Friday, June 26, 2009

Lessons From a Wanderer (Part I)

Have you seen the movie A Very Special Love?

In the first half of the film, Miggy (portrayed by John Lloyd Cruz) for me, is the epitome of a very notorious boss. I am blessed because I have not encountered a boss like Miggy. I occasionally experienced some mood swings though but they are all good people, worthy to be adored by people in the rank and file positions nonetheless.

At my age, I have already experienced working with different bosses and here’s what I can advise to people who are just starting. I am not a professional per se but the suggestions below were based on personal experiences.

Always have a pen and a notepad with you.
I am a forgetful person. Though I believe I am far from acquiring Alzheimer’s disease, I sometimes have the tendency to forget what has just been said. In my case, a pen and a notepad are always on top of my table. But even if you are totally my opposite, when you have a mountain of work load to do, writing down notes is highly recommended. I read in a broadsheet that Efficiency in an employee is being always ready. A habit of taking down notes will help you to act systematically. It will gear you up for the real battle. Thus, it may also lead you to become very efficient. We all know that there is no harm in writing so try to make it a habit.

Always be punctual. I have no big problem with this. But there are circumstances that are beyond our control. Suppose you leave your house before sunrise but you arrive a minute after your boss laid his things on his table. He will ask you: “Why are you late?” “There is a road accident near my place that causes the heavy traffic,” you reply. Do you think your boss will believe you? You’re lucky if he woke up in the right side of the bed. It’s ok to be late once in a while but pray hard that you won’t be behind the schedule when your boss is sure to come early.

Learn how to speak. Whatever career path you choose, you have to learn how to mingle with others. You need to develop your introvert character. If you can’t be friends with everybody at least try to talk to the people around you once in a while. I am not suggesting a major character transformation if you are comfortable with yourself and you like yourself that way. But adjustments have to be made. I am sure that you don’t want to be unaccompanied all the time. You will never know if you are being surrounded with beautiful people or it is best to quit your job soon when your eyes are too focused on your job alone.

Communicate with your boss. Above all things make sure that you report to your boss on a daily basis whether he just appeared in his office to sip a cup of coffee or he decides not to become visible at all. His absence is not an excuse not to discuss with him the situation of the business. Communication is also very crucial specially when a problem occurs. It doesn’t matter too much if you have solved a problem on your own. There are bosses who appreciate employee’s initiative but some interprets it as “by-passing the authority.” Most of the time, a good intention doesn’t count. It is understandable that it is quite intimidating to talk to a person above your level but the thing is He is your boss. He has to know every single problem.

I have a confession to make. One of the primary reasons why I blog is for me to be mindful of the lessons I have learned and matters which I still have to internalize. I decided to make a post about this topic not just with an objective to help the newly grads endure the reality of life after college but to serve as a personal reminder - that in the corporate world I can’t expect everything to happen the way I envision it. Like a former boss once told me:
“Iba-iba ang brainwaves ng tao.”

P.S. If there is anything that you would like to add, you may proceed to comments. Let’ help each other survive in the corporate world. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Larawang Huwad

Araw ng presentasyon sa Marketing Management.
Tapos na ang lahat.
Naidikit na ang dapat idikit.
Naisaayos na ang mga wala sa ayos.
Nasuri na ang tibay ng bawat produkto.
Handang-handa nang umarangkada ang mga nilikha ng J3TAMMY.
Oras na lang ng paghuhukom ang hinihintay.
Pero ano ang ibig sabihin ng larawang ito?

Mga Impostor?
Ang sama sa tenga.
Iupgrade natin.

Oh, say nyo?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Mood Swing Strikes

I hate it when I am sick.

I sometimes transform into a monster. My mood swings are so active. No one knows when my bad temper will burst. In fact, just an hour ago I had a minor fight with my brother. I saw a lot of his stuff in the living room. In a very authoritative tone I said "Kunin mo tong mga gamit mo dito. Kung di mo kukunin itatapon ko lahat to" (Pick up all your things here. If you refuse to follow me at once I will throw it all away)! With a vehement reaction “May sakit ka lang eh,” my brother rapidly paused the online game he was playing and grabbed his belongings away from my sight. It didn’t take me too long to realize how rude I was. The next thing I did – I kept quiet. :D


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Be in! Be hip! Be there!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009


First of all, I would like to honor once more all fathers in blogosphere.

Happy Fathers Day!

Special greetings to a father I know personally, Kuya Rowin. I know this year's celebration of Father’s Day is quite different. For ate Menchie and Zek, I know they are very proud of you. For Maia, though she left us at an early age I believe she already understood how blessed she was to have a father like you. Continue to be a blessing to everyone, bro. Happy Father’s Day!
To my Daddy, I wish you were here. I wish we celebrated this special day with you. I hope you're doing fine. Our prayers is alway with you. We love you! _________________________________________________________________

In today’s Kerygma Feast, all attendees received a gift - a small booklet with a title:

Since not everyone has this booklet, let me just share with you some portions of what’s inside.

“Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently.” – Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
In my other blog I have an entry entitled Death, I said “Death is the word that I dreaded the most…” Of course, I am aware that one day I will eventually pass away. I just don’t know when. It’ a scary thought but that’s the reality of life. Dying will all happen to everyone. No living creature on earth is exempted. I think the main purpose of the activity is to prepare ourselves for what’s going happen. Because it’ true, life is not really in our hands.

If you haven’t thought of your answers to the question above, I encourage you to read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. It’s a story of a professor who uses death to show us how to live. If the book isn't available you may read the synopsis by clicking here or just do one thing – IMAGINE.

Again, say this: If I had only 30 Days to live, How will I live?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Today’s Jackpot Prize: P288M

When I was in elementary and high school, a long line of people signifies the start of flag ceremony. Today, a long line of folks means the jackpot prize in lotto hits P288M. OMG! Almost everyone is going crazy.

Imagine this: You wake up one morning, grabbed the newspaper and saw the six digit numbers that you bet last night. Voila! You are P288 million richer.

Question: What will you do with the money that you have just won?

I will make your life easier by giving you choices:

(a) Buy a house in the most expensive subdivision in the metro(b) Experience a luxury cruise vacation to all seven continents(c) Get the latest model of high-speed car(d) Invest it in the stock market
(e) Venture into a lucrative business
(f) Throw a feast for your family and friends
(g) Assist those who are unemployed(h) Pay all your debts(i) Donate a million to your parish(j) Save it in bank(k) Build houses for street children and abandoned elders
(l) Acquire the latest gizmos
(m) Run for mayor in your municipality(n) Have a membership in all resorts exclusive for elites
(o) Eat all you want
(p) Splurge on night bars
(q) Invite your most favorite celebrity for a private concert
(r) Help the poor sick people in public hospitals(s) Gamble in casinos(t) Have a billboard in EDSA(u) Submit a business proposal to Lucio Tan or Henry Sy(v) Participate in all events for a good cause(w) Attend seminars to increase your financial literacy
(x) Study in the most classy university in the Philippines(y) Contribute to all charitable institutions that you know(z) Deposit a hundred thousand to my bank account (the best choice. hehe!)

The options are actually 10 exponentially raised to the nth power.

Whatever you want to do with your wealth I hope you will invest it wisely, spend it properly and share your blessings generously because the world needs a cheerful giver.

Actually, this post is not just about winning the lottery or a way of enticing you to bet. It’s a simple reminder that any amount of money can quickly disappear if not properly manage. We can either waste it to non-sense activities or use it to bless the world. :p
Posted 6/19/09 1:28 PM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kudos to All Daddysss

How long does it take for you to realize that the person you have just met could be your best buddy for the rest of your life?

In one hour chat over a cup of coffee? or
After two days and three night’s vacation in a quiet island in the South? or
Perhaps within ten months of business partnership? or
If you have been living together for five years under one roof?
It’s so hard to tell, right?

There are two people, however, who know and understand you from the moment you had your first cry until this very day. It’s your parents. There are times that you don’t even have to speak your heart out because they can hear you, they can see you, they can feel you, and they can smell you even though you are miles away. With your parents, you can run but you can’t hide. They have special instinct. So beware. Just kidding!

Your parents, they give you your life, but then they try to give you their life. - Chuck Palahniuk

Parents are indeed incredible creatures. They deserve to be acknowledged in the calendar. Last May 10, some parts of this world celebrated Mother’s Day. On Sunday, we are going to honor the head of the family, it’s Father’s Day!

To all fathers, advance Happy Father’s Day!
Daddy, Happy Father’s Day!

To my uncle, tito Ronnie, a first time dad - Happy Father’s Day to you!!!


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Starring Jollibee and Ronald McDonald

When I was a kid playing with dolls, lutulutuan (mini kitchen set) and matchbox which my brother used to collect is one of my favorite forms of entertainment bliss. Now, I only have few toys. Of course, I don’t play with it anymore. They serve as room decorations – symbols of my childhood memories.

If several years back my toys were everywhere, today I can say that my present toy collection is more decent-looking and scar-free.

Here’s the proof:

Oh, I love toys!!!

I love toys from Jollibee’s Kiddie Meal and McDonald’s Happy Meal plus few dekwat (sloten) toys from my baby brother's collection.

Si Jollibee at Ronald McDonald, para sa akin sila ang bida!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh Baby, Baby (Re-post)

They are highly dependent creatures. They are the most demanding. They are very self-centered, unyielding until they get your full attention. They can be very irritating specially when you have a job the next day but you haven’t taken even a forty winks at night because it is during the darkest hours that he is most alive and kickin’.

They are new born babies, that is.

New born babies have the power to paralyze a person’s physical endurance and drain emotional energies away. But despite the complexity of having a baby, why do married couples still choose to have a child if it is a given fact that babies are experts in ruining the serenity of their home and will drastically change their lifestyle? Why do we, adults, still consider them cute despite the fact that their hobbies generally revolve on crying, sleeping and drinking milk?

The answer is simple – LOVE.

To parents when a baby is born the word “sacrifice” suddenly has a new meaning. Sacrifice is often associated to pain, misery, difficulties, hardship etc. It is. But because of love sacrifice becomes the most important word, so beautiful that parents are willing to give their whole lives for their infant. To the toddler’s parents to grandparents to relatives to neighbors to strangers, babies bring great joy.

Why am I suddenly talking about babies?

Last week, I read a short essay about a soon-to-be father. Before his baby is born he and his wife bought the best crib that their money can afford and decorated it with cute little accessories. The couple was so excited but when the infant finally came out of his mother’s womb, the baby didn’t appreciate the crib. The amount of the crib didn’t matter. Instead, the baby enjoys the bed where his parents sleep. The middle part has become the baby’s official territory.

Last Sunday while my family is on church, we were seated behind a young family. The couple has three children ages 2 to 6 I think. The youngest really caught my attention. The baby boy was so playful as if the priest didn’t exist. He was so unmindful of his environment. For half an hour he just played. When he got tired of playing, he craved for his parents attention. His mother gave him a snack and his father cuddled him in his arms.
For babies and young kids, the amount of any material things doesn’t matter. A holy message isn’t important too. They just want to be loved, naturally - a love that is connected with time and attention; a love showed through warm embrace and sweet kisses. For them, abundant life is not about having six digit numbers in bank it’s about being loved. And for parents loving his children means happiness.

I am no longer a baby (physically). I value some sort of independence in my life but of course I still depend on my parents love and support – morally and sometimes financially, hehe! I no longer crave for my parents’ hugs and kisses but once in a while I miss it. Maybe because in my mind I’m still their baby and perhaps will always be. And I am thankful that though I have changed a lot my parents don’t.

Like our parents in this world, God is our parent too and the entire humanity is his babies including those who have just celebrated their 75th birthday. He looks at us as a newborn child longing to be cradled in his arms. As a matter of fact when life gets tough, God is always there to give us comfort; to shower us with love. And when life is at its best, I believe God also rejoices in heaven. There are times, however, that we don’t feel God’s presence. We sometimes think that God has changed because we’ve changed.

Infancy is the first stage of human development. We grow and age as time passes by. Soon, we become 5 feet taller (ouch) or more. In a little while we often find ourselves spending more time with friends. After college we become too preoccupied with work and thus we sometimes forget that there is God who loves us so much. When problem suddenly arises, we think we are being punished for the things that we did and didn’t do. Circumstances can't change the character of God. God has always been there. Though he looks at us like a newborn child, sometimes he allows us to be independent so we could make use of the blessings that He has given us like our intelligence and multiple skills. He wants us to enjoy freedom – the freedom to choose what kind of life we want to live. God also wants us to grow spiritually and emotionally so we could also learn how to love. Unlike newborn child and young kids, adults have the capability to understand the value of sharing and loving others. God wants us to experience the beauty of loving. Perhaps, that’s also one of the reasons why babies also need to grow.

Are you still the person I describe in the first paragraph? Or a baby who also desires to experience the beauty of loving?
Posted last 6/16/09

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Short Retrospect in the Past 30 Days

My dear friends congratulate me. After 48 years, I already saw the movie “A Very Special Love” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Thanks to Cinema One. I liked the movie but I would still go for John Lloyd and Bea. Just my opinion. :p

My father went on board last Sunday. We were all sad but some sacrifices have to be made for a greater purpose. :(

My friend and I have repeatedly discussing one common goal – entering business. We are both excited. The realization of our plan will have a delay though because we don’t have enough resources as of this moment. But we are both positive that our vision will push through in the near future.

In connection to the above statement, I found myself researching websites on different recipes and watched few cooking demo in Youtube. That’s odd considering I am a lackadaisical when it comes to kitchen matters. I have not tried any instead I let my mom looked through the food photo and instructions and listened to what she has to say.

Last Friday night, TV 5 presented the TV premiere of the movie Inang Yaya (Mother Nanny), a film produced by Unitel Productions. It’s a light-hearted drama that deals with the struggles and joy of a nanny. The dialogues are not too heavy and the approach to every scene is relatively realistic. The movie deserves a Rated A (Clap Clap Clap).

I had a fantastic date. No it’s not the kind of date that you’re thinking. I had a date with myself in one of my favorite cities in Luzon, the city of Manila. In pursuit of Motorolla model RZR2 V9, I entered all cellphone stores in Robinson’s Place and SM Manila. I treated myself with Plato Wraps’ ham and cheese and noodles and strawberry juice from another food stall. I surveyed Intramuros for a possible business opportunity, had a glimpse of San Agustin church and took short refuge inside the Manila Cathedral. Then I travelled the long roads of España all the way to SM North. The journey drained my energy but filled my heart. J

I finally had the courage to face a serious issue that haunted me for less than a month. It was a frightening decision but the reward of taking the risk was a great relief.

My bedroom looks like a real bedroom now. I am pleased with the “before and after” look. Yihee!!!

My brother is back to school. In line with this, I am preparing myself to a mountain of homework and school projects. We’re back to school if I may say so. J

I am back to blogging. I renovated my 5 blogs, made an update and interacted with some blog addicts. Oh yes, I’m back!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Please pray for me

Tonight I’m going to face my fear. I’m carrying this burden for three weeks now. It’s about time to remove the garbage in my heart. If asking for forgiveness is the only way to appease the agony, it is best to take the risk.

There is such thing called “perfect timing.” But in the situation that I am facing, perfect timing is so blurry because I am clueless of the real effects of what I did in the past. I can only guess. That’s why I’m hurt…

The past two months were the times of fun and learning. In between was a personal struggle to adjust in an environment that I am not used to. In my own judgment, I did a fair job. Unfortunately not everyone didn’t notice the changes in me. Maybe because they really didn’t know me in the first place and vice versa. It is so easy to assume that it could be the root of the problem or maybe there was a deeper basis. But whatever the cause was, it doesn’t really matter now because it’s all in the past. Now, there is only one thing that I want to do and that is to say “Ma’am _______, I’m Sorry.”

My dear friends please pray for me. Thank you.

P.S. Sorry if I choose to keep the entirety of the story private.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ang Super Twins ng Singalong

“Kapangyarihan ng araw. Taglay na Liwanag. Kambal na lakas. Kami ang Super Twins!"

Una sa lahat nais kong humingi ng paumanhin dahil sa napili kong pamagat - “Super Twins.” Hindi maikakailang medyo napagiwanan na ako ng panahon. Wala na kasi akong alam sa mga teleseryeng namamayagpag pagkatapos ng 24 Oras at TV Patrol. Naisip ko nga rin ang kambal ni Bakekang na sina Charming at Krystal. “Charming at Krystal, ang Kambal sa 5th Row” o kaya “Charming at Krystal, the Inseparable Twins.” Shucks! ang Chaka. Lol. Haha!!! Halos wala naman talagang pinagkaiba ang napili kong pamagat. Jologs pa rin kung tutuusin. Medyo upgraded lang ng konti dahil ang Super Twins ay may kapangyarihan sumupil ng mga taong nangaapi at lumipad sa kalawakan. Samantalang ang kambal ni Bakekang,…never mind. Simulan na ang kwento.

Eto na… (Drum Roll)

Naaalala nyo pa ba noong unang araw ng klase?
Nakacivilian ang lahat ng biglang…
Dalawang babaeng nilalang
Pumasok sa pinto ng room 208
Nakaputing blouse at itim na pantalon.
Wow! simula pa lang ng klase loyalista na.
Kinabukasan, nakauniform na ang lahat
Silang dalawa? tanong nyo na lang sa kanila.

Kinalaunan, kapansinpansin ang pagiging close
Ng dalawang nabanggit na dalagita.
Kahit saan magpunta, hindi sila mapaghihiwalay.
Si mommy at si baby laging magkasama
Sa hirap man o sa ginhawa.
Tunay na pagkakaibigan
Yan ang kadalasang tawag natin dyan.
Nagsimula sa paaralang Araullo
At nagpatuloy sa bayan ng Singalong.
Sa TUP ganyan pa rin ang naging eksena.
Magugulat ka pa ba?
Malamang, hindi na.

Silang dalawa’y magkaibigan
Ngunit magkapatid din.
Hindi man sa laman
Sa puso at sa diwa
Silang dalawa’y tinadhana.
Hugis ng katawan hindi nagkakalayo.
Hairdo nila magkahawig din.
Tuwing nanananghalian
Nakakatatlong kanin lang naman.
Pero ang katawan nila
Parati naming kinaiingitan.

Sa linya ng Astrology,
Gemini at Leo ang zodiac signs nila.
Gusto mo bang malaman
Kung ano ang sinasabi
Ng mga stars nila?

When Gemini and Leo form a friendship, it is a playful and high-spirited connection. There is a lot of movement and optimism in this friendship. Leo has a spirit of creativity that is attractive to Gemini, who enjoys mental stimulation. Arguments may arise if Leo takes Gemini’s flirtatious nature too seriously, or if Gemini feels that Leo wants total control of their friendship. They are well matched, though Leo wants to experience things firsthand, and Gemini would rather examine them from several different angles. Together they can discover and understand more than they would alone.

The best aspect of the Gemini-Leo friendship is their youthful, even childlike view of the world. They can truly understand and value each other’s input to the world. Together they can discover aspects of life that they would have missed separately. Together, this duo will enjoy a successful and mutually beneficial friendship.

To read complete details click the link below
May katotohanan man
ang sinasabi ng mga bituin o wala
Ang mahalaga, vibes sila.

Tuwing may lakad nga ang barkada
At hindi sila nakakasama
Tanong ng lahat
Nasan yung dalawa?
May something ba?
Hay naku! parang may kulang
Halata mo rin ba?

Matagal tagal na rin
Nung huli ko silang nakita.
Masaya kami noon.
Pero ngayon balita ko
Parang may something.
Sana ayos lang sila.
Sana sa susunod na lakad ng tropa
Super Twins pa rin ang dalawa.

Eto nga sila noon oh,

Namiss ko sila bigla.
Ikaw, namiss mo rin ba?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do you want to be a champion?

What is Coach?

Coach as defined in google dictionary is
· someone in charge of training an athlete or a team (sports)
· a person who gives private instruction (as in singing, acting, etc.)
The Coaches I Know and Met (as defined in the dictionary)
I used to follow PBA when I was in elementary and high school. Robert Jaworski or more popularly known as “The Big J” was the coach of the team for a very long time. Ginebra was “The Big J” and “The Big J” was Ginebra. They seldom won championships during his time but everyone in the league treated him with high respect and admiration. In my opinion, Robert Jaworski may not be considered the best coach in PBA but his never-say-die spirit and his exceptional coaching style are definitely the most exciting making Ginebra team as one of the most if not the most loved teams in Philippine Basketball history.

In 2004, I worked for Ms. Ana Valdes Lim as production assistant. She’s a famous theater director and an acting coach rolled into one. It is through her where I first learned the importance of having a coach. In theater, it is not enough that actors and actresses have the ability to project a fearful expression during a horror scene, their acting should also incorporate to their body movements and direction. As an acting coach, Ma'am Ana's duty is to teach the actors how to internalize and think while they are on stage.

For two months I was surrounded with voice coaches. No, I didn’t take voice training. Let’s just say, I don’t have plans to disgrace myself in public. Hehe! Seriously, they were part of my professional life which is not too long ago. When you’re a voice coach it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re also a good singer and vice versa. That’s their mantra. At first, I couldn’t understand the rationale behind it. Eventually, I’ve realized there is some truth about it. Voice coaches may not have a voice of a diva but they have the expertise to identify which sounds good and which tone is shattered. And of course, they have the ability to train. Not all good singers have that.
What are the roles of a coach?
Coaches are educators. They are like our teachers in the regular school. But unlike in regular class, coaches don’t normally bring an attendance sheet and then later on will make a roll call, attendance is normally not a must but being absent is absolutely a big loss. They don’t usually use blackboard and chalks, their voice is their typical teaching tool or their main capital. They don’t normally have a classroom with chairs arranged into two columns and five rows, students would either sit in real chair or on the floor. Like teachers, however, coaches give instruction on how to do this and how to do that.
Coaches serve as a third eye. They see what we cannot see. In basketball for example, when players are in the hardcourt their main focus is on the ball - who’s handling it and where is it going. They don’t really see whose player is having a good defensive play or whose gonna appear for an offensive rebound. In other words, players don’t really see the whole picture when playing but coaches do. It is the duty of a coach to analyze the game and come up with a good play.

Coaches are either a fan or a critic. They are commentators. In acting for example, when an actor weep in a heavy drama scene a typical televiewer might conclude he’s a good actor because he can cry easily. The actor has instantly gained a fan or has deceived an innocent but an expert in the field of acting, doesn’t react the way typical televiewers do. They know exactly if the acting lacks emotion or it’s too much. Another illustration is this: in a singing contest if you desire to emerge as the sole survivor, most of the time it is not enough that you practice your piece everyday. You may have the tendency to be overzealous and overwork yourself in rehearsals but still end up out of tune. With a coach, expect your aspiration to succeed to be nourished. Coaches know your strengths and your weaknesses. They know exactly which part of your performance is commendable and which needs improvement. That’s why coaches are considered honest creatures because it is their job to be honest.
Why do we need a coach?

Manny Pacquiao, the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world has been training under the supervision of his coach, Freddie Roach.

Philip Douglas Jackson was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls from 1989 through 1998. During his tenure, Chicago Bulls won six NBA titles.

Jonalyn Viray, Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Rachelle Ann Go and Charice Pempengco are champions and runner-up of different singing competition in the Philippines. Now, they are considered singing sensations of today’s generation. But did you know that they were trained by professional voice coaches before they became popular?

These people have become champions in their chosen field with dedicated and professional coaches in their background. In real life, however, coaches are essential not only when you’re engage in sports or you’re an aspiring movie star or a singing diva. Coaches are there to guide us; to help us reach our plans in life; to help us make life easier. An ordinary person cannot do that only those who are experts in their field can. However, coaches don’t necessarily appear in coat and tie and very articulate in English. They are usually the most successful people who have gone through a lot of failures in pursuit of their utmost priorities in life.

There is nothing wrong to depend on our own wisdom and values but wouldn’t it be easier to achieve our goals if we have a coach on our side?; someone who could help us layout good patterns so we know which direction we should take?; someone who can honestly tell us if we have done a good job or we need to excel more in this area?

Do you also want to be a champion in all aspects in your life? Maybe all you need is a good coach. So do I.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Old Me and The Changed Lass

What is change?

Why do people need to change?

My dear friends, what you are about to read are not the answers to my questions above. This is about me again. Yes, for the nth time. This is about a fraction of my past, my present and some very simple changes I never thought would make incredible effect in my life.

(Drum Roll)

On Food Intake

3 cups of rice, 3 chicken drumsticks, 1 whole tomato and 12 oz. bottle of soda. No, that’s not my meal for the whole day. That’s an illustration of my lunch when I was in Grade 2. So, would you still be surprised if I tell you I once weighed 50 kilos? 50 kilos for a Grade School student, just imagine that.

Now, I am 25 years old. I can go to Departmentstore and buy t-shirt in Kids section. Surgical clinic will not earn profit from me for two reasons: (1) surgical procedure is exclusive for millionaires and (2) I don’t need it. Halleluiah!

On Tasting Siopao

I dreaded eating siopao. Not because I believe in the rumor that siopao contains cat meat. Eww!!! I hated it! I cursed it! I swear to myself never will that circular white Chinese food touch even the tip of my tongue. Ok, I’m exaggerating. Hehe! In short, the first time I tasted it I didn’t like it. Period.

Well, not until my mom made a few. My perception about siopao has instantly disappeared. Still not my most favorite food but at least the Chinese people would no longer hate me. My mom is the best cook in the world, I swear! :p

On Writing Essays

When I was a kid and a teenager, I never had an interest in writing. I never experienced being part of school paper because my journalism knowledge will not qualify. I also rarely got high grades in essay quizzes. Though my ideas were all written still my teachers didn’t get my point. Dammit!

In college, I saw the year book of Quezon City Science High School batch 1997. It was composed of few paragraphs describing every student who graduated in that year. I scrutinized it. I made sure I understood every page; grasped new words; learned from their creativity. After that, I experimented. If you want to see my first attempt in writing composition, click here. Today, I manage five blogs. My grammar still fails, the use of punctuation mark is usually incorrect, wrong spelling is a common mistake and my vocabulary is so simple. However, my product nowadays if to be compared way back elementary and high school my teachers will absolutely understand my point of view. And blogging has a lot of thing to do with this high leap.

On Book Collection

When I was a student, the only books you can see in my bag and cabinet were academic-related. The books that I bought were part of my teachers’ requirements. I would enter the library only because I had assignments or I had to memorize the history of mankind because we’re going to have a graded recitation the following day.

At a time when life is starting to hit me and begin to miss school, I have learned to love National Bookstores and Powerbooks; to honor writers and novelists; and to embrace non-fictional stories. Academic books are out; novels, inspirational and humorous manuscripts are in. Not to mention a few fashion and home magazines.

On Meeting People

At first glance, you may have an impression that I am a snob, in tagalong suplada. If you have never seen a raging tiger, just look at my face you will have a perfect picture of what it looks like. Most people think I’m always like ready for a boxing match. I say “Don’t worry because I don’t have plans of following Manny Pacquiao’s career path.”

Its 2009. Still nothing has changed. No, there’s a bit. I’m still the kind of person that I was but I have good news. If I was the type of person who would never make a first move to make friends because I’m kinda shy and moody, I can do that now. Really. As I have said, my face usually resembles the look of a furious tiger, so there are times that I really try to make an effort to reach out to people just to assure these people that I don’t bite; that I’m also a human being just like them. Hehe! Perhaps, circumstances have also trained me to become more sociable.

On My Relationship with My Mom

Have you heard the saying “Birds of the same feather flock together.” Well, my mom and I have different feather. We’re so different in many aspects. She loves cooking; I don’t. She sleeps early; I sometimes sleep when she is about to wake up. I like listening to music; she would only listen to music if I turn on the radio. I’m a minor lakwatsera; she’s a certified homebody. We frequently argue over small things.

My mother was my mother and I was her child. Well, that was before. Now, my mom is also my best friend. We’re still very different but we both have learned how to adjust to each other’s likes and dislikes. She respects my opinion as much as I respect hers. She values my decision the way I value her authority. She loves me and I love her too. J

On Catholic Faith

Few years back, I rarely go to church to hear mass. I must admit I once considered Catholic mass dull and unnecessary. I only went to church maybe because if I didn’t hear the first and second reading I might fail in our religion quiz the next day; or possibly because of my upbringing. I didn’t really understand what Catholicism is all about; why having strong faith in God is important.

Today, I regard Sunday as my favorite day of the week. Going to church excites me. Hearing mass has become a celebration of life. It’s a day of glorifying God together with my brothers and sisters in faith. I’m happy I’m a Catholic.

The Conclusion

Things do not change, we change – Henry David Thoreau

*Imagine if I didn’t control my eating habit, you might think Doraemon and I are twins.
*Imagine if I didn’t taste the siopao that my mom cooked, I missed one of my mom’s masterpieces.
*Imagine if I didn’t try composing essays, my inner thoughts and feelings might be buried for a long time.
*Imagine if I didn’t buy new books, dust and pest would have built a home in my bookshelf.
*Imagine if I didn’t open my mouth and make friends, the people around me might really think I'm a tiger hiding in a human form.
*Imagine if I didn’t try to understand my mom and vice versa, maybe our house is like a war zone minus wire barricades and medical assistants.
*Imagine if I didn’t choose to go to church every Sunday, I maybe living in devastation by now.
Imagine if I didn't decide to change, I ignored seven wonderful blessings.

Tangible objects do not change. It will remain lifeless forever because it is man who created it. But human beings are made different because it is God who molded us. We have a brain and a heart. And we all know the purpose of these two major body parts, right?

To change is a brilliant decision. It can lead you to a happier life. But change doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. So I hope when we decide to change something about ourselves it’s for the better, not for worse. If simple changes can make enormous difference, what more are the big changes can do to our lives (and maybe to others)?

Posted 6/2/09 1:44 AM

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