Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweets for My Sweet Tooth

I remember when I was in grade school I would buy a chocolate bar after having my lunch to satisfy my cravings for sweet food. Today, my sweet tooth makes me an easy target for itchy tonsil, worse cough and cold. I just love sweet foods. And so far, some sugary, caloric desserts are just unforgettable and unforgivable because after one bite it makes me crave for more.   

My favorites so far (in random order)…

Pastillas from Goldilocks
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At Php49 for a pack of 12 pieces you will not have a hard time convincing me to spend. Actually, you don’t have to convince me. I also find DVF Dairy Farm's pastillas, ridiculously good. SM North Hypermart has it.

Sans rival from Burger Machine
This one used to be worth Php15. Now at Php18, still reasonably priced. Thank God! A slice of sans rival in various bakeshops is insane. But that one in Goldilocks dessert stand, one day I’d love to have a bite. And that one from Mary Grace too, the cashew nuts on top made it more interestingly appetizing. 

Halo-halo from Razon’s
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I just adore the simplicity of Razon’s Halo-Halo. Fine crushed ice + few ingredients + creamy milk + leche flan topping  -  beans = two thumbs up.

Yema cake from Rodillas
Chiffon cake filled with yema what could go wrong? A must pasalubong from Quezon Province. 

Pastel from Vjander
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When eating bread, any kind of filling is not a requirement for me. I’m fine with a slice of bread supplemented with coffee or milk. But this bread delicacy from Mindanao is really deliciously made. One is definitely not enough.   

Choco Polvoron from Chocovron
The combination of polvoron and chocolate coating complement perfectly. Polvoron + chocolate = it’s like Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop.

Cloud 9 chocolate bar
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This is the chocolate bar that I mentioned in the beginning. This Jack and Jill chocolate filled with caramel, chewy nougat and peanuts has been my favorite since I was a kid. My craving for sweet foods can easily be solved with this very affordable sweetie.  

Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines Collection
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I already tried 3 or 4 flavors. So far I have not been disappointed. Filipino ice cream flavors at its finest.

Silvana from House of Silvanas
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House of Silvanas Bakeshop was one of the participants in a food expo last September. That was my second time to have a bite of that cold, crunchy, creamy, sweet round disc. I’m really wishing they have a shop nearby.

Chef Tony’s Popcorn
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Sure it’s a bit pricey compare to other sort. But this brand is living up to their slogan “A tub of happiness is nothing but the best gourmet popcorn in the world.

*****Not the end…*****

P.S. In short, wag nyo ko bibigyan ng fruitcake pag Christmas. :D
Fruitcake talaga? #so90's #angluma LOL

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