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True Friendship

When we are in a pickle we either face the problem on our own or talk to a friend to help us out. Often times, we do the latter no matter how high our pride is. And it’s totally normal simply because we are human. As the famous aphorism goes “No man is an island.” Other times, we are in the extreme opposite of the situation. In this case, what do you do? Do you let the energy flow and affect others? Or savor it and make it your own?

Sharing good things to a friend is not about gratitude, it’s about true friendship.

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When you know you have sinned, saying sorry isn’t always enough. Sincerity in asking for forgiveness comes with a change in action. It isn’t fair to say that God will forgive me anyway. So I’m asking the Lord to strengthen me because the works of the devils are deceiving. Evils aren’t wearing black all the time. They appear in alluring suits so powerful that it can change human’s real character. So when my faith becomes weak, I fall down. The battle within is killing my soul.
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The Ups and Downs of Taking Risks

When I was still in high school, my parents invested in a clothing business. We were bankrupt because we partnered with a wrong person. Five years ago, while we were renovating a rental space into internet café, we were swindled by a couple whom we thought were the owners of the commercial building. We lost thousands. Worse, the only way to get justice was to file a suit. Knowing the justice system in the Philippines, we decided to just forgive and forget. Few months after the incident, we revived our plan in a different location. The business lasted for only six months. We were neither gaining nor losing money. It was break-even, so to speak. I guess, my parents’ patience way back was so short to give it one more chance. Last May 2010, we took another risk. This time, it’s a sari-sari store. And here’s the story…

Putting up a sari-sari store is a no joke. It is not as simple as it may seem. There are a lot of elements that must be put into consideration such as capital, location, market, delegation etc. Yes, even a small business as sari-sari store is a challenge and a risk. And I am glad, that our family was able to surpass all the initial trials. When we started, the net profit was so small. We barely felt the product of our hardwork. But we thought it was ok since we were just starting. After few days, we decided to invest more. We filled our storage cabinet with typical goods found in any sari-sari store and other items for human consumption. When we had enough, we invested in improving our facility by putting a roof outside to cover our customers from the scorching heat of the sun and the rain. We also put a wooden bench where one can sit and relax while sipping a soda. Thus, our actions have been producing good fruits gradually. I am happy to say that we now have regular customers or in tagalong “suki.”

Venturing into business is actually exciting. Seriously. In spite of everything that we’ve been through, I can honestly say that in bad days business can be so complex and demanding but in good times the fulfillment is divine. It is not only a source of income moreover it teaches us lessons. Recently, I went over the Kerygma Feast Prosper Series (How to Open Your Life to Abundance) bulletins. The Bo Sanchez’s talk has six sub-topics (1) Believe; (2) Serve; (3) Grow; (4) Duplicate; (5) Invest and (6) Tithe. Unfortunately, out of the six bulletins only three were left and these are about Serve, Duplicate and Invest. Now that my parents have finally entrusted me to be involved in the operation and decision making, the messages of Bro Bo are starting to become more valuable.

In the Feast bulletin, Bro Bo said…
(1) February 28, 2010 Session 2: Serve. If you want to be rich, I encourage you to find more people to serve. The more people you serve (number of customers), and the more ways you serve (number of products), and the more excellent your service becomes (quality of products), the richer you’ll become.

Insight: When we started the business, our products were very limited because we were afraid to spend a lot and lose a lot. But our notion was so wrong. When we added more goods and improved the façade of our store, it became more attractive. Thus, more people began to recognize our small business and eventually we are now serving more people.

(2) March 14, 2010 Session 4: Duplicate. If you want to become wealthy, you need to duplicate yourself. Why? When you duplicate yourself, you serve more people. And more people served means more financial rewards.

Insight: My mother used to tell me “Kapag late ka na nagbukas, maghahanap ang mga tao ng ibang tindahan kahit malayo. Mababawasan tayo ng suki.” And I think she’s right. Besides, if we open at an early time and closes late, the possibility of earning more is bigger. And we shouldn’t be comfortable with what we have now because there is always a threat of competition. Someday, other businesses might flourish so in this line of investment, business development is highly recommended.

(3) March 21, 2010: Invest. Handling your money isn’t just an isolated area of your life. It reflects your character. It exposes your values. So bring this area under God’s rule. Live below your means and learn to invest for your future. By doing so, you develop patience, perseverance and detachment.

Insight: Two weeks ago I formulated a system that will help us handle finances properly and I call it “Income Allocation System.” Regularly, I divide our earnings into four categories which I put it in my piggy banks. My belief is simple: Money is tempting. If you want to save, don’t let money entice you.

In the topic, Invest, Bro. Bo also cited the three types of money pumps: (1) Business, (2) Property and (3) Paper Assets. The talk focused on paper assets. The talk was so powerful. My desire to learn stock investing was awakened and empowered. Unfortunately, I had no job then and the family was not yet into new business. I was totally broke. Since I was also hesitant to ask my parents for a capital, nothing has happened until this day.

Although we have a small business now, there is no harm in learning stock investing. If we talk about long-term plans and much bigger profit, I think investing in paper is a wise option. Realistically speaking, our earnings are either enough or inadequate to pay the monthly bills and other expenses. We are only able to save because certain percentage goes to piggy bank with label “savings.” Good thing, everybody is too lazy to hook bills and coins in a small rectangular hole except the perpetrator. And that’s me, of course. Hehe! And when I am able to reach a thousand I will deposit it to the bank only to withdraw it few weeks later for our monthly outlay. What a joy! Lol!

However, our current venture is still a big blessing from God. And  I truly believe that it is just the first step towards bigger undertakings. The question is, are we now ready to step further and take new risk? Well, I think it’s irrational to pursue something that we have no knowledge of. That is why I am glad that there are various tools available to educate us with essential information on how to invest in the stock market and other means of investing. For example: 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich is a book written by Bo Sanchez. In this book, you will neither find tips from a former lotto winner nor 6 lucky numbers that you can bet in 6/49 raffle. The book reveals the importance of having a wealthy mindset which is the root of any success story. The website Investing in Philippines is a blog that shares and discusses investing opportunities in the Philippines. Bo Sanchez and his Truly Rich Club are conducting seminars about gaining financial wealth and spiritual guidance at the same time. And so much more…

In short, there is no good excuse not to learn and widen my knowledge on investing. If still nothing happens, it’s called laziness.

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Spread Generosity

Why do millions of people mourned when the entire world learned the death of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and Michael Jackson?

Because of their famous status?


Let’s admit it. Many of us don’t know these people personally and vice versa. We only know them because of their numerous tv appearance and various written interviews. Thus, their lives became a public interest. By means of media, we were able to follow their ups and downs in their career and perhaps a gist of their personal activities. The fact that we will no longer see them alive on the tv screen or hear any recent story makes us sad somehow. But there is absolutely deeper basis for crying over a person we don’t know personally.

Princess Diana was known not only for having a pretty face and being the wife of a British king. The mass recognized her as a woman with a benevolent heart. The Princess used her energy, her compassion, and her position to seek solution to some of the most important humanitarian issues.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta devoted most of her days on earth in worshipping the Lord by being faithful to her mission. She responded to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in India.

Pope John Paul II, according to the website, is said to be the most recognized person in the world. He is the most travelled pope in the 2,000 year history of the church. He bravely travelled the world to spread the gospel and to give hope to the entire humanity.

Michael Jackson is regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time. His talent mixed with serious dedication amazed people from all walks of life. His dance moves, meaninful lyrics and incredible music videos will forever be remembered.

People follow their lives for so many good reasons. I think being generous is one of their common qualities. They were very generous in sharing not only their material possession, but they unselfishly shared their time, talent, wisdom and goodness.

When Michael Jackson was still alive, many attempted to emulate his skills. In their effort to be like their idol, some of them discover their talent in dancing or maybe in singing or maybe MJ’s commitment towards his work. His generosity in sharing his extreme talent resulted with positive impact. In 2000,  the Guinness Book of World Records cited MJ for holding the world record for the "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star." What more if people will imitate his charity works and the good acts of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II or any noble man?

In reality, no one can ever change the world because changing the world requires everybody's cooperation. We are all responsible. We are all in charge.That’s why we need to share our blessings. We have to learn the value of generosity. We have to spread generosity.

Many People grieved over their death not only because they are popular and are being idolized. People cried because they are loved; because they touched our lives; because they brought joy; because when they were still alive they were so generous.

Let me end this by sharing with you one interesting question in the Kerygma Feast handout last Sunday

When God blesses you, what do you do?”
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God Wants You to Know

The great advantage of having nothing is that everything becomes a gain.

Losing everything is at the same time the scariest, as well as the most liberating experience you can have. When you have something, - anything, you've got to protect it from disappearing. And so worry becomes a resident in your heart. When you've got nothing, your heart overflows with gratitude for every offering you receive.

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Why I ♥ Blogging?

Have you found something that you can be enthusiastic about?

I think I have found one.

Though I am far from being called a writer, blogging makes me feel like I am. A writing position was one of my wildest dreams after graduating in college. So when opportunity knocked on my door three years ago, I grabbed it only to realize in the end that I cannot be a writer- a professional writer. It was during those times that I wished tomorrow is always a Sunday – NO WORK. I loved the company. I loved the people. But there was one big problem: my performance was pathetic. Seriously. But since writing is one thing that I enjoy doing, I have continued my failed ambition not as a professional writer but a blogger. I blog for a very simple reason: blogging makes me happy.

If you will notice most of my posts were written in English language. Actually, this is a sort of self-training to constantly think in this lingo. This self- training is not a preparation for international beauty pageant but for other purposes more important than a crown (e.g. finding a job). Though English proficiency is not always a requirement, it's still an asset. Meanwhile, please bear with my incorrect grammar, misspelled words, wrong use of punctuation marks and simple vocabulary. I'm a work in progress (I think so).

And lastly, I love blogging because in blogosphere I do not fear being fired.:p

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Pasko Na Naman!

Maraming salamat sa award na ito mula kay Lord CM. Isa ito sa mga munting dahilan kung bakit nagbabaga ang blogosphere. Maraming sumasaya as if magkakakilala tayo sa tunay na buhay.

Parang hindi ganong bagay ang disenyo ng award ni CM sa kulay puti. Tamang tama napagtanto ko na parang napakaseryoso ng balat ng aking pahina. Mas maganda siguro lagyan naman ng konting kulay para masaya. Lapit na Christmas, dapat everybody happy!

Pasko na sa Pilipinas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Heaven's Gift

Seeing these dogs wag their tail is heaven’s gift. But now that both are gone, my heart is deeply crying.

I miss you Mirmo and Jepoy.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for the happiness.
Thank you for your love.
I love you both.

What does Numerology say about me?

Rej, Your Personal Life Path Number is 5.

"What is a Life Path number?"
If ever there was a moment of total transformation Rej, it was the moment of your birth. In that instant, you stepped through a door in time into a new reality -- the reality of human life. The most important number in your numerology chart is based on the date of your birth, the moment when the curtain goes up in your life.

Even at that moment, you were a person with your own unique character, as unique as your DNA. Everything that is you existed in potential, much like a play that is about to begin. Your entire life exists as a potential that has been prepared for. Rej, you have ultimate freedom to do with your life as you like: To fulfill its potential completely, or to make some smaller version of yourself. It all depends upon your effort and commitment.

You make the decisions to fulfill, to whatever extent, the potential life that exists within you. That is your choice. In this sense, the possible you is implicit during the moment of your birth.

The Life Path number gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Your Life Path number is the single most important information available in your Personality Chart!

"What does a Life Path number of 5 mean?"

The key to your personality is freedom. Rej, you love travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people. You possess the curiosity of a cat and long to experience all of life.

You love to be involved in several things at the same time as long as you are not tied down to any one area. You like change, new things and new horizons. You make friends easily; your personality is upbeat and often inspiring attracting people from all walks of life.

You have a way of words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. You can be in sales, advertising, publicity, promotion, politics or any profession that requires your communication skills and understanding of people. However, you likely lack discipline and order. You can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things you regret later.

Freedom and a need for adventure sometimes is not properly controlled by those born with this Life Path, causing problems with drug abuse, overindulgence in food or sex, or generally abusing the gift of life.

You are sensual and love to taste all of life. Sex, food and other sensory experiences are essential to the enjoyment of your life. You find it difficult to commit to one relationship, but once committed you can be as faithful as an old dog.

You are multi-talented and possess a variety of diverse abilities. However, discipline and focus are the true keys to your success. Without these many of the tasks you begin will remain unfinished and you will fail to realize the true fruits of your abilities. With hard work and perseverance the sky is the limit.

You may have been perceived as a wild child by adults and a source of concern by your family. However, do not be obliged to hurry your choice of career. You are often a late-bloomer and need to experience life before you can truly know and commit to your heart's desire.

Rej, your challenge is to learn the true meaning of freedom. Change is constant in your world requiring adaptability and courage. Try to maintain an exercise program, keep your body in shape and limber. The flexibility and durability of your body will promote security and confidence within you.

You yearn for freedom and self-employment attracts you powerfully. Your challenge is to settle into one area to cultivate your ability sufficiently to earn a living and attain success. Once you find your niche the motivation and inspiration you supply others will bring you much in return, you will find your friends and colleagues supporting and promoting you on the road to success.

95% agree.

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Love, Travel and Party

I’m a stalker.

Just finished visiting Patty Laurel’s blog at hindi lang basta napadpad sa blog nya at binasa ang latest post. It was Super Duper Mega UltraMagnetic BACK READ from her first post in January 2005 to Atom on Simply KC. Sympre, hindi ko naman binasa lahat ang totoo naghanap lang ako ng post about her and bf Atom. Now my most favorite celebrity couple (Kilig!) Hehe! Hindi kasi ko mahilig sa mga artista na parang nagpapalit lang ng t-shirt kung magpalit ng jowa. Wala talagang kilig factor, kung meron man gone in 60 seconds. Kay Atom and Patty, may kuryente. Parang gusto ko na rin magkaron ng Atom (Good luck to this hopeless romantic.) Hehe!

Ok, enough of this mushy stuff. One more thing that I love about Patty’s blog is her numerous travels. Nakakainggit lang. Tapos nalaman ko pang ka-age ko sya. Envious to 10 exponentially raised to the nth power. Looking at her pictures made me realize “ang boring ko pala.” Well, masasabi ko namang kontento ako sa buhay ko kung family and friends ang paguusapan pero yung personal life kulang sa adventure; hindi ganun kaexciting eh. Then, I looked at my pictures, solo pictures. Gosh! Iisa lang ang itsura. Eto sample…

Bata pa lang nakasimangot na. Meron namang ilang nakasmile pero karamihan dun stolen shot pa. That’s exactly the reason why you won’t see me here with my latest photo. Ayokong masira ang araw nyo just by looking at my pic. Hehe! There was even a time nagpapaprint ako ng resume sa isang computer shop sa Manila and the guy in the counter asked me “Wala bang nakangiti?” Ang sabi ko na lang “Kuya nakangiti na nga yan eh. Todo na yan! Pero kung kaya mong pangitiin yan dadagdagan ko bayad ko...” Lol! The bottom line: sa picture pa lang ang boring na. Pero eto malupet na pampalubag loob ng isang kaibigan tuwing nagrereklamo ang mga kasama ko sa pic “Hayaan mo sila. Trademark mo ang nakasimangot sa pic.” At least may nakaappreciate. Lol!

Actually, I’m a certified gala. Lakwatsera naman ako hindi nga lang katulad ni Patty na out of the country ang trip. Needs no explanation because of obvious reason – money. Pero kung Manila at QC ang paguusapan palagay ko qualified ako for a tour guide position. Wag lang kasama ang height sa qualifications sigurado akong kasama ako sa short list (at sa short height). Pero kahit halos naikot ko na ang Manila hindi ko pa rin napapasok ang Fort Santiago at Manila Ocean Park. Nung elementary kasi hindi ako gano nakakasama sa field trip. Ewan ko kung KJ lang si mudra, nagtitipid o dahil ang lapit lang naman. Yung Manila Ocean Park namamahalan ako sa entrance. Oo, very expensive na ang P400 (400 nga ba?) sa kin. Now I’m starting to realize kaya siguro kulang ako sa adventure because I am not too generous to myself. Puro SM lang ang alam kong puntahan. Tapos once or twice a year lang ata ako nakakapasok sa sinehan. What a joy!

So, what makes my life exciting?

Food. As you all know, I don’t cook. As in real cooking. I’m so blessed to have a mom who is exactly my opposite. She’s the best cook in the world. I swear! Unfortunately, she’s already experiencing some signs of aging. Medyo rinarayuma eh kaya lately one dish na lang ang naluluto nya tuwing may occasion or whenever we crave for FaMealy bonding. The rest are courtesy of Andoks, Goldilocks, nearest grocery and sympre ang aming munting tindahan. Last September 23, we celebrated my lola’s 70th birthday. And for the first time in my life, I bought her a gift. Medyo kinalimutan ko muna ang pagtitipid. At happy naman ako. Sobra.

Dream kong makabili ng cake sa Cake R Us. Big E as in EFFORT. Flabbergasting. Bravo! Nainspire nga ko mag-aral ng cake decorating. Pero siguro unahin ko munang mag-aral magbake para edible hindi puro design at effort to the highest level. Eto isa pang amazing.

Yes, we bought grandma a lechon – lechong tinapay. Kaya absent ang apple at Mang Tomas. :D

Last Monday was my mom’s birthday. Ayaw na sana nyang maghanda kaya lang nalaman ng ilang kapitbahay kaya nagluto na rin kahit pano. As my birthday gift, I bought my mom cheese quesadillas from Army Navy. Gusto ko lang kasi ng bago sa menu. Maiba lang ng konti.

Ang kaso kami lang yata ng bro ko natuwa dito kasi paborito ko to eh. Hehe! Si mommy naman kasi, pansit lang solb na solb na.

Next month, will be my younger brother’s birthday. He’ll be turning 15. Sabi nya ayaw nya maghanda, magpapainom na lang daw sya kasi binata na sya. Wahhh!!! Taob kami dun!

Goodbye RC Cola; Hello, San Mig?


Friday, September 17, 2010

Change of Habit

After my usual afternoon habit, I went outside and was greeted by two things: (1) my pet dog wagging his tail and (2) a horrible sight –disgusting green grass and dead leaves scattered everywhere. It didn’t take me too long to realize that our front yard has turned into a mini forest. I’m sure it has been there for quite a long time but I was constantly ignoring it. Admittedly, I put more weight on household tasks rather than keeping the outside scenery pleasing. But this afternoon without much thinking, I sheared and uproot the grass using my bare hands and swept the dead leaves and other waste. All of a sudden, I’ve realized that the outside of our house is as important as the inside. Since my mom isn’t always here to do the job, I must take charge. After all I don’t want our entire plants to die because of negligence. A seminar speaker once said “If you’re planning to work in this country (_ _ _ _ _ _), you should start making friends with plants and trees.” Practicing at home is a good start, don’t you think?

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Is This Love? - His Version (Part V)


He turned to his right
Still a huge crowd
Rolled his eyes left and right
But the two couldn’t be found.

He arrived at home
With a miserable heart
But the glow in his face
Oh! More strikingly hot.

His younger brother
Greeted him and said
“Bro, can I use your laptop
Even just for a short time?”

He shouted a big "NO"
Then moved fast to his room
As if Sadako Yamamura
Was raring to chase him.

He opened his black laptop
And clicked the internet tab
The connection was slow
He was so irritated.

Three knocks from his brother
With a pleading request
“Bro, my project is due tomorrow
This is my last chance to pass.”

He wanted to be quiet
As if he had a deafear
Be selfish just for once
However it was not him.

He checked his FB quickly
And noticed two notifications
A tagged old photo and
A truffle gift from a Don.

His brother entered his room
With a mountain of files
It didn’t seem like for a while
But he could no longer say NO.

He remained visible
Despite his brother’s presence
But his brother was unmindful
Of a new message.

To be continued...

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part V)


She turned to her right
Still a huge crowd
Rolled her eyes left and right
Until they were locked inside.

She arrived at home
With a saddened heart
But the glow in her face
Oh! More stunningly sexy.

After few minutes
Her sister invited her
To their usual routine
Chatting and Internet surfing.

She shouted a big YES
Then moved fast to her room
Got her red wallet
And brought few Peso bills.

As soon as she got her seat number
She clicked the internet tab
The connection was fast
She was so delighted.

Her sister suddenly whispered
With a soft and sweet voice
“Take your time sis
Coz I’m not in a hurry.”

She wanted to be quiet
But she was so excited
“Oh sure” she answered
With massive gusto.

She checked her FB quickly
And noticed two notifications
A tagged old photo
And a butterfly from a Don.

She remembered the invitation
About two months ago
She visited it again
And finally clicked “Accept.”

Since he was also online
She decided to drop a message
She said a simple “Hi”
And patiently waited for his reply.
To be continued...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part IV)


First thing in the morning
And the last thing at night
He would visit his Facebook
Just to check if he succeeded.

But days and months passed by
Still no trace of the girl
With straight black hair
And hazel brown eyes.

Since nothing's new
His only hope started to go under
Maybe it’s time to move on
Go out and paint the town red.

But just when he’s ready to forget
He chanced upon a familiar face
The girl he dumped once
Was only few meters away.

However there’s a girl beside her
Oh, another familiar face
But this time she’s not wearing white
More gorgeous in his sight.

The air-conditioned train arrived
The passengers started pushing
In a blink of an eye
No one could get inside.

To be continued…

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part IV)


First thing in the morning
And the last thing at night
A debonair would pop up in her psyche
Then ask the question "Why?".

But days and months passed by
Still no trace of the guy
With macho guapito look
And every woman’s ultimate desire.

Since nothing has changed
She decided to just forget
Although cupid hit her heart
Her craziness has to stop.

But just when she’s ready to move on
Her sister chanced upon an old friend
And said “the guy I’ve been telling you
Was just few meters away."

At the back of her mind
"Oh! I know him too
He's the guy I was telling you
That turned me so red."

The air-conditioned train arrived
The passengers started pushing
In a blink of an eye
They were already inside.

To be continued…

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pass the Torch and Englighten Others

Let’s admit it, many Filipinos work abroad because they want greener pastures. But the story doesn’t end there. Let us not forget that working overseas is not just about “I, me and myself.” The truth is we are all involved.

Life is difficult. It’s a fact. But there is such thing as "more difficult life." My father, for example, has been an OFW for more than half of his life. He is successful. But like everybody else he wouldn’t be in his present position without struggles, without tons of sacrifices. My dad’s life is about enduring gigantic waves, facing fear in the midst of great storms and erratic weather condition, and bearing extreme heat inside the engine room. Along with the physical agony he seldom sees his family, his loved ones. For me, that's the meaning of "more difficult life"

I consider myself an independent person armed with good amount of confidence but I am not as brave as OFWs. It is no joke to be in a foreign land specially if your only armor is a braveheart. Working abroad maybe synonymous to higher income and perhaps better living, however it also involves great risk. As a daughter of an OFW, I know. When I was a lot younger, there were times that I was telling myself “I wish daddy is here.” I could have hated him but I felt I have no right to have grudges because daddy isn’t playing. He’s working hard not for personal prosperity but to be able to give me a better life; to give us, his family, a life he didn't experience when he was young. He is working abroad in pursuit of a selfless dream regardless if his life is at stake.

My dad’s tale is just one of the many OFW stories. Each has different story to tell. Some are exciting; others are so complicated. There are stories of victory but there are also stories of great misery. But no matter how different they are, they have one common denominator - they embody the true meaning of sacrificial love. They are the people who have chosen a "more difficult life."

Today, the Overseas Filipino Workers are called “Bagong Bayani (modern-day heroes)." Various reports prove that their high remittances play vital role in economic sustainability - a clear evidence that their sacrifices are not just for a purpose of having a stronger home but for a stronger nation as well. To be called “Bagong Bayani” is perhaps a great honor for the OFWs, but at the end of the day a title is just a title. I believe the essence of being an OFW is not primarily about increasing one'swealth but for having the opportunity to bless others even more. And their true reward is to see small or marvelous progress in the lives of others specially their loved ones. They are happiest if they see someone become a person with big dreams and concern for his neighbors. It only means they have successfully passed the torch and enlightened others.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am Humble

Ang mga Pilipino kapag nasa ibang bansa, sumusunod sa batas ng mga banyaga.
Ang mga banyaga kapag nasa ating bansa, mga Pilipino pa rin ang sumusunod sa mga banyaga.
Sa Pinas man o sa ibang bansa, mga Pinoy sadyang mapagkumbaba.
Hindi ko alam kung dapat ba kong maging proud o baka naman OA na?
Minsan kasi kahit sa sariling bansa, Pinoy pa rin ang nagmumukhang kawawa.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hula Hook

Fortuneteller n - one who professes to predict future events.
Psychic n - a person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces.
Prediction n - something predicted; a forecast, prophecy, etc.
Tarot reading n. - revolves around the belief that the cards can be used to gain insight into the current and possible future situations of the subject.
I have not tried consulting a psychic or fortune teller despite several invitations from friends and family. Ok, there were few attempts but nothing serious. I swear. I actually believe in ESP. The ability to foresee a person’s character and the events that happened, are happening and will be happening in a person’s life is perhaps one of the biggest mysteries in the history of humankind. Sounds exciting, right? Most specially if highly recommended by a trusted loved one.

Most of us, if not all, are curious about our fate. That’s probably one of the primary reasons why many people flock in the sides of Quaipo Church. Like everybody else, I also want to have a sneak peek of what lies ahead of me. So although not a big fan of “real fortune tellers,” I am fond of free online tarot reading. Well, anything free is definitely a source of bliss for me. Despite that, my mind is still close to the idea of opening both hands into a stranger and let him/her interpret my palm lines. Because I am afraid that if he or she sees a bad thing it might have a psychological effect on me. Unlike in free online tarot reading, the result is broad. In real life, the predictions are more specific and personal. I don’t want to create my own ghost. And I think it is stupid to be scared of something that is not yet happening or may not even happen. Although not that type of person, the bad forecasts will surely reside in my memory along with the good ones. And that’s exactly what I am trying to avoid.

Moreover, I believe that although there are things that we cannot control, those that are bound to happen no matter what, majority of the events in our lives are the outcome of the decisions that we make every single day. Our future lies in what we do in the present time. Example: the tarot card reader predicted financial abundance. If I just sleep all day, will I become financially prosperous? NO, because wealth is a product of both faith and action. Certainly not an instant thing. If there is such thing, then maybe that’s fate - destiny that we cannot control (that's according to my high school teacher). And before you know it, your “friends” have terribly multiplied. :p 

Prediction is called prediction because there is no absolute truth to it. However, I believe that psychic power exists for a reason. Perhaps to serve as guidelines and caution. But in the end, it is up to us if we will make things happen or choose a different path; if we want to have a life with a happy ending or not. Consulting a psychic, a tarot card reader or Manang Bola could be creepy or exhilarating, that’s why we have a choice. And I think listening to one’s conscience is still the best option. I mean, we don't need to have a fully opened third eye or irregular brainwaves or uncanny nature to see our destiny. Just more convictions supplemented with action. 

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvest Time

I have just realized that achieving the things that we have been dreaming of is not always the best feeling. Sometimes it’s just a way to direct us towards the path where we can have a truly happy heart. It isn't an easy journey though. Sometimes we have to go through rough roads, long and unwanted situations. Halfway, you will ask yourself "Is this what I really wanted to do?" It's frustrating if you answer "No." With all the time and energy that have been wasted, it is so typical to be resentful. But we should all realize that life doesn't end in one or two or multiple failures. Keep the faith. Someday, you will reap the product of your hardwork and patience (but maybe in some other way). :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wish List

Lately, I have been thinking about the small things (or should I say crazy things) that I wish to have before I die. Some may call it Impossible Dreams; others are just to entice my imagination. Here it is (in random order).

Drum Roll…

1. Bren Bataclan’s painting
2. Kenneth Cobonpue’s furniture
3. Audi car
4. Stocks in the stock market
5. Lots of coloring books
6. UNO Stacko
7. Hula Hoop
8. Skate Board
9. Exercise Mat
10. Muay Thai Training Materials/Gears
11. Washing machine: Front-loading washers
12. DVDs of my favorite movies and tv shows
13. All types of bags (original but not more than 2k)
14. Autograph of Ely Buendia
15. A photo with Elmo Magalona and Michael V.
16. Original CDs of my favorite artists
17. Canon professional camera
18. Photos of me on the grounds of different scenic spots in the Philippines
19. Swatch watch
20. Breathe Hope bracelet
21. A house with 400 sqm floor area
22. A corporation (with my friends as business partners)
23. Personal website
24. Book collection
25. A farm in the South
26. An autobiography
27. Van for the family
28. Home Theater System
29. Joey de Leon’s painting
30. Laptop
31. Frisbee disc
32. High-end condo unit
33. Bank account with 8 digits
34. Children’s Playground
35. At least three pair shoes and flip-flops that fit (if that happens, I’ll be the happiest person on earth. I swear!)

I had to stop there because my entire lifetime will not be enough to complete the list. And that’s absolutely normal. Why? Because material things never satisfy human beings. Why? (a) Because it’s only good when it’s new; (b) Because the quality of any product only last for a certain period; (c) Because its value depreciates as new products come out in the market; (d) Because we consume it and it's gone forever; (e) Because sooner or later it becomes a piece of artwork that nobody notices and so on and so forth. And the longing for material things continues...

Some material things are basic necessities. We use it on a daily basis. Others are just human desires. We can actually live without it. The preceding wish list is an example. Yes, I want it so badly but honestly I don’t need it. So I am willing to wait until I have more than enough. But if the time doesn’t come, my life will not be in big chaos. Life goes on and will continue to dream - dream big.

There is a saying “Looks can be so deceiving.” That’s probably the reason why we human beings are easily captivated to things. But the truth is any non-living object has no capacity to make a person truly happy. The joy that we get from material things is only temporary. However, I am not saying that we should stop dreaming about having this and that. After all, dreaming is free. I just hope that our personal desires are not the utmost reason why we live. It is not the most important thing just servants of our true wealth.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part III)


Although she just ate a fiesta meal
Her stomach still seemed so empty
In her mind she kept on asking
“Why is this happening?”

Even in the midst of confusion
She told her sibling
“Wait for me downstairs
I’ll be there in a jiffy.”

The two got separated
When she was assigned in no. 3
And the other was in no. 7
There was no way one can peek.

As expected she opened her Facebook
And saw 1 friend request
She scrutinized the wall, info and photo
Oh, a stranger indeed!

She examined the News Feed
From top to bottom page
And then she pressed two buttons:
Account and Logout.

When they got home
She remembered the guy
Took an audible breath and said
“Erase! Erase! Erase!”

And so she lay in her pink bed
Prayed really really hard
“Bro, I know you have a plan
Your will be done"

To be continued...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part II)


It’s 9 o’clock in the evening
Her favorite dish was still hot and smoking
But she walked straight to her bedroom
As if she didn’t hear her tummy rumbling.

She looked at the clock
It’s time for her favorite soap opera
Luckily she arrived just on time
Because every episode matters.

Three knocks from her beloved father
And a saccharine reminder
“Honey, I prepared a square meal
Because I know you are dog-tired.”

She got her plate and put it inside
Savored her preferred meal
In front of a romantic scene
So steamingly hot.

But in every commercial gap
Her world would stop for a moment
The guy who was standing beside her
Couldn’t get off her mind.

Forty five minutes later
The OST played again
Her favorite drama was over
Yet consciously unconscious.

Her cellphone beeped twice
So loud she was awakened
It was her sibling inviting her
To the internet cafe nearby.
To be continued...

Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday, I saw an old friend. She was a former officemate. In a very short span of time that we worked together (one week), we became very very close. I think our numerous similarities and some quite challenging circumstances paved the way to a beautiful friendship. She’s my one of my soulmates, a very dear friend. But after a year the feeling is different. Well, I was happy to see her but when I got home I couldn’t avoid myself from asking “Where did our friendship go?”

I believe this scenario also happens to all of us. When we were kids, most of us have so called “Best friend.” When we were in school, we have lots of acquaintances, barkada and close friends. And you thought it was a kind of connection anchored in a strong foundation. But as time goes by, the friendship drifts apart. Unexpected. Unplanned.

Decades ago, when a relationship collapses we can blame it on distance, hectic schedule and poor communication line. But today, with the presence of advanced technology, any type of relationship that falls apart is more likely rooted to our own choice. And that explains the rationale of our story. It’s really a sad thing. Nevertheless, I know we both still value the moments that we were trying to appease each other in the midst of great difficulty; the times that we were both financially broke and the only lunch meal we can afford in Chowking is Chao Fan.

Actually I don’t believe our friendship is over. Although a lot of things have changed, the world is still small. We are still connected in two giant social networks. All things are possible, right?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Q & A

Last Sunday, I was very emotional. Bro. Bo Sanchez, is not just a Catholic preacher and bestselling author, he also has a knack for making people cry.

Last week my patience reached 37 degrees Celsius, comparable to the scorching weather condition we are currently experiencing. It was due to my mom’s pesky question. Ok, here’s a fragment of what happened: She asked me a question, I answered her at once. After few minutes, she asked me the same question and I replied with the similar answer. The scenario happened five times in less than five minutes I think. But on the fifth time, in a loud voice I told her “Mommy sinabi ko na eh, paulit ulit!. 414 nga!” And my mom answered “Nagiging makakalimutin na kasi ako…” Then, there was silence.

Last Sunday, Bro Bo ended his talk with a short video of an old man and his son sitting in a bench. The younger man was reading a newspaper when a sparrow landed on the ground not too far from where they are. The father noticed it and asked his son “What is that?” In a calm voice, the son responded “It’s a sparrow.” After few minutes, the old man asked again “What is that?” The son answered “Sparrow.” For the third time, the old man repeated ‘What is that?” Annoyed, the son shouted at his father “It’s a SPARROW! How many times are you going to ask me that question?” The old man suddenly stood up and told his son “Just few minutes.” He walked away but came back immediately as he promised. He gave a small notebook to his son and asked him to read it.

When you were young, you saw something on the ground and asked me “What is that?” At once,  I answered your question. You asked it 21 times but I answered you 21 times with fascination because I want to show you my affection. It’s a sparrow.”

Teary eyed, the young man embraced his father.

At that moment, guilt filled my whole being. Being a woman, I'm also quite emotional. However, I  think I have mastered the art of hiding strong emotions. But I failed last Sunday. My tears were uncontrollable. And my heart was  also shouting “Mommy, I’m sorry.” Unfortunately, it was only I who could hear my scream. My mom was not even beside me.:(

The morale of the story: Wag nyo ko gagayahin ha!

P.S. The script was not exactly like that but very close to the original version.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spread the Virus and Infect Others

Obviously, talo ang manok ko sa eleksyon pero hindi naman masama ang loob ko na si Noynoy ang nanalo. Inaamin ko may doubts ako sa capabilities ni Noynoy na mamuno ng bansa. Ganun pa man ay naniniwala naman ako na total opposite sya ni GMA. Sa ngayon sapat na sa akin yun. Ayon sa kanya, isa sa pangunahin niyang prayoridad ay ang masupil ang korupsyon sa bansa. Kung pano nya gagawin ito, hindi ko alam. Dahil ang korupsyon ay hindi lang naman nangyayari sa loob ng Malacañang. It’s a nationwide issue. Ang hirap kaya nun! Good thing though, the newly elected president has a good heart. Kaya ang ultimate wish ko: I wish he can spread the virus and infect others.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I will support RED!

Tomorrow, I will support RED! What color will you support? Sana magkakampi tayo. Kung hindi man, sana bumoto ka ng naaayon sa iyong konsensya at hindi ka nagpaapekto sa isa sa most popular sayings tuwing eleksyon “Kung sya ang boboto mo, sayang lang ang boto mo!”

Hindi pa kumpleto ang senatorial list ko, kaya habang ginagawa ko itong post na ito ay nakaopen din ang Excel sheet na nagmula sa OFW blogger na si Nebz. Ayokong bumoto lang ng sikat, lalo namang ayoko ng senador na ang pinaka popluar na naipasang batas ay tungkol sa staple wire. Hindi baleng baguhan basta makikitaan ng potential at tunay ang hangaring makapaglingkod sa ating inang bayan. Pero sympre hindi naman linggid sa kaalaman ng lahat na tuwing campaign period ang lahat ng kandidato puro mukhang gwapo at mababait. Tuwing eleksyon langit ang buhay, ganun pa rin kaya pagkatapos nating ibigay ang isa nating boto? Sana lang talaga sa pagkakataong ito, mahalal ang mga tunay na nararapat sa pwesto.

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P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all moms!!! 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part III)


Although he just ate a fiesta meal
His stomach still seemed so empty
In his mind he kept on asking
“Why is this happening?”

A young woman he dumped once
Is under the girl’s siblings
An inescapable fate
Or a terrifying Karma?

After a momentary paralysis
He put on his thinking cap
Clicked his profile button
Changed his photo and info.

The seemingly invisible “Add as friend”
Finally appeared as crystal clear
Despite having a coward heart
His only hope was more important.

As he turned off the lights
He prayed really really hard
“Bro, just one more chance please
I swear no more infidelities.”

To be continued...

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