Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Images of Hope after Yolanda

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A Glimmer of hope in Tacloban a week after Yolanda (via gmanetwork.com)

Yolanda survivors in Tacloban play hoop amid debris (via gmanetwork.com)

Messages of survival (via sunstar.com.ph)

Picking up pieces (via rappler.com)

Filipino Spirit (via Instagram@chiazambrano

Faith still runs deep in Leyte a month after (via newsinfo.inquirer.net)

Woman keeps husband alive by manually pumping air into his lungs at hospital in Tacloban that is still without power (via Twitter@AFPphoto)

Story of true love (via newsgra.ph)

An image of Jesus Christ is unscathed after the storm... (via Twitter@raffytima)

Yolanda survivors turn ruined refs into fishing boats (via gmanetwork.com)

Despite the loss and devastation, people remain kind and smiling, and even positive (via Twitter@justcallmelloyd)

Volunteer Lourdes Sales writes messages of hope in relief bags (via Twitter@Joseph_Morong)

No help too small (via ph.news.yahoo.com)

Frida and Emma had planned on going to Boracay for vacation but decided to volunteer instead

US Marines experienced Filipino Hospitality in Typhoon-Hit Manicani Island (via philnews.ph)

Alicia Keys chats with typhoon evacuees (via philstar.com)

Justin Bieber entertains evacuees at Tacloban City (via Twitter@ABSCBN_showbiz)

Newlywed couple urge Yolanda victims to 'stand up, rise again' (via gmanetwork.com)

Seen in Porto Portugal (via Twitter@Jimparedes)

Residents of Tacloban take a break from cleaning their houses to support Pacman (via Twitter@victoriatulad)

A Taclobanon cheering for Pacquiao (via christocentric73.wordpress.com)

A brother's love (via newsinfo.inquirer.net)

Babangon tayo!!! Tulong-tulong tayo! : )

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