Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part I)


He is tall, dark and princely
Every woman’s ultimate desire
With his macho guapito look
Heavy burdens become placid.

He had not learned how to court
Because it's been the other way around
He was enjoying it apparently
But everything was just temporary.

One day while riding the MRT
Rush hour and indeed an elbow room
The girl who was standing on his right
Surprisingly turned him into a red statue.

All the girls he went out with
Suddenly disappeared on his memory
For the first time in his bachelor life
His heart throbbed so quickly.

Approaching North Avenue Station
The lady pulled her ticket on her pocket
The ticket accidentally fell on the floor
And landed on the guy’s left leather shoe.

The debonair hurriedly bowed down
Got the ticket and gave it back
The girl smiled and said “Thank you”
But before he knew it, she was already gone.

When everybody was already out
He was still oblivious of where he was
The only thing he could remember
Was a name tag on the girl’s white blouse.
(Smiling) : )
To be continued...

21 Speak:

jeon said...

Anong name Rej???? Was it Jayvee? Jei? Kainis naman! Bitin!

Rej said...

Haha! Pwede. :)

Rej said...

Pwede nyo pong dugtungan ang story... :)

HalfCrazy said...

So he saw the name, right? Haha, he should keep an eye out for the girl whenever he rides the MRT.

Glampinoy said...

To cut the story short, they met by destiny's design and they lived happily ever after.

Redlan said...

ganda naman nito. nakakakilig! parang movie nila ni enchong d at erich g.

YULI said...

kinilig talaga ako rej. as in! :)) cant wait for the part 2! you will write part 2 ayt? hehe (in demand). nainspire tuloy ako magsulat ng same story, pero yung girl naman ang bida. :D

Rej said...

@ HalfCrazy: Yes, nakita nya.

@ Glampinoy: wag muna...

@Redlan: salamat. di ba ung kay enchong and erich parang pipi at bingi sila. di ko alam yung buong story eh pero mukhang interesting nga.

@ Yuli: salamat. yeah my plot na ko in mind pero kulang pa eh. sige gawa ka rin. abangan ko ha. :)

Ruby said...

napakaromantic naman nito! romantic yet mysterious..hehe...

cguro saleslady ung girl kasi may name tag! heheh...jowk.. XP

chie said...

ang ganda siguro talaga nong girl.. :]

Rej said...

@ Ruby: lolz. meron pang ibang may name tag.

@ chie: let's see. :D

YULI said...

wag mong abangan rej, baka madisappoint kita :))

erwinator said...

ang pangalan na nakasulat sa nametag ng babae eh Michael. The End. X-D

Rej said...

@ yuli: sus kayang kaya mo yan. ako din di ko na nga madugtungan to. mabuti na lang tinuldukan na ni erwinator. hehe! kaso hindi nga lang ang ending hindi every woman's fantasy. haha!

@ erwinator: lolz! gusto ko yun!

YULI said...

haha. erwin naman. kinilig na ako sa story gawin abng comedy. :))

Rej said...

@ Yuli: natawa lang kasi ko sa comment ni erwinator kasi di ko naisip na pwede nga namang lalaki yung name nung nakatabi nya. haha! pero sympre i would love to end the story like a woman's fantasy. hehe! but since hindi ko pa mabuo ang story kasi ang dami kong naiisip na scenario nakokontento na ako sa ending ni erwinator. :D

erwinator said...

nyay ganun hahaha sineryoso tlga. lol. ganda ng storya to be honest and I was just kidding. X-D

YULI said...

its cool er. :P

-ellesig- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-ellesig- said...

rej, this made me smile.

Rej said...


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