Sunday, December 24, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mau Marcelo is "The First Philippine Idol'

Out of thousands of Filipino hopefuls who auditioned only one has emerged as “The First Philippine Idol.” That is Mau Marcelo, defeating two other brilliant male contenders Gian Magdangal and Jan Nieto.

The event last night was absolutely the most exhilarating. The twelve finalists gave their most notable performance in front of thousands of people who came to witness the prestigious event. Aiza Seguerra, G. Toengi, Sexbomb Girls, Haji Alejandro, Cueshe and Gary Valenciano were their special guests. The three judges Francis Magalona, Pilita Corrales and Ryan Cayabyab also showcased their talent together with the finalists in different presentations. But of course, the much awaited event came last – the announcement of the winner. As Ryan Agoncillo shouted the name of the champion, everybody in the Big Dome instantaneously stood up and applauded. The show ended with the international caliber voice of “The First Philippine Idol” – Mau Marcelo.



By Bo SanchezYou Have the Power to Create Love
Take Another Step on the Simple Path to Happiness

Imagine I’m an inspiring actor. You must agree that with my looks, it wouln’t be too difficult to picture this scenario. After all, the horror genre is aplenty.

They tell me that there are five stages that every tinsel town personality must go through. Let me show you the anatomy of fame.

Stage 1: “Who is Bo Sanchez?”
This is the starting point of every fame-hungry person: you’re a nobody. You have to make your first appearance on film, even if your role is that of a costumed freakish alien that gets pulverized by the star at the opening scene of the movie. It might be difficult to imagine now, but even Madonna, Demi Moore and Julia Roberts went through the stage where people asked, “Who’s she?”

Stage 2: “Get Bo Sanchez”This second level is intoxicating. By some stroke of luck, you get recognized for your thrilling talent or thrilling body. Your name is bandied around in the studios, and a small fans club is forming- no longer organized by your mother. Your price tag is still ascending, so all movie outfits fight for the right to make your first box-office. As you walk in the mall, you count the number of times people ask for your autograph. When you get tired of this, you start wearing shades. Ahhh. You have arrived.

Stage 3: “Get me Bo Sanchez look-alike”
The peak! Your face is seen on ads, tabloids, billboards, and TV gossip programs. You’re everywhere! Only the biggest producers can afford you now. So smaller media companies will settle for young artists who look like you. You’re now royalty (e.g. concert queen, king pop, box-office king, soap opera queen). Finally, you know you’ve reached this high point when you can no longer walk in a mall without a huge crowd following you hysterically screaming “Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!”

Stage 4: “Get me a younger Bo Sanchez”
But before you know it, the inevitable hits you. You hear your director ask for someone like you who’s ten years younger, ten years sexier, ten years bolder. You feel offended when scriptwriters offer you motherly roles. Soon, however, no other roles come except motherly roles. Your price tag gets slashed. Your name shrinks in movie and when they congregate around you, you wonder if you’re in some high school reunion of class ’27.

Stage 5: “ Who is Bo Sanchez?You meet some teens walking down the street and they pass you by like you were a telephone post. Ouch. Once in a while, a grandmother points to you and her family looks at you quizzically. You feel like a prehistoric artifact in a museum being surveyed. And then they walk you by. Double-ouch.

And then it hits you: You’re a nobody.

And you realize-wasn’t I here before?

Never go after fame.

In the heart of God, you’re always a star.

Always were, always will be.

Monday, December 4, 2006


This blog used to be a venue of the things that bothered me; the things that I couldn’t extract in my tongue because most of it were unconstructive point of views. Now, it’s over (or maybe not). But one thing is sure - my rejuvenated outlook and stronger faith will direct me to the realization of my purpose in life. This will be the start of a new chapter. And this time, I promise to be optimistic. Or should I say I’ll just put the distressing ones to the bin? Just kidding. Hehe!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

5 Ways God Wants to Use the Problems in Your Life

I have been thinking of recent events or issues that might sound interesting but my mind couldn't come up with one. So let me just share with you something that I got from Bo Sanchez of Kerygma TV. Please try to contemplate and feel the presence of God.

1. God uses problem to direct you.
2. God uses problem to inspect you.
3. God uses problem to correct you.
4. God uses problem to protect you.
5. God uses problem to perfect you.

These are the five important lessons that I have learned in my previous experience. Hope it works on you. God Bless.

"Our biggest problem is our biggest blessing. We do not know how God will work but one thing is sure, He is after our good."

Note: Please visit or watch Kerygma TV by Bo Sanchez aired every Wednesday, 11:30 pm, at RPN 9.

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Birthday is Extended

Last August 12 I celebrated my 23rd year of whirling existence. It was the same as ever except for one thing – only few remembered it. But in the last 16 days, the words “Belated Happy Birthday” dominated most of the text messages that I received.

For those I was not able to thank please understand that my cell phone load is usually courtesy of 808. Otherwise, we (the entire family) are practicing the principle “One for all; All for one.”

So, let me take this opportunity to tell you – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I have already been celebrating for more than two weeks. That's rare, don't you think?

P.S. If this will continue until December, I will inform Guinness World Records. Okay, I'm exaggerating!!! Hehehe!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Truth of the Matter

There are a lot of things that I want to do (and have). But most of it, I prefer no to go for it.

In my 23 years of existence I have realized that our thoughts and feelings are not the most important things to consider in making a decision. There are times, it is appropriate to ponder on the point of views and feelings of others regardless of the possible effect. In my case, majority is negative.

Assuming, in a crucial situation in which there's too much pressure from other people, you did not get what you were expecting. Hence, you are disappointed. You are mad. Really, really mad! So, what’s next? You would realize that you always know the right thing to do but you are also aware that some of our actions might affect others so you chose to be considerate.

The truth of the matter is that some things are not meant to happen; that not everything that we wished for will come true. Still, life must go on . And hopefully, in the future, you can decide on your own without fear of guilt.

"God does not always grant us what we want. And very often, the work of God is beyond our limited understanding" - Unknown

Monday, August 7, 2006


Isa ka ba sa milyun-milyong Pilipino na naiirita sa mga nangyayari sa iyong bansang sinilangan?

Sa pagkakataong ito nais kong ibahagi sa inyo ang isang sanaysay na nabasa ko sa pagsasaliksik sa internet. Ito ay pinamagatang “My Short Essay about the Philippines” by Jaeyoun Kim.

Ano pa ang hinihintay mo? Buksan mo na

Oops! Binuksan mo nga, binasa mo naman ba?



Oops! Iniisip mo bang gawa ko yan? Dyan ka nagkakamali. Yan ang huling bahagi ng “Panatang Makabayan” mula sa bagong version nito. Madali lang bigkasin ang mga salitang naisulat, di ba? Ang tanong “kaya mo rin kayang panindigan?”

P.S. Alam ko kasama sa mga pangarap mo ang iyong pamilya, eh ako kaya kasama rin? Eh si Kris Aquino? Si Marvin at Jolina? Yung mayor ng lungsod kung saan ka kabilang? Eh yung mga batang nagtitinda ng sampaguita sa may simbahan? At mga nakatira sa Payatas Dumpsite, kasama rin kaya sa mga pangarap mo?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Wild Fantasy

If after 2006, I’m still in front of this PC, I will mail an application letter to planet Pluto. Perhaps I am more qualified to work with aliens. My earnings will be sent directly to the Philippines via spacecraft. Benefits include complimentary travel ticket in Milky Way and a 30-day vacation on the moon plus a free spa.

Am I an imaginative bum or a burgeoning clairvoyant? My brain is obviously full of whimsies. Hehe!

P.S. Wish me luck! I will text you as soon as I get there. Promise!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


John: Ate, jolens tayo.
Rej: Ayoko, ikaw na lang.
John: Sige na.
Rej: Cards na lang.
John: O sige.

Nagsimula ang laro. Parehong masaya. Hanggang sa…
Rej: Ano yan? Dinadaya mo ko!
John: O sige, hindi na.
Rej: Ay ayoko na. Dinadaya mo ko! (kukunot ang noo)
John: E di wag! (aalis ng padabog)

Iyan ang isa sa karaniwang ritwal naming magkapatid kapag pareho kaming nababagot o hindi na sya makapaglaro sa labas dahil lumubog na ang araw at lumutang na ang buwan pati ang mga tala. Sa simula mukhang nagkakasiyahan. Maya-maya ay maririnig mo na ang boses ko sa labas ng dahil sa inis. Bakit? Dahil dinadaya ako ng isang bata.

Minsan tinatanong ko ang sarili ko “Ilan taon na ba ko?” Madalas kong nakakalimutan ang aking edad kapag sya ang kasama ko. Pakiramadam ko kasi magkasing gulang lang kami. Kapag naiinis na ako sa kanya saka na lang ako natatauhan.bente dos na pala ako, isang buwan na lang bente tres na. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon. Hindi ko nga namalayan eh. Dahil ba nandyan sya o sadyang nagiging ulyanin lang?

Sa tuwing nagbabangayan kami parang meron akong ibang nararamdaman maliban sa pagkalam ng dugo dulot ng sobrang inis o galit sa kanya. Sa totoo lang, nagiguilty din ako. Bakit ko ba pinapatulan ang batang to? Excuse me, hindi kami magkalevel! Syempre, labindalawang taon lang kaya ang agwat namin! Nakakahiya man aminin pero minsan hindi talaga maiwasang pumatol sa bata lalo na kung pakiramdam mo ay bata ka rin.

Sa huli, isa sa amin ang humihingi ng tawad. Minsan depende kung sino ang may mas mabigat na kasalanan. Pero madalas wala akong choice. O sige na nga, mas bata naman s’ya eh.

Ewan ko kung maituturing na weirdo ang pakikitungo ko sa kanya. Basta ang alam ko hindi kumpleto ang pagiging magkapatid namin kung walang away-bati; walang away-bata.

Oops! May sense ba tong ginawa ko? Obviously, wala! Bata nga eh.

Bittersweet Confusion

Is it negative or positive?

It was April 2005 when we found out that our youngest might have an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is real illness that starts in childhood. It can change the way children act, think, and feel. Nearly all children are overactive and inattentive at times, but for children with ADHD and their families their behavior can be extreme and disruptive (source: We were not aware of that kind of mental health disorder way back. So my parents, with an advice from a school counselor, decided to seek a professional help. We brought him to a psychologist to help us understand my brother’s possible condition.

The result of all the psychological tests will be known after a month. So the next thirty days, we were totally clueless whether my brother is considered a special child or not. And at some point, we knew everyone was affected. But in our family, my parents were the most upset. My mother felt sorry for my brother. Almost every moment my mom would stare at him and asked herself “why?” My father, on the other hand, could not accept my brother’s situation. That was the time I saw my dad lose his temper so easily. It seems that he could not afford to see his son acting differently. But he loves my brother very much the same way he loves his other children.

My brother was nine years old then. We knew he did not really understand what was happening but we felt he also pitied himself and the whole family. But God is so good. He did not let our family give up. In those times, our family needed strength. With the help of God, we gathered strength from one another. Surprisingly, that unpleasant incident has made our family closer.

After one month, the result was released - NEGATIVE. But of course, the psychologist advised us to continue guide him in his studies and other activities; that he still need extra support and understanding. That’s it. The big question was finally answered. That news deserves a celebration, don’t you think? Actually, we did. We had Jollibee.

This experience has taught me one great lesson: In times of crisis, it is the family that will be there for you no matter what happens. And the power of prayer is the best way out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Imagine: Raindrops falling from the sky as gold coins or precious stones.
Imagine: Flowers bloom because God knew you were going to pass by. – St. Francis of Assisi
Imagine: Calling everything as “brother” and “sister.” “Brother Sun” and “Sister Moon” to name a few. – St. Francis of Assisi
I got these from two different books- a children's book and an inspirational one. I just thought it would be good to post it here. It's nice to know that some people perceive simple things differently and in a positive way (that’s how I see it). I wished I am as imaginative as these people.

I know there are more insightful ideas hidden in other books or even in your head. Don’t let these things be destroyed by cockroach or amnesia. Share it. It might also have a good effect in other people (or maybe in me).

Monday, July 17, 2006

Ang Bagong Housemate

Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang Negro.

Sa mga kasambahay ko si Negro yung tahimik, madalas walang kibo, at mahiyain. Ewan ko ba kung bakit pilit nyang sinisiksik ang sarili nya sa isang sulok. Samantalang may malawak naman syang magagalawan. Marami rin syang pwedeng maging kaibigan ngunit madalas ay pinipili nyang mag-isa.

Anong ginagawa ni Negro?

Nakatingin mula sa malayo at tila nangungusap na “Sumali kaya ako sa kanila? Ay, wag na lang nakakahiya eh.”

Sa tuwing dumarating ako, ang lahat ay tila sabik maliban sa kanya. Malumanay lang syang lumalakad papalapit sa akin habang ang ibang housemates ay hindi magkamayaw sa pagsasabi ng meow, meow, meow at yung isa naman ay aw, aw aw!

Oops! Bago ako magtapos ay hayaan nyo akong ipakilala sa inyo ang syam naming housemates. Sila ay sina Jepoy (ipinangalan kay Cogie sa soap operang “Ikaw lang ang Mamahalin), ang aming pinunong gwardya- kalaban ng mga masasamang loob; at walong gwardya sibil- mahigpit na kaaway ng mga daga, ahas, at iba pang hayop o insekto. Dito kabilang si Negro (kulay itim) na ewan ko kung paano napadpad sa amin. Sila ang aming mga housemates- tapat na mga kaibigan at talaga namang maaasahan.

Noon at Ngayon

EDSA, Noon at Ngayon

Noon: Marami pang ibong Maya ang nagliliparan at dumadapo sa kable ng kuryente.
Ngayon: Alikabok, amoy ng basura at usok ng sasakyan at sigarilyo ang nakikiangkas sa pagihip ng hangin.

Noon: Ang bayad sa tollgate papuntang Malinta Exit ay tatlong piso.
Ngayon: P3.00 x 14. Sa makatuwid, P39.00 ang diperensya.

Noon: Taong 1994-1996, ang pamasahe ko papuntang SM North ay: Tricycle:P3.00 at Bus:P5.00
Ngayon: Tricycle: P8.00 at Bus: P13.00. Nakasabit pa ko nyan sa estribo.

Noon: Ang mga softdrinks mura na, may papremyo pa sa mga tansan.
Ngayon: Magdadagdag ka pa ng piso kahit na sais lang ang nakalagay sa tansan.

Noon: Ang mga tanawin sa ilog Pasig ayon sa kasaysayan ay malinis na tubig, mga matatayog na puno, mga taong nagtatampisaw, at mga Pilipino’t dayuhang nagpapalitan ng kalakal
Ngayon: Saan mang dako ka tumingin makikita mo ay kulay tsokolateng tubig, nakalutang na lata ng sardines at lampin, tagpi-tagping bahay at batang walang salwal.
Yan ang mga kaganapang maituturing na “bad news.” Ang mga susunod naman ay may hatid na “good news.”
Noon: Pagdadaan ka ng North Express Way, nakatatlong panaginip ka na saka ka pa lang makakarating sa iyong paroroonan.
Ngayon: Konting idlip na lang kakalabitin ka na nang katabi mong pasahero.

Noon: Ang byahe papuntang Baclaran galing Monumento ay umaabot ng dalawa hanggang tatlong oras.
Ngayon: Sa halagang kinse pesos (MRT o LRT), ang dalawa o tatlong oras ay katumbas ng Novena, Jollibee o Mc Do, at shopping sa tsangge o ukay-ukay.

Noon: Pipila ka ng pagkahaba-haba bago mo makuha ang naimpok mong pera sa bangko.
Ngayon: Konting pindot lang sa ATM may pandate ka na at pambili ng load.

Noon: Madalas ang prosisyon sa kalsada araw man ng Semana Santa o hindi.
Ngayon: Kailangan mong dumaan sa Sidewalk o Over Pass kung ayaw mong pahiyain ka ng Police Traffic Enforcer o kaya madala sa Orthopedic Hospital.

Noon: Ang Eat Bulaga ay binubuo lang nina Tito, Vic, Joey, Connie at Aiza.
Ngayon: Tito, Vic at Joey + Anjo, Janno, Michael V, Francis M., Jimmy, Allan, Jose, Wally, Teri, Paolo, BJ, Edgar, Ryan, Mark, Ruby, Gladys, Pia, Toni Rose, Ciara, Paulene, Cindy at Sugar at ilang araw na lang dadagdag pa ang EB Babes.

Oops! Ginawa ko ito hindi lang upang ibahagi ang mga pagbabagong napapansin ko. Sana habang binabasa mo ito, napagnilayan mo rin ang kahalagahan ng pagbabago – ang mabuti at masamang epekto nito sa’yo, sa maraming tao at sa buong sambayanang Pilipino.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Esep Esep


Mang Ruding: (Galing sa trabaho) Nasaan ang mga bata?
Aling Justa: Mga anak, magsipasok na kayo. Nandito na ang tatay nyo, may dalang pasalubong.

Sa Sociology, ang pamilya ay isang napakahalahang bahagi ng lipunan. Binubuo ng tatay, nanay at anak o mga anak. Sa ngayon, maituturing ang patuloy na paglobo ng populasyon bilang isang sanhi ng kahirapan. Ang Metro Manila ay isang malaking larawang makapagpapatunay nito. At sitwasyong katulad nito:

Misis: Hoy! Bumangon ka na nga dyan. Maghanap ka na ng trabaho. Wala na naman tayong pambili ng bigas. Wala na ring gatas si Junior. Saan tayo kukuha ng pamasahe ng mga anak mo? Yung panganay mo humihingi pa ng pambili ng project. Sinisingil na rin tayo ni Lourdes sa mga alak at sigarilyong inutang mo. *&^%$# !$%$# buhay ‘to!
Narininig ng mga tsismoso't tsismosang kapitbahay ang sinabi ni misis.
Aleng Baby: *&^%$# !$% rin! Bakit kasi ang dami nyong anak?! Sinunod-sunod nyo pa wala naman kayong mga trabaho.
Manang Purificacion: Hay naku! Balita ko nga masusundan na yung bunso nila.
Mang Dado: Talaga? Ang tulis talaga ni pare. Balak pa yatang magtayo ng basketball team.

Masaya ang magkaroon ng malaking pamilya. Pero paano kung asin na lang ang nakahain sa hapag kainan, masaya pa rin kaya? Iiwan ko na lang ang tanong na ito sa inyo. Iba-iba rin kasi ang mga dahilan kaya nangyayari ang ganitong sitwasyon. Kung susubukan ko pang himayin, baka maputi na ang buhok ni Tolits, hindi pa ako tapos.

Oops! Itatanong mo sa akin kung saan ko nakuha ang mga pangalang ginamit ko sa simula at ano ba ang kahalagahan nila sa sanaysay na ito?

Sila ay hango sa isang tunay na pamilya - malaking pamilya ngunit kailanma’y hindi naranasan ang sitwasyong nabanggit. Hindi rin sila mayaman ngunit nagsumikap ang mga magulang upang magkaroon nang magandang buhay ang mga anak. Bilang ganti, ang mga anak ay naging mabuting magulang din sa mga naging anak.

Pinatutunayan lamang nito na hindi sa lahat ng panahon parating magkasama ang malaking pamilya at salitang kahirapan. Gets mo?

Esep esep.

Patay na!

Sa terminal ng bus

Pasahero: Isang ngang sigarilyo.

Naglalako ng candy at sigarilyo: Marlboro o Philip?

Pasahero: Kahit ano.

Naglalako ng candy at sigarilyo: Eto boss. (Sisindihan ang sigarilyo)

Pasahero: Eto bayad.

Naglalako ng candy at sigarilyo: Thank you, boss. Happy Trip.

Katabing Pasahero: (pabulong sa isip) Hindi ba nya alam na may batas tungkol dyan. Nakasaad sa:

Republic Act (RA) No. 9211

Sec. 5. Smoking Ban in Public Places – Smoking shall be absolutely prohibited in the following places:

a. Centers of youth activity such as playschools, preparatory schools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, youth hostels and recreational facilities for persons under eighteen (18) years old;
b. Elevators and stairwells;
c. Locations in which fire hazards are present including gas stations and storage areas for flammable liquids, gas, explosives or combustible materials;
d. Within the buildings and premises of public and private hospitals, medical, and optical, health centers, nursing homes, dispensaries and laboratories;
e. Public conveyances and public facilities including airport and ship terminals and train and bus stations, restaurants and conference halls, except for separate smoking areas; and
f. Food preparation area.
penal provisions

SEC. 32. Penalties. - The following penalties shall apply:

a. Violation of Section 5 and 6. - On the first offense, a fine of not less than Five hundred pesos (Php500.00) but not more than One thousand pesos (Php1,000.00) shall be imposed.
On the second offense, a fine of not less than One thousand pesos (Php1,000.00) but not more than Five thousand pesos (Php5,000.00) shall be imposed.
On the third offense, in addition to a fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (Php5,000.00) but not more than Ten Thousand pesos (Php10,000.00), the business permits and licenses to operate shall be cancelled or revoked.

June 23, 2003
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Sa madaling salita, bawal manigarilyo sa terminal ng bus.

Oops! Hindi pa nakontento ang naninigarilyong pasahero. Bukod sa pinapaikli nya ang buhay nya, binugahan pa ang katabing pasahero. Patay na ang panliligaw ni macho gwapito! Hindi na sya amoy Polo Sport. Sira ang diskarte.

My New Home

I just want to occupy a few spaces to tell the world that I do not lament relocating from other network to Blogger due to the following reasons:

A. Blog gives me the opportunity to use my mental faculties; to contemplate on different issues that is important to me and the people around me (literally and figuratively).
B. Blog serves as a good outlet in releasing positive and negative vibrations.
C. Blog reach out to old friends. I also meet various types of people as if I am part of their lives even though we are in different parts of the world and in fact never really met.
D. Blog encourages me to look back in the past; live in the present; and make plans for the future.
E. Blog challenges me to have a goal in life not just for myself and my family but more importantly as human and as citizen of this country.
F. Blog excites me everyday as if I have found a new job minus 325 pesos daily wage and a boss.
G. Blog speeds up my typing skills. And, I am also learning how to type without looking at the keyboard.
H. Blog is more private compare to ----------. Except of course, if you plug it to your friends or another blog addict happens to pass by.
I. Blog offers freedom. I can write (or type) whatever I want. There is no such thing such as "bad essay" because no one would give me a failing grade of 3.0 for poor grammar and wrong spelling.
J. Blog is an instant learning institution. It’s not just about Arithmetic or Law of Demand and Supply. It’s about life. It’s about us.

That’s all. I hope you will have your own soon (for those who doesn’t have one yet). You just have to try it.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Most Unforgettable Moments with HS Friends

The Most Unforgettable JS Prom Experience

Accepting “The Most Romantic Pair” award
That particular event started it all for Shalah and L_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Too bad, their story also ends there. Ows? Okay, I’m not so sure about that.

The Most Unforgettable Song in a Night Gimmick

Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
To all dog owners in Rebisco Road, you still owe Jenny anti-rabies.

The Most Unforgettable Grand Party

Angel’s Late Birthday Celebration
12/30/2001 – We had mocha roll (with a candle), spaghetti, pansit, tasty, softdrinks, t-back, make-up kit, picture on a frame, former classmates, serious stories, gossips, hilarious antics, background music and a camera film that didn’t work on us.

The Most Unforgettable Adage

“Life is so unfair!”
This axiom signifies silent protest. Right, Grace?

The Most Unforgettable Sanctuary

97 Pascual Road…
We would like to thank She’s family for accommodating such eccentric species. We also apologize for all the noise and mess we made.

The Most Unforgettable Dance Steps

Sex Bomb’s Laban o Bawi Choreography
With “Angelina” as the background music, Son showcased his dancing skills with matching acrobatic moves.

The Most Unforgettable Group Portrait

On the stairs… before going to prom
With Jho on the center, nothing could go wrong. Ehem!

The Most Unforgettable Farewell Message

I alrdy hv myVISA hir w/me. evrythn hasbin preprd xcpt 4d planetkts w/c ws olrdy bukd.I hv 2b dr in NC on jan12,no x10sion.Myb ds s dryt tym4me 2say.. GOODBYE

12:31 pm

Any violent reaction or negative feedback? Proceed to “COMMENTS.”

My Baby is Growing Up

He is starting to play outside till sunset. He is receiving more phone calls than I do. Are these sudden changes of action or behavior (whatever you call it) signify growth and development? Gosh! sooner or later, he will dominate the telephone and make a lot of girls cry. Hehe!

Today, I’m only few inches taller than him. In the next few years or months or days, our roles will transform. He will be my armor and I will be his slave. Ouch! But before it happens, maybe a movie treat in IMAX Theater would be a nice favor. Or should I be thinking of something more expensive than that? Patay sya sa ‘kin! Hehe! Well, dreaming is one of the few free things around here and turning it to reality is another story.

Seriously, I still couldn’t imagine my younger brother growing up (Yes, I’m talking about my younger brother). Too bad, no one could ever decelerate the spin of earth (except God, of course). Anyway, in my heart, he will forever be my baby and indeed one of the biggest blessings our family has received. =>

Tuesday, July 4, 2006


First year college ako ng una ako magkaron ng cellphone. Ito yung panahon na ang mga messages ay inaabot minsan ng isang araw bago ka makatanggap ng text. Ito rin yung panahon kung kelan napagsasamantalahan mo pa ang limang segundong free call o kung bwenas ka unlimited call (in short allowed ang telebabad). Meron ding 30 – 100 free text messages na kasama kapag nagload ka ng 300 o higit pa. Hindi pa naiimbento ang E-load, Auto Load, Pasa load at Share-a-Load noon. Pero ayos lang dahil siguradong ang 300 mo ay kayang umabot ng dalawang buwan kung matipid ka, mautak ka at swerte ka. Dahil dito, masasabi kong masaya talaga ang buhay may cellphone noon (kahit may ilang kapalpakan).

Nokia 3310 ang model ng una kong cellphone. Isa yun sa mga uso mahigit limang taon na ang nakararaan. Pero ilang buwan lang ang nakalipas iba’t ibang cellphone na ang naglipana. Samakatuwid laos agad ang cellphone ko. Whaaaaat?!!! Nagkadurog durog ang mga ligaments ko dun. (Hehe!) Ganun pa man, masaya ako dahil kahit kailan ay hindi ako naging biktima ng snatching o talamak na holdapan. Ewan ko kung maingat lang talaga ko o dahil hindi worth nakawin yun. Ilang taon din yun tumagal sa akin bago magkaron ng problema at kinailangan ng ihiga sa gilid ng kabinet.

Ngunit bago pa man ito tuluyang malowbat ay napalitan na ito ng bago. Salamat naman at tuloy pa rin ang texting. Noong panahong iyon sobrang naimprove na ang pagpapadala ng mga messages. Mabilis na. Ayos! Ang kaso wala na rin ang free call at nababawasan na rin ang free text. Hanggang sa unti-unti na ring nauso ang E-load o Autoload at kinalaunan nga ay ang Pasa Load o Share-a-Load.

Sa pagbabagong ito, nagbago din ang masisipag na magpasa ng forwarded messages. Naging matumal ang pasok ng mga text. Wala na rin ang “missed call.” Hanggang may bagong nauso – ang Unlimited Text courtesy of 258 for Smart/Talk & Text, 2870 for Globe/Touch Mobile at dial 220 + cp# + pin fro Sun Cellular (Nagpromote?!). Pero yun ay exclusive lang sa mga magkakapareho ang gamit na sim card. Naging matindi uli ang daloy ng text sa kin. Nagsunod-sunod naman. Na tipong paggising mo sa umaga ang una mong mababasa: “20 new messages…(minsan sobra pa. Pinapasa muna siguro bago burahin).” Pero, salamat pa rin po.

Ngayon, nagsawa na rin yata ang mga mahilig magforward. Nakakamiss rin. Minsan tuloy napapaisip ako bakit kaya hindi na nagtetext si ano, tsaka si ano, at si ano…. E bakit nga ba madalang na magtext ang mga tao? Eto ang mga naisip kong dahilan:

1. Busy sa trabaho. Yan ang madalas na naririnig kong excuse ngayon. Pero hindi ko to inaaccept. Bakit? Dahil anim na character lang ang salitang "musta?" Mahirap ba itype yun?! Oops! Bitter?! Hehe!!!

2. Walang load. Eto pwede pa. Sige lusot ‘to (except sa may mga trabaho).

3. Naubusan ng load. Sige pwede na rin (kahit hindi mo ko pinaglaanan ng kahit piso man lang). Oops! Bitter uli?! Hehe!

4. Malayo ang tindahan kaya minsan lang makapagload. Sige na nga sabi mo eh.

5. Nagloload lang pag may emergency. Nice one. Speech ko to eh (In fairness, totoo ‘to. Ows?!).

6. Madalas pasa load lang pag kailangan lang talaga. Nice one uli. Speech ko uli ‘to eh (In fairness, totoo din ‘to. Promise!).

7. Nawala ang simcard. May katwiran. O sya pasado na nga ‘to.

8. Nasira ang cellphone. May katwiran din. Sige, pasado uli.

9. Nawala ang cellphone.
Nahulog sa bulsa? Nasnatch? O naholdap?. Ouch!!! Sa susunod konting ingat po.

10. Ibinenta ang cellphone. Krisis o bibili ng bago?

Hay naku! Hindi na naubusan ng excuse ang mga tao…Kapag nagtext ka naman at hindi nagreply eto naman ang mga posibleng dahilan:

1. Nasa CR. Personal necessity 'to.

2. Off cel. May tinataguan?!

3. Kumakain. Penge!

4. Walang nareceive. Wrong send?! Sayang piso.

5. Busy. Owssss???!!!

6. Tulog. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

7. Tinatamad. Hoy! Exercise din sa daliri ang pagtetext.

8. Kuripot. Pare, hindi ka nag-iisa.

9. Walang load. Parati na lang!

10. Kinuha na ni Lord. Wala bang signal sa langit?
Ang sampung naisulat ay from a forwarded message. Obvious ba?! Eto additional:

11. Nasa public trasportation. Ingat ka.

12. Nasa bag. Nakasilent. Hindi nakavibrator.

13. Nasa loob ng church. Pagpalain ka nawa.

14. Nasa loob ng theater. Bawal po yun para sa mga hindi nakakaalam.

15. Nagpalit ng number. Syempre, hindi nya talaga yun mababasa.

16. Nawala. Nahulog sa bulsa? Nasnatch? O naholdap? (yun uli)

17. Iniwan sa bahay. Ayaw siguro maistorbo.

18. Low bat. Nakalimutan i-charge o nagcha-charge pa lang.
19. Walang signal. Lumipat ka ng pwesto. Bilis.

20. May “maniana habit.” Certified Pinoy.
21. Nakaunlimited. Lintik! Parang kayo-kayo lang ang magkakakilala ah.
22. Sa prisinto ka na magpaliwanag!!!
Sa totoo lang, minsan nagsasawa na rin akong gumamit ng cellphone. Maliban sa madalang na ang nagtetext at nagmimiscalll at sa nakakairitang sangkaterbang text mula sa 4627, 258, at 367 (kumusta naman yon di ba?!), nakakasawa lang din talaga habang tumatagal ang panahon. Bukod dun may dala rin itong panganib.
Unang-una, sa panahon natin ngayon na talamak ang mga krimen, partikular ang snatching at holdapan (na ilang beses ko ata nabanggit dito), minsan ang pagkakaroon ng cellphone ang naglalapit sa atin sa kapahamakan. Samantalang kung wala kang dala-dala mas panatag ang kalooban mo maglakad sa ano mang kalye sa Maynila maliban na lang kung katapusan ng buwan- ang araw ng sahod.

Pangalawa, ang pagloload ay hassle sa bulsa. Minsan napagsasamantalahan ka pa. Tatatlo pa lang ang napapakinabangan mo expired na kagad (Tama ba naman yun?!). Pinapayaman mo lang ng husto ang may-ari ng iba't ibang telecom companies. Kawawang subscriber!

Pangatlo, nakakabobo ang paggamit nito. Dahil sa nasanay na ko sa pagshoshort cut ng mga text messages hindi ko na alam ispell ang ilang mga simpleng salita tulad ng "room8" (single m ba o double m?). Tinanong ito sa akin eh ang kaso hindi ko rin alam ang sagot kaya tinanong ko rin tapos hindi rin alam ng tinanungan ko. Kaya ang ending tinanong ng tinanungan ng tinanungan ng tinanungan ko yung tanong ng nagtanong sa akin. Gets mo?! Well, hindi ako nag-iisa. Welcome to the club!

Ganoon pa man hindi ko rin naman inaalis ang kabutihang dulot ng pagkakaroon ng cellphone. Syempre mas marami pa rin itong benepisyo kaysa sa masamang dulot nito. Dahil dito, nakakausap namin ang mga kamag-anak na nasa probinsya. Nakakacommunicate ako kahit nasa malayo tulad ng "D2 na me. san na u?" Nakakapagsave ng mga dapat gawin. Nakakautang ako ng hindi masyadong nahihiya. Nagigising ako sa alarm clock nito. At higit sa lahat nakakahanap ng trabaho… Lucky charm ko ata to eh. Owsss?! (Ibang storya na yon)

Dami ko pa gustong ikwento kaso inaantok na ko eh. Itext ko na lang kaya?!!! Ay, wag na lang sayang piso (as if naman may load ako!).

Oops! Buti na lang hindi limited sa 160 characters ang text dito. Hindi ko kailangan mag short cut. At ang favorite ko – LIBRE.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Top 10 Most Famous Break-up Lines

1. Ang sakit!
Ito ang initial reaction ng halos lahat ng naghihiwalay na nagmamahalan. Kung hindi mo ito nabanggit hindi ka tunay na nagmahal.

2. Bakit nya ko iniwan?!
Ito ang linya ng mga medyo low ang self-esteem. Pakiramdam niya ay ibinigay naman ang lahat ngunit sa huli ay lost pa rin ang beauty. Walang third party na involve. Basta hindi ka na nya love. Ganun.

3. Linoko nya ko!
Ginamit. Sinamantala. Inabuso. Binilhan ng bagong celfone. Ginastusan ang mga date. Isinuko ang bataan. Samakatuwid, ibinigay ang lahat ngunit sa huli iba ang iniharap sa altar. Wawa ka naman.

4. Tama na!
Ito ang linyang bunga ng hindi magandang relasyon. Pag-ibig na puno na pangunawa ngunit inabuso at umabot sa sukdulan.Mahal ang isa’t isa ngunit wala ng patutunguhan ang relasyon.

5. Marami pa dyang iba.
Ito ang linyang nanghihikayat sa sarili na wag mawalan ng pag-asa. Bitter pero handang magmahal muli. Move on agad ang drama.

6. It’s his/her lost not mine.
Confident. Ito ang linya ng mga hiniwalayan o biglang iniwan pero walang marka ng bitterness. Kadalasan sila yung pinagpala ng kagandahan at kagwapuhang mukha dahil alam nila na marami pa ang mahuhumaling sa kanilang alindog.

7. Babalik ka rin.Another confident. Pumayag makipaghiwalay kahit mahal na mahal nya. Dahil ang paniwala niya'y wala siyang katulad saan man sa mundo.

8. Wala naman tayong choice.
May halong bitterness pero walang choice. Ito yung linyang ginagamit sa mga long distance relationship. Hindi kinaya ang set-up kaya hiwalay na lang kung hiwalay. At ang follow-up: Kung talaga namang para tayo sa isa’t isa magiging tayo pa rin sa huli.

9. Sana maging friends pa rin tayo.
Ito ang linya ng mga taong nagiguilty sa ginawang pakikipaghiwalay. Alam nya ang sakit na idinulot nito sa kasintahan kaya pilit na pinaaasa na kahit hiwalay ay maaasahan pa rin nya ito bilang isang kaibigan. Charot! Asa ka pa.

10. Sige kung mas magiging masaya ka sa kanya.
Ito ang linya ng pag-ibig na hindi maramot. Ang drama: Ang mahal mo ay may mahal ng iba. At dahil mahal mo ay handa kang magparaya maging ang kahulugan nito’y iyong kabiguan.

Oops! Ang mga naisulat ay hango sa tunay na karanasan. Hindi ng may akda ngunit ng mga kaibigan at kakilalang nasaktan ng dahil sa pag-ibig. At syempre, impluwensya na rin ng mga soap opera. Wala pa rin tatalo kay "Esperanza."

Thursday, June 22, 2006


(Used in Math Module)
We are deeply grateful to many individuals who have contributed to the preparation of this module. Our special thanks go to Mr. George Bruan, our outstanding Math teacher for his untiring support.

We thank Ms. Jenny Bongalosa, our dear adviser for her various useful suggestions and invaluable guidance.

To our beloved parents who are always supportive of all our endeavors, you’ve been our inspiration to all our achievements. We owe everything to you.

Our thanks also go to our friends namely Jenny (How’s your album? Still no. 1, isn’t it?), Gelai (Plebs will always be plebs), Grace (Just remember we’re always here for you), She (What’s up?), Danieson (Joan owes you a lot for making her famous), Cynthia (The all around nanny), Luzeal (Stop crying. Grow up!), Andrew (Hi!), Cherry (Stop day dreaming specially in Math class), Valerie (Best friend!), Rhio (We miss you!) and Sparkling (You have nicest smile we’ve ever seen).

Also to our Alma Matter, everything would be impossible without our beloved school.

To the different authors of the books and effective equipment used in this module, our deep appreciation for the informative materials

Over and above, we would like to bring the glory to Almighty God the Father, who lavishly showered us his blessings.

By Joan and Shalah

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Pano mo malalaman kung kasapi ka ng Tropatits?

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag nagmula ka sa ibang grupo at dahil sa hindi malamang kadahilanan ay napaupo ka sa fourth and fifth row left column facing the blackboard of room 208.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag alam mo na “Shohoku Team” ang
unang ibinansag sa tropa. Alam mo rin na labindalawa ang orihinal na bilang nito.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag kasama ka dun sa nagover night sa Pasig. Hindi ka nakatulog ng maayos dahil may narinig kang kumalampag sa gate at natakot ka dun sa picture ng bata na may malaking mata. Nalaman mo na may katropa kang nagagalit kapag nasagi ang paa habang natutulog. At nakipaglaro ka ng basketball instead na full focus sa practice.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag tinatawag kang bakla pero wag ka namumukadkad ang mga love life. Yun nga lang kadalasan laging bigo dahil sa third party, naglalaho bigla, o kaya napagkakamalang bakla. Pero in fairness, may isang nagmamaganda. Going strong (?)!

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag astig kang mamuna ng gawa ng katropa mo. Sanay kang tumanggap ng isang dakot na panlalait, isang dusenang paninira, at gabundok na sermon kapag may mali kang nagawa pero nakapako pa rin ang pwet mo sa row four and five.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag takot kang maging lider ng grupo. Hindi mo alam ang salitang Work Ethics at hindi ka marunong magseryoso pero sa huli ang grade nyo ang halos parating highest at napupuri ng mga professor. Lupet di ba?!

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag wala kang ibang alam gawin kundi tumawa, magkwento, manlait at magjoke. Na kahit hindi mo kaclose ang katabi mo e natatawa pa rin sa’yo. Kaya kahit tubuan ka pa ng kamote sa ulo dahil hindi mo makabisado ang formula sa Math ayos lang basta narinig mo ang bagong joke.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag ang first and last stop mo ay ang CR. Kilala ka sa pagiging babeng walang pantog na halos pagkatapos ng isang subject e diretso agad sa CR; na kapag mahaba ang pila handang dayuhin ang lahat ng CR kahit makarating pa sa sm fourth floor.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag ang laman ng bag mo ay suklay, salamin, powder, make-up, at lipstick. Hindi na bale makalimutan ang ballpen at papel may mahihiraman at mahihingan naman. Conscious ka rin sa iyong buhok. Pagkatapos ng isang subject sinusuklay mo ang buhok mo. Narating mo pa nga ang Novaliches makamura lang sa pagpapastraight.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag naranasan mong mapagalitan ng guard ng dahil sa ID. Minsan ka ng nadala sa OSA at muling nakipagtalo sa guard - nanindigan, natakot ngunit muling nanindigan. Nanilbihan ka rin sa OSA para may pang extra o bilang parusa sa pagtampered daw ng ID picture.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag naturingan kang “Noisy” at hinamon ka ng suntukan ng professor mo. Tapos naisip mo ayaw mo dahil pareho naman kayong girlaloosh kaya mas maganda kung sabunutan na lang di ba?!

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag kumakain ka sa Penny’s, sa Tayoman, sa Okei Fine at kapag enrolment sa KFC . Nagaambag ka para sa dalawang bote ng Pepsi ; matipid ka sa ulam pero nakakaubos ka ng tatlong kanin ; at kahit fishball, kikiam at squid ball lang sa pananghalian solve ka na.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag parati kang late dahil puyat ka sa trabaho, gumimik ka, tinatamad, walang pamasahe o kaya nagtatae; dahil kahit late ka may attendance ka pa rin o kaya confident ka na may kakalat na kodigo kaya ayos lang.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag naging favorite mo ang walang kamatayang “I’ll Be” at inabangan mo ang next Edition ng mga stories na kinuha mula sa internet at pinaphotocopy mo ito para may sarili kang kopya.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag galing sa inuman naiiba ang takbo ng iyong kaisipan at nagsasalita ka ng “Kuckoo” at kapag umuwi kayo ng later than 10 pm nakatanggap ka ng tawag mula sa nanay ng katropa mo.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag kilala mo lahat ng heartthrob sa TUP at alam mo kagad kung bagay sa kanya ang bagong gupit na buhok. Naranasan mo ring tumayo sa tapat ng national Bookstore para maghintay sa boyfriend o kaya makipag EB.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag “krisis” ang tawag mo pag wala kang pera at kapag hindi ka nasuklian ng piso nahihirapan kang huminga. Kapag may contribution ang grupo magrereklamo ka muna bago ka magbigay o kaya tatawad ka kahit konti.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kung nakarating ka na sa boarding house sa Pasay. Naranasan mong makarinig ng pagdadabog mula sa mga nangungupahan pero dahil katropa mo ang anak ng may-ari hindi ka marunong matakot.

Kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag may nakatampuhan ka sa grupo. Naranasan mong makipaghabulan, maisnub, at sumama sa dating grupo. Nalito ka kung san ka nga ba kabilang pero bumabalik ka dahil nasabi mo sa sarili mo
Tropatits, Is Where I Truly Belong.” Na kahit Kapamilya ka, join ka pa rin sa tropa. Iba kasi and tibok kapag, Kapuso!

At higit sa lahat, kasapi ka ng Tropatits kapag alam mo lahat yan.

Richard + Lucy = Julianna

Sino ba naman ang hindi nakakakilala kina Richard, Lucy at Julianna? Yan ang pamilya Gomez – isa sa pinakakilalang showbiz family ngayon. At dahil kilala ang mga Pilipino sa panggagaya syempre meron ding sariling version ang BAM-A.

Ipinakikilala ko sina Richard, Lucy at Julianna Mores – ang pamilyang biglang umusbong ng hindi inaasahan. Halina’t kilalanin natin sila isa-isa.
Richard Mores a.k.a. Daddy Mores – ang haligi ng tahanan. Siya ang madalas na nagpapasya kung saan tutungo ang pamilya. Bubukod ba o sasama sa ibang myembro ng barkada? Siya rin ang nagtataguyod ng mga jokes na nagbibigay buhay sa mga naliligaw na kaluluwa. At higit sa lahat, siya ang tagapagligtas kapag tinatamad pumasok sa eskwela.

Lucy Mores a.k.a. Mommy Mores – ang ilaw ng tahanan. Ang naghahain ng mga kwentong totoo at kwentong barbero. Walang inuurungang lakaran; Walang kapaguran sa anumang kwentuhan; Walang sawang nagbibigay sigla; Kakayanang s’ya lang ang may kaya.

Julianna Mores a.k.a. Baby Mores – ang supling ng pamilya. Ang tagapakinig at tagatawa ng ama’t ina. Ang kasakasama sa paggala ngunit tumatakas at sumasama din sa iba pang barkada. Mukha siyang tahimik. “Hindi makabasag pinggan” ika nga. Yun pala nagmana rin sa kanila.

Silang tatlo ay tila ipinigbigkis ng tadhana. Biglang nakilala ngunit agad ding nalaos. Bakit kaya? Dahil din kaya sa tadhana? Ano man ang dahilan marahil ay hindi na mahalaga. Basta lagi n’yo na lang isaisip ang equation na:

Richard + Lucy = Julianna

Yan ang pamilya Mores. Totoo noon. Equation ngayon.


Monday, June 19, 2006

An Interview with Shalah

A Project in English for Prof. Margareth Aquino
SY: 2001 – 2002 (2nd Semester)
Prepared by: Joan and Mary Ann

Joan: Several months to go another millions of college students are about to graduate. Another batch to march their way up the stage and get out of their institutions.

Ann: After spending so many years in reading long stories, memorizing chemical formulas, computing head aching Math problems, learning mind-boggling information, now is the time they make ready to face a more crucial stage of their lives – being an independent.

Joan: It may seem a long way to go but for them it marks the beginning of thinking about the future and what lies ahead.

So this afternoon at STI Muñoz we are going to conduct an interview with Ms. Shalah May Anquilo, a graduating student from Science and Technology Institute to share us some of her future plans and preparations.

But before we finally start the conversation, please allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Joan Reginio

Ann: and Mary Ann Riototar – Second Year College taking up Bachelor of Art in Management major in Industrial Management at Technological University of the Philippines, Ayala Boulevard, Manila.

So a pleasant afternoon Ms. Shalah. For our our question:

Ann: What are you taking up? And when are you going to graduate?
Shalah: I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in STI, Muñoz. And if ever I pass all the requirements needed, I’m gonna graduate in May 2002.

Ann: Why did you take up that course?
Shalah: As you can see the competition of finding jobs nowadays is very tough, being an IT graduate gives me edge since most of the job opportunities includes being a computer literate as one of the most important requirements.

Ann: Why do you said so?
Shalah: Well, look around, read classified ads and you’ll find the answers to your question.

Joan: As a student, what are the problems that you have encountered and how did you handle it?
Shalah: I started to encounter problems when I become a Student Assistant in STI’s faculty. I work at 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and I have a class at 1:00 -05:00 pm. Then, I go back to work again until 7:00. Being a Student Assistant is extremely difficult. It requires a lot of time management and discipline. Discipline in terms of you can’t have so much fun anymore like going out on Friday nights or Saturday nights.

Joan: What else?
Shalah: Another problem that bothers me most is constructing programs in order for us to enhance our programming skills. To be honest, programming drives me crazy. I even think of it before I go to sleep or while I’m eating.

Joan: If you would be given a chance to take a rest would you rather take the opportunity or just continue working?
Shalah: I think I’ll continue my work.

Joan: Why?
Because I love my work and the people I’ working with. And aside from the exposure I’m getting, I learned a lot from my co-workers experiences and advices. And its fun working at the same time I’m also enjoying it.(I can’t remember the other questions that we asked. I think I already lost it or I never had a copy of it.)

Ann: Ok. Thank you very much Ms. Shalah for accepting our invitation and for sharing us your thoughts. Congratulations in advance. We wish you good luck and have a good life ahead of you.

Ann: After hearing Shalah May’s point of views, plans and visions, we are able to prove to ourselves that student life is a serious commitment that everyone must learn to value for it is one of the most exciting chapters in one’s life. But we have to remember that behind the fun and excitement that education brings lies a vast obstacle that we have to go through before we reach the final destination of higher education – Graduation.

Joan: You may trudge an unfamiliar road. In every step you take, you may fall to the ground. Clouds and even storms may appear but let the number of times you stumble be your inspiration to rise and make your dreams of success a reality.

Ann: Just always remember it is not the hardships you suffer, it is what you learn that matters.

Joan: “Life is a one big course and the universe is one huge university. Every experience, good or bad, brings with it precious gems of knowledge and enlightenment. Concentrate on the life lessons that you learn from your travails, not the pain and hardships they bring. The diploma you will earn from the school of life is wisdom.”

Again this is Joan Reginio

Ann: And Mary Ann Riototar

Together: saying thank you and good afternoon.Note: It took us three hours to finish this interview. To staff and crew of Wendy’s-SM Manila thank you very much for being so accommodating.

P.S. Sa sobrang tagal namin dun, ilang beses kaming dinaan-daanan ng crew na tila nagsasabing “Pwede ba magsilayas na kayo!!!At dahil makapal ang mga mukha namin syempre dedma ang mga lola… Bakit bumili naman kami ng tatlong Frosty ah. P60.00 din yun. Joke?! Hehe!
At bago ko makalimutan, si Shalah nga pala ang nawawalang kapatid ni Darwin. Tama ba ko Ann? Hehe! At dyan po nagtatapos ang aking kwento. Yun lang gusto ko lang ishare. =>

Sunday, June 18, 2006

All About Rej

I’m a young woman though it’s not obvious. I’m a good person but far from being a saint. I’m oblivious, most of the time, but not the precious memories I’ve shared with the people who has become part of my life. Most people mistake me as lesbian. I admit I walk like the late FPJ and dress like “one of the boys.” But despite the brusque personality I project, I’m a genuine descendant of Maria Clara by heart. Naks!

I’m usually quiet and kinda kooky too. Talking with imaginary creatures is one of my favorite pastimes. But don’t be scared because they don’t respond. And I hope they won’t betray me. Hehe! If you think it’s a sign of mental disorder then consider it as one. But I would rather call it, day dreaming. However, if there is someone who would like to hammer my head so I could wake up and be present with the real world, he is free to do so. And my imaginary friends will do the “resbak.” Hehe! Well, sometimes I can be funny too (I assume).

I am a frustrated architect. Not because I flunk in three subjects in architecture and decided not to continue it. It was my dream when I was in 6th grade. Now, I don’t mind it. Anyway, I’m still the architect of my own destiny. I’m an architect without a license. We all are.

I can draw when there is a copy. I can write when I’m inspired or at the lowest point. I know how to read notes and play piano (just the basic). I can play with kids (1 – 4 years old) or be their lookout as they doggedly smash toys on the floor. I can listen to your stories and give support if you need it too. But please don’t ask me to cook for you because I might burn the kitchen or the entire house.

I love pasta and pizza but I hate anything with mayonnaise. I’m also an avid viewer of Eat Bulaga and a victim of Koreanovelas. An internet enthusiast but I no longer have a Friendster account due to abysmal addiction. I used to watch Basketball when Barangay Ginebra was still Gordon’s Gin and simply Ginebra (with Locsin, Hizon, Aquino, David and Jarencio as the starting five and Jaworski as the coach). I don’t have a job now. And I don’t know why. But I’m not lazy. Maybe I just want to make sure that when it comes, I’m ready to face the challenge with maturity and courage. And soon I can play a part in the lives of many people. Including you, who knows?

Thus, I’m a just simple person with an average lifestyle. And a certified constituent of bobongpinoy.

Join Take part. Be heard.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Own It at No Cost

Happiness is a great feeling that we all aspire to have but when it’s there we frequently neglect it.

There is no person, in his right mind, who
would say that he wants to have a miserable life. Of course, everybody wants to be happy. But often times, we think that happiness is so hard to find. What most of us don’t realize is that the things that could make us happy are the simple things. We just don’t know how to appreciate it.

The question is "Why do we habitually ignore it?" In my opinion, happiness has become associated with material pleasures. When we are able to acquire the things that we always dreamed of we become happy. But does it satisfy us? I think the answer is no – a big NO. The next thing we will do is to long for something else. In short, we just keep on wanting more and more stuff. And when these desires aren’t met, our lives become disoriented. Thus, we turn out to be unhappy.

Sadness arises not because we fail to obtain our cravings. It happens when we have a wrong perception about happiness. There is nothing wrong with splurging your entire salary for a Gucci handbag or having a luxurious dinner in a five star hotel as long as your life does not center in attaining these kinds of pleasure.

There is a saying “The best things in life are free.” For me, happiness is something that we can own even without having to shell out a single centavo. If you believe in this, then happiness is indeed free.

So what are the simple things that make you happy? Think about it. And make it your own.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Nailed in the Couch

When Pinoy Big Brother started airing last year, I really thought that this reality show was non-sense. Because most of the happenings inside the house were being magnified to the point that you can hardly identify which is true or has been edited for marketing purposes or whatsoever. And until now, my opinion has not changed a bit. But for some unexplainable reasons, one day I just found myself nailed in the couch watching the PBB Teen Edition. And it has become a habit since then. Or should I say I eventually became an avid viewer?

I am 22 years old - not a teenager by age but the total package is as young as ever (Really?!). Going back to the topic, I think one of the main reasons why I followed the show from start to end is that it brought back the memoirs of my teenage years. Of course, not literally speaking, but figuratively I was able to recall those memories that I truly cherish as if it all happened yesterday.

Watching these teens made me feel that I was one of them. Through them, I saw vivid pictures of how it was to be considered young wherein life appears so simple. Despite the ennui and struggles that they were encountering inside the house, only a handful signs of melancholy has been revealed. Obviously, these teenagers know how to enjoy life.

Six years ago, I was a person full of high ideals and fighting spirit. Nonetheless, I never forgot to relish the simple things that were happening to me and to the people surrounding me. Just like the teen housemates. They lived together in one house with so many restrictions but they treated it with gusto as if they were just having a grand vacation.

PBB Teen Edition, for me, embodies not just the attitude of the youth but also the character of older generation when they were younger. Because in reality, when a person is on its teenage years he is armed with so much zest. But as a person transforms into an adult, there will be so many changes. Aside from the physical appearance of a person, the attitude and the outlook about life also change. It may not be true to all but I suppose many people will agree.

To sum this up, I supported PBB Teen Edition because it has given me a wonderful feeling that was lost. And for that, I would like to congratulate PBB staff for being successful in choosing the right teen housemates. However, next time, I hope the show will concentrate on how they can build up one’s character (the housemates and the tv viewers) instead of intensifying trivial issues as an additive to the show and thus coax more viewers. Well, that’s another story.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

On Jenneth's 18th Birthday

Now that you’re 18, this bird symbolizes you as a lady whose wings have been perfected by time now ready to fly and explore the heights as well as the lows that you will encounter in your travel through life’s challenges.

There’s a saying “No Man is an Island” so this bird symbolizes people who will accompany you as you trudge an unfamiliar sky. People who will lift you up when you feel like your wings are being hindered by the whirling winds or when your life begins to center on the grounds of existence alone.

“There’s no place like home.” You may reach the highest part of the sky, but there will come a time that you need to stop and look back at a deluge of memories that you could not fly away from. So this cage symbolizes your home – place where everything had begun. For the greatest mistake one can do is to forget his past.

Kinarir?! Hehe!!!

P.S. Hindi matatawaran ang contribution ni Danieson. Salamat sa'yo friend!

Chatting with Imaginary People

There is something erroneous about me that I myself couldn’t elucidate. Being anxious about everything, I have mastered the art of chatting with imaginary people. Weird act, as you may describe it, has actually become my favorite remedy to human adversities. Basically, these unreal folks do not have the capacity to judge me or to rule me. I am free to say everything that is inside me without having to worry about what they may possibly feel. And somehow, it helps me in reducing everyday stress.

My inability to show emotions is perhaps the root of this eerie habit. In fact, I feel awful because I have been trying to repress my true feelings for the longest time. But in spite the pain, I usually choose to be quiet so no one would get worried about me. I always want to look firm even though my whole-being is deeply troubled. I am usually trying to keep the grudges that are haunting me inside. It is not too often that I share my problems to others. Most of the serious ones are kept even to my own family.

On the other hand, I know that it is better to live in reality than in a world of illusions. My imaginary buddies can only give me temporary allay but never a solution to any of my problem. I know I should be present with the real situations simply because I am living in a real world with real people.

The problem is I do not know which path I have to take. Should I be true to myself and bear the consequences? Or should I follow the murmurings of my heart that says “Do what makes you happy” regardless of what others will say? In the end, I have to make a decision, something that will make me happy or sad or worst feel sorry for myself…

Chatting with Imaginary People

There is something erroneous about me that I myself couldn’t elucidate. Being anxious about everything, I have mastered the art of chatting with imaginary people. Weird act, as you may describe it, has actually become my favorite remedy to human adversities. Basically, these unreal folks do not have the capacity to judge me or to rule me. I am free to say everything that is inside me without having to worry about what they may possibly feel. And somehow, it helps me in reducing everyday stress.

My inability to show emotions is perhaps the root of this eerie habit. In fact, I feel awful because I have been trying to repress my true feelings for the longest time. But in spite the pain, I usually choose to be quiet so no one would get worried about me. I always want to look firm even though my whole-being is deeply troubled. I am usually trying to keep the grudges that are haunting me inside. It is not too often that I share my problems to others. Most of the serious ones are kept even to my own family.

On the other hand, I know that it is better to live in reality than in a world of illusions. My imaginary buddies can only give me temporary allay but never a solution to any of my problem. I know I should be present with the real situations simply because I am living in a real world with real people.

The problem is I do not know which path I have to take. Should I be true to myself and bear the consequences? Or should I follow the murmurings of my heart that says “Do what makes you happy” regardless of what others will say? In the end, I have to make a decision, something that will make me happy or sad or worst feel sorry for myself…

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