Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beat the Blocks

In basketball, a block is a method of impeding the opponent or the offensive player from getting points. A block is performed when, after a shot is attempted, a defender attempts to alter the shot by touching the ball. In, blocking a shot is considered as one of the most exciting defensive plays in basketball. It can definitely affect an offensive player psychologically by intimidating them, giving them a sense of rejection, and doubt their scoring abilities later on in a game.
In our everyday lives, there are also things that block us - concrete or intangible things that obstruct us from making progress and achieving our goals. A block is synonymous to obstacle, hindrance, interference, impediment and barrier. It appears in various forms though. It could be in a form of a human being, neighborhood, weather, physical disabilities, mental difficulties, emotional pain etc.

There are situations in life that we may not be able to change or beyond our control. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to transform or improve the course of event (most of the time). Ok, that sounds confusing. Let me just give you an example. Assuming you are a track and field amateur and you are against tough runners who have won numerous gold medals in various olympics. For you and your supporters, the more experienced runners maybe considered a threat or the “block” in winning the challenge. But what can you do to decrease the speed of your opponent? Nothing (unless you purposely hit his knees during the race). The conclusion: You cannot change the rapidness and intensity of your competitors. But you can choose to be more brave; to be more optimistic; to believe in your own capabilities and have the winning spirit. The real block is not the opponent but the fear of losing to someone whom you think is better than you.
Now, think of people with physical deficiencies. Sylvester Stallone, one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors of the 80’s with box office hit movies Rambo and Rocky, is also known for having snarling look and slurred speech. Stevie Wonder who popularized the song I Just Called to Say I Love You and You are the Sunshine of My Life is a blind man. Nick Vujicic is a preacher, a motivational speaker and the director of Life Without Limb Organization has no arms and no legs (if you haven’t seen his talk, go to Youtube now. I mean after you read this). For some people, physical deficits are huge blocks to success but not to the people I mentioned. They are famous and victorious in their chosen career. They are living evidence that nothing is impossible when you have faith supplemented action.
Surrendering in the blocks of life or overcoming them is a choice. Apparently, it’s in our decision how we will beat the blocks that hinder us from knowing our purpose in life and attaining them. Life isn’t easy but the best news is: there is God who loves us so much, always there watching us. With Him all things are possible – Mark 10:27

Who do you think you are in this picture? The one ahead? or those left behind?

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foongpc said...

Wow, rej! I really like this post! It's so inspiring!

You are right - the real block is ourselves. We can either be more optimistic, more positive and have more confidence in ourselves or we can choose to fear losing to others.

I believe successful people did not have it easy. They also experienced all those obstacles and challenges in fact, more than what the average people experienced. The reason they succeed is because they have unwavering beliefs in themselves and they chose to work on their strengths and not focus too much on their weaknesses.

Rej said...

Thanks. That's exactly the message I wanted to point out when I did this. I must admit I'm still not that confident about myself but I'm on the process. I'm learning mostly from personal experiences and from others too. That's why its good that we have friends to back us up and God who loves us so much. Reading blogs is also a big help. I think its one good source of educating oneself.

Jun Bullan said...

I didn't know that Stevie Wonder is blind. Your blog is not just inspirational, it is also informative. Thanks for sharing.


Rej said...

Thanks. :)

manik_reigun said...

Nick Vujicic'a videos are just amazing and astonishing.

Rej said...

oo nga eh. despite his condition he can do almost everything. Daig pa ang normal na tao. Napanood mo rin ba ung part na nagdadrum sya? astig un!

Life Moto said...

they are really inspiring people. i have posted also about Nick Vujicic and Jesica Cox. Jessica is a Filipina w/o hand but can drive a car and what amaze me is she can fly an airplane.

Indeed all things are possible. Nice post Rej!

Rej said...

Thanks. Yeah. Jessica Cox is so cool. :)

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