Abunda is in indefinite leave, Gerolaga and Aquino Tonight isn’t bad, right? We, your Tropatits, promise to stay up late just to catch you chatting with the queen of all talk shows. Or maybe it’s more fun with "Gerolaga & Castillo Tonight?"   

Rochelle “The Inventive Linguist”
Noon... “Expect the worst,” “You’re cha-cha fool,” “Superstisue (singular of superstitious),” “Buyuyog.” That is Rochelle – known for creating odd and mind-boggling language and lingo. Actually, she has a slight difficulty in pronouncing words. In short – “bulol." Many can dance and others can sing. Well, Chel can apparently turn simple words into everyone’s favorite expressions.

Ngayon… I have not seen this girl in years. So, I have not heard a single word turn into everyone’s favourite expression in years. But one thing is sure, she has spread her wings and in her way to the peak of her career. Thank God for social media we have few clues about her whereabouts. If ever I’d see her again, I don’t expect to hear an old Rochelle but comic punch lines are highly anticipated.

Elenor “The Dimple and The Noisy”
Noon... Elen is recognized for having cute dimples that shine when she smiles. But the bad news is, her dimples are sometimes more noticeable than her pretty face. She also owns the title “The Noisy.” A couple of times, she was caught relentlessly chatting with her seatmates. A gal known for her dimples is also one of the most loquacious species in class?! Is it something to be proud of or a regretful achievement?

Ngayon… With two healthy and smart kids and a loving husband, her dimples shine brighter. There’s a saying “Kung ano ang puno sya ang bunga.” But her “The Noisy” title has no match with her eldest. The adage is true. Just like the mother, the child is damn smart and gifted with dimple too. If it’s hard to debate with a sharp-witted mother, it’s harder with the child. You won’t win. LOL!

Michelle “The Kapuso Unregistered Lawyer”
Noon... Mitch is a certified GMA aficionado. There is no need to have a remote control because her TV monitor is already committed to this station. If there will be a debate on which TV station is the real number one (GMA or ABS), she is absolutely a great contender. She is not afraid to argue against those nasty people telling bad things about this TV network. Indeed, an unregistered lawyer. And a certified Kapuso!

Ngayon… Again, thank God for the gift of social media we can see old faces and know our friends whereabouts. Unfortunately, even with presence of FB you can hardly see, feel, smell and hear her. As far as I know, GMA Kapuso Network has not released a memorandum stating a new corporate lawyer. Definitely, however, she remains the ultimate defender of her growing family. And I know she’s doing a great job!  

Every member of this group is absolutely different from the other. We all have totally unequal personalities; our own likes and dislikes; happy and sad moments. For this reason, a lot of trials, misunderstandings and petty quarrels have attested our friendship. But acceptance, laughter, camaraderie and sincerity are the vital ingredients to the Tropatits recipe. When we are together we can be our ugly selves without having to worry about the image we create. We can let our hair down, kick off our shoes and be our true selves without camouflage or pretense. Our bond is truly one of a kind. We are the craziest and the naughtiest. But still, we are proud to say “TROPA KO 'TO!!!”

And indeed, 100% Delectable Halo-Halo. Sarap!!!

(Note: All descriptions are created with exaggeration giving stress to hilarious features more than the positive ones. The “NOON” was written long long time ago. Purely for your eyes only. Bawal ang pikon. Katuwaan lang po. Peace!!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Superb Sundate with Cousins

Hello my dear blog! I took a long break in blogging and now…where do I begin?

Many times I felt a great desire to make an update - about my dog that died last May or about my travel adventure with my high school friends version 2.0. Apparently, I struggled with procrastination. But now I’m back…with a happy story to tell. Because this blog deserves a blissful comeback.

Let me share with you a speck of my Sunday Pasay Getaway.

After numerous weeks of planning, last June 29 my cousins and I finally had a fun fun fun Sundate. We were only six - me, my four younger cousins and our aunt who is also younger than me.  We started the day by attending the Kerygma Feast at PICC. That was the first time for my two female cousins. Attending The Feast never fails to set a good mood.  Past 12pm, we had lunch. Since Flaming Wings and Zarks were both closed we ended up filling our starving tummy at Yellow Cab, Taft Avenue. While waiting for our order to be served, we took our first groupie and second and third and fourth etc.

Getting ready to rumble!!!

Before 2pm, we headed to our ultimate destination – Star City. We had a thrilling ride-all-you-can pass through Metrodeal’s promo worth Php280 instead of PhP420, a relatively affordable bonding activity for the six of us. Who wouldn't be happy getting a 30% discount? I was actually expecting a long queue towards the redeeming counter. But everything went so easy. Star City was not even crowded. The weather outside was also good. The whole world was seemingly conspiring to make good things happen on that day. We enjoyed (and sometimes feared) almost all rides available inside. However I just had to decline the Star Frisbee which for me has no dash of amusement. Giant Star Wheel was remarkably way better than SM MOA Eye. Bump Car is classic but has never failed to stimulate blood cells. Yet, Star Flyer was my personal favourite. The strong breeze rushing into my face was just breath-taking.

The view from The Giant Star Wheel

That's me while waiting for my four cousins with braveheart

The whole day was literally packed with stories, laughter, scream, selfie and groupie. But was it just about the fun that made that day superb? It was a rare moment though not for the four of us who live under one roof (hehe). To bond with our two female cousins was really monumental. Haha! I bet our cousins who were not with us that day were also surprised to see us together having a good time. More than that, it has paved way to reinforce family ties specially among us, cousins. In fact, the moment one of my cousins posted a number of photos in Facebook, some of our cousins in the province immediately expressed their wish to have a grand reunion. Well, that was the goal from the very beginning. It was just my simple dream and we made it happen. We were able to pull off a significant result. Sure it was a tiring day, but nevertheless very fulfilling. God is good.

Groupie before going home

P.S. We’ve only just begun. #iponiponnarinpagmaytime.  

Friday, January 31, 2014

My Private Space (One Day)

Dreaming of this for my own crib...

A private and cozy backyard for chatting accompanied with barbecue, nachos and Coca-Cola.

Photo credit:

with small outdoor kitchen
Photo credit:

Surrounded with things that will bring back childhood memories (free of charge)

with duyan perfect for siesta
Photo credit:

With Stereo System that will set the mood
Photo credit:

With wooden crates as storage
Photo credit:

With therapeutic activities - to bond; to think; to sing and shout; to laugh and giggle...

Dart Board
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Uno Stacko
Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Game of the Generals
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Snakes and Ladders
Photo credit:
52-Card Deck
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Photo credit:
Coloring Books
Photo credit:

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