Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heaven's Gift

Seeing these dogs wag their tail is heaven’s gift. But now that both are gone, my heart is deeply crying.

I miss you Mirmo and Jepoy.
Thank you for your service.
Thank you for the happiness.
Thank you for your love.
I love you both.

What does Numerology say about me?

Rej, Your Personal Life Path Number is 5.

"What is a Life Path number?"
If ever there was a moment of total transformation Rej, it was the moment of your birth. In that instant, you stepped through a door in time into a new reality -- the reality of human life. The most important number in your numerology chart is based on the date of your birth, the moment when the curtain goes up in your life.

Even at that moment, you were a person with your own unique character, as unique as your DNA. Everything that is you existed in potential, much like a play that is about to begin. Your entire life exists as a potential that has been prepared for. Rej, you have ultimate freedom to do with your life as you like: To fulfill its potential completely, or to make some smaller version of yourself. It all depends upon your effort and commitment.

You make the decisions to fulfill, to whatever extent, the potential life that exists within you. That is your choice. In this sense, the possible you is implicit during the moment of your birth.

The Life Path number gives us a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges, and lessons we will encounter in this lifetime. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Your Life Path number is the single most important information available in your Personality Chart!

"What does a Life Path number of 5 mean?"

The key to your personality is freedom. Rej, you love travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people. You possess the curiosity of a cat and long to experience all of life.

You love to be involved in several things at the same time as long as you are not tied down to any one area. You like change, new things and new horizons. You make friends easily; your personality is upbeat and often inspiring attracting people from all walks of life.

You have a way of words and an uncanny ability to motivate others. You can be in sales, advertising, publicity, promotion, politics or any profession that requires your communication skills and understanding of people. However, you likely lack discipline and order. You can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things you regret later.

Freedom and a need for adventure sometimes is not properly controlled by those born with this Life Path, causing problems with drug abuse, overindulgence in food or sex, or generally abusing the gift of life.

You are sensual and love to taste all of life. Sex, food and other sensory experiences are essential to the enjoyment of your life. You find it difficult to commit to one relationship, but once committed you can be as faithful as an old dog.

You are multi-talented and possess a variety of diverse abilities. However, discipline and focus are the true keys to your success. Without these many of the tasks you begin will remain unfinished and you will fail to realize the true fruits of your abilities. With hard work and perseverance the sky is the limit.

You may have been perceived as a wild child by adults and a source of concern by your family. However, do not be obliged to hurry your choice of career. You are often a late-bloomer and need to experience life before you can truly know and commit to your heart's desire.

Rej, your challenge is to learn the true meaning of freedom. Change is constant in your world requiring adaptability and courage. Try to maintain an exercise program, keep your body in shape and limber. The flexibility and durability of your body will promote security and confidence within you.

You yearn for freedom and self-employment attracts you powerfully. Your challenge is to settle into one area to cultivate your ability sufficiently to earn a living and attain success. Once you find your niche the motivation and inspiration you supply others will bring you much in return, you will find your friends and colleagues supporting and promoting you on the road to success.

95% agree.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Love, Travel and Party

I’m a stalker.

Just finished visiting Patty Laurel’s blog at hindi lang basta napadpad sa blog nya at binasa ang latest post. It was Super Duper Mega UltraMagnetic BACK READ from her first post in January 2005 to Atom on Simply KC. Sympre, hindi ko naman binasa lahat ang totoo naghanap lang ako ng post about her and bf Atom. Now my most favorite celebrity couple (Kilig!) Hehe! Hindi kasi ko mahilig sa mga artista na parang nagpapalit lang ng t-shirt kung magpalit ng jowa. Wala talagang kilig factor, kung meron man gone in 60 seconds. Kay Atom and Patty, may kuryente. Parang gusto ko na rin magkaron ng Atom (Good luck to this hopeless romantic.) Hehe!

Ok, enough of this mushy stuff. One more thing that I love about Patty’s blog is her numerous travels. Nakakainggit lang. Tapos nalaman ko pang ka-age ko sya. Envious to 10 exponentially raised to the nth power. Looking at her pictures made me realize “ang boring ko pala.” Well, masasabi ko namang kontento ako sa buhay ko kung family and friends ang paguusapan pero yung personal life kulang sa adventure; hindi ganun kaexciting eh. Then, I looked at my pictures, solo pictures. Gosh! Iisa lang ang itsura. Eto sample…

Bata pa lang nakasimangot na. Meron namang ilang nakasmile pero karamihan dun stolen shot pa. That’s exactly the reason why you won’t see me here with my latest photo. Ayokong masira ang araw nyo just by looking at my pic. Hehe! There was even a time nagpapaprint ako ng resume sa isang computer shop sa Manila and the guy in the counter asked me “Wala bang nakangiti?” Ang sabi ko na lang “Kuya nakangiti na nga yan eh. Todo na yan! Pero kung kaya mong pangitiin yan dadagdagan ko bayad ko...” Lol! The bottom line: sa picture pa lang ang boring na. Pero eto malupet na pampalubag loob ng isang kaibigan tuwing nagrereklamo ang mga kasama ko sa pic “Hayaan mo sila. Trademark mo ang nakasimangot sa pic.” At least may nakaappreciate. Lol!

Actually, I’m a certified gala. Lakwatsera naman ako hindi nga lang katulad ni Patty na out of the country ang trip. Needs no explanation because of obvious reason – money. Pero kung Manila at QC ang paguusapan palagay ko qualified ako for a tour guide position. Wag lang kasama ang height sa qualifications sigurado akong kasama ako sa short list (at sa short height). Pero kahit halos naikot ko na ang Manila hindi ko pa rin napapasok ang Fort Santiago at Manila Ocean Park. Nung elementary kasi hindi ako gano nakakasama sa field trip. Ewan ko kung KJ lang si mudra, nagtitipid o dahil ang lapit lang naman. Yung Manila Ocean Park namamahalan ako sa entrance. Oo, very expensive na ang P400 (400 nga ba?) sa kin. Now I’m starting to realize kaya siguro kulang ako sa adventure because I am not too generous to myself. Puro SM lang ang alam kong puntahan. Tapos once or twice a year lang ata ako nakakapasok sa sinehan. What a joy!

So, what makes my life exciting?

Food. As you all know, I don’t cook. As in real cooking. I’m so blessed to have a mom who is exactly my opposite. She’s the best cook in the world. I swear! Unfortunately, she’s already experiencing some signs of aging. Medyo rinarayuma eh kaya lately one dish na lang ang naluluto nya tuwing may occasion or whenever we crave for FaMealy bonding. The rest are courtesy of Andoks, Goldilocks, nearest grocery and sympre ang aming munting tindahan. Last September 23, we celebrated my lola’s 70th birthday. And for the first time in my life, I bought her a gift. Medyo kinalimutan ko muna ang pagtitipid. At happy naman ako. Sobra.

Dream kong makabili ng cake sa Cake R Us. Big E as in EFFORT. Flabbergasting. Bravo! Nainspire nga ko mag-aral ng cake decorating. Pero siguro unahin ko munang mag-aral magbake para edible hindi puro design at effort to the highest level. Eto isa pang amazing.

Yes, we bought grandma a lechon – lechong tinapay. Kaya absent ang apple at Mang Tomas. :D

Last Monday was my mom’s birthday. Ayaw na sana nyang maghanda kaya lang nalaman ng ilang kapitbahay kaya nagluto na rin kahit pano. As my birthday gift, I bought my mom cheese quesadillas from Army Navy. Gusto ko lang kasi ng bago sa menu. Maiba lang ng konti.

Ang kaso kami lang yata ng bro ko natuwa dito kasi paborito ko to eh. Hehe! Si mommy naman kasi, pansit lang solb na solb na.

Next month, will be my younger brother’s birthday. He’ll be turning 15. Sabi nya ayaw nya maghanda, magpapainom na lang daw sya kasi binata na sya. Wahhh!!! Taob kami dun!

Goodbye RC Cola; Hello, San Mig?


Friday, September 17, 2010

Change of Habit

After my usual afternoon habit, I went outside and was greeted by two things: (1) my pet dog wagging his tail and (2) a horrible sight –disgusting green grass and dead leaves scattered everywhere. It didn’t take me too long to realize that our front yard has turned into a mini forest. I’m sure it has been there for quite a long time but I was constantly ignoring it. Admittedly, I put more weight on household tasks rather than keeping the outside scenery pleasing. But this afternoon without much thinking, I sheared and uproot the grass using my bare hands and swept the dead leaves and other waste. All of a sudden, I’ve realized that the outside of our house is as important as the inside. Since my mom isn’t always here to do the job, I must take charge. After all I don’t want our entire plants to die because of negligence. A seminar speaker once said “If you’re planning to work in this country (_ _ _ _ _ _), you should start making friends with plants and trees.” Practicing at home is a good start, don’t you think?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part V)


He turned to his right
Still a huge crowd
Rolled his eyes left and right
But the two couldn’t be found.

He arrived at home
With a miserable heart
But the glow in his face
Oh! More strikingly hot.

His younger brother
Greeted him and said
“Bro, can I use your laptop
Even just for a short time?”

He shouted a big "NO"
Then moved fast to his room
As if Sadako Yamamura
Was raring to chase him.

He opened his black laptop
And clicked the internet tab
The connection was slow
He was so irritated.

Three knocks from his brother
With a pleading request
“Bro, my project is due tomorrow
This is my last chance to pass.”

He wanted to be quiet
As if he had a deafear
Be selfish just for once
However it was not him.

He checked his FB quickly
And noticed two notifications
A tagged old photo and
A truffle gift from a Don.

His brother entered his room
With a mountain of files
It didn’t seem like for a while
But he could no longer say NO.

He remained visible
Despite his brother’s presence
But his brother was unmindful
Of a new message.

To be continued...

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part V)


She turned to her right
Still a huge crowd
Rolled her eyes left and right
Until they were locked inside.

She arrived at home
With a saddened heart
But the glow in her face
Oh! More stunningly sexy.

After few minutes
Her sister invited her
To their usual routine
Chatting and Internet surfing.

She shouted a big YES
Then moved fast to her room
Got her red wallet
And brought few Peso bills.

As soon as she got her seat number
She clicked the internet tab
The connection was fast
She was so delighted.

Her sister suddenly whispered
With a soft and sweet voice
“Take your time sis
Coz I’m not in a hurry.”

She wanted to be quiet
But she was so excited
“Oh sure” she answered
With massive gusto.

She checked her FB quickly
And noticed two notifications
A tagged old photo
And a butterfly from a Don.

She remembered the invitation
About two months ago
She visited it again
And finally clicked “Accept.”

Since he was also online
She decided to drop a message
She said a simple “Hi”
And patiently waited for his reply.
To be continued...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part IV)


First thing in the morning
And the last thing at night
He would visit his Facebook
Just to check if he succeeded.

But days and months passed by
Still no trace of the girl
With straight black hair
And hazel brown eyes.

Since nothing's new
His only hope started to go under
Maybe it’s time to move on
Go out and paint the town red.

But just when he’s ready to forget
He chanced upon a familiar face
The girl he dumped once
Was only few meters away.

However there’s a girl beside her
Oh, another familiar face
But this time she’s not wearing white
More gorgeous in his sight.

The air-conditioned train arrived
The passengers started pushing
In a blink of an eye
No one could get inside.

To be continued…

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part IV)


First thing in the morning
And the last thing at night
A debonair would pop up in her psyche
Then ask the question "Why?".

But days and months passed by
Still no trace of the guy
With macho guapito look
And every woman’s ultimate desire.

Since nothing has changed
She decided to just forget
Although cupid hit her heart
Her craziness has to stop.

But just when she’s ready to move on
Her sister chanced upon an old friend
And said “the guy I’ve been telling you
Was just few meters away."

At the back of her mind
"Oh! I know him too
He's the guy I was telling you
That turned me so red."

The air-conditioned train arrived
The passengers started pushing
In a blink of an eye
They were already inside.

To be continued…

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pass the Torch and Englighten Others

Let’s admit it, many Filipinos work abroad because they want greener pastures. But the story doesn’t end there. Let us not forget that working overseas is not just about “I, me and myself.” The truth is we are all involved.

Life is difficult. It’s a fact. But there is such thing as "more difficult life." My father, for example, has been an OFW for more than half of his life. He is successful. But like everybody else he wouldn’t be in his present position without struggles, without tons of sacrifices. My dad’s life is about enduring gigantic waves, facing fear in the midst of great storms and erratic weather condition, and bearing extreme heat inside the engine room. Along with the physical agony he seldom sees his family, his loved ones. For me, that's the meaning of "more difficult life"

I consider myself an independent person armed with good amount of confidence but I am not as brave as OFWs. It is no joke to be in a foreign land specially if your only armor is a braveheart. Working abroad maybe synonymous to higher income and perhaps better living, however it also involves great risk. As a daughter of an OFW, I know. When I was a lot younger, there were times that I was telling myself “I wish daddy is here.” I could have hated him but I felt I have no right to have grudges because daddy isn’t playing. He’s working hard not for personal prosperity but to be able to give me a better life; to give us, his family, a life he didn't experience when he was young. He is working abroad in pursuit of a selfless dream regardless if his life is at stake.

My dad’s tale is just one of the many OFW stories. Each has different story to tell. Some are exciting; others are so complicated. There are stories of victory but there are also stories of great misery. But no matter how different they are, they have one common denominator - they embody the true meaning of sacrificial love. They are the people who have chosen a "more difficult life."

Today, the Overseas Filipino Workers are called “Bagong Bayani (modern-day heroes)." Various reports prove that their high remittances play vital role in economic sustainability - a clear evidence that their sacrifices are not just for a purpose of having a stronger home but for a stronger nation as well. To be called “Bagong Bayani” is perhaps a great honor for the OFWs, but at the end of the day a title is just a title. I believe the essence of being an OFW is not primarily about increasing one'swealth but for having the opportunity to bless others even more. And their true reward is to see small or marvelous progress in the lives of others specially their loved ones. They are happiest if they see someone become a person with big dreams and concern for his neighbors. It only means they have successfully passed the torch and enlightened others.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I am Humble

Ang mga Pilipino kapag nasa ibang bansa, sumusunod sa batas ng mga banyaga.
Ang mga banyaga kapag nasa ating bansa, mga Pilipino pa rin ang sumusunod sa mga banyaga.
Sa Pinas man o sa ibang bansa, mga Pinoy sadyang mapagkumbaba.
Hindi ko alam kung dapat ba kong maging proud o baka naman OA na?
Minsan kasi kahit sa sariling bansa, Pinoy pa rin ang nagmumukhang kawawa.

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