Thursday, July 25, 2013


Countdown to 30 – Second in Series
(last edited 12/08/2013)

I want to be a successful entrepreneur. I really wish that one day I will own a business that will create jobs for many hardworking and persevering fellow Filipino. This is my ultimate dream in life. But realities are hitting me left and right giving me reasons to just forget about it. Like, I can’t be too ambitious. But in the last two days, I am seeing a slideshow in my head. I have been imagining the exterior of my own establishment where my food business/es will come to life. As I go along in this visualization, I discovered quite a lot of things about myself.

This is my model facade

or this...

I find old Filipino style house simply gorgeous and elegant. Amidst the emergence of modern exteriors, a classic facade is the true unique.  

Windows should look like this (to be transformed into food stalls)

or this...

Just few tables on the right side

Tables and chairs that can accomodate small or large group

Under a roof that looks like this...

or this...

Initially I just wanted a huge white umbrella attached on top of each table but rainy season is a major consideration. I thought a concrete roof is more convenient.

A television and a good sound system would be entertaining
I want to cater my guests with a little entertainment while savoring their sumptuous meal. Just as what I want to experience when I dine in elsewhere.

My inspiration for the grilling station
I want to serve grilled foods. And I want the grilling station to have a character away from the usual.

Drinks Station should look like this...
I'm so in love with this. It's simple yet complete. 
This concept could be a one stop shop for Hot and Cold. Don't you think?

and of course...

A festive mood is a joy to watch
It's always a delight to see group of people simply having fun over non-stop chatting and of course good food. This kind of ambiance will surely make someone's day 

Overall I want a classic Filipino architecture with a touch of modern elements that has a homy and welcoming vibes - just a simple place that will bring family and friends together in one table. I don't know exactly how am I going to put this whole thing into reality. This is beyond DIFFICULT. But thank God dreaming is free. For now, I just want to end this post with this quote I received in All Devotion from Facebook

Today, we believe that God wants you to know that...  
the surest way to become is to playact.
Whenever you wish to change yourself, but find it difficult, start as children do by pretending that you already are. As you play at being who you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you. 

P.S. I just read this quote yesterday morning. And I thought it was God talking to me through the social network. See, God is using even the small things to tell us his message. It really feels good to pretend like a child and see my dreams come to life. This is a great thing that I'd like to turn into a habit. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Travelling Like a Millionaire

Countdown to 30 - First in Series 

I love travelling. Apart from that, I love adventures too. I love pure adrenaline rush!  

God is good. He has given us a beautiful world to explore. Countless. But travelling isn't cheap. Preparation is a must do for me. It entails sacrificing some WANTS for a much anticipated vacation. I'm not getting younger. There will come a time my physical condition will be a huge hindrance. I wanna travel and experience the world while I can. This is my recent mantra. 

Today as my financial crisis starts to die down. I feel more free (from guilt) to list down the places I long to see and the adventures I would like to try.


Go Biking in Batanes
Photo credit:
I want to explore this awesome island using a bike (is there a better way?)!!!

I want to slide and ride in the sand and play like a kid!!!

Subic Treetop Adventure 
Photo credit:

I want heart pumping adventure near the metropolis!!!

Parasailing in Manila Bay
Photo credit:
I want to see the capital city up in the air!!!

Vertical Trek to Pagsanjan Falls
I want to sweat like a pig going to one of the most famous falls in the country!!!

Fun Run at BGC
Photo credit:
I want to stretch my muscles in one of my most favorite places in National Capital Region!!!

Target Shooting in Manila
Photo credit:

I want to know if I can hit that bull's eye!!!

Photo credit:
I want an ultimate ride to the perfect cone just like Zac Efron!!!

Skywalk Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu

Photo credit:

I want to watch my knees tremble!!!

Dahilayan Adventure in Bukidnon
Photo credit:

I want to experience the Asia's longest dual zipline 
and other activities that my heart can take!!!

Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center
Photo credit:

I want to be amazed by the Cebu Dancing Inmates!!! Cheering is a good exercise for the heart, right? 

*** Not the end ****

Countdown to 30

Lately, I have been receiving news about my friends getting married, getting pregnant and giving birth. Not so surprising news though because we're 30 (I'll be in less than a month). I mean we are literally adult who do not need  written consent to have a civil wedding. While most of my friends are on their way to building a family, I feel that I just got my liberty - excited to explore the world like a young adult in her early twentys.  

My future posts will be a series of things I long to experience and my new discoveries about myself. True, I'm getting old but it feels like my real journey has just begun; as if my past experiences are mere preparations to more undertakings that will shape me to become the person who will fulfill a mission in life. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Must Do This Week

1. Continue my SSS contribution.
2. Continue my Philhealth contribution.
3. Avoid Twitter and PEP.
4. Pay my credit card debts in full.
5. Read the Bible.
6. Make a list of Expenses.
7. Meet with my friends.
8. Get Ride-All-You-Can Pass at Star City through Metrodeal.
9. Make a deposit in BPI.
10.Avoid online games. 


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tips in Operating a Sari-Sari Store

In 2010, my mother and I set-up a sari-sari store in the ground floor of a three-storey apartment building owned by a relative. With a measly fund amounting to ten thousand pesos, my mother and I bought typical commodities in San Roque Supermarket. Then, we ordered soda from softdrink dealers in our area. To everyone’s dismay, our supposedly first customer asked for vetsin. There was none (since we don’t use vetsin at home, we didn’t know that there is a great demand for msg). After an hour, a man asked for a deodorant in sachet. Again, there was none. Have you ever wondered how it feels to get hit by a stone? On the first day, we were hit not once but twice in a row. The following day, we spent half-day in the grocery. And the rest is history.

After three years of operating a sari-sari store, I realized that though my education has been valuable, actual experience is still the best teacher. For those who are planning to set-up a sari-sari store here are my few tips:

Products and Prices
  • It’s good to have a piece of everything just be mindful of expiration date, discoloration and rusting tendency, quality of packaging, attraction insects etc.
  • Basic household goods should always be readily available. Coffee, food seasoning, noodles, soap, shampoo, conditioner, powder and bar detergents, liquid dishwashing and cooking oil are examples of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and therefore should be fully-loaded.
  • Take note that consumers have different preference in product brand names. Be familiar with your community so the next time you do your grocery shopping you can bring a more precise checklist.  
  • Know the existing market prices in your community. In a community where competition is stiff, expect the product prices to be very crucial (sa amin, pababaan ang labanan). You can choose to follow the trend or dare to be different.
Bottled Drinks
  • If you can order softdrinks direct from the distributor, you can save as much as PhP3.00 more.   
  • Retail stores can lend refrigerator from softdrink companies upon agreement that retailers can only store beverages from the distributor.   
  • Alcoholic beverages may be sold with restrictions by local ordinances. Follow this regulation to prevent getting into possible trouble.

  • Different supermarkets also vary in prices. In Malinta-Novaliches area, for instance, supermarkets are scattered all over (Savemore, Puregold, Ultra-Mega, San Roque Supermarket, Super8 , Ever Gotesco and local supermarkets). Personally, I do “shop hopping” once in a while since the groceries I mentioned are not too far from each other.  Some personal recommendation: buy pack of Milo 22g in Savemore; Summit 500ml bottled water in Puregold; Nescafe Cappucino in Ever Gotesco; Others in San Roque or in dry market.   
  • Some supermarkets have free delivery service with minimum purchase worth PhP5,000. Loyalty card/Rewards card/Points card is also offered to reward members with points every time they shop. The accumulated points can be used for future purchases.
  • Take advantage of product promos. Visit all supermarkets once in a while.
  • For wholesale shopping you might also want to check out Suy Sing.

Other Tips
  • Always keep your store clean and orderly. Otherwise, dust and pest will built a home in your storage cabinet.   
  • Recycle. Instead of throwing plastic packaging of biscuits, coffee etc. Collect and set them aside, you can use it to hold large orders.   
  • From the basic commodities, it’s good to have stocks of common medicines, office supplies, sim cards or anything that your community needs.   
  • Sell loads from all networks. Look for load distributors in your area or you may activate your Smart Money number or G-Cash to fund your load wallet which you may also use in money transfer. For details about Smart Money click here. For G-Cash products and services click here.   
  • Establish good relationship with your customers. Take care of your suki.   
  • And most importantly "Bawal ang utang". Well, that is if you can avoid it. If you can’t because your customers are your friends just don’t let it become bigger than a 100. Believe me pag siningil mo yan ikaw pa masama (buti nga kung masingil mo). Better yet, post a note “Bawal ang Utang” just use a text that everyone can see (and not rude). Just a simple reminder that your business aims to earn profit.
There's more but that's all for now. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao (U-Turn)

Endless War. Kidnapping Incidents. Territorial Disputes. Travel Warnings. Countless times, we heard and see these issues, headlines even. News like these is so devastating that a foreign or local traveller would think 10x before getting a flight to Mindanao. But my recent vacation ended some speculations in my head. There maybe some truth about the news, nonetheless a tour in Mindanao will give every visitor innumerable reasons that will make you fall in love and say "I Do" (love the place).

Honestly I felt that my short visit in Cebu was “bitin.” And the hot weather was a bit disappointing (but is it Cebu/ano’s fault?). However, I would come back because I am yet to experience the following:
(1) Sky Walk Extreme in Crown Regency Hotel
(2) Beaches. Beaches. Beaches
(3) Original BiaƱos Pizza located in Mabolo, Cebu City
(4) Sinulog Festival
(5) Cebu Dancing Inmates
(6) More lechon…

I have been in many places in Luzon but this travel adventure made me realized that Metro Manila is beautiful regardless of the many scratches that wounded the entire region and its people. There’s no place like Manila. At nanalaytay sa akin ang dugong Manilena.

Having said these things, with more conviction I join every Filipino in promoting our tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” (indeed).

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