Friday, July 4, 2014

Superb Sundate with Cousins

Hello my dear blog! I took a long break in blogging and now…where do I begin?

Many times I felt a great desire to make an update - about my dog that died last May or about my travel adventure with my high school friends version 2.0. Apparently, I struggled with procrastination. But now I’m back…with a happy story to tell. Because this blog deserves a blissful comeback.

Let me share with you a speck of my Sunday Pasay Getaway.

After numerous weeks of planning, last June 29 my cousins and I finally had a fun fun fun Sundate. We were only six - me, my four younger cousins and our aunt who is also younger than me.  We started the day by attending the Kerygma Feast at PICC. That was the first time for my two female cousins. Attending The Feast never fails to set a good mood.  Past 12pm, we had lunch. Since Flaming Wings and Zarks were both closed we ended up filling our starving tummy at Yellow Cab, Taft Avenue. While waiting for our order to be served, we took our first groupie and second and third and fourth etc.

Getting ready to rumble!!!

Before 2pm, we headed to our ultimate destination – Star City. We had a thrilling ride-all-you-can pass through Metrodeal’s promo worth Php280 instead of PhP420, a relatively affordable bonding activity for the six of us. Who wouldn't be happy getting a 30% discount? I was actually expecting a long queue towards the redeeming counter. But everything went so easy. Star City was not even crowded. The weather outside was also good. The whole world was seemingly conspiring to make good things happen on that day. We enjoyed (and sometimes feared) almost all rides available inside. However I just had to decline the Star Frisbee which for me has no dash of amusement. Giant Star Wheel was remarkably way better than SM MOA Eye. Bump Car is classic but has never failed to stimulate blood cells. Yet, Star Flyer was my personal favourite. The strong breeze rushing into my face was just breath-taking.

The view from The Giant Star Wheel

That's me while waiting for my four cousins with braveheart

The whole day was literally packed with stories, laughter, scream, selfie and groupie. But was it just about the fun that made that day superb? It was a rare moment though not for the four of us who live under one roof (hehe). To bond with our two female cousins was really monumental. Haha! I bet our cousins who were not with us that day were also surprised to see us together having a good time. More than that, it has paved way to reinforce family ties specially among us, cousins. In fact, the moment one of my cousins posted a number of photos in Facebook, some of our cousins in the province immediately expressed their wish to have a grand reunion. Well, that was the goal from the very beginning. It was just my simple dream and we made it happen. We were able to pull off a significant result. Sure it was a tiring day, but nevertheless very fulfilling. God is good.

Groupie before going home

P.S. We’ve only just begun. #iponiponnarinpagmaytime.  

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