Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wish List with a Twist

Bro. Bo Sanchez (a Catholic preacher, author of some best-selling books in the country, a successful businessman and head of different ministries for the works of the Lord) once said “Do not postpone your happiness.”

I remember this phrase just recently and for some unexplainable reason I have become really excited. My mind is now packed with so many activities that I want to accomplish this week. In a separate talk, Bro. Bo has also encouraged us to write down the things that we enjoy doing. He calls it "The Joy List.”

What is Joy List?

In my own definition, Joy List is quite identical to Wish List. However, there is a twist. A Wish List is a list of desires which a person can choose to pour out his own sweat or others can do it for him in order to make a dream a reality. A Joy List, on the other hand, is a compilation of yearnings in which one compels himself to make things happen.

Let’s continue…

Writing for me is a burden to a certain extent (because it usually takes me hours or a few days to finish an anecdote or a short essay). Apparently, I never followed him (Bro Bo sorry for being stubborn and disobedient). However, the story doesn’t end there. The white flag is up. I surrender! It's time to squeeze, smash, crush, hammer these plans in my head. Therefore, I have finally decided to post my “Joy List” specifically for this week. Here it is…

· I want to finish wrapping Christmas gifts for my relatives in Quezon province (My dear friends, one of my goals for next year is to include you in my list. Sorry the budget is really tight. Hehe!).

· I want to visit Mrs. Romela Rubio, one of my mentors in life; have few minutes talk; and thank her for everything that she has done for me.

· I want to see my friends (that include my high school and college friends and former officemates) if not all at least even some of them. I wish we could have long chit-chats while enjoying lunch or dinner or any junk food/street food available.

· I want to read two books in the bible so my spiritual life will continue to grow. I hope it will become a habit eventually.

· I want to read more informational and inspirational articles rather than reading gossips in various entertainment websites.

· I want to clean my room to make it more pleasing not just in my eyes but in the sight of my housemates as well. Or perhaps it would be better to also include the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the hallway. After that, I will be my parents favorite daughter. Yahoo!!!

· I want to iron clothes even though it would take me hours to finish it. After all, I’m doing it for me and the love of my family.

Oh gosh! I have so many things to do. I am elated.

P.S. Time to sleep. My schedule seems toxic. Toxic but happy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Swak na Swak

I love my slippers!

I consider it as one of my most treasured assets. Why? Because it seems to me that it was deliberately molded for my small feet. Hehe!

It was daytime. I was about to go home when I happened to pass by a store of flip-flops in a market near the jeepney terminal A young lady vendor immediately approached me and told me “Ate ano po gusto nyo? Sige po pili lang.” To my surprise, an estimated 21 cm long brown-colored rubber made slippers with golden brown strap showed up. But the good news doesn’t end there - it was sold to me at fifty pesos. That made my day!

I have been using my slippers for several months now and it has become my frequent travel companion – inside the house, in the mall, in church etc. It recently brought me to one of the most memorable places that I’ve been through – Anawim, a home for abandoned elderly plus a few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons. I also wore it when I attended the second Kerygma Conference held at the Philsports Arena last November 29.

My slippers have definitely carried me to a lot of places and have witnessed several events in my life. Tangible and lifeless as it seems, its worth is invaluable.

Worn out? Of course not.
P.S. I only have one pair of slippers so I hope it won't.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Grandma Beside Me

Her body is quite hefty.

Her skin is fair and wrinkled.

Her hair is short and grey.

Her smile is sparkling.

That’s grandma - the old woman that I see almost every morning. Without noticing it, she has become my instant companion before I reach the office. It’s either I would seat beside her in the bus or vice versa.

One morning, there was a twist in the usual scenario (just a bit). She came first inside the bus. I saw her but decided not to sit beside her because she was with her husband. That was the first time I saw them together inside a bus. After few minutes, she asked me to transfer and so I followed. I was happy to see them together because I noticed how much love they have for each other. At their age, they still hold hands. Isn’t that sweet?: )

After a week I heard from my mother that her husband died of heart attack. I didn’t saw her for a couple of weeks. I thought I was not going to see her again. Until one day, I bumped with her still with the same radiance in her face.

After that we rarely see each other. I miss her. I hope she is ok until we meet again.

P.S. During those times that we were seated together, we never had a conversation.

And so, her name is Anonymous.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ako si Pare. Ikaw, sino ka?

“Pare.” That’s how most people call me for the past 13 months.

Most people who do not know me personally would probably perceive me as a serious and mischievous creature since my face is mostly identical to a fuming tiger and my body movement is like always geared up for a boxing match. There maybe some truth about this but definitely I don’t have any plans of following Manny Pacquiao’s career path.

The Brief History

Sir Nonoy started it. Then, sir Freddie followed. Sir RCG imitated the two. And eventually everyone did. From Joan to Pare of RG Meditron.

Am I offended about being called “Pare?” Maybe I should. But, honestly, I loved it. For me that was my officemates’ way of showing their love for me - in a nasty manner. Hehe!

To all my kumpares, Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat! Tagay tayo mamaya!!!

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