Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Images of Hope after Yolanda

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A Glimmer of hope in Tacloban a week after Yolanda (via gmanetwork.com)

Yolanda survivors in Tacloban play hoop amid debris (via gmanetwork.com)

Messages of survival (via sunstar.com.ph)

Picking up pieces (via rappler.com)

Filipino Spirit (via Instagram@chiazambrano

Faith still runs deep in Leyte a month after (via newsinfo.inquirer.net)

Woman keeps husband alive by manually pumping air into his lungs at hospital in Tacloban that is still without power (via Twitter@AFPphoto)

Story of true love (via newsgra.ph)

An image of Jesus Christ is unscathed after the storm... (via Twitter@raffytima)

Yolanda survivors turn ruined refs into fishing boats (via gmanetwork.com)

Despite the loss and devastation, people remain kind and smiling, and even positive (via Twitter@justcallmelloyd)

Volunteer Lourdes Sales writes messages of hope in relief bags (via Twitter@Joseph_Morong)

No help too small (via ph.news.yahoo.com)

Frida and Emma had planned on going to Boracay for vacation but decided to volunteer instead

US Marines experienced Filipino Hospitality in Typhoon-Hit Manicani Island (via philnews.ph)

Alicia Keys chats with typhoon evacuees (via philstar.com)

Justin Bieber entertains evacuees at Tacloban City (via Twitter@ABSCBN_showbiz)

Newlywed couple urge Yolanda victims to 'stand up, rise again' (via gmanetwork.com)

Seen in Porto Portugal (via Twitter@Jimparedes)

Residents of Tacloban take a break from cleaning their houses to support Pacman (via Twitter@victoriatulad)

A Taclobanon cheering for Pacquiao (via christocentric73.wordpress.com)

A brother's love (via newsinfo.inquirer.net)

Babangon tayo!!! Tulong-tulong tayo! : )

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sweets for My Sweet Tooth

I remember when I was in grade school I would buy a chocolate bar after having my lunch to satisfy my cravings for sweet food. Today, my sweet tooth makes me an easy target for itchy tonsil, worse cough and cold. I just love sweet foods. And so far, some sugary, caloric desserts are just unforgettable and unforgivable because after one bite it makes me crave for more.   

My favorites so far (in random order)…

Pastillas from Goldilocks
Photo source: goldilocks.com.ph
At Php49 for a pack of 12 pieces you will not have a hard time convincing me to spend. Actually, you don’t have to convince me. I also find DVF Dairy Farm's pastillas, ridiculously good. SM North Hypermart has it.

Sans rival from Burger Machine
Website: facebook.com/pages/BURGER-MACHINE/46498512876
This one used to be worth Php15. Now at Php18, still reasonably priced. Thank God! A slice of sans rival in various bakeshops is insane. But that one in Goldilocks dessert stand, one day I’d love to have a bite. And that one from Mary Grace too, the cashew nuts on top made it more interestingly appetizing. 

Halo-halo from Razon’s
Photo source: razonsfoodcorp.com.ph
I just adore the simplicity of Razon’s Halo-Halo. Fine crushed ice + few ingredients + creamy milk + leche flan topping  -  beans = two thumbs up.

Yema cake from Rodillas
Website: facebook.com/RodillasYemacake
Chiffon cake filled with yema what could go wrong? A must pasalubong from Quezon Province. 

Pastel from Vjander
Photo source: crumpylicious.com
When eating bread, any kind of filling is not a requirement for me. I’m fine with a slice of bread supplemented with coffee or milk. But this bread delicacy from Mindanao is really deliciously made. One is definitely not enough.   

Choco Polvoron from Chocovron
Website: chocovron.ph
The combination of polvoron and chocolate coating complement perfectly. Polvoron + chocolate = it’s like Pringles, once you pop you can’t stop.

Cloud 9 chocolate bar
Photo source: universalrobina.com
This is the chocolate bar that I mentioned in the beginning. This Jack and Jill chocolate filled with caramel, chewy nougat and peanuts has been my favorite since I was a kid. My craving for sweet foods can easily be solved with this very affordable sweetie.  

Magnolia Ice Cream’s Best of the Philippines Collection
Photo source: mygreatfood.com
I already tried 3 or 4 flavors. So far I have not been disappointed. Filipino ice cream flavors at its finest.

Silvana from House of Silvanas
Photo source: cafemunchkin.com
House of Silvanas Bakeshop was one of the participants in a food expo last September. That was my second time to have a bite of that cold, crunchy, creamy, sweet round disc. I’m really wishing they have a shop nearby.

Chef Tony’s Popcorn
Photo source: pinasgift.com
Sure it’s a bit pricey compare to other sort. But this brand is living up to their slogan “A tub of happiness is nothing but the best gourmet popcorn in the world.

*****Not the end…*****

P.S. In short, wag nyo ko bibigyan ng fruitcake pag Christmas. :D
Fruitcake talaga? #so90's #angluma LOL

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Beautiful Speck of Mindanao

True to life sweethearts, Ryan and Janis have been friends for almost a decade. Their fondness for anime served as the foundation of a wonderful camaraderie which later on blossomed into a beautiful love affair. Ryan finished Electronics and Communication Engineering while Janis took up Economics. In their pursuit of a successful career in their own field, the two took a surprising turn together. They ventured into various businesses such as call center training school, internet cafe, snack bar and the most recent, event organizing. From being anime enthusiasts to being friends to exclusively dating to business partners. These two have been through a lot.

Coming from different field of expertise, organizing events tested their bond the most. But with sheer hardwork, perseverance and creativity they are able to find their niche in the business where competition is constant and complex. Ryan and Janis maybe far from having their own dream wedding, but they are committed in saying “I Do” in every opportunity that will squeeze their creative juices and passion in creating a truly unforgettable episode in one’s life.

Ryan and Janis are also very fortunate that their business venture is supplemented with collective talents and efforts of dedicated professionals, family and friends who vow to create events that are cost-efficient and uniquely true to their clients. Artistic teenagers also play integral part. They are a true testament that the today’s youth still has so much potential. Given an opportunity they’ll gonna shine brightly.

Meeting these people was just one of the many highlights of my 15-day vacation in Surigao City last April. Surigao, as we all know, is part of Mindanao region. That is why it is so heartbreaking that in some parts of the region, there is war. Surigao has left me with pleasant images - from the sceneries, the fresh air, the simple life, to the artistry of the people. I believe what I saw was just a speck of more marvellous things to explore. Ang ganda ng Mindanao. Mindanao has so much potential. It is so easy to fall in love. Unfortunately, this seemingly endless violence is causing everybody (even foreign tourists) to be extra cautious. Personally, it paralyzes my desire to see the other parts. Even if the war ends, it would take me a lot of guts (and prayers) to make a visit. Because war leaves negative impact. It hurts not only our economy but above all many are being killed. Next, we lose our freedom to savor God's natural gift.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Big Day Blues

Countdown to 30 – Last in Series

Even up to this day, I can hear people call me Ineng or Ne. In rare occasions, Miss. I’m not here to brag. It’s just that many people constantly find me young looking (kapal). It’s probably because of my short stature that I am consistently mistaken for being a knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s music to my ear to certain extent. And I really thought I’m used to it. But the music is slowly becoming like a noise. I just wish to be treated like an adult the same as most people my age.

I realized recently that self discovery is not easy. For those who know me personally, I assume they have more profound explanation why they still consider me as a young girl more than a woman that I am today. I really thought I have always been responsible for my own actions. It is not in my nature to blame others whenever I fail. However, as I continue to recall some old episodes in my past I am beginning to doubt my disposition. Through the years I feel that I have not matured, striking enough to lift myself up high after a hard fall. And I am indeed secretly feeling bitter over a lot things. I can lie to anyone but not to myself.

I have always been a dreamer. When I dream, instantly I can see vivid pictures in my head, illustrating the outcome of that vision. But as I grow old, the quality of the photos I saved in my brain memory is fading faster than before. It’s because I am losing confidence in myself and faith in the character of others. I hate it because I am writing this when I am supposedly sharing happy memories and positive outlook about the future. After everything that has been said in my last two previous posts, here I am opening up quite miserably. This is my big mouth and my wired nerves speaking once again. I do not intend to dwell in this situation permanently, that’s why. So please forgive me for ending the series full of drama.

Breathe in. Breath out (repeat 5x).

Three days to go, I am entering a new decade. My mother is already lay-outing plans for my big day. But I am somewhat sceptical if I will pursue my grand plan or a simple feast with the family will do. I am also anticipating to buy a book, a blue jeans or maybe a 500-piece puzzle set as gifts for myself. However, those are just temporary remedy. With or without it, I’ll be fine actually. More than anything I pray that I will be on the ball soon. If I have the nerves to whine, I should also have the courage to pick myself up. Strangers might still be deceived. Fine! Call me Ineng; Ne; or Call Me Maybe (Joke). But for the people that really matters, I hope to prove that the little girl they used to see has grown up. I am a woman. I am 30.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Countdown to 30 – Second in Series
(last edited 12/08/2013)

I want to be a successful entrepreneur. I really wish that one day I will own a business that will create jobs for many hardworking and persevering fellow Filipino. This is my ultimate dream in life. But realities are hitting me left and right giving me reasons to just forget about it. Like, I can’t be too ambitious. But in the last two days, I am seeing a slideshow in my head. I have been imagining the exterior of my own establishment where my food business/es will come to life. As I go along in this visualization, I discovered quite a lot of things about myself.

This is my model facade

or this...

I find old Filipino style house simply gorgeous and elegant. Amidst the emergence of modern exteriors, a classic facade is the true unique.  

Windows should look like this (to be transformed into food stalls)

or this...

Just few tables on the right side

Tables and chairs that can accomodate small or large group

Under a roof that looks like this...

or this...

Initially I just wanted a huge white umbrella attached on top of each table but rainy season is a major consideration. I thought a concrete roof is more convenient.

A television and a good sound system would be entertaining
I want to cater my guests with a little entertainment while savoring their sumptuous meal. Just as what I want to experience when I dine in elsewhere.

My inspiration for the grilling station
I want to serve grilled foods. And I want the grilling station to have a character away from the usual.

Drinks Station should look like this...
I'm so in love with this. It's simple yet complete. 
This concept could be a one stop shop for Hot and Cold. Don't you think?

and of course...

A festive mood is a joy to watch
It's always a delight to see group of people simply having fun over non-stop chatting and of course good food. This kind of ambiance will surely make someone's day 

Overall I want a classic Filipino architecture with a touch of modern elements that has a homy and welcoming vibes - just a simple place that will bring family and friends together in one table. I don't know exactly how am I going to put this whole thing into reality. This is beyond DIFFICULT. But thank God dreaming is free. For now, I just want to end this post with this quote I received in All Devotion from Facebook

Today, we believe that God wants you to know that...  
the surest way to become is to playact.
Whenever you wish to change yourself, but find it difficult, start as children do by pretending that you already are. As you play at being who you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you. 

P.S. I just read this quote yesterday morning. And I thought it was God talking to me through the social network. See, God is using even the small things to tell us his message. It really feels good to pretend like a child and see my dreams come to life. This is a great thing that I'd like to turn into a habit. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Travelling Like a Millionaire

Countdown to 30 - First in Series 

I love travelling. Apart from that, I love adventures too. I love pure adrenaline rush!  

God is good. He has given us a beautiful world to explore. Countless. But travelling isn't cheap. Preparation is a must do for me. It entails sacrificing some WANTS for a much anticipated vacation. I'm not getting younger. There will come a time my physical condition will be a huge hindrance. I wanna travel and experience the world while I can. This is my recent mantra. 

Today as my financial crisis starts to die down. I feel more free (from guilt) to list down the places I long to see and the adventures I would like to try.


Go Biking in Batanes
Photo credit: batanestravel.com
I want to explore this awesome island using a bike (is there a better way?)!!!

I want to slide and ride in the sand and play like a kid!!!

Subic Treetop Adventure 
Photo credit: iamnikkies.blogspot.com

I want heart pumping adventure near the metropolis!!!

Parasailing in Manila Bay
Photo credit: gmanetwork.com
I want to see the capital city up in the air!!!

Vertical Trek to Pagsanjan Falls
I want to sweat like a pig going to one of the most famous falls in the country!!!

Fun Run at BGC
Photo credit: takbo.ph
I want to stretch my muscles in one of my most favorite places in National Capital Region!!!

Target Shooting in Manila
Photo credit: tinypic.com

I want to know if I can hit that bull's eye!!!

Photo credit: mayonatvtour.com
I want an ultimate ride to the perfect cone just like Zac Efron!!!

Skywalk Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu

Photo credit: skyexperienceadventure.com

I want to watch my knees tremble!!!

Dahilayan Adventure in Bukidnon
Photo credit: pinoytravelfreak.com

I want to experience the Asia's longest dual zipline 
and other activities that my heart can take!!!

Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center
Photo credit: everythingcebu.com

I want to be amazed by the Cebu Dancing Inmates!!! Cheering is a good exercise for the heart, right? 

*** Not the end ****

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