Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Red Turned Green

I've been hearing about it since 2007. However, I didn’t pay too much attention until the last quarter of 2010.

Last November, I was granted with a free seat to How to be Truly Rich seminar for winning in Bo Sanchez’s blogging contest. Yes, my blog entry "The Ups and Downs of Taking Risks" was one of the lucky winners. : ) It is no secret that I admire Bro. Bo’s passion and creativity in sharing God’s words through his books and weekly spiritual meeting called "The Feast." To see a Catholic preacher talks about money might be a bit bizarre if not totally odd. But personally I think that’s also one thing that the church fails to directly teach us.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just Money for Food

The fourth fragment of My Journey to Financial Freedom reveals my thoughts and sentiments about my present status. Don’t worry this is not a heavy drama just life's reality.

In my last three posts, I have exposed my curriculum vitae and my various business ventures plus an exiguous (nosebleed) job hunting experience outside the country. So you might be asking what exactly I am doing now for a living.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Business Planning Reborn

This time, let me share my various business ideas. Learn from my brilliant business concepts…my failures rather. This is the third piece of My Journey to Financial Freedom.

The Ups and Downs of Taking Risks” was my official entry to Bro. Bo’s blogger contest last October 2010. It was about the different businesses that my family got into. Hitting rock bottom was a no stranger to me and my family. We failed in 5 businesses (two of which were not in my entry) and lost lots of money. Worst, some of my parents’ hard-earned labor just went to the hands of the greedy. Realizing our past mistakes, we have learned two lessons (1) aggressiveness is good but timing is more important and (2) know who to trust.

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