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True Love

The church was so full and the nearby streets were also crowded.

The people were either wearing black, white or yellow top.

Tears were outpouring in all places.

Even the erratic weather was not a barrier for the masa to pay their last respect.

These were the general scenes during President Cory Aquino’s funeral.It was full of emotion.

While watching the tv coverage of the final mass for Pres. Cory, there was one episode that I really find so touching. Many times the camera would focus Kris Aquino, Cory Aquino’s youngest daughter. In a very short scene, Kris was sighted carrying his youngest son Baby James. The sadness and sorrow was all over her face. Baby James stared at her then kissed her.

What is so special about Kris-Baby James scene?

Baby James is 2 years old. He knows nothing about what’s happening. But his innocence gave comfort (no matter how simple the gesture is) at the exact moment that her mom needed to be comforted. Perhaps that was Baby James way of saying “Mommy, I love you! Don't cry na..."

True Love

The church was so full and the nearby streets were also crowded.

The people were either wearing black, white or yellow top.

Tears were outpouring in all places.

Even the erratic weather was not a barrier for the masa to pay their last respect.

These were the general scenes during President Cory Aquino’s funeral.It was full of emotion.

While watching the tv coverage of the final mass for Pres. Cory, there was one episode that I really find so touching. Many times the camera would focus Kris Aquino, Cory Aquino’s youngest daughter. In a very short scene, Kris was sighted carrying his youngest son Baby James. The sadness and sorrow was all over her face. Baby James stared at her then kissed her.

What is so special about Kris-Baby James scene?

Baby James is 2 years old. He knows nothing about what’s happening. But his innocence gave comfort (no matter how simple the gesture is) at the exact moment that her mom needed to be comforted. Perhaps that was Baby James way of saying “Mommy, I love you! Don't cry na..."

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Say Cheese!




You think the whole world is against you?

Are you on the verge of giving up?

Pause for a while. Look at these photos:

Then, read this: “Everything will be alright. This painting is yours to take for free” That’s a simple note attached to Bren Bataclan’s paintings (photos above). He calls it “Smile Project.”
It was through lifestyle magazine show "The Sweet Life” that I discovered Bren Bataclan’s “Smile Project.” Bren brought his paintings of colorful characters which he leaves to different places worldwide with an objective to make people smile and basically to bring joy.

The universe is a mirror – Bo Sanchez

Imagine if you smile at the mirror and your face frowns. Run. Call the Ghostbusters! Of course, if you smile on the mirror expect to see yourself smiling. The same thing happens on the way we treat others and the way we perceive life.


If a friend gives you a gift, will you give him a glass of orange juice with a poison? An appreciative person will say “Thank you.”

If you are born poor and you injected in your mind the statement “I am poor” there is a high probability that you will die poor. Otherwise, if you are born poor but as you grow up you change your outlook in life there is always a possibility for a massive change.

Bren Bataclan isn’t unusual. Yes, he is a great painter and successful but like us he is also human - vulnerable to problems, sufferings, heartache and misery. However, he remains blissful despite a large amount of negativities around the globe. The happiness that he feels inside reflects on his artworks and advocacy. And each time he sees his recipients smile, perhaps his heart is smiling too.

So smile even though at times life seems too difficult to handle. Look around I'm sure you'll find a lot of reasons to smile. And just keep in mind “Everything will be alright.”

No wonder people frown when they see my photos. Blame it on my teeth. Hehe! But I smile a lot even when I’m alone. Ok, that’s crazy! Don’t do that. PLEASE!
For more details about the Smile Project you can visit You'll be amazed how Bren makes strangers smile and spreads hope through art.

P.S. My heart is smiling to a new recognition in blogosphere courtesy of KaBlogs. Thanks, folks!

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Sunday's Treat

Yesterday was not a usual Sunday routine. Since my uncle’s taxi had an engine problem, my whole family travelled Gen Luis St., NLEX and EDSA by Dela Rosa Bus and from Anapolis Greenhills we rode a taxi all the way to Valle Verde Country Club where Kerygma Feast is celebrated weekly. Fortunately, we arrived just on time. The church was not yet full so we were able to get seats on the middle part and away from industrial aircondition unit Halleluiah!

Rev. Fr. Rudy Horst presided the Holy Mass.Then, as usual, former actor Adrian Panganiban led the worship. But this time he was accompanied by budding Catholic preachers Andrew and Joseph (that’s not their real name. Memory gap? Yeah :p). Bro. Bo’s talk followed with a brand new series called OMG! Here’s a glimpse of yesterday’s handout.

Next, we had an early lunch in SM Megamall to avoid long queue of hungry shoppers. Finally, while having lunch and a little chitchat, I was able to convince my mom to see an expo (I am a certified EXPOs addict). So our next stop: Megatrade Hall 1 to 3.

Megatrade Hall 1: SM Mega Shoes and Bags Sale
Megatrade Hall 2: 17th Buy Pinoy Exporter’s Fair
Megatrade Hall 3: 8th National Coconut Festival

We only had a quick look inside the first hall. For us, discounts don't matter too much if the things on sale are not so needed. Not included in our financial budget, so to speak. Thus, we relocated to Buy Pinoy Expo. There was a P10 entrance fee. I was disappointed because I was expecting a Free Entrance. I just wanted to tour my mom and let her experience a different indulgence. But she insisted “Sampung piso lang naman pumasok na tayo…” (Obviously, I am more frugal than my mom). We leisurely walked and visited every booth that caught our attention, mostly on food. After less than an hour, we went out with three plastic bags and a heavier tummy. Yes, we groceried inside and savored various Pinoy dishes and delicacies at no cost. After that, we moved to Megatrade Hall 3 where various coconut products were exhibited. Like in Megatrade Hall 1 it’s free. However, the place was less crowded compare to its neighbor. We didn’t spend too much time here since our legs were also getting tired – a clear signal that we should go home.

On our way home, the heavy rain fell. It was raining cats and dogs from NLEX to Caloocan. Upon arriving my youngest brother bathed in the rain. And so did I. Sarap maligo sa ulan. Namiss ko yun. Parang bata lang. Feeling bata!...
Later in the afternoon, I received a phone call from a friend who is thousand miles away. He called just to greet me "Belated Happy Birthday!" Thanks, bro! And the next episodes were back to usual. The End.
Yun lang po. Gusto ko lang pong ishare. Have a blessed week ahead mga kablogs!

.P.S. Thank you to everyone who greeted me on my birthday! Here’s my treat… (Courtesy of my loving mother)

Thanks, mom!

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Pare, Shumat Ka Muna (Part I)

Para sa mga lasenggero sa kalye, mga tumador sa may kanto, social drinker, alcohol addict, oenophile, boozers, drunkard, bartender, bata, matanda, may ngipin o wala, ako muna ang babangka. Eto ay kwentong tungkol sa mga liquor. Wag mag-alala hindi eto rated PG...
Sa Tindahan ni Aling Nena

Alas Otso na ng gabi. Nakahanda na ang mesa, ang isang mahabang upuan at ilang monoblocks. Sa ibabaw ng mesa’y may nakalagay na dalawang baso at mangkok na puno ng yelo. Katabi ng mangkok ay isang pinggan na may Hot and Spicy corned beef at isang plastic ng sampung pirasong isaw na kakatanggal pa lang sa ihawan. Ummm… Delisyus!!!

Paparating ay isang mamang may malaking tyan. Dala ang isang bote ng Emperador Brandy na inutang pa sa kalapit na tindahan. “Buksan na yan,” winika ng isang patpating tomador na mukhang sampung taon ng hindi nagaahit ng bigote.

Inuman na…
Ang Kahulugan

Inuman. Tagay. Tomahan. Lasingan. Laklakan. Session. Social Drinking (wow, sosyal). Kung ano pa man ang tawag dyan, alak at beer lang ang tinutukoy dyan.

Hindi ako umiinom. Pero hindi nangangahulugan na kinokondena ko ang mga taong umiinom. Wala naman masama sa pag-inom ng alak at beer. Kahit nga nung biblical times in demand na ang alak. Meron ding nagsasabi na may ilang benepisyong pangkalusugang naidudulot ang mga inuming nabanggit. Kung ano man yun at interesado kayong malaman iresearch nyo na lang sa google o kumunsulta sa kilalang medico experto.

College ako noong una kong nasubukang uminom. Sa may Polo, Bulacan unang natikman ang Gin-pomelo. Hindi sa nagmamaganda pero sa maniwala kayo o sa hindi ako at ang mga hay skul friends ay hindi talaga umiinom. Tila bawal na gamot ang alak at beer noong mga panahong iyon. Basta hindi iyon ang trip namin. Trip to Jerusalem pwede pa. Joke?!
Commercial Break

Charade. Yan ang paborito namin nung Hay Skul. Kapag walang teacher, charade. Kapag break, charade. Kapag may pakulo sa reporting, charade pa rin. Wala kamatayang charade. Minsan nagbabasaan ng tubig kapag napatambay sa may Pascual Road. Minsan naman nagaasaran lang. Kung saan ang simpleng asaran kung minsa’y nauuwi sa hindi pagkakaunawaan. Mula sa isang maliit na usok, nagiging isang malaking sunog. Bwahahaha!!!

Maituturing na mga batang isip pa kami noon. Ngayong nasa 21st century na at nasa 20+ something na ang mga edad, natural marami na ang nagbago. Lahat kami naranasan ng uminom. Pero in fairness, karamihan sa amin ay hindi naman nalalango. Oops! Ewan ko lang din. Hehe!
Kill Joy?

Balik tayo sa main topic.
Allergy. Oo, allergy ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit ako hindi pwedeng uminom. May ilang tao ang nagpayo sa akin na mawawala rin ang allergy ko kapag uminom ako uli. Aba, may ilang beses ko na rin sinuway ang payo ng aking doctor pero wala naman nangyari. Pantal, init ng katawan at pangangati lang ang inabot ko. Hindi lang yon, may kasama pang maikling sermon mula kina mama at papa. Yan ang napapala ng mga taong matigas ang ulo at walang kadaladala.

Ayokong maging KJ. Pakikisama ang pangunahing dahilan kung bakit ako umiinom. Sa totoo lang hindi ko talaga gusto ang lasa ng anumang alcoholic beverages na available sa malapit na tindahan at SM Supermarket. Ngunit, subalit, datapwat minsan kailangan eh.

Ang Allergy at Ang Mabisang Droga

Isang gabi, matapos ang toxicity sa opisina nagtreat ang isang big boss. Yinaya ang mga sekretarya na magdinner sa dinadayong restawrant na malapit sa may ABS-CBN. Ang daming inorder. Solve talaga ang mga kumakalam na tyan. Masarap talaga kapag libre. Tapos eto na, umorder na si bossing ng San Mig Light at Red Horse ata yun. Naglabas naman si ate. Napuno ang mesa ng mga baso’t bote na dati’y puno ng pinggan ng kanin at ulam. Iniabot ng isa pang bossing ang dalang anti-allergy tablet at pinainom sa akin. Believe it or not kahit sa San Mig Light pinapantal ako. In all fairness, effective naman. Nakauwi naman ako ng hindi bangenge at may normal na temperatura.
Hapi Beerday 2 u!!!

Sa ano mang party o espesyal na handaan, siguradong (o madalas) hindi nawawala ang inuman. Kahit nga children’s birthday party pa eto siguradong kasama sa budget ang ilang case ng beer o isang bote ng Grand Matador o Gin tapos hahaluan na lang ng orange juice o any juice na nasa tetra pack. Kapag medyo sosyal, may imported wine or champaign na kapag naalog ng husto ang bote sumasabog ang bula na parang bomba. Mga terorista siguro ang nagpauso ng champaign. Ano sa tingin nyo?

Sympre, hindi naman para sa mga tsikiting ang isang case ng beer. Para yan kinamommy at daddy, kumpare at kumare, tito at tita, lolo at lola, pati ilang malalapit na kapitbahay. Minsan nga sa children’s birthday party para bang mas marami pa ang oldies kesa sa mga invited na kids. Wala pa sigurong FS si baby. :p
To be continued…

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It's My Birthday!


Is a very short word which means extreme confusion or disorder. The perfect word to describe my current thinking cap.

I really wanted to indite a sanguine post; something uplifting. But I couldn’t squeeze the good words. Right now, I just want to be honest with myself. I just want to admit that I am hurting inside. Please bear with the inconvenience.

Today is my 26th birthday. Yes, it’s MY BIRTHDAY!
To some women, this is an ideal age for marriage. But not for me.

To some folks of my age they are probably halfway towards the realization of their dreams or maybe they are already in the zenith of their career. But not for me, either. Ouch!

I have no problem with statement no. 1. Marriage or even “Exclusively dating” still remain strange words. Yes, I’m not seeing anyone and that is absolutely fine with me. I actually believe that marriage is not my fate. Or maybe it’s more appropriate to say that at my age having or not having a partner or “special someone” is not yet an issue.

Shift to statement no. 2.

I used this line before (in my other blog) but I’ll say it again “I now officially declare myself unemployed.” (this is a late announcement). Since I graduated from college in 2004, I already had eight official and unofficial jobs with maximum of 1 year and 1 month term and pathetic 4-day record.

Did you just say “What?!!!”

I say it’s MY BIRHTDAY! In my blog rej-goneastray, I said "Be ready to criticize, disgust and belittle this twenty something creature from a complex metropolis. Admonish her if you must. Then love her afterwards…" For this particular post, I will use it with a slight revision:“You can criticize, disgust and belittle this twenty something creature from a complex metropolis. Admonish me if you must. But please not today." :p
Seriously, I consider my employment record very blessed. Some of my previous occupations were my “ideal jobs.” Some companies that trusted my aptitude were my “dream companies.” I met a lot of people which until now I regard as good friends. Dreaming is indeed very powerful. However, some things just didn’t work well. I guess that’s the diplomatic way to summarize my work history rather than label myself a “failure.” I would like to think I am not. Am I?

So many things are bothering me. But one thing is clear in my mind “Hindi pwede ‘to! Hindi pwedeng parating ganito! (This is not right! This has to stop!)" I am not a feeble. I am physically and mentally healthy. I know I just need to invigorate my inner strength to face my fears. In this case, I need your help. Please pray for me.

Let me end this post with a video of the song “Lead Me Lord” by Gary Valenciano - my song and my prayer for my birthday and the coming days.

P.S. I have one final request on my birthday. Before leaving this blog please read the story of Baby Hannah. She will be celebrating her 2nd birthday on August 14. I hope we can say a little prayer for her and her family.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Her Name is Baby Hannah

My mind and my body may grow weak, but God is my strength; he is all I ever need. – Psalm 73:26

Last March 2009, I had a post entitled Rosaries for Baby Hannah. Baby Hannah whose real name is Hannah Ysabelle S. Cordoviz is a very cute baby girl afflicted with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome or CCHS. According to a tv program where Baby Hannah’s condition was featured, CCHS is a rare illnes and a lifelong breathing disorder. It also delays developmental stages of Hannah. Because of her situation, her parents made a major decision. Her parents resigned in their job and decided to commit their lives taking care of their child.


Baby Hannah’s parents make rosaries to support their daughter’s medical needs. When I visited Baby Hannah’s website, my initial plan is to grab a sample of a rosary bracelet that they sell online. But I think it would be better if you would go directly to Baby Hannah’s website Read her lifestory. Watch her videos. See her photos. And click the link: Store or click here.

To give you a glimpse of Baby Hannah and her loving parents, here’s a video (from the show “The Beat”) that will surely touch your heart.

Before I end this, I would like to borrow few lines from an article I read in Kerygma magazine (February 2009 issue) entitled “Superman Isn’t Brave; Real People Are Braver” by Rosanne Romero.

“Superman isn’t brave…You can’t be considered brave if you knew you were indestructible. It’s people like them who are brave. They know they are not indestructible. They know they can easily be defeated, but they fight anyway.

They wince, they flinch, they cry when they’re hit. But they keep on and don’t give up. They’re the kind of brave that people don’t clap for. They don’t get awarded medals. Their names aren’t called to go up on stage. But one thing is sure. God applauds them. Their lives are not pointless because God uses their adversities to speak into the lives of others.”

The Cordoviz family is indeed living evidence to this.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Something's Missing

Not one but two. Two lavish meals worth $20,000 and $15,000 (almost P1M and 720K if converted to Peso) respectively – the hottest issue haunting President Arroyo’s Administration. Add this to a long list of scams or allegations linking to graft and corruption, lack of delicadeza and dishonest governance against the nation’s highest government official. Below are some of the scams that rocked our world:

Helllo Garci Scam
Fertilizer Fund Scam
ZTE-NBN scam
Macapagal Boulevard scam
Charter Change or Cha-Cha

Normally, when there is black there is white; when there is bad there is good. But in the case of PGMA’s administration it seems that there are no good words to say; only the bad aspects are floating? Can you help me find the good side?

What do you think is good about PGMA’s leadership? When she steps down on 2010, what do you think is her biggest contribution (if there is any)? :p

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pare, Shumat Ka Muna (Part II)

Did you know that?

Dagdag Kaalaman Tungkol sa Beer

Alam nyo ba na ang pinakamurang beer sa buong mundo ay nagkakahalaga lang ng 10p a pint or 0.473 – 0.568 L or 473-568 mL (depende kung US Customary Unit or British Imperial Capacity Measure ang ginamit )? Ang 10p or 10 penny or £0.1 base sa computation ko sa XE.Com ay nagkakahalaga lamang ng six Pesos at fifty five centavos (P6.55). Ganoon pa man, bagamat mura ang presyo ito ay matatagpuan lamang sa bansang Somalia kung saan maraming nabibihag na mga Pinoy at talamak ang gera. Type mo?

Ang Jacobsen Vintage No. 2 na nagmula sa bansang Denmark naman ang itinuturing na pinakaexpenive na beer sa buong mundo. Ito ay nagkakahalaga ng mahigit kumulang na $367 kada isang bote o P17,284.14 kung ikoconvert ito sa pera ng bansang Pilipinas.

Did you know that?

(Source:, at
Usapang Alak Naman Mga Noypi

Alam nyo ba na dito sa Pilipinas, humigit kumulang 10% ang tinataas ng dami ng umiinom ng alak kada taon? Taong 1995, naitala ang mga Pilipino bilang number one wine drinker sa buong Asya. 146,000 na bote lang naman ang nalaklak ng mga Noypi. Taong 2005, nagimport ang ating bansa ng halos 7.5 million liters ng grape-based wine. Kung ang mga impormasyong nabanggit ang pagbabasehan, kapansinpansin na mahilig din sa alak ang mga Noypi. Mas mura lang kasi ang beer at mas malakas ang tama ng alak kaya mas in pa rin ang beer sa tindahan ni aleng Nena.

Did you know that?

(Source: at
Wine Museum in the Philippines

Alam nyo ba na merong Wine Museum sa Pilipinas?

Ito ay itinatag ng magkakapatid na Joseph na sina Ralph, Bobby, Ronnie and Raymond. Ito ay matatagpuan sa No. 2253 Tramo Road, Pasay City. Ang museum na ito ay may apat na palapag. Ang unang palapag ay restaurant and wine bar. Sa ikalawang palapag ay ang Wine Education Center. At ang ikatlo at ikaapat na palapag ay hotel rooms na para sa mga taong hindi na kayang magmaneho. Kakabilib di ba?

Did you know that?

To be continue...

Pare, Shumat Ka Muna (Part III)

Last na to...
Huling Patak; Huling Lagok

Lumalalim na ang gabi. Hindi namamalayan ng magkakabarkada na isa-isa nang nagpapatayan ng ilaw ang mga kabahayan. Nang mapansin nila ang patuloy na pagdilim ng kapaligiran ay nagdisisyon silang patayin na ang videoke bilang paggalang sa mga kapitbahay. Nagpasya na rin silang tig-iisang tagay na lang at tapos na ang sesyon para sa gabing iyon. Pangamba kasi ng ila’y maoutside de kulambo sila pagdating nila sa kanikanilang tahanan.

Makalipas ang ilang minuto…

Wala ng laman ang bote. Isinauli na ito kay aleng Nena kasabay ng pagsara ng tindahan. At isa-isa na ngang umuwi ang lasing na magkakaibigan. Gumigewang si mamang patpatin; samantalang si manong brusko’y nasa tamang ulira’t pa naman. Si macho gwapito nagmukhang dukyot habang akay-akay ang nasusukang kumpare na nakaakbay din sa malakas lakas pang katropa.

Wag mag-deny; Don’t tell a lie!

Sa totoo lang iba-iba ang mga eksena kapag may inuman. Minsan may halong tugtugan. Ngunit kapag hindi available ang electronic machine ay nakukuntento na sa pag-awit kasabay ng himig ng gitara. Kung walang gitara masaya na rin sa simpleng kwentuhan kung saan samu't saring usapin ang natatalakay. May ukol sa personal na buhay; minsan naman ay nagagawi sa buhay ni Juan o kaya ni Pedro. Sabi nga nila kung sino ang wala sya ang pinaguusapan. Wag magdeny; Don’t tell a lie!

Napupunta rin ang talakayan sa trabaho, eskwela, pulitika, ekonomiya at sympre showbiz. Pag showbiz na kasi ang topic parang lahat nakakarelate mapababae man o lalaki. Ang hihilig kasi natin sa tsismis. Wag mag-deny; Don’t tell a lie!

May mga ilang mga pagkakataon din na naglalaro ang magkakatropa. Ilan sa mga suki ay ang truth and consequence. Sabi nila kapag nalalasing ang isang tao hindi ito marunong magsinungaling.Marahil ito ang dahilan kung bakit nauso ang larong ito kapag may inuman. Naku po, sa isang iglap nabubunyag ang mga lihim. Wag mag-deny; Don’t tell a lie!

Popular din ang larong gamit ang baraha. Tong-its, Pusoy Dos, Lucky 9, Unggoy-ungguyan o Pares-Pares at ang pinakamaingay na laro sa lahat ang 1-2-3 pass. Dito pabilisan at utakan ang labanan. Dito, kailangan physically fit ka rin lalo na ang mga daliri dahil kung hindi ito matibay tiyak bali-bali ang aabutin mo kung tuloy-tuloy ang laro. Singitan ng daliri wag lang malagyan ng powder sa mukha o maging taya sa Truth or Consequence o tumagay ng extra shot. Advantage sa kin dahil maliliit lang ang mga daliri ko kaya dapat alisto. Ibagsak ba ang kamay sa gitna kahit di pa nakakabinggo. Wag mag-deny; Don’t tell a lie!

O Tukso Layuan Mo Ako
Kapag nakalabas na ang serbesa, sari-saring tukso na ang dumarating sa harapan. Anjan ang lechon, krispi pata, inihaw, corned beef, junk foods, nilagang mani at kung anu-ano pang pagkain na mayaman sa kolesterol. Kaya siguraduhin munang malakas ang resistensya bago sumabak sa gera kundi siguradong high blood ang aabutin mo. At malamang kung di ka matibay-tibay sa doktor ang bagsak mo.

Sabi nila, kapag nalalasing na ang tao madali na itong makalimot sa sarili. Ito rin ang ginagawang dahilan kapag nagkakasala ang isang tao(u know… the three letter word… u know). Ewan ko pero para sa ‘kin hindi ito acceptable. Ang linya: “Nagawa ko yon dahil lasing ako. Hindi ko alam ang ginagawa ko” Stupid Excuse!!! Naks! Kung makapagreact. Hehe! Sa buhay ko hindi ko pa naman ito naririnig ni minsan nakakairita lang talaga kapag naririnig ko sa t.v. Ikaw ba? Anong reaksyon mo dito? Stupid di ‘ba? Di ‘ba?!!!

May iba’t iba ring senyales kapag nalalasing na ang isang tao. Merong naduduwal. Ihi ng ihi. Nagsasarisari. Inaantok. Gumigewang gewang. Atbp. Senyales na rin ito na malapit na matapos ang inuman. Kung sa bahay ng kaibigan, minsan wala ng uwian. Kung sa beerhouse, nagpapara na lang ng taxi para makauwi; kung may sasakyan, may ilang natutulog muna at nagpapatanggal ng tama pero meron ding mga pasaway nagmamaneho pa rin kahit lasing. Mga Pasaway ang dami nyan!

Marami na ring road accidents ang naitala dahil sa pagmamaneho ng lasing. Konting disiplina naman mga Chong! Hindi lang buhay mo ang nakataya pati buhay ng inosenteng tao maaaring madamay dahil sa simpleng kapabayaan. So Please Don’t Drink and Drive!

Malapit din ang away kapag may inuman. Na minsan nagiging dahilan ng seryosong di pagkakaunawaan ng magkakaibigan. Makalipas ang ilang minuto’y meron ng sigawan, riot o kaya’y patayan. Nakakalungkot mang isipin pero ito’y may katotohanan. Ang masayang simula minsa’y nauuwi sa karahasan. Ang sad, di ba?


Marahil ay nagtataka kayo kung bakit sa dami-dami ng topic na maari kong pagtuunan ng pansin ay ito pa ang pinagdiskitahan ko. Lalo na’t hindi naman ako umiinom.

E, bakit nga ba?

Ano man ang dahilan marahil ay hindi na mahalaga sa ngayon. Basta may ilan lang akong nais paalala:
(1) Ang alak sa tyan linalagay hindi sa utak.
(2) Siguraduhing ilock ang door kapag matutulog na
(3) Wag ipunin ang bote at gawing tapunan ng upos ng sigarilyo
(4) Wag sanang araw-arawin. Pwede?
(5) Kung iinom siguraduhing kayang gumising ng maaga para hindi makaabala sa iba...

Bato bato sa langit ang tinamaan sapol!
Cheers! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank you, Tita Cory!

When your husband was killed in 1983
You grieved for your one and only beloved
Yet you remained strong amidst the sorrow
Almost three years after Ninoy’s death
With a braveheart you accepted a battle
As you stood in front of many Filipinos
You brought your biggest weapon
Your big faith in our Lord Almighty
You taught the people to fight
Without a gun but a rosary
In the end the power of prayers prevailed
A non-violent revolution toppled a dictator
And the Philippines gained democracy
Soon you became the nation’s head
Philippines’ first female president
And first woman president in Asia

I was only a little girl
When you seated in MalacaƱang
So young to really understand
The significance of People Power
And how difficult your role was
As a mother not only to your family
But to all people living in 7,107 islands
Now the nation is mourning over your death
Your countrymen speak only good words
Your kindness to all people
And faith for our country
You are indeed worthy of all praises
Indeed the “Mother of Democracy”
But your love for God
Is the most important of all
No doubt you are now in heaven.

Thank you, Tita Cory!
Rest in Peace

Sunday, August 2, 2009

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