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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is This Love? - Her Version (Part II)


It’s 9 o’clock in the evening
Her favorite dish was still hot and smoking
But she walked straight to her bedroom
As if she didn’t hear her tummy rumbling.

She looked at the clock
It’s time for her favorite soap opera
Luckily she arrived just on time
Because every episode matters.

Three knocks from her beloved father
And a saccharine reminder
“Honey, I prepared a square meal
Because I know you are dog-tired.”

She got her plate and put it inside
Savored her preferred meal
In front of a romantic scene
So steamingly hot.

But in every commercial gap
Her world would stop for a moment
The guy who was standing beside her
Couldn’t get off her mind.

Forty five minutes later
The OST played again
Her favorite drama was over
Yet consciously unconscious.

Her cellphone beeped twice
So loud she was awakened
It was her sibling inviting her
To the internet cafe nearby.
To be continued...

Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday, I saw an old friend. She was a former officemate. In a very short span of time that we worked together (one week), we became very very close. I think our numerous similarities and some quite challenging circumstances paved the way to a beautiful friendship. She’s my one of my soulmates, a very dear friend. But after a year the feeling is different. Well, I was happy to see her but when I got home I couldn’t avoid myself from asking “Where did our friendship go?”

I believe this scenario also happens to all of us. When we were kids, most of us have so called “Best friend.” When we were in school, we have lots of acquaintances, barkada and close friends. And you thought it was a kind of connection anchored in a strong foundation. But as time goes by, the friendship drifts apart. Unexpected. Unplanned.

Decades ago, when a relationship collapses we can blame it on distance, hectic schedule and poor communication line. But today, with the presence of advanced technology, any type of relationship that falls apart is more likely rooted to our own choice. And that explains the rationale of our story. It’s really a sad thing. Nevertheless, I know we both still value the moments that we were trying to appease each other in the midst of great difficulty; the times that we were both financially broke and the only lunch meal we can afford in Chowking is Chao Fan.

Actually I don’t believe our friendship is over. Although a lot of things have changed, the world is still small. We are still connected in two giant social networks. All things are possible, right?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Q & A

Last Sunday, I was very emotional. Bro. Bo Sanchez, is not just a Catholic preacher and bestselling author, he also has a knack for making people cry.

Last week my patience reached 37 degrees Celsius, comparable to the scorching weather condition we are currently experiencing. It was due to my mom’s pesky question. Ok, here’s a fragment of what happened: She asked me a question, I answered her at once. After few minutes, she asked me the same question and I replied with the similar answer. The scenario happened five times in less than five minutes I think. But on the fifth time, in a loud voice I told her “Mommy sinabi ko na eh, paulit ulit!. 414 nga!” And my mom answered “Nagiging makakalimutin na kasi ako…” Then, there was silence.

Last Sunday, Bro Bo ended his talk with a short video of an old man and his son sitting in a bench. The younger man was reading a newspaper when a sparrow landed on the ground not too far from where they are. The father noticed it and asked his son “What is that?” In a calm voice, the son responded “It’s a sparrow.” After few minutes, the old man asked again “What is that?” The son answered “Sparrow.” For the third time, the old man repeated ‘What is that?” Annoyed, the son shouted at his father “It’s a SPARROW! How many times are you going to ask me that question?” The old man suddenly stood up and told his son “Just few minutes.” He walked away but came back immediately as he promised. He gave a small notebook to his son and asked him to read it.

When you were young, you saw something on the ground and asked me “What is that?” At once,  I answered your question. You asked it 21 times but I answered you 21 times with fascination because I want to show you my affection. It’s a sparrow.”

Teary eyed, the young man embraced his father.

At that moment, guilt filled my whole being. Being a woman, I'm also quite emotional. However, I  think I have mastered the art of hiding strong emotions. But I failed last Sunday. My tears were uncontrollable. And my heart was  also shouting “Mommy, I’m sorry.” Unfortunately, it was only I who could hear my scream. My mom was not even beside me.:(

The morale of the story: Wag nyo ko gagayahin ha!

P.S. The script was not exactly like that but very close to the original version.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spread the Virus and Infect Others

Obviously, talo ang manok ko sa eleksyon pero hindi naman masama ang loob ko na si Noynoy ang nanalo. Inaamin ko may doubts ako sa capabilities ni Noynoy na mamuno ng bansa. Ganun pa man ay naniniwala naman ako na total opposite sya ni GMA. Sa ngayon sapat na sa akin yun. Ayon sa kanya, isa sa pangunahin niyang prayoridad ay ang masupil ang korupsyon sa bansa. Kung pano nya gagawin ito, hindi ko alam. Dahil ang korupsyon ay hindi lang naman nangyayari sa loob ng MalacaƱang. It’s a nationwide issue. Ang hirap kaya nun! Good thing though, the newly elected president has a good heart. Kaya ang ultimate wish ko: I wish he can spread the virus and infect others.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

I will support RED!

Tomorrow, I will support RED! What color will you support? Sana magkakampi tayo. Kung hindi man, sana bumoto ka ng naaayon sa iyong konsensya at hindi ka nagpaapekto sa isa sa most popular sayings tuwing eleksyon “Kung sya ang boboto mo, sayang lang ang boto mo!”

Hindi pa kumpleto ang senatorial list ko, kaya habang ginagawa ko itong post na ito ay nakaopen din ang Excel sheet na nagmula sa OFW blogger na si Nebz. Ayokong bumoto lang ng sikat, lalo namang ayoko ng senador na ang pinaka popluar na naipasang batas ay tungkol sa staple wire. Hindi baleng baguhan basta makikitaan ng potential at tunay ang hangaring makapaglingkod sa ating inang bayan. Pero sympre hindi naman linggid sa kaalaman ng lahat na tuwing campaign period ang lahat ng kandidato puro mukhang gwapo at mababait. Tuwing eleksyon langit ang buhay, ganun pa rin kaya pagkatapos nating ibigay ang isa nating boto? Sana lang talaga sa pagkakataong ito, mahalal ang mga tunay na nararapat sa pwesto.

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P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all moms!!! 

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part III)


Although he just ate a fiesta meal
His stomach still seemed so empty
In his mind he kept on asking
“Why is this happening?”

A young woman he dumped once
Is under the girl’s siblings
An inescapable fate
Or a terrifying Karma?

After a momentary paralysis
He put on his thinking cap
Clicked his profile button
Changed his photo and info.

The seemingly invisible “Add as friend”
Finally appeared as crystal clear
Despite having a coward heart
His only hope was more important.

As he turned off the lights
He prayed really really hard
“Bro, just one more chance please
I swear no more infidelities.”

To be continued...

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