Friday, September 13, 2013

A Beautiful Speck of Mindanao

True to life sweethearts, Ryan and Janis have been friends for almost a decade. Their fondness for anime served as the foundation of a wonderful camaraderie which later on blossomed into a beautiful love affair. Ryan finished Electronics and Communication Engineering while Janis took up Economics. In their pursuit of a successful career in their own field, the two took a surprising turn together. They ventured into various businesses such as call center training school, internet cafe, snack bar and the most recent, event organizing. From being anime enthusiasts to being friends to exclusively dating to business partners. These two have been through a lot.

Coming from different field of expertise, organizing events tested their bond the most. But with sheer hardwork, perseverance and creativity they are able to find their niche in the business where competition is constant and complex. Ryan and Janis maybe far from having their own dream wedding, but they are committed in saying “I Do” in every opportunity that will squeeze their creative juices and passion in creating a truly unforgettable episode in one’s life.

Ryan and Janis are also very fortunate that their business venture is supplemented with collective talents and efforts of dedicated professionals, family and friends who vow to create events that are cost-efficient and uniquely true to their clients. Artistic teenagers also play integral part. They are a true testament that the today’s youth still has so much potential. Given an opportunity they’ll gonna shine brightly.

Meeting these people was just one of the many highlights of my 15-day vacation in Surigao City last April. Surigao, as we all know, is part of Mindanao region. That is why it is so heartbreaking that in some parts of the region, there is war. Surigao has left me with pleasant images - from the sceneries, the fresh air, the simple life, to the artistry of the people. I believe what I saw was just a speck of more marvellous things to explore. Ang ganda ng Mindanao. Mindanao has so much potential. It is so easy to fall in love. Unfortunately, this seemingly endless violence is causing everybody (even foreign tourists) to be extra cautious. Personally, it paralyzes my desire to see the other parts. Even if the war ends, it would take me a lot of guts (and prayers) to make a visit. Because war leaves negative impact. It hurts not only our economy but above all many are being killed. Next, we lose our freedom to savor God's natural gift.


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