Friday, February 27, 2009

Juan dela Cruz, Paki English Nga

Flex your brain muscles. It's Talasalitaan with a Twist. Let's see how good you are! When you’re done you may leave your answers to feedback or send it to my email. Then, I will give you the correct answers. Or you may upload this activity by clicking this Paki English

P.S. I just finished this activity 10 minutes ago. At last, after 48 years. Hehe! Have fun and Good luck!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Brief Prophetic Autobiography

I just finished blowing two numeral candles, a double no. 9. Yes, today is August 12, 2082. Surrounded with people from generation Y to the babies of the 21st century, I am celebrating my 99th birthday.

Some still get surprised when they discover my real age. They thought I am only in my 60’s. Thanks for the compliment, folks. I owe the current formation of my human anatomy not to any surgical doctor or to any medicinal tablet but to people who has never failed to bring life in my life through the years. However, I must admit that my eye sight is getting dimmer and my bones are becoming weaker each day. Thus, I can feel that I am about to reach the end of my journey. Standing beside me is a handsome young man. In his hands is my autobiography which I dictated few days before this very day. With a joyful heart, I’d love to share this with you.

I was born in 1983. My parents, Baltazar and Evangeline Reginio, named me Joan. I was the 2nd and only daughter of three children. My father is a high school graduate and never entered college. Sweat and blood flowed as he tried to climb the ladder of success. He was triumphant. He became a seafarer, a 3rd Engineer. My mother is a college dropout. She remained a housewife and nourished us with good values. My parents were the epitome of Good Samaritan of their generation. They loved each other so dearly. It was through my parents where I learned how to love another human being.

I studied in four different schools: a public elementary school, a Catholic learning organization, a private non-sectarian institution and a public university. I had a lot of wonderful memories as a student. I struggled severely to get high grades but still I failed in several subjects. But it was ok. At the end of every school year I got passing mark. I also had many petty quarrels and a few quite serious disagreements with my classmates but we managed to work things out because we longed for the friendship that we once had. Most of my friends stayed for a long time. Look around, if you see a woman or a man with white hair and still looks gorgeous as I do, s/he is probably my classmate in high school or college. Some of them went to heaven ahead of us. They all had prosperous lives. To those who are still alive, I want you to know that I am very lucky to have friends like you.

When I finished college, I would move from one company to another after few months or a year of service. I wandered for a long time. It was frustrating. Because of this, it came to a point that I suspected myself to have Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. I met a psychologist. On our second meeting, she told me I was 100% normal. With that, I was a bit relieved. We had a total of seven sessions. However, our communication didn’t stop there. She continued to inspire me until she died of old age. She was a terrific woman.

In September 2007, I experienced an incredible twist in my life when I attended the Kerygma Feast, a Catholic prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Community. I experienced a spiritual renewal. I also instantly became part of the Kerygma Family which was formed only through exchange of messages in a Catholic virtual forum. They were composed of young men and women with the same desire to restore their lives through Christ. After almost a year, my family finally decided to join me in the fellowship. Our relationship significantly changed as we encountered God’s presence in our daily living. Soon we became part of the LOJ Community which to this very day we still serve.

In March 2009, the job hopping finally stopped when a media company trusted my aptitude. They hired me as a production assistant. I was part of a very talented, dedicated and loving team. We decided to work hand in hand so we could help the company rise to greater success. After two years, I was promoted and got one of the highest positions. I couldn’t believe in what I heard. At first, I doubted my capacity to lead but my team assured me with their support and trusted me even more. I accepted the challenge. My team became faithful to their promise and our company stood very strong amidst economic crisis. When I had a reunion with some of my former officemates, they were very happy to hear the good news that finally I found the place where I truly belong.

Before I reached 30, I met a man that changed my point of view about growing old with a significant other. I was very firm with my decision to stay single but he was too stubborn that he never stops courting until I said YES. It’s funny because at a time when a lot of people no longer believed on true love, I did (Hehe!). We dated for more than a year and got married when we both realized we couldn’t imagine ourselves becoming old without each other. We were blessed with one beautiful daughter. We were living a comfortable life when we decided to adopt an abandoned boy. Our yearning to help poor kids go to school grew to as much as 25 children. They all became successful with their chosen career. Our kids eventually had their own family but they helped us continue what we have started.

When my parents started their own business, I and my brothers, supported their passion morally and financially. They finally got to see their own dreams. We encountered difficulties but together we were able to surpass everything. I loved my family and my sister-in-laws, their kids and my grandchildren. We gathered in our parents’ huge farm in Tagaytay once a month. We also travelled the Philippines and the 7 continents once a year. We also enjoyed participating in various activities for a good cause. Yes, I was a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a grandmother, an aunt, a godmother, a corporate leader, a businesswoman, a ministry servant or a volunteer. I retired at the age of 55 but continued to serve God through my family, my friends and different ministries. I also had my first book that gives inspiration to a lot of people whose lives were going astray.

Having said all these, God indeed has showered me with blessings beyond my imagination. To everyone, thank you for loving me and understanding my weaknesses and shortcomings. Thank you for helping me fill up what is lacking in my life. I became who I am because of your love. And I thank God for having you in my life. Soon, I will die and meet my Creator. May you continue to love each other as you have loved me. God loves you very much and he also wants your life to be very blessed.

Always young at heart,

Joan aka Rej
P.S. Thank you my handsome grandson for reading my story.

**This article is inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez. Last Sunday, we were encouraged to rewrite our own life story. This activity, however, has an interesting twist. The rule is to combine the past, the present and the future. Sounds cool? Quick, do your own now.
Three Reminders:
1. Include the bad experiences and the lessons learned. That’s part of your life and there is no way that you can erase it. Do not be afraid to be judged. Keep in mind that you cannot please everybody. Be open-minded and know that you are loved. Who knows what you consider awful might serve as an inspiration to many.
2. If your present is something that you want to continue, imagine how you want it to go on. Otherswise, develop a new scene.
3. Remember that the future may not happen exactly the way you imagine it. Remember this is just a vision. God knows best. Nevertheless, keep on imagining. It will motivate you to reach your dreams. And know that dreams do come true through optimism, hardwork, perseverance, and trust in God. Keep the faith.
My God will fully supply whatever you need, in accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus - Philippians 4:19
P.S. Part II: Sorry if I broke my own words not to share anything about myself for the meantime. I was excited to do this, so please bear with me. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I got tagged!

I already discussed so many facts and trivial information about myself in my older posts. I had “100 Things About This Kiddo and “All About Rej Part I and Part II.” I think it would be best to have a break for the meantime. But this one is interesting since there is a twist in the rule. The rule is to list 25 random fun facts about my spouse/significant other. But since I still haven’t found that word in my own dictionary, I just decided to list down 5 common stuff about the people close to my heart which I group into five: my family, my friends, my officemates, my bosses, and my future pals and colleagues .

Here it is…

My Family1. My family loves sharing stories while having a nice lunch in a long banana leaf. It’s our simple act of strengthening the union.
2. My family is seemingly enjoying throwing criticisms on each other’s face. A short debate will follow but end up loving each other even more.
3. My family loves Sundays. It’s a day with the Lord and a perfect time for family bonding.
4. Cooking is my mom’s favorite hobby and she’s very good at it. And us? Eating is our expertise =)
5. My parents value frugality. But they spoil us with yummy food and the luxury to watch any television shows we like through cable tv.

My Friends1. My friends are prudent. We love “patak patak.” or “KKB.” In short, when we go out only stories and laughter are free.
2. My friends are not night people. We start gathering before sunset and go home before the darkest hour. If you don’t want to receive a phone call from my mom, you should let me go before 10 or 11 in the evening.
3. My friends used to gather in our house whenever there is a school project to finish or we are oblige to catch butterflies in vacant lots nearby. They also crave for my mom’s bread roll. That’s their favorite.
4. My friends rejoice for each other’s achievements and with a cheerful heart we support those who are heavily burdened.
5. We frequently set a date for a “swimming jaunt” and it usually remains a plan, a beautiful drawing (Guys, when are we going to buy paint?). Hehe!

My Officemates
1. During lunch, my officemates occupy a long table as if nobody is allowed to butt in.
2. My officemates all have Friendster account. Its either they open it during lunch break or have it forgotten.
3. Workaholic is a common terminology among my officemates. If only there is a den in the office, their families may not be able to recognize them once they go home on weekends.
4. My officemates love their families very much. It’s their foremost reason why they toil and go home late for an overtime pay.
5. My officemates keep a simple lifestyle so they still have something to bring for their kids and loved ones.

My Bosses
1. Aggressiveness is the common denominator among all the bosses that I worked with. They are always excited to reach their goal.
2. My bosses love what they do. Office is their home or their playground.
3. My bosses usually keep their own accounting. They are good in calculations.
4. My bosses all have eyeglasses. I guess when they were younger they spent most of their time reading books than listening to the sounds of The Beatles or watching Clint Eastwood’s flicks.
5. There is no dull moment once they start cracking jokes. Their sense of humor is fabulous.

My Future Pals and Colleagues
1. They are part of some ministries for the poor. They encourage me to participate and help build a happier and hopeful nation.
2. They are very adventurous. They are agents that will help me fulfill my dream to travel in different God’s magnificently-crafted ground and bodies of water.
3. They are spiritually matured and will lead me closer to God.
4. They have the entrepreneurial spirit. They are my mentors towards becoming a millionaire.
5. They love arts. They encourage me to support indipendent films.

Now, it’s my turn to pass this contagious activity. I’m tagging only two people: Kuya Rowin and Sis Roselyn.

Guys, you may stick to the original rule. I was exempted but you guys are not (Hehe!). Have fun and dedicate it to your OTL.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brothers Fighting

My 13-year-old brother and my 2nd year college cousin had a minor fight last week. How did I/we find out? Well, the basic symptoms were obvious.

a. They weren’t talking.
b. My brother carried his pillows and blanket to the living room and slept in the couch. :p

When petty quarrel arises between the two, I think it’s cute (Bad influence? Hehe!). But don’t get me wrong. I don’t tolerate the gap. I just think that kind of episode in their lives is essential part of growing up. Nobody knew the root of their disagreement but as soon as my father noticed the symptoms, he approached my brother. The latter said “Hindi naman ako ang nagsimula (I didn’t start it).” My father didn’t go deeper with the story anymore. Instead, he advised my brother to settle the issue immediately. Knowing my brother, he normally speaks vehemently specially when not in the mood but I’m sure he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. He has bad tantrums. Nevertheless, he is a sweet and loving boy. While my cousin, though already in college, he is still a young boy with fragile feelings and emotions that require considerations.

Today, I finally see them talk. Yes, the fight is over (I think). Maybe they miss each other. Or maybe they have decided to end the rift. Or maybe the wound that they caused in each other’s heart is already gone. Or maybe boys are just like that: they fight over small things then they would make up unconsciously. Whatever the reason is, I’m glad the pakners in crime are back together. I miss the brotherhood of these two young men.

The realization: Sometimes it’s also best to allow teenagers to resolve their own problem. We just have to believe and trust that they can. I hope adults would learn to act similarly. When a minor conflict occurs, they don’t complicate things. They give each other space. They don’t let their pride destroys the bond. In the end, relationship matters the most... If teens can do it, why can't we?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Patay Kang Kuko Ka!!!

by mitch
rush hour nanaman, hirap sumakay ng jeep,
kya e2 kmi ni joan lkad pabalik pra lng makasakay!
hindi p don nata2pos ang aming pki2pagsapalaran tuwing uwian,
pagbaba namin sa doroteo jose dhil nga rush hour punuan din ang bus,
andon ung kylangan mong salubungin ang bus kung gusto mong my maupuan,
maniniwala ba kayo na yang liit ni joan galing nyan sumingit ang ending nakaupo kmi!
syempre ako ung nakapwesto sa tabi ng bintana.
e2 na si joan bgay nya na ang pamasahe nya skin, as if ako ang kundoktor. hehe....
syempre byad naman ako, 1 nga pong vista verde at 1 royal mall.
trafic na2man, tagal ng byahe, inantok kmi ni joan,
malas lang biglang umambon, mukhang magtutuloy tuloy kya sinarado ko ang bintana.
dhil nga antok kmi, wla muna usap2, idlip muna kmi.
nasa xpresway na kmi ng hindi makatiis si joan sa sobrang init at
magka2halong amoy ng mga pasahero, ayun binaba nya ang bintana ng bus
di nya lam na nakalagay don ang daliri ko, kya napasigaw talaga ako sa gulat at sakit.
PATAY KANG KUKO KA! dahil nag iba tlaga ang kulay ng kuko ko.
pro in fairness nag alala talaga si jaon halos hindi magkandamayaw
sa paghingi ng sorry ang lola mo khit na alam ko nman na di nya sinasadya un.
malinta exit na pla, bababa nalang ako e2 pa din si joan cge pa rin ang sorry.
banat naman ako ng o pano ingat k nalang, kita nalang bukas,
magsa2bi kana kapag gusto mo buksan ang bintana ha. sabay tawa kami..

di ko lang sure kung naalala pa ni joan, gusto ko lang i share!
mis na mis ko na ang tropatits, kylan kya tyo mabubuo?????
miss yah ang lav yah guyz!!!!! mwah

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today's Headline

My father loves watching news. I don’t.
.Each time my father turns on the tv, he would switch the channel to ANC or DZMM for current events and latest news report. Not that I don’t want to listen or know what’s happening in the nation or the world, I am just tired of seeing endless senate investigation about various anomalies, which in the end no one gets punished. I also couldn’t stand hearing stories about house fire which resulted to the demise of two innocent children; rape, sex scandal and marital abuse; murder such as massacre, criminal homicide, and assassination of a dignified man; accidents caused by vehicular mishap, medical negligence and natural calamities. I frequently imagine myself being in those situations and it scares me to death.
.I sometimes ask myself why the televiewers have to witness a picture of a child being drowned by his/her own blood because he/she was killed by his own father. Where is the father’s conscience? Did his soul fly away while doing the heinous crime? Did he lose his values somewhere else?
. Why do we have to find out government financial irregularities when several witnesses fearlessly testified for the truth to come out and yet no one is proven guilty of the offense? Graft and corruption, for me, is a serious misdeed. Every citizen of this country is a victim. Even those who are still inside their mother’s womb are already being punished by supposedly public servants who only work for their self-interest.

Don’t you feel sorry for people who died in a sunken ship because of human carelessness? The ship crew knew that the vessel can only carry a maximum of 2000 people and yet 4000 passengers fleeted during storm signal no. 4. How would you explain such thing to the family of the casualties?
In difficult circumstances such as those I mentioned above, there seems to be no good word/s to ease the pain of a person mourning for the loss of a loved one. In my other post I said “There are situations in life that we may not be able to change or beyond our control. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to transform or improve the course of event.” Apparently, we cannot change the events that already happened. If the episode is something nice and gratifying, we naturally feel blissful. Otherwise, if it is something unpleasant or horrible, I don’t think there is a person, in his right mind, would wish to witness the same occurrence again. I don’t think we would want to be devastated for the same reason/s (although it seems to me that that is always the case).

Friends, when are we going to learn from our bad experiences? Let’s not be stubborn. We can’t have a deaf ear all the time and assume that everything is going to be fine. Let’s listen to what the news are telling us even though we don’t want too because certainly there is a hidden essential message to every story. No matter how bad the report is, it is still a source of something to contemplate on if we want a change in our lives and in the society. And hopefully this change is for the betterment of the entire humanity and the future generation.

In the scripture, we are ordered to love God above all things and the second commandment is to love our neighbors (Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind; and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Luke 10:27). As human being and as a son of God, we have a responsibility to take care of each other. The ultimate evidence of loving God is by loving others and by trying to be like Jesus on earth. If there are things that are beyond our control, it’s because we are being taught to become conscious of the needs of others and everything that is around us; we are being persuade to unite so we could fill up what is lacking; we are being reminded that each and every human being has a significant role to play in this journey called life.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Act As If

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I browsed a number of old newspapers, cut the pictures I found significant, and added it in my clear book. This morning, in Kerygma Feast, the attendees were asked to lift up the illustrations that symbolize who we are five years from now. Yeah, I lifted up the clear book. I have a lot of dreams, obviously. They say dreaming is one of the free things on earth. In Filipino “libreng mangarap.” So, dream big.

It was a grandeur event. In connection with Bro. Bo’s topic “Act As If” some people came in wearing coat and tie and formal dresses, definitely not the typical appearance I see every Sunday. We saw a lot of CEO and President in the making. We were also welcomed by some paparazzi-like and the red carpet. Cameramen were all over the place. You coudn't escape. But it was cool! All photos will be available in Kerygma Family maybe after few days. Oh yes, I have another picture to download in my Friendster account. I can't wait! :p

Ultimately, the whole activity showcased a lot of new points of view to reflect on. It wasn’t just a day of pretensions and glamour. It taught us to be more imaginative; to learn how to act as if because we become what we constantly think. I think God wants us to dream big and He also desires our dreams to be fulfilled because He wants us to experience life at its best. Since God has given us the resources or the raw materials for us to have an abundant life, may we use it properly for His glory. On top of this, we were also educated not to be self-centered; that our aspirations should also be for the good of others. Dreaming becomes beautiful and meaningful if it is rooted from having the cravings to bless the world…

Let me end this by borrowing Bro. Bo’s famous quote: May your dreams come true.

Watch Kerygma TV every Sunday @ TV5, 6am.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beat the Blocks

In basketball, a block is a method of impeding the opponent or the offensive player from getting points. A block is performed when, after a shot is attempted, a defender attempts to alter the shot by touching the ball. In, blocking a shot is considered as one of the most exciting defensive plays in basketball. It can definitely affect an offensive player psychologically by intimidating them, giving them a sense of rejection, and doubt their scoring abilities later on in a game.
In our everyday lives, there are also things that block us - concrete or intangible things that obstruct us from making progress and achieving our goals. A block is synonymous to obstacle, hindrance, interference, impediment and barrier. It appears in various forms though. It could be in a form of a human being, neighborhood, weather, physical disabilities, mental difficulties, emotional pain etc.

There are situations in life that we may not be able to change or beyond our control. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to transform or improve the course of event (most of the time). Ok, that sounds confusing. Let me just give you an example. Assuming you are a track and field amateur and you are against tough runners who have won numerous gold medals in various olympics. For you and your supporters, the more experienced runners maybe considered a threat or the “block” in winning the challenge. But what can you do to decrease the speed of your opponent? Nothing (unless you purposely hit his knees during the race). The conclusion: You cannot change the rapidness and intensity of your competitors. But you can choose to be more brave; to be more optimistic; to believe in your own capabilities and have the winning spirit. The real block is not the opponent but the fear of losing to someone whom you think is better than you.
Now, think of people with physical deficiencies. Sylvester Stallone, one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors of the 80’s with box office hit movies Rambo and Rocky, is also known for having snarling look and slurred speech. Stevie Wonder who popularized the song I Just Called to Say I Love You and You are the Sunshine of My Life is a blind man. Nick Vujicic is a preacher, a motivational speaker and the director of Life Without Limb Organization has no arms and no legs (if you haven’t seen his talk, go to Youtube now. I mean after you read this). For some people, physical deficits are huge blocks to success but not to the people I mentioned. They are famous and victorious in their chosen career. They are living evidence that nothing is impossible when you have faith supplemented action.
Surrendering in the blocks of life or overcoming them is a choice. Apparently, it’s in our decision how we will beat the blocks that hinder us from knowing our purpose in life and attaining them. Life isn’t easy but the best news is: there is God who loves us so much, always there watching us. With Him all things are possible – Mark 10:27

Who do you think you are in this picture? The one ahead? or those left behind?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Unang Post sa Taong 2009

Nitong mga nakaraang araw, alam ko sa sarili ko kung ano ang dapat maging top priority ko. At yun ay ang maghanap ng trabaho. Ngunit ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi ko magawagawa ang simpleng bagay na ito. Basta parati ko na lang natatagpuan ang sarili ko na nagbabasa ng aking blog/s. Hanggang sa hindi ko namamalayan ay gumagawa na pala ako ng bagong post. Halos araw-araw may bago akong pinagkakaabalahan na tila ba di naman ako napapagod. Ganun siguro talaga pag gusto mo ang ginagawa mol. Sa totoo lang excited ako pag may biglang ideya na pumasok sa isip ko – ideya ng bagong topic na gusto kong ibahagi. Bagamat di ko naman pinagsisisihan ang pagkakaroon ng mga bagong likha, alam ko na dapat pagtuunan ko rin ng pansin ang pagbubukas ng website na may mga job hiring. Sana lang talaga magkatrabaho na ko ngayon. Paminsan minsan kasi parang nawawala na naman ako sa tamang ulirat. Buti na lang ano man ang mangyari buo pa rin ang tiwala ng pamilya ko lalong lalo na ang aking mga magulang. At sympre anjan si Papa Jesus. Puno siguro ng poot ang sinusulat ko ngayon dito kung hindi matatag ang paniniwala k okay Lord. Talaga nga naming napakalaking bagay ang pagkakaroon ng Diyos at pananalig sa kanya. Dahil dito, nananatili akong positibo sa buhay, Sabi nga ni Bro Bo Sanchez noong nakaraang Linggo “In every trial there is a hidden blessing.”
Oops! Gabi na pala, este umaga na. Post pa rin ng post. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Huntahan sa Commonwealth

Nitong nakaraang Sabado lamang, February 8, 2009, ako kasama sina Jeng, Gelai, She and boyfriend RS ay nagpasyang magkitakita makalipas ang ilang buwan at dahil malapit na rin umalis si Gelai patungong Japan. Tumungo kami sa Royal Place na walking distance lang sa Ever Gotesco Commonwealth. Nung una, ayaw talaga namin dun kc di naman namin gamay ang lugar, eh etong si Gelai, mapilit kesyo di nya raw kabisado ang Trinoma. Ang ending, o sya pagbigyan na nga.

Pumunta kami sa Grilla, restaurant yun na overlooking sa animoy malaking rancho minus the horses and wooden barracks at kalsada patungo raw sa village kung saan nakatira sina Aiko Melendez, Bayani Agbayani at ilan pang artista na nakalimutan ko na kung sino. Dahil sa hindi pa nanananghalian etong si She, ayun ipinaubaya na namin ang pagorder. Animoy wala ng bukas ang dami ng pagkain na inorder nitong si She. Merong chicken curry, inihaw, sisig, isda, garlic at plain rice atbp. Pero in fairness halos naubos naman namin lahat.

Habang kumakain, sympre di mawawala ang kwentuhan. Lahat bumangka. Samu’t sari ang naging topic – may tungkol sa problemang panlipunan, mga showbiz tsismis at buhay pag-ibig ni She at RS, Gelai at Jeng. Hindi ako masyadong nalagay sa hotseat dahil wala naman talaga kasi akong maibabahagi maliban na lang sa naalala ni Gelai na naging textmate ko sa loob ng isang lingo -isang linggong pag-ibig. Hehe! Sympre, Hindi rin nawala ang pagbabalik tanaw. Sabi nga nila, kung sino ang wala yun ang napaguusapan. Sa mga di namin nakasama, huwag kayong magalala behave naman kami kc we love you so much (Cha, Shalah, Son at Grace, matouch kayo. Haha!). Eto seryoso na. Nakakatawa pala talagang balikan ang mga pinaggagagawa namin noon. Mga kalokohan nung high school days. Hay! Sobrang dami. Etong si Jeng, tila may photographic memory. Kulang na lang sabihin pati milliseconds kung kelan nangyari ang mga bagay bagay. Hehe!

Maliban sa chibog at tsismisan, sympre hindi masasabing kumpleto ang gimmick kung walang pichur-pichur. Tutal di naman kami umiinom, nagaddict talaga kami sa pichuran. Pati yung malaking manika ng gorilla na tila lounge singer, ang magandang pader na gawa sa kahoy at cashier/kitchen ng bar di namin pinatawad. Oo, ganun kami kahayok sa pichur. Dinala ko talaga yung camera ko kasi naisip ko baka matagal na bago maulit ang pagkikita kita namin tsaka sige na nga addict talaga rin ako sa pichur. Hehe! Sa kasamaang palad, makalipas ang ilang oras, tila sumuko ang kamera ko. Abay nalowbat sa kalagitnaan ng pagaaddict. Salamat sa Cybershot camera ni RS tuloy ang maliligayang oras. At buti na lang din at game etong si RS kaya keri lang ang pagiging makapal ang mukha.

Makalipas ang mahigit tatlong oras ata, napansin ng mga tauhan ng resto sa pangunguna ni Joyce (Joyce nga ba yun? Basta her name starts with the letter J. Yun na Yun) ang lagim na ginagawa namin sa loob. Sinamantala kasi namin na kami pa lang ang tao dun sa pwesto namin na overlooking. Ayun labas masok sila na tila ba sinasabing “hoy magsibayad na kayo at magsilayas na!” Pero as usual sa simula dedma ang mga lola kasi kasalukuyan pa kaming nagkakasiyan sa pichur-pichur. Nung nagbayad na kami, abay di agad kami umalis, ganun kami ka kulet and lufet. Nagtext din si Marie nung mga oras na iyon. Ayun, konting kamustahan lang at ininggit sya ng konti.

Halos malapit ng lumubog si haring araw ng maisipan namin iwanan ang Grilla. Lumipat kami sa Figaro na ilang hakbang lang din ang layo sa pinanggalingan namin. Una naming pinasok yung ice cream parlor. eh dahil sa hindi pwede yung taas nila at tsaka mainit, lumabas kami. Kaya yun, napadpad kami sa Figaro. Kala nyo ba natapos na sa Gorilla yung pichuran namin, abay mga brothers and sisters, jan kayo nagkakamali. Saksi ang tatlong mocha at isang frosty at coffee and blueberry cheesecake ni She sa continuation ng aming gimmick. Buti na lang at wala masyadong tao kung kaya’t naipagpatuloy namin ang kwentuhan at pichuran. Pero infairness medyo finesse naman kami dito.

Magaalas-mwebe na ng gabi nung nagpasya kaming lisanin ang Royal Place. Natapos ang lahat, sa pagpapakilala ni Gelai ng kanyang hubby na si Allan (Shocks! Allan nga ba. Haha!). Tapos nun naghiwahiwalay na kami nung sumakay na rin sina She at RS ng jeep patungong SM Fairview. Kami naman ni Jeng ay sumakay sa jeep na nasakyan din nila ni She papuntang McDO, ang meeting place, at tumungo sa Novaliches bayan.

At dito po nagtatapos ang mahaba habang kwentuhan. Ipopost ko ang iba pang larawan pag naipadala na ni She yung pix namin sa camera ni RS. Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita-kita. Kwentuhan at pichuran uli tayo! :p

A CLOSEr Glimpse in the Known and the Unknown

(Excerpts from my first writing attempt in one summer vacation)

Joy. She is one heck of a talent. Among her many abilities include a sharp memory-when she starts telling her own story it usually begins with “Alam mo kami nung elementary…” But seriously, Joy has a great mind which she uses to excel in any subject she chooses (kaya nga asset yan pagdating sa humanities at drawing). She is also a very good artist who seems to have built in lettering guides, rulers and curves in her hands that allows her to write and draw as if she’s an architecture or engineering student. With very skillful hands, she could draw plates in a flash and then have time for her “papalicious” boyfriend in the end.

Jordg. Besides being the “son” of Dr. Pangilinan and Ma’am Carpio (Why? Sir Pangilinan gave him the authority to handle our class – as if sya ang prof and he’s very close to Ma’am Carpio compare to our very own professors – patext text pa), Jordg, at first glance would give you the impression that he just ran away from home because of his very large back pack, and once you get to dig into it you’ll find big and thick compilation of his favorite songs printed in different colors and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious background. Yes, the books and anything that concerns his studies and work are merely accessories. Hehe?!

Pat. Does she look familiar? No, she’s not the love interest of Jordan in one of the most popular soap opera today “Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka” nor Gelai of Junjun in a youth oriented show every Saturday “G-MIK,” she’s simply the girl who has a face of Juday and Angelica Panganiban combined into one. Pat or Bunsoy, is literally deficient in age. She is the youngest at our batch. Nonetheless, Bunsoy made her “shortcomings” the least of her problem. Her out-of-this world attitude drives everyone in the class crazy. She’s a real cool dude and an MTV artist - the scene in the window of Civil Engineering building, PANALO!

Meann. She is sweetness, wackiness, smartness and sensitivity packed in a very big and heavy bundle. She is weak yet so powerful. She’s weak, for she’s very sensitive, but inspite of this, she’s powerful being able to stand all the trials in her life. She’s weak for she cannot limit herself in eating lots of food. On the other hand, she’s also powerful for she bears a mouth that carries an unyielding appetite. So when you’re starving, she’s probably the perfect one to call. You will also never get bored when you’re with her for she unleashes her corny jokes with good timing (yung pamatay talaga tulad ng TUTA).

Yheng. Anyone who knows Bujoy couldn’t help but wonder where she gets her seemingly endless supply of energy. Often times, you’ll find her unstoppable when she begins talking specially when she is in the mood. Punctuality is her second asset. She actually lives in a far, far away land of Antipolo City but when you tell her to be in school at 7am, she’ll be there 10 mins to 4 hrs before the call time. 4 hrs? Yes, your monitor has no problem (Medyo exag but it’s true). Yheng also has a habit of buying food for all of us during our spare time. And because of her extreme generosity no one deserves the title “Financer ng Bayan” except her.

P.S. Salamat sa yearbook ng aking kuya, ang naging kodigo ko sa paglikha nito. Hehe!

Pila sa Enrollment sa may College of Science ( Payment Receiving Area )[Sequel of Hilarious Laglagan sa Ere]

by Jordg
Eto na…. eto ang magandang part ng pagsisimula ng klase kasi di pa nagsisimula ang bagong semester ay talamak na ang “Kadugasan at Kagalingan sa Pag-arte” upang maiwasan ang pagpila ng mahaba upang ma-maximize ang oras ng paglakwatsa sa SM…. Nakapila na ang lahat….. lahat ng BAM-IM na nasa 3rd year…. Yun nga lang may kasabay tayong ibang college… COS right? Naknamputsa naman ang haba ng pila…. Humaba na rin ang pila kasi yung mga in-charge na profs a enrollment ay suma-sideline ng subo ng sandwich at saging sabay inom ng buko pandan…. Kilala mo na ang nasa unahang bahagi ng pila… ang mga taong ka-close ni Haring Araw para hindi ma-late… Si joan R., Cheryl, Cecille at Cecille Sta. Ana, Flora Joy, Doths, Gold, Koya Idgar, and the rest ng klase eh History… History talaga dahil nakatatak na sa History Book ang Record when it comes to “Early Bird Topic” pero bakit hindi ko nakita sa listahan ang pangalan ni yheng? Dahil nung araw na yun eh… LATE siya at isa ako sa maaga… bakit ako maaga? Kasi…. Galing ako ng Cavite ng araw na yun at ibinaba ko muna sa boarding house ang pang-isang dekada kong gamit…. Eh di nasa pila na ako… text kami ni yheng tapos merong drop call pa para tipid… “oi puking ina ka yheng, sang lupalop ka na ng impiyerno at bakit wala ka pa?” ang yheng… “letse ka traffic dito sa may Uste, nakakainis naman….” Oh sige bilisan mo….” Oh di sige kausapin mo si Manong Driver na bilisan niya…” to cut the story short…. Dumating na si yheng na kasabay si joy….. nasa pila ako…. Eto, walang practice ito… na-foresee lang siguro nina joy at yheng na kung dadaanin nila sa legal na pamamaraan ang pagpila at paghihintay ay aabutin sila ng siyam-siyam at gagabihin at hindi makakapag-mall… pagkahanap sa akin nina yheng at joy…. Sumigaw ba naman ng:
Yheng: jordg, ano ba yung pila natin parang hindi nausad…
Joy: oo nga…. Nakakain na kami’t lahat nandiyan ka pa rin sa pilang yan…..
Yheng: bakit ba hindi ka dumiskarte diyan jordg….
Jordg: natahimik at natameme… ang sabi ko kay yheng… “ano kaya yheng kung gawin ko at this very moment yung Hilarious Laglagan sa Ere… what do you think?
Yheng: si kuya naman hindi na mabiro…..
Sabay singit na sa pila at umarangkada na ang mga parinig sa amin at okrayan sa pila ng mga taong unique ang hitsura that day……

Sweet Escape to Tayoman Part II

by Jordg
Same situation sa Sweet Escape to Tayoman part I… Please read hanggang sa “bumanat si yheng ng…” pero dito naman may ka-jamming kami ni joy… usually ang tandem lagi sa Sweet Escape to Tayoman ay ang sumusunod:

1. Jordg – Joy
2. Jordg – Mean
3. Lani- Bhelle
4. Badette – Rochelle
5. Zhang – Cecille

Isa-isa ang hakbang…. Nakalabas na yung unang pair… for example…. Si Lani at Bhelle…. So naghihintay na lang sila sa amin sa may bago mag-hagdan… eto na ang turn ni Jordg – Joy tandem… ewan ko ba dito kay joy at kung bakit hindi niya naisip na huwag kaming sabay humakbang… minsan itong babaeng ito, kahit matalino at may “built-in ruler” sa kamay eh may pagka-below average ang IQ sa mga “street smart state of affairs”…. Eto na bumanat na si yheng….

“Jordg – Joy san kayo pupunta? May klase pa tayo diba? Mamaya na kayo lumabas….”

Muli….. ng pagkalakas-lakas….. ang lusot ko na lang ay, “mam, may pinaabot lang po sa likod ng room para kay joy”…. Sabay… hagalpak na naman sa kakatawa dahil again for the nth time…. “Hilarious Laglagan sa Ere”….

Sweet Escape to Tayoman

by Jordg
Eto ang isa sa mga pinaka-favorite kong escapade namin ni yheng…. Klase ni ms galiga (ok lang naman mag-play ng name-names…. ) nung umagang yun… I guess 9am yun… 1st subject natin yun at fresh na fresh ang lahat at parang ¾ ng klase ay bukod sa basa pa ang mga buhok eh katatapos lang kumain sa tayoman… sa kaso ko hindi, kasi lagi akong buzzer beater dahilgaling ako ng boarding house, diretso na sa room, wala ng kain-kain dahil mahirap hindi makapag-present sa attendance… kumpleto na ang lahat sa loob ng senyasan ko si joy ng “gutom”… (si yheng kasi kumakain na sa bahay yan bago umalis) sabi ko… “joy, kain tayo sa tayoman, kumain ka na?”, ang sagot ni joy (na kahit alam kong kahit papaano eh may laman na ang tyan niya), “hindi pa nga jordg eh”… ok, pagkakataon na ito…. Eh di bumubuwelo na kami ng eskapo sa pinto sa likod ng room (kasi dib a, dalawa ang pintuan natin sa CLA?)… huling hakbang na lang at glorya na sana ng bumanat si yheng ng…..

“LANUZA-LEMITA, san kayo pupunta? May pintuan kaya sa harap…”

ng pagkalakas-lakas….. sabay seryosong mukha na nang-aasar…. Ang siste, napatingin si ms. Galiga… ang sabi ko na lang… “mam, tinitingnnan ko lang po sa baba kung nandiyan na si gichelle kasi hiniram niya po yung fundamentals of management book ko….” Yang bagay na yan ay tinatawanan lang namin dahil yan ang tinatawag na “Hilarious Laglagan sa Ere”….

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saudi Adventure

by Jordg
may customer akong nanggagalaiti sa galit kasi hindi ako marunong mag-arabic... (natural bago pa lang ako) pero, ang silverlining naman nun eh magaling naman siya mag-english so nagkaintindihan kami (katangahan niya lang, bakit kailangan niya pa ako i-arabic eh pinoy na pinoy hitsura ko at hindi ako mabalahibo at wala akong putok).... eto ang nangyari (wala akong staff ng araw na ito kasi taglamig sa saudi.... baka natatakot lumabas ang mga staff... kaya mag-isa ako ng sobrang aga)

Customer Mabaho: hey, give me 1 caramel macchiato latte grande size for take away...
jordg: sir, can i excuse myself for a sec because i have another customer in the family section (kasi dito sa saudi, hiwalay ang dining area at receiving area ng lalaki at babae baka raw kasi mabuntis... hehehe,.,,.)
Customer Mabaho: tsk... tsk.... (ewan ko kung ganito rin ang spelling nila ng tsk... tsk.... na pauso ng mga pinoy...
jordg: tsk.... tsk.... ka rin....
Customer Mabaho: hey, i am in a hurry...
jordg: sir, one moment please... i have to prepare her order and the moment im done with her, i'll get back to you...
Customer Mabaho: hhhmmmmmm....
jordg: puking ina mo (pabulong nga lang sa sarili....)
Customer Mabaho: you're done?
jordg: you bet i am.... (promise... gaguhan dito dahil marami kupal talaga)
Customer Mabaho: where's my order?
jordg: ok... 1 minute... (sabay dabog sa espresso bar)
Customer Mabaho: are you ANGRY?
jordg: i beg your pardon? (kahit narinig ko na, pinaulit ko...)
Customer Mabaho: i said, are you ANGRY?
jordg: i'm sorry? can you repeat what you just said? (kahit narinig ko na, pinaulit ko... ulit)
Customer Mabaho: i said... are you ANGRY?
jordg: no sir... i'm not HUNGRY.... my tummy is full....
Customer Mabaho: walkout.....
jordg: (biglang natakot... hahahaha)


Super Rona at Ding.... Bilisan Mo ang Charger at ang Bato....

by Jordg
Meron akong istorya na involve si daddy mores at si mommy mores…. Dito yata nag-bloom ang pamilya mores… eto yung time na pinipilit kong maging mabuting gobernador sa mga constituents ko… hahaha…. Pota…. Anyway balik tayo sa topic.. dahil si Rona ang Sexsetary ng Liberal Arts Student Government, isinama ko siya sa General Trias Cavite (na sobrang layo din dahil 20 minutes drive lang siya sa Tagaytay sa North at Amadeo sa South… ) eh die to na…. excited si rona ng sabihin ko na may pupuntahan kaming mga companies for our Plant Visit… sabi niya… “sige jordg, join ako diyan…. “ tapos eto pa ang sumunod na noramal na sagot at tanong kay rona na sobrang haba, na ang isasagot mo lang ay “OO”.. sabi niya…. “san ba yan jordg?, ano oras tayo aalis? San tayo sasakay? Sino pa kasama natin? Ano sasakyan natin? Ano oras tayo makakablik ng manila? Ihahatid mo ba ako pag ginabi tayo? Teka lang, magaayos muna ako… samahan mo muna ako sa cr baka may boys akong makatabi dyahe naman kung medyo lapse na ang hitsura ko….” Nabanggit niya yang pagkahaba-habang tanung nay an sa 2o seconds lang… I swear ganyan talaga kabangis si rona pagdating sa “Bibig Marathon”… ang sagot ko lang sa kanya kasi napanisan na ako ng laway at hindi ko talaga kinaya ang powers niya sa “atsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu bibig marathon energy niya….. eto pala ang sagot ko…. “BASTA….” Eh di ang sagot ni rona…. “OK”, basta ha… tapos sabay tawa ng pagkalakas-lakas na para bang gusto niyang buhayin ang mga bangkay na nakalibing sa College of education Building…. Eh di nasabi ko na nga ang plano… sakay na kami ng San Agustin na Bus na byaheng Dasmarinas Cavite…. Eh di nasa bus kami…. Wala akong choice kung hindi makipag-marathon din sa kanya ng kuwento kahit pagod na ako sa katatapos na klase at yung paglakad namin from TUP sa Lawton. Eh di humapo ang bagyo kakakuwento… akala ko nakaidlip na siya… hindi pala, nag-recharge lang pala gamit ang Fast Charger…. Umariba na naman sa kuwento kahit marami ng nakatayo (dahil tayuan ang biyaheng San Agustin, pero kami nakaupo kasi sa Lawton kami sumakay). Feeling ko nga naiirita na yung katapat naming tatluhan na upuan kasi dinig hanggang sm manila ang kuwento niya kahit nasa Toll gate na kami ng Coastal… hahaha….. tapos medyo napagod yata si rona… nakatulog na…. nakapagpahinga rin ako kasi hindi ko talaga kinya yun dahil hindi naman Fast Charger ang gamit ko…. Nung nakababa na kami ng Dasmarinas, sabi ni rona, “malapit na ba? Sabi ko, “hindi ko alam, itatanong ko muna sa mama”… sabi niya, “ano? Hindi mo alam, kanina pa tayo bumibiyhae jordg… napagod na pwet ko sa kakaupo” sabi ko… napagod pwet mo, eh yung bibig mo walang kapaguran”…. Ayun balik ang smile ni rona baby… sakay ulit kami ng jeep papunta ng manggahan general trias…. Eh di nasa jeep na kami… si rona merong napansin na parang suspicious looking… naku jordg, tingnan mo yung mama,,… “rona pag tiningnan ko yan, malamang kahit hindi siya kriminal, baka mapilitan yan kasi paranoid tayo. Eh di tahimik na kami… nung nakababa na kami sa manggahan, sabi ni rona, “jordg, gutom na ko”… sabi ko, rona wala pa tayong nasisimulan at kumpleto pa rin yung 20 letters na ipamumudmod natin sa mga companies… magandang pang-down pala sa spirit ni rona ang gutom para tumigil siya sa atsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu….. hahahaha….. eh di eto na, pagbaba namin ng gateway, we did not anticipate na lalakad ulit kami at layolayo pala ang mga companies dun kaya hayun… lalong napagod at tahimik si rona while searching for our luck…. (lucky me) Natapos na yung 20 n letters… may mga bigong company, may mga company na ang guard ang nagde-decide kung papayagan tayong mag-plant visit, may company na parang royal blood lang ang pwedeng pumasok dahil ginto yata ang flooring, meron namang mag-eenjoy ka pagpasok kasi para kang bumaba ng bundok, tapos hirap ka pabalik dahil paakyat (eh hindi ka namn nag-training para lumaban kay pacquiao), meron ding mabango sa labas, meron ding nakaka-suffocate, meron namang parang gigiba na sa 1 palito ng posporo…. Tapos sabi ni rona, nung pabalik na kami ng manggahan at pasakay pabalik ng lawton, “jordg, nagugutom na talaga ako” wala akong choice kung hindi magpakain kasi Kasama naman talaga sa plano yun at standard yun na magpakain ka provided na may resibo…. Kasi i-reimburse ng OSA. Hahaha… eh di kain kami sa McDonalds… di ko na matandaan yung kinain ni rona, basta ako value Meal Number 1… ang default na ino—order natin… hahaha…. Tapos, kinabahan na naman ako nung medyo nangalahati na si rona ng kain kasi full charge na naman si rona baby…. Tahimik lang ako…. Ayun na, umariba uli…. Maraming kumakain din kasi labasan ng mga company… may mga galling ng Gateway na nag-work sa Intel, Cypress, government Agencies, Schools, etc…. atsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… atsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu…. Atsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsutsu… ulit ang nangyari…. Nangalay na ulit ang panga ko kahit ang response ko lang normally ay “OO nga” at “Siguro”…. Kaya ayun, nag-takeout ako ng Hot Fudge (kasi naniniwala ako na pang-paalis ng depression ang chocolate) eh depress ako kasi low bat ako that time at si rona, full charge, di ko masabayan…. Ayun na, sabi ko sa kanya nung nasa manila pa lang kami papuntang cavite, ihahatid ko siya pauwi pag ginabi kami…. Ang nangyari, sa boarding house nga ko umuwi pero hindi ko na siya nahatid sa blumentritt…. Alam niyo ba ang dahilan, hindi dahil sa napagod ang paa ko kakalakad at pwet ko kakaupo sa biyahe, kung hindi yung talk marathon ni rona at yung depression ko na hindi ko natapatan ang World Record Performance niya nung araw na yun…. Hahahaha/….

si meann ulit.... sa plato tayo kumain....

by Jordg
Naglalakad kami sa may Sylvia street corner ng ayala boulevard…. Katatapos lang yun ng klase ni sir pangilinan…. Kuwentuhan siyempre… kasi may nag-report na naman na isinulat ang buod ng report sa manila paper…. Eh di eto na…. nagiisip na ng kakainin si yheng… naisip ni yheng.. ano kayang uulamin niya sa araw na iyon dahil ayaw niya mag-baboy… for some reason, hindi ko makuha ang logic ng pagka-ayaw niya sa baboy eh yun ang universal ulam naming dalawa dahil irita kami sa pagkain ng isda dahil nakakatakot ang hitsura ng pagkakaluto sa may kakainan naming na pugad ng fraternity members…. Eh di sabi ko kay yheng, bakit hindi ka kumain ng baboy for a change… biglang sabat si mean ng…. “san ba tayo kakain yheng”….. (gusto ko sabihin kay mean, ano ka ba te, nasa Sylvia na tayo papunta sa regular na kinakainan, ngayon ka pa nagtanong….) nainis yata si yheng at hindi sumagot… si mean na lang ang sumagot sa tanong niya… “ah alam ko na, sa plato tayo kakain….” (oo alam ko corny to, pero kung nasa sitwasyon ka, malamang nanghiram ka ng portable toilet dahil hindi mo na kayang i-tolerate ang sakit ng tiyan mo sa kakatawa)…

amazing meann and her fantastic adventures

by Jordg
Naghahanap kami ng boarding house para sa ikatlong boarding house ko in just 3 semesters. Magkakasama kaming apat, ako si yheng, si joy at ang phenomenal na si mean.. nang naglalakad na kami, biglang umiba ng liko si joy na para bang merong ibang planong tanging siya lang at ang lalaking katagpo ang nakakaalam. Sino pa ba eh di si oled. Ng mga panahong yun, para pang sina guy and pip ang loveteam nina oled at joy. Back to the main issue. Eh di tatlo kaming natira. Di ko na kailangang i-mention kung sino-sino kasi obvious naman… haha… tapos, naka-ilang boarding house na kami… may mga boarding house na parang haunted house. May mga boarding house na parang preso, (may mga naka-orange kasing damit), merong parang bahay ng daga, merong pang-isahan na talaga namang mura ang upa, 300 1-month. Bakit mura? Kasi walang dingding… may mga boarding house din na mala-palasyo ang dating pero triple ng pang-regular na 1 buwang bayad, meron namang di ka pa sigurado na lilipat ka eh inuunahan ka ng mag-down ng 2 months advance at 1 month deposit… (yan ang tinatawag na hayok sa pera at parang may slot machine na lumalabas sa mata na peso sign…. Eh di to na.. nang nandun na kami sa final destination ng biglang nahuli ng lakad si mean…. Ewan ko ba at ano ang nakita… nakakita yata ng 25 centavos at pinulot. Pandagdag nga naman sa ipang-photocopy sa araw na yun… eh di eto na, lumitanya si mean ng…..” jordg may nunal (taling) ka pala sa batok mo….” ang sagot ko “ oo mean, pininturahan ko yan kanina ng itim na pintura”, ang sagot ni mean na medyo nainis yata sa sagot ko…. “Eh di habulin ka pala….” Sabi ko, “habulin ng ano?”, sabi ni mean… “habulin ng babaeng tuta”… diyan, diyan nag-originate ang bansag kay mean na “TUTA”….

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inside Three Stars and a Sun

One of my ultimate dreams in life is to travel my own country, the Philippines.

This morning, as I tried looking for a Filipino-made blog, I came to see a journal of a foreigner. To my surprise the title of her blog is “The Philippine Experience.” But her most recent post is even more astonishing “The Philippines – the country that I love.” Oh, I had goose bumps!

Near the closing part, I suddenly felt like a foreigner to my own country. OMG! I've never been to places she visited. I was envious. Buti pa sya!!! But seriously, I am delighted to hear someone from a foreign region appreciates the wonders of my own native land.

Philippines may not have snow like in Western nations (which I believe will never fall in Philippine soil) or gigantic entertainment theater or theme park like Hollywood and Walt Disney World, but we have breath taking natural sceneries, best beaches on earth and world heritage sites to take pride.

Let me give you a glimpse of some of the finest places inside three stars and a sun. I’ve never been here but these are definitely included in my long list of dream destinations.
Marlboro Hills in Batanes is a dwelling place suited for relaxation-seeker. The cool and windy weather and the pristine beauty of the scenery will absolutely loosen up any exhausted soul.
Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and is inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Villa Escudero, Quezon Province, a perfect paradise for a family gathering. It is surrounded with majestic volcanic mountains, rows of coconut trees, luxuriant fields and cool waterfalls.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Palawan is a river that runs beneath the ground surface. It is nominated in the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Chocolate Hills is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. It is composed of around 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size.
Boracay in Aklan is popular for its white sand and very clear seawater. It's a tropical island that offers a surely unforgettable experience.
Are you looking for a real water adventure? Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte is what you are looking for. It has a reputation of having the top surfing waves in the world. 
Are you excited? Pack your clothes.Tara na, byahe tayo (Let's go)!!!

For more details about the Philippines please visit Wow Philippines

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top 10 Most Wanted for 2008

It’s February 2009. Yet, the good memories of 2008 are still very vivid and significant. Good memories, of course, are formed with people whom we have close encounter or someone who have influenced us through the role they played in our lives or in our society.

In Bianca Gonzalez's blog, she made a list of persons who made a big impact in her life for 2008. Evidently, these are the people that were part of the good memories. I thought it’s brilliant. And so I decided to have my own list too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Top 10 Most Wanted for 2008 (Drum Roll....)

Baltazar Jr. and Evangeline
Dad and Mom - are epitome of a great tandem. Just like any other married couple, they argue, they emotionally hurt each other, and they debate over small things. Yet, they still love each other. It was 4th quarter of 2008 when my father went back together with his entire luggage. Mixed emotions were felt when he came back from his fleet as a professional seafarer. We were so happy to be with him. However, we knew big adjustments should be imposed. My mother works at home – always busy taking care of our needs. My father is 58 years old and is starting to experience a lot of rejections from different shipping companies. It’s been quite tough since he is earning the highest. But they stay together. Work hand and hand. Still attach to their values and faith. In fact, every morning you can see an array of water containers outside our gate, then a child from the neighborhood would shout “ate Eva…” To me, they are perfect examples of good Samaritans, the modern edition.

Romela Rubio
She is an ex-psychologist. An ex-psychologist by profession but in my heart she will always be a doctor, a mentor, a teacher, a friend and a second mother. In our last conversation, she taught me something about patience. Her notion really struck me and could not forget. She said: When you ask God to increase your patience, He doesn’t answer your prayer your way. Instead, God gives you more complex situation or more unbearable people where you can put into practice the so called “patience.” It may sound a bit rude and unacceptable but the message is worth pondering.

Bo Sanchez
May your dreams come true- Bo Sanchez. This is the complimentary closing he uses in all Kerygma Feast handouts given every Sunday. In hard times like this where the whole world is affected, isn’t it amazing to hear someone pray for your dreams when he can just focus on his own and the dreams of the persons close to him? We don’t know each other. Ok, I see him every Sunday as he stands in front of hundreds or thousands of people who want to hear God’s word and be very blessed. But that’s it. Nothing personal. Nothing more intimate than that. But I am glad that through his talk, I would like to believe that there is still hope for humanity.

Reynaldo C. Garcia
He is more popularly known as RCG. Being the President/CEO of a successful medical distributor company, he is considered as the most influential leader of the organization. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to know him personally as I was assigned to report in his office. He is a retired member of the Philippine Airforce. He is highly-spirited, intelligent and disciplined. He could be very brutally frank but it’s because he wants you to learn how to become tough and to be confident of your abilities. And of course, I love him because he calls me “Pare.” My boss is my kumpare. Whowww!

aka PVL
Jun, that’s how most people call him. He was my immediate superior when I left the office December 2008. In my older post, I actually described him as the most inconsiderate leader I’ve known. Now, you might be wondering why he is included in my list. Hey, in the last paragraph I also wrote “He is generous, courageous, witty and sincere. I just want to add one more, he is also aggressive. Aggressiveness could be defined in a negative and positive way. His, is positive. Aggressiveness is synonymous to being passionate in what you do. His aggressiveness towards his job is something I would want to inherit. His aggressiveness is truly unbeatable.

Ma. Cherry Aguinaldo
She was my classmate from 2nd year high school until we graduated in year 2000. But we only became close during our junior year. I was able to witness some of her ups and downs way back teenage days. But from what I’ve heard, 2008 was no different. Life for her and her family was a huge challenge still. Among my friends, I’ve seen in her the most extreme desire to be a big help in the family. She considers them as her biggest treasure. Indeed, she is a tough girl, always there to protect her family. Isn’t she very admirable and deserving of utmost respect?

Francis Magalona
He is a genius. No doubt about it. The entire nation knows he’s sick. But his contribution to the music and entertainment industry is very much alive and kickin’. I’ve seen some of his interviews on tv, sitting in a hospital bed. Although infected with a fatal disease, his voice and aura don’t seem so as he continues to demonstrate big faith and love for his craft. I pray for his immediate complete healing. Yes, I’m a fan. I can’t wait to see again the master rapper scream “Seamless Na!!!”

Ely Buendia
The lead vocalist of the defunct Pinoy band Eraserheads now Pupil frontman. Another big wonder in the OPM world. Another reportedly sick. We saw him rushed in the hospital and underwent major heart operation in several occasions last year. But he is a man with a big heart for his talent. Last year, he had a reunion concert with the Eraserheads and has started working for a collaborated album with Francis M. This year he and other former bandmates are having another concert entitled "The Final Set.” I’m glad his back. I miss his music!

Santos Family
The biggest trial any family wouldn’t want to face is perhaps losing a family member. Maia, the youngest in the Santos family died at a very young age. When the bad news spread, I wanted to console the family right away but I really didn’t know how. When her corpse/ashes was brought in the Philippines, I together with some common friends just went to Bulacan to pay our last respect. Sure it wasn’t a fun reunion for all of us but love and sympathy were overflowing. I was moved and was inspired by the huge affection and respect the members of the Santos family have for each other.

Anawim Volunteers
Anawim is a Hebrew word which means “The poor of the Lord.” It is the home of more than 50 abandoned elderly plus a few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons. I joined a pilgrimage in Anawim last December. Aside from the elderly and physically impaired people, I’ve seen volunteers who live or regularly visit and attend for the needs of the less fortunate. You don’t even have to talk to these volunteers to know what kind of person they are. Their actions speak for it. For me, they are richer than those living in Forbes Park or those sitting in MalacaƱang.
I'm done with my top ten list. Why don't you try having your own too! Like what Bianca said in her blog "I think its a simple but meaningful tribute for them, for all they've done for us, whether they know it or not. :p"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In a Vision

I’m ecstatic.

Since yesterday, I have been reading different blog entries and short stories. Most of them, I find very encouraging. I believe I’m starting to absorb their positive energies. This morning, I envision a crazy, wacky but stimulating scenario for my life; for my next profession. I feel great as if all my hormones and body tissues are rejoicing with me with a bang. I can now profess to myself that something great will happen - that there is a bright future ahead of me. I am saying this to myself for a long time as a way of appeasing myself from the thought that I might be a bum again and do similar routine for 365 days. Now, I am convinced.

In the old and new testament, God’s grand plans for the ancient prophets were revealed in a vision or God spoke to them in the silence of their heart. This morning, I felt that God did the same thing for me. I just have to keep the faith and do my part

Let me end this by sharing you a part of a short story that I read yesterday, February 2, 2009. The author quoted “God is a God of purpose. When He creates something, it is for an incredible, unbelievable, fantastic reason. “

True. Isn’t it?

Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Your Fan!

Every year we encounter various events (good and bad) that have huge effect on our lives. Last year, was no different.

I lost my job last December. To those who know my work history, it’s no longer surprising. They are immune to hearing the words “Nagresign na ko” (I resigned already) or “Wala na kong work” (I’m jobless). Lately, I’ve been thinking so much about the excruciating experiences I had with my previous company. I am trying to suppress the thought, but the grudges still seem fresh. Maybe because I have always been the kind of person, when confronted by a complex situation or a budding conflict, would rather not expose my vulnerability. There was no clear closure between me and the basis of my resignation. Things just didn’t end well.

I thought my last job prior to my work as a sales secretary was the most depressing already. But as days go by, I’m starting to realize that all exit experience is painful. No pain is actually more superior to the other. Saying goodbye to the faces I’ve learned to love and care for is probably the very reason why leaving is always difficult. Without a choice, I had to pack my things and wave my hands. Along with it, however, are the precious learnings and good memories.

Of course, reflecting is more meaningful if we talk about great blessings. Last year, God granted one of my biggest dreams – to attend the Kerygma Feast every Sunday together with my family. It took me almost one year to persuade them. Just when I was about to give up, God answered my prayer. It was sometime in 2nd quarter of 2008 when they told me they wanted to give it a try. At the back of my mind I was asking myself, “Are they serious?” When we reached Valle Verde Country Club, that’s the only time I became totally convinced. And the rest is history.

In 2008, I also heard one of the most shocking accolades I’ve received in my entire life. “I’m your fan” kuya Rowin said. What was he thinking? Was he out of his mind? I just couldn’t absorb it.

He was asking about my occupation. I answered him truthfully although I really wanted to lie. hehe!. He told me not to give up and just keep on trying. Then, he inquired about my blog. “I became unmindful of it since I'm busy with work,” I replied. He encouraged me to continue what I have started. Next, he told me “Fan mo ko" (I’m your fan).

The conversation occurred in his daughter’s wake. I was supposed to be the one comforting him but it seemed to me that our roles transformed. Whether there was a truth to that or just a joke, kuya Rowin lifted my weakening spirit. It helped me believe in myself when I was going through some emotional battle - when it seemed to me that I was doing no good... :(
Kuya Rowin, did I ever say thank you? In a critical point in your life you cheered me up when you yourself needed more understanding. I was speechless and could not believe. That short statement might not have a powerful effect if it came from someone else mouth. It has actually become a music to my ears. Now, I visit my blog regularly. And as I scrutinize my old posts, I tell myself “Not bad.” Hehe! But seriously, I should be the one telling you “I’m your fan!”

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