Monday, October 26, 2009

On Stage

Hindi ko maopen ang kiddomind at ilang blogs na gumagamit ng Ano kayang problema?

Nagtatampo? Moody? Mana yata sa amo. Sigh :( Mabuti na lang pwede pa rin akong magpost.

Anyway, gusto ko lang magshare ng video. Medyo palaos na ang kantang to pero this video is so cool! Swear!

Nobody by Wonderobots

Monday, October 19, 2009

You're Always a Star (Updated)

By Bo Sanchez
You Have the Power to Create Love
(Take Another Step on the Simple Path to Happiness)

Imagine I’m an inspiring actor. You must agree that with my looks, it wouldn’t be too difficult to picture this scenario. After all, the horror genre is aplenty.
They tell me that there are five stages that every tinsel town personality must go through. Let me show you the anatomy of fame.

Stage 1: “Who is Bo Sanchez?” This is the starting point of every fame-hungry person: you’re a nobody. You have to make your first appearance on film, even if your role is that of a costumed freakish alien that gets pulverized by the star at the opening scene of the movie. It might be difficult to imagine now, but even Madonna, Demi Moore and Julia Roberts went through the stage where people asked, “Who’s she?”

Stage 2: “Get Bo Sanchez” This second level is intoxicating. By some stroke of luck, you get recognized for your thrilling talent or thrilling body. Your name is bandied around in the studios, and a small fans club is forming- no longer organized by your mother. Your price tag is still ascending, so all movie outfits fight for the right to make your first box-office. As you walk in the mall, you count the number of times people ask for your autograph. When you get tired of this, you start wearing shades. Ahhh. You have arrived.

Stage 3: “Get me Bo Sanchez look-alike.” The peak! Your face is seen on ads, tabloids, billboards, and TV gossip programs. You’re everywhere! Only the biggest producers can afford you now. So smaller media companies will settle for young artists who look like you. You’re now royalty (e.g. concert queen, king pop, box-office king, soap opera queen). Finally, you know you’ve reached this high point when you can no longer walk in a mall without a huge crowd following you hysterically screaming “Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

Stage 4: “Get me a younger Bo Sanchez.” But before you know it, the inevitable hits you. You hear your director ask for someone like you who’s ten years younger, ten years sexier, ten years bolder. You feel offended when scriptwriters offer you motherly roles. Soon, however, no other roles come except motherly roles. Your price tag gets slashed. Your name shrinks in movie and when they congregate around you, you wonder if you’re in some high school reunion of class ’27.

Stage 5: “Who is Bo Sanchez?” You meet some teens walking down the street and they pass you by like you were a telephone post. Ouch. Once in a while, a grandmother points to you and her family looks at you quizzically. You feel like a prehistoric artifact in a museum being surveyed. And then they walk you by. Double-ouch.
And then it hits you: You’re a nobody.
And you realize-wasn’t I here before?

Never go after fame.
In the heart of God, you’re always a star.

Always were, always will be


In any part of this world when you’re famous, it is very normal that you experience the five stages mentioned above. However, I believe that most of us, if not all, go through the same path as celebrities do.

My dad, for example, is a seafarer. When he was in his 30’s, job offers were left and right. I can still see vivid pictures of my dad’s co-workers personally visiting him in our house; telling my dad that their employer want him back. He was like a celebrity in the maritime world. But that’s long time ago. Now that my dad’s hair is turning salt and pepper, the scenario has drastically changed. He’s having a hard time looking for a shipping company wherein age doesn’t matter. My dad is apparently getting a lot of rejections. Though he is not telling us, I know he is hurt.

My dad’s life is about being in bodies of water (rivers, seas, oceans etc.), enduring gigantic waves, facing fear in the middle of great storms and bearing extreme heat inside the engine room. Along with the physical struggle he seldom sees his family, his loved ones. He has obviously lived a difficult life but he loves his job. He is a committed sailorman.

My dad started as nobody. But through hardwork and God’s grace he is able to reach his goal. A priest once said “When God blesses your work, there lies your vocation.”I believe God has blessed my dad. I believe it’s his calling. It’s where God wants him to be. Now that my dad is facing some difficulties in getting a job, does it mean God has decided to stop blessing my dad?


God’s love for us will never decrease. If good things will soon come to an end for my dad, perhaps God has a better plan - better than we can imagine. We just have to keep the faith and trust God’s eternal promise. The scripture says:

"It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed." -Deuteronomy 31:8

"Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - Exodus 14:13a,14

"Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." - Joshua 1:9

"God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them." - Hebrews 6:10

My dad’s celebrity status (in his field) may soon be over. But in God’s heart, I know he’s always a star. Always were, always will be.

Posted 5/27/09 8:18 PM

The bulk ship, where my father worked, arrived at Manila Harbour Centre last Friday. Yesterday night, I, together with my brother, cousin and uncle, were able to explore the ship. If you think it was such a great experience, you’re wrong. Included in our itinerary were the following: my father’s room, toilets, laundry area, kitchen, entertainment area and engine room. The engine room was like a taste of HELL.It’s SOOO HOTTT!!! But that’s my father’s station. :(
When it’s time to leave, it’s so hard to say goodbye. That experience was totally incomparable to the numerous times we sent him to the airport. I’m used to it. I was doing it my whole life. But yesterday, the word goodbye suddenly had a different meaning: In our heart, Daddy you will always be a star. Always were, always will be. At papapakabait po talaga kami at parating pahalagahan ang inyong pagsisikap...
To all the families of OFWs, always keep in mind that your loved one is in SERIOUS BUSINESS. And when I say SERIOUS, it means THEIR LIFE IS AT STAKE. Because they want to give you nothing but the BEST.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Because I Love You

Mothers wake up early to prepare breakfast for the family.
Because of love.

Teachers go to remote areas to educate poor kids.
Because of love.

Doctors and medical practitioners work in public hospitals and earn a lot smaller compare to those who work abroad.
Because of love.

Parents seek greener pasture in a foreign land even though it means being away from the family for as long as they can.
Because of love.

Employees give their 100% in their job no matter how demanding the job is.
Because of love.

Husband or boyfriend remains faithful to his partner despite a lot of temptations that this world offers.
Because of love.

Volunteers gather to render help for the victims of immense calamity.
Because of love.

Priests have chosen a celebate life in full service for the Lord and His people.
Because of love.

Amateur players continue to showcase their talent and skills even though they are not receiving much or even a single centavo.
Because of love.

God, the Father allowed His only son to be crucified on the cross.
Because of love.

Sometimes, suffering is the ultimate expression of love.
Don't you think?
P.S. I’ll be OUT for a while. I will temporarily leave this blog with some of my fave compositions. Hope you'll have fun! :)

Everything will be alright – Bren Bataclan

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mahiya naman kayo!

Kahapon, may nabasa akong isang balita tungkol sa pagtutol ng ilang senador sa pagsasailalim ng buong bansa sa State of Calamity. Ayon sa pamahalaan, ito ay ginawa upang maproteksyunan ang mga mamimili laban sa mga mapansamantalang negosyante. Sa ilalim kasi ng State of Calamity ay mahigpit na ipinagbabawal ang pagtataas ng mga presyo ng mga bilihin lalong lalo na ang mga pagkain at gamit na binibili ng mga nasalanta ng bagyo at mga nais tumulong sa mga ito. Ngunit ito nga lang ba ang dahilan ng pagdideklara ng State of Calamity?

Ayon sa nasabing balita, tumututol ang mga senador sa pangambang magamit ng ilang local government unit ang pondo ng kanilang calamity fund kahit na hindi naman ito kinakailangan katulad ng Visayas at Mindanao na hindi naman gano naapektuhan ng bagyo. Maliban sa nabanggit na balita, marami na ring naglalabasan na tumutukoy sa pangaabuso ng ilang sangay ng pamahalaan. Kung saan ang mga relief goods ay inililipat sa ibang plastic o lalagyan na may tatak o larawan pa ng kung sino mang pulitikong may sakop ng lugar na nasalanta. Kaya hindi na rin katakataka na ang ilang pampribadong organisasyon na tanging hangad ay makatulong ay mahigpit na ipinagbabawal na ibigay ang mga donasyon sa kung sino mang nangangasiwa ng lugar na kanilang pinuntahan. Ito ay ginagawa upang masigurado na ang mga donasyon ay diretsong mapupunta sa mga tunay na biktima at hindi upang magamit sa pambibiktima.

Kaninang umaga naman, nagising ang inaantok ko pang diwa hindi dahil sa mainit na kape kundi sa balitang ipinaparaffle ang ilang relief goods. Eh pano kung di ka swerte sa raffle? E pano kung puro pala kamag-anak ng may hawak ng relief goods ang nakalagay sa tambyolo? Naalala ko tuloy noong Christmas Party ng kumpanyang aking pinagsilbihan. Kasama ang ilang kaibigan ay matsaga naming inabangan na mabunot ang aming pangalan. Kahit maliit lang pwede na ring pandadag sa noche buena o kahit pangload man lang. Anong nangyari? Sympre wala. Umuwi kaming luhaan. Noong konti na lang ang tao’y ipinagpapaliban ng mga nangangasiwa ng raffle ang pagbunot ng mga pangalan ng sa ganoy sila-sila ang makinabang. Malinaw na pandaraya; Nanglalamang sa kapwa. Sa huli, Sir/ Ma’am Merry Christmas po, ang aming winika. Hayyysssttt!!!

Ano nga kaya tunay na dahilan ng pagdideklara ng State of Calamity? Para nga ba ito sa ikabubuti ng nakakararami? O upang makalikom ng sapat na pondo na gagamitin sa pagmamanipula ng bilang ng boto sa darating na eleksyon?

Naparami na ng problema ng lipunan. May mga tao pang nagagawang manloko. Mahiya naman kayo!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Last September 27 was my mom’s birthday; The National Seafarers’ Day was also celebrated. It was a special day for both my mom and my dad. :)


I’m a novice in Facebook. I find this social network too complicated. Status: In need of a tour guide.


My college friend gave birth to a bouncing baby girl yesterday. My 6th inaanak (godchild)! :p

Got hooked by Koreanovela, Marrying a Millionaire. One hour senti mode. Alone on the sofa. It’s sappy but I love it. Hehe!


My high school friend is coming two weeks from now. Reunion time again! Yahoo!


I notice my face is getting bigger. OMG! This is not right! :(


The weather condition these days is so erratic. The sky is deceiving. We don’t know exactly when it’s going to rain or when the sun will come out. Dammit!


I just found out recently that my high school friend is also a victim of typhoon Ondoy. I’m just glad she’s alive and safe.


I couldn’t understand why Sec. Teodora had to speak in behalf of PGMA in these times of difficulty. I know nobody like to see her on national tv. But PGMA is still the nation’s commander in chief. In less than a year she’ll be stepping out of her position, when is she planning to show us true leadership? I just hope this is not a political tactic to elevate their bet in 2010 Presidential Election.


PAG-ASA reports another typhoon is coming. Rain, rain go away!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vote for Efren in CNN’s Hero of the Year for 2009.

Efren Peñaflorida gives Filipino youth an alternative to gang membership through education. His Dynamic Teen Company's 10,000 members have taught basic reading and writing to 1,500 kids living in the slums. Full Story…

We can help Efren Peñaflorinda be CNN’s Hero of the Year. Vote Now!

Efren Peñaflorinda’s Website

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Short Prayer

Father God, we raise our hearts to You in gratitude for the wonders of creation of which we are part, for Your providence in sustaining us in our needs, and for Your wisdom that guides the course of the universe. We acknowledge our sins against You and the rest of the creation. We have not been good stewards of Nature. We have confused Your command to subdue the Earth. The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, and now we reap the harvest of our abuse and indifference. We turn to You, our loving Father, and beg forgiveness for our sins. We ask that we, our loved ones and our hard earned possessions be spared from the threat of calamities, and man-made. We beseech You to inspire us all to grow into responsible stewards of Your creation, and generous neighbors to those in need. Amen

A forwarded prayer from my friend, sis Myonee.

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