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This post is not about Mel Gibson’s movie in mid-90s. It’s about three professionals and their one common denominator.

(Drum Roll)

Meet The Entrepreneurs. According to the website business tycoons Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Andrew Tan and Tony Tan Caktiong are the Philippines’ richest wiith hundred millions or billions net worth. And by the way it’s in US dollars.

What do you think are the factors to their success?

Y – Yes
N – No
M – Maybe

Super powers – N
Monetary asset – M
Family background – M
Government connectivity – M
Good looks - M
Educational attainment – M
Good Health – M
Foreign blood – M
Job Experience – M
Communication skills – M
Braveheart – Y

Have you ever heard the statement “kaya yan nakapagtayo ng business kasi mayaman sya(he/she is able to put up a business because he/she is rich).” Any objection?

No doubt about it. Financial consideration is really one of the most important ingredients in putting up a business. But hey, let us not forget that business is not just about having financial capital or being rich. The problem with most people is when an entrepreneur succeeds we tend to focus on the externals but we seldom reflect on their internal assets.

Meet The OFWs. The Overseas Filipino Workers are called “Bagong Bayani (modern-day heroes).” Various reports prove that their high remittances play vital role in economic sustainability.

What are the possible reasons why these OFWs are able to work abroad?

Super powers – N
Monetary asset – M
Family background – M
Government connectivity – M
Good looks - M
Educational attainment – M
Good Health – M
Foreign blood – M
Job Experience – M
Communication skills - M
Braveheart – Y

Have you met people who once said “Magaabroad na lang ako kc di naman sapat ang kinikita ko dito (I will look for a job abroad because my income here is not enough)” Years passed and they are still here. Why?

Sometimes people may have plans in their mind but only those who are faithful in their plans get the opportunity. There are people who get nailed to their plans because they don’t proceed to the next step. Others procrastinate (ehem). Maybe a part of their unconcious mind is fears. Going abroad is a crucial decision that requires serious contemplation; that entails aggresiveness; that demands a braveheart. So even though opportunities scatter, we don’t pick it up because we lack the will. To some people there is a way but there is no will.

Meet Veteran Salesmen. Sales is said to be the ultimate life blood of any business. “Sir/Ma’am, bili na po kayo…” is the salesman’s common script when a possible consumer reaches a store. No sales means no income for the business.

What does it take to be a good salesman?
Super powers – N
Monetary asset – M
Family background – M
Government connectivity – M
Good looks - M
Educational attainment – M
Good Health – M
Foreign blood – M
Job Experience – M
Communication skills – Y
Braveheart – Y

In a seminar that I attended in 2004, the speaker said “Sales is the highest paying difficult job and the lowest paying easy job.” I’ve been part of the sales department a couple of times. It’s complicated and frustrating field on bad days but on good days the euphoria can’t be beat. Expectation is very high. It’s a very challenging career that only those who are sincere to take it seriously last in the rat race. And definitely, I still have a lot to learn.

So, what does The Entrepreneurs, The OFWs and The veteran salesman have in common?


For businessmen, they need a braveheart in order to conquer risks, uncertainties, or any difficult situation that any business encounters. Otherwise, in a simple adversity you might easily collapse; you might give up; you might divert your attention into something else – perhaps go back to your old job and be contented with earning a living during 15th and 30th day of the month. And then suddenly all the efforts are all gone. Real businessmen are not quitters. They are very resilient. In every failure they stand up quickly and fight again.

For OFWs, they need a braveheart to stand boredom and sadness; their longing to receive a sweet embrace from their loved onea. To some people who work abroad, being an OFW means higher income and perhaps better living. However, along with it is a huge sacrifice. To work in a foreign land requires an enormous adjustment. But to be miles away with your loved ones is even more difficult. It’s a risk which OFWs are experiencing in pursuit of a selfless dream.
.For the salesmen, they need a braveheart to be able to face possible clients; to be able to close a lucrative deal. Clients have different attitude. Some are nice and considerate; some are very arrogant and demanding probably because they know their value to company’s stability. Without a braveheart, sales will not come in and a high commission will remain an illusion.

Actually, in any kind of field a braveheart is an essential. Most people who succeed in their chosen career are those who take things seriously; those who do their job by heart; those who have the strong desire to be victorious; those who are driven by big dreams; those who respond to problems with optimism; those who are courageous to withstand sufferings (simple to the most convoluted) and finds solution to alleviate the harsh condition; those with a braveheart.

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There are so many plots and ideas in my head but I could not get a whiff of introduction.

My second alternative is to post a video of one of my favorite preachers but the Embed code has been disabled.

I wanted to read posts of my blogger friends but my mind is drifting.

The failed attempts are driving me nuts! Dammit!

Rej Blanco

There are so many plots and ideas in my head but I could not get a whiff of introduction.

My second alternative is to post a video of one of my favorite preachers but the Embed code has been disabled.

I wanted to read posts of my blogger friends but my mind is drifting.

The failed attempts are driving me nuts! Dammit!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Top 5 Pinoy in My Screen

Meet Tristan Jovellana
This very talented interior designer and artist is one of the co-hosts of Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes in House Life, a home improvement show in QTV 11. He is House Life’s resident Handy Man - the man in charge of quick fix/ do-it-yourself projects. With his ingenious ability, he can turn junk into new home d├ęcor or a stylish and functional piece.

Meet Ka Totoy TalastasIt was my father who introduced me to Ka Totoy. Every morning, daddy would always switch the tv channel to Net 25 to heed Ka Totoy’s remarks on the critical issues shaking the nation. Now, I am not sure if his program Liwanagin Natin still exist but his edifying contribution in the travel and history show Landmarks (aslo in Net 25), is one of the reasons why I find the show so interesting to watch. With his retentive memory, you will be reminded of the rich history and culture of the Philippines.

Meet Drew Arellano
Drew Arellano is the sole host of the travel show Balikbayan and the ambassador of GMA 7’s Unang Hirit to different places and events in the country. With his good looks, great sense of humor, athletic physique and PR appeal, for me, he is a great choice. He’s very hilarious, but definitely a no non-sense guy. He blends with almost everyone. A kind of host who can interview people seriously yet you can sense a relaxed atmosphere.

Meet Tonipet GabaIn Art Angel, he is Kuya Tonipet – a guy of artistry and resourcefulness. In Kids on Q he acts as the squad leader of the star kids. In Tara, Let’s Eat! he is the luckiest man on earth having the opportunity to savor different cuisines from Filipino dishes to foreign flavors to exotic food. I like him so much because he is absolutely not the typical mestizo type tv host. Very Filipino with a kindhearted image, full of talents and intellectual humor.

Meet Michael V. 
When the Supreme Deity showered talent and creativity on earth, Michael V. was wide awake. He is a multi-talented man. A tv personality who can sing, dance, host, play musical instrument, write, impersonate and of course make everyone laugh. This guy can do everything! Yet, the word arrogance remains a strange word. Michael V is indeed an extraordinary man and a golden treasure in Phlilippine entertainment industry.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Onli in BAM-A (Re-Post)

Ikaw ay legitimate BAM-A kapag…

Kabisado mo ang mga salitang “Whatever,” at “Pichi-pichi;” ang linyang “Subukan nyong tumahimik ng 10 seconds…;” Alam mo rin ang mga patakarang “Bawal ang late,”Ayokong may nagdadaldalan habang nagsasalita ako,” at “Move your chairs backward” at ang tanong ng prof na “Jordg, may klase ba tayo ngayon?”

Alam na alam mo ang mga katagang “The Gift,” “Ang Pangarap Kong Jackpot,” “Sleepless Nights,” “Cheating Arrangement,” “Pentium I – IV,” “Galaw-galaw baka Mastroke,” “Taralets Bagets,” “Full Charge,” “Oh yeah! Oh yeah!,” “Papampam,” “Tuta,” “Istorya,” "Arrows," “Divorsion,” “FR,” “PO,” “Krisis,” “Nagmomoresan,” “Mandarin,” “Echusa,” at kung anu-ano pang mga salita o lipi ng mga salita na talaga namang naging blockbuster.

Nagkaron ka ng mga professor na talaga namang kakaiba tulad ng mga sumusunod: Prof na nangangasa ng baril at nagsasaboy ng gas sa klase; Prof na parang laging wala sa sarili; Prof na naghahamon ng suntukan; Prof na maihahambing sa araw -lulubog lilitaw; Prof na certified fascionista at marunong sumunod sa trend; Prof na nagpapafoot spa raw ng buhok (pwede ba yun?); at Prof na minsang nabansagang si “Kamatayan.”

Kilala mo kung sino ang hindi kumakain ng gulay; ng pritong isda; ng baka; ng atay; ng sinangag; at ng mayonnaise. Kilala mo rin kung sino ang mahilig sa fishball; sa hilaw na mangga; sa maanghang; sa chocolate; at sa kape. May mga matipid din sa ulam pero nakakaubos ng tatlong kanin pero in fairness mga slim pa rin. Meron ding hindi nakakaubos ng kanin pero ok lang may tagaubos naman.

Marami kang nasaksihang kakaibang mga kakayahan tulad ng galing sa pagguhit at pagsulat na para bang may built-in ruler at lettering guide sa mga kamay; husay sa pagtumbling o acrobatic moves; talento sa pagmimake-up at paggupit ng buhok ng walang formal background sa hairstyling; at higit sa lahat kagalingan sa pagtimpla ng Gin-pomelo o Gin-pineapple. San ka pa?

Nakinig ka sa paboritong usapan ng klase- ang kaalman sa SEX at kwentong pag-ibig. Hindi kumpleto ang usapan kung walang joke o istoryang medyo sensual. Katwiran ng nakararami, hindi na tayo bata. May mukha lang bata. Ehem! Tungkol naman sa buhay pag-ibig, siguradong kilala mo ang mga ngumiti at lumuha “In The Name of Love.” At mga taong zero pa rin?! Well, there is a saying “Habang may buhay may pag-asa.”

Tuwing late ka hindi ka umuupo sa unahan at hinahanap mo kagad ang katropa mo. Dahil ba nahihiya ka o dahil takot ka matawag sa recitation? Kapag absent ka at nagaattendance ang prof siguradong may tataas ng kamay para sayo; may pipirma sa attendance sheet; at may sisigaw “Sir/Ma’am nag-CR lang po.” In fairness, maraming pumatol!

Alam na alam mo rin kung sino ang may mga bibig na hindi nalolow bat; ang may pinakamaliit na paa na kasing laki ng paa ng Grade 3 brother mo; ang nakakuha ng silver medal sa larangan ng swimming; ang babaeng nabansagang “Noisy;” ang mga nagpasikat ng “Rice in a Box;” ang gumagawa ng sariling MTV habang nakatingin sa bintana; ang kaklase mong mahilig magpose sa picture pero hindi naman ngumingiti; at ang mga taong walang pinipiling okrayin.

May mga naging kaklase ka na may mga hidden treasures and not so hidden. Merong may nakatagong dolyares sa planetang Pluto; May namimigay ng tseke na hindi bababa sa sampung libo; Merong nagmamay-ari ng submarine; At may nagsusuot ng mamahaling t-shirt kasi nakita mo ang halaga sa nakasabit na tag price.

Yung mga nakatira sa malalayo tulad ng Novaliches at Antipolo sila pa ang madalas na nauuna. Walang kemeng umaalis ng bahay ng alas sinco y medya ng umaga para lang hindi matraffic sa may Blumentritt at Cubao. Samantalang yung mga nakatira sa Maynila at Pasay mukhang naghihilik pa. Yung iba nga walking distance lang ang layo ng bahay nagpapasundo pa para lang bumangon.

Hindi ka bumibili ng libro bagkus ang laman ng bag mo ay puro photocopy. Kapag konti lang ang ipapaphotocopy mo kahit sa CIT na lang pwede na pero pag more than 10 syempre kailangan sa 35 centavos lang baka kasi mahirapan kang huminga pag nalaman mo ang halaga ng babayaran mo. Karaniwan na kasi ang nagkakaron ng instant hika kapag may narinig na babayaran.

Halos kalahati ng klase ay naranasang maging working student. Malalaman mo kung closing sya kapag dumating sa room eh nakasanday agad ang ulo sa desk at kung minsan nga tumutulo pa ang laway. O kaya nanghihingi agad ng yellowpad at sinasabing “Pakopya naman ng assignment.” At ang pinakamatindi sa lahat kahit pagod pag sinabi mong “Gimik Tayo” nagiging alive alive! Instant awakening medicine ba ang salitang “lakwatsa?” At least, libre at hindi nabibili sa botika!

Kapag may contribution magrereklamo muna kayo. Tatanungin kung Bakit ganun?; Bakit ganyan?; Bakit ang mahal?; Para san ba yan?; Pwede ba bukas na lang? O kaya next week, pwede? Hay naku! Hindi ka na naubusan ng tanong at excuse. Pero kapag si Ms. Treasurer na ang naningil lumalabas ang mga kayamanan at kinita sa trabaho.

Sa tuwing ninais mong manood ng sine sinabi mo lang dun sa isa mong kaklase at nakapanood ka na ng libre, stateside man o local siguradong may tiket ka; Tinapos mo yung pelikula kahit na alam mong aabutin yung isa mong subject dahil nanghihinayang ka kung hindi mo makikita kung sino ang makakatuluyan ni Jolina. Ehem!

Naranasan mo ang magklase ng nakatayo dahil wala kayong classroom o kaya wala kayong upuan at kung may upuan man Fist Come First Serve. Naranasan mo rin ang magpalipatlipat ng classroom habang nageexam. Nagbuklat ka ng libro o kaya tiningnan mo ang papel ng kaklase mo pero hindi mo pa rin nakuha ang tamang sagot. Bokya ka pa rin?!

May pagkakataong mahaba ang break, nagkikita kita kayo sa Tayoman para kumain ng spaghetti, pansit, burger. footlong, o kaya ice cream pero kapag enrolment sabay liko sa SM. Kapag nagugutom ka naman pero wala kang pera pumupunta ka lang sa Jollibee, Greenwich, KFC, Pizza Hut, at Burger King at si classmate Cashier na ang bahala sa ‘yo. Minsan nga sa fast food pa ginanap ang Birthday Blow-out! Mas masarap kasing kumain kapag libre. Hindi ba?!

Naging extension ng barkada nyo ang SM-Manila. Pumupunta kayo dun para kumain; MagCR sa Fourth Floor; Magkantahan o makinig sa mga Diva at “trying-hard Diva” ng Videoke; Magsukat ng mga damit na hindi naman bibilhin; Magman-hunting sa arcade at sa loop; At sympre para samahan ang kaibigan na maghintay sa boyfriend o sa ka EB sa labas ng National Bookstore.

Umalis kayo para sa isang educational field trip kuno ng hindi nalalaman ng isa nyong prof. Nainis sya pero wala na syang nagawa dahil on the way na kayo sa second destination nyo – sa Calayo as in SUPER LAYO na mala lost island lang naman ang set-up. Kaya nga pagbaba mo ng jeep lumusob ka kagad sa dagat kahit nakauniform ka pa.

Alam mo na bilyar ang main topic sa Recreational Management. Dahil kapag late ka o walang klase alam mo na sa bilyaran ka dapat pumunta. Kaya nga marami kang napahanga sa talento mo sa paglalaro. Kung recorded nga lang ang mga laro mo sa bilyar malamang nakakuha ka ng uno sa class card.

Naging kaclose mo sina Sir Gungon at Sir Tenorio na naging professor nyo sa Mechanical. Naging paborito nyong tambayan ang classroom nya. Minsan pa nga dun kayo kumakain, nakikiinom, gumagawa ng assignment, nakikicomputer, nagkukwentuhan, nakikitago ng gamit at higit sa lahat nakikitulog. Gawin daw bang boarding house ang classroom? Hallerrrrrr!!!

Sa tuwing sumasapit ang subject na Psychology at Rizal medyo naghahanda ka na para sa 45 mins na recap at 15 mins na lecture; Hinahanda mo na rin ang sarili mong libro o kaya nagtatanong ka kung sino ang pwede mong mahiraman kapag turn nyo na; Hindi rin kailangan mawala ang red ballpen tuwing may exam; Sana’y ka rin sa iba’t ibang scenario tulad ng nagsususuklyan o natutulog sa harapan, kunyaring nakikinig sa gitna at nagpapahula ng kapalaran sa likod.

Nagtaka ka dahil nakakuha ka ng 2.0 sa Law samantalang 1.5 yung kaklase mong nagdrop. Masaya ka nung nakakuha ka ng 1.0 – 1.5 na grade sa Logic dahil 1:00 – 1:50 ang oras nung napatingin ang sir nyo sa relo habang hawak ang classcard mo. Better luck next time naman para sa mga lumagpas sa oras.

Kaklase mo ang pinagawa ng final exam at sa mismong araw ng test may sari-sarili na kayong kopya kaya hindi ka na nahirapan pang lumingon o magtanong. In fact, may nakaperfect pa nga ng exam. Yahoo!!! O kaya kapag may exam at late ka o absent, no need to worry dahil siguradong may grade ka. Minsan nga natataasan pa ang mga katropa. Yan ang magkakaibigan “One for all, All for one.” Hehe!

Nandun ka nung may laro ng Volleyball ang mga kaklase mo. Nahati ang atensyon mo sa pinanood mong laro at sa cheerleader nyong nagaala Sexbomb “Get, Get Aw!” Isama mo pa ang tirang lumilipad sa kalawakan. Magaling ah! Pero wala yan sa lolo ko… In fairness, Close Fight! Yan ang BAM-A, Hindi lang Pangkalokohan, Pangsports pa! ASTIG!

Malaking papel ang ginampanan ng celfone ng kaklase mo sa iyong buhay. Nang dahil sa unlimited call and text, naranasan mong makipagtelebabad gamit ang cel. Hindi mo na rin kinailangan magload dahil manghiram ka lang nito solve na. Pag gusto mo magforward ng quotes sa mga kaibigan mo manghihiram ka lang uli. At higit sa lahat marami kang naging bagong textmate dahil dito. Hindi mo na kasi kailangan mag YM para makipagchat. Tipid, di ba?!

Sa oras na wala sa mood pumasok ang klase tinataguan nyo ang prof at nagpreprepare ng script ang president nyo tulad nito: “Nandito po kami kanina eh akala po namin wala kayo kaya umuwi na po yung iba…,” minsan naman with paawa effect: “Sir/Ma’am pwede po ba next week na lang yung test sabay sabay po kasi yung ginagawa namin ngayon eh. Sige na po....” Wow! Best Actor.

Minsan nagplano kayong magswimming. Yung ibang plano naudlot; naudlot pero natuloy din; natuloy pero nagkasamaan ng loob; natuloy pero hindi kasama lahat; at yung iba bigla biglang nagbaback-out. Sa susunod ibang plano na lang kaya? Ang hindi sumama hindi kasama sa picture picture! Hala! Big deal?!

Bago pa man natapos ang First Year - First Sem napagisipan mo magshift ng course o kaya lumipat ng ibang school. Kaya naman may ibang biglang nawala, meron ding nagpatuloy ngunit nawala, at higit sa lahat may nagpatuloy at hindi nawala. Kaya kung isa ka sa tumanggap ng lalagyanan ng diploma mula sa hanay ng BAM-IM 4A noong gabi ng March 26, 2004, isa lang ang gusto kong sabihin sa inyo“Bato Bato Sa Langit Ang Tinamaan Sana’y Hindi Nagalit”.Hala, JOKE?!

P.S. Ginawa po ito hindi upang mangaway, manlait, makapanakit, mang-inis o mang-asar. Nais lamang po ng may akda na alalahanin natin ang mga masasayang nakalipas. Ang mga bagay na Onli in BAM-A. =>

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Gift, My Only Gift

We couldn’t believe the big day has passed by
Just yesterday Tropatits were just sitting in two rows
Pretending that we're listening to our profs
After class we chat, laugh and search for a hottie
Outside the campus the mission continues.

We were the craziest and naughtiest
But never underestimate us
Because our grades were usually on top
Perhaps that's the effect of the beautiful friendship
Strengthened by the storms we were able to conquer.
Years passed so quickly
So different but still the same
Two of our friends just got married
We didn't expect it would be too soon
Nevertheless we all wish them well.

We are very happy for you, Elen and Berna
For picking a great guy
May God bless your marriage
With a bountiful life with your husband
And endless happiness with your children.

Thank you for all the good memories
And as time goes by new ones will form
But the strong bond shall never depart
Because in our hearts we truly value what we had
Best Wishes our dearest friends!

Elen and Rey & Berna and Frederick


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Terrorism in Mindanao

3 teachers kidnapped in ZamboangaBy Julie AlipalaMindanao Bureau / 01-23-09

5 MILF, 2 soldiers killed in clashes in Maguindanao
By John Unson / 01-12-09

Basilan gov declares all-out war vs Abu Sayyaf 07/01/2009 11:33 AM

MILF, government troops clash in Lanao and Cotabato / 05/26-09

Sulu govt urges war on SayyafBy Arlyn dela Cruz Philippine Daily Inquirer / 07-12-09

Abu Sayyaf to be beaten by year-end: AFP spokesmanAgence France-Presse / 07-13-09

I desired to talk about the history of terrorism in some parts of Mindanao. But I am definitely not equipped with too much information about the issue. One thing I am sure of is that stories about seemingly endless violence in several provinces and cities of Mindanao is a mainstay in various broadsheets and tabloids, tv and radio programs and news online for so many years. It’s everyday news.

When I was in elementary, my Sibika and Kultura teachers taught us the different types of natural resources, the rich history and culture of the Philippines, and all other amazing things about our country. Even the wars during the Spanish era, the Japanese invasion and American advent didn’t matter too much. There was victory in the end. Ultimately, the wonderful pictures of the Philippines have greater impact in my memory. Of course that includes the marvels of Mindanao.

Today, the battle is no longer between Filipinos and foreign invaders. It’s Filipinos versus Filipinos in some parts of our country.

It is so devastating that as I grow up the pleasant image of Mindanao that I saw in the past is starting to fade. War hurts not only our economy but it also paralyzes the freedom of the native residents to live in peace and for the tourists to explore the beauties of the Philippine islands in the South.

I don’t know how the terrible situation will end. I just hope it will - very soon. I hope the next generation will appreciate Mindanao the way I saw it way back.

Take a Stand

Today, it is so difficult to have a strong political outlook when on one channel you can see Cong. Escudero and some Party-List Representatives filing impeachment complain against the president and on the other station there is Sec. Defensor defending PGMA and the government’s plan for economic growth.

It is a given fact that there are so many (if not all) corrupt government officials in all parts of this country. We do not know exactly where our taxes go. Is it in public schools renovation? Or in anti-drug campaign? Or in housing projects for the poor? Or in the mansion of a High General? Or in BMW of an administration or opposition leader?

On the other hand, you would wonder why there are so many people always rallying in Mendiola? Don’t they have jobs? Why they seem to enjoy putting busy people on a heavy traffic while their only wish is to be in office or school and use their energies in more productive purposes?

In my opinion, as citizen of this country, I should take a stand. But how can I do that when I can hardly identify which party is telling the truth and has a sincere intention in serving the nation. Is it the administration? Or the opposition?

There are so many questions which I believe will always remain - unanswered. In the preceding paragraph, I said “I should take a stand.” I have just realized, why should I be slave of other’s principle? It is not really the politicians or the communists that I should be supporting. There are so many people who have bigger dreams for this country and I should be one of them. I can start by doing small things at home and from there I can work on achieving higher aspirations. But then, I salute people who are sincerely fighting for what they believe is right. It also takes a lot of courage and compassion to speak in front of a large crowd. I guess they are here to strike a balance in the society.
Posted 7/19/06 2:23 AM

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kitchen Must-Haves

As you all know, my repertoire in cooking is so limited. But I am always thrilled of watching cooking shows. Quickfire on QTV 11 is one of my favorites.
Quickfire, a 10-minute kitchen wonders with Chef-mom Rosebud Benitez, is an ideal destination for those who want to learn simple recipes good for everyday meals or special occasions.

Aside from the delicious meals, the show also showcases kitchen gadgets that any chef would love to have in his/her kitchen. Fabulous gifts for anyone who likes to cook.

Garlic chopper
Pepper Grinder
Stainless Steel Soap
A soap made of solid stainless steel that removes tough odors like garlic and onions as if by magic.

For more details about Quickfire you may visit or

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Everybody is Looking for You

Last night I read the book entitled Parables of Jesus. There is one short story in this book that talks about people wanting to see you. It’s a very interesting reflection. I wanted to have my own version of the story but I couldn’t find better words. So, let me just share it with you. Read and be inspired.

Looking for Jesus – The Cure of Simon’s Mother-in-Law (Mk 1:29-39)Parables of Jesus (Homilies and Reflections of my Parish Priest)
by Steven C. Zabala
Our Lady of Penteconst Parish

Rising very early before dawn, he left and went off a deserted place, where he prayed. Simon and those who were with him pursued him, and on finding him said, “Everyone is looking for you” (Mk 1:37).

Everyone is looking for you. How would you react if this statement was said to you? I’m sure we will have varied reactions as there could be many reasons why people would look for us.

For somebody who wants the limelight, this is the dream of a lifetime. For a showbiz superstar, this is a good sign for his career, as this indicates his popular value. For a man who has lots of bills to be paid, this can be frightening news. For somebody who wants to be in silence, this is the ultimate distraction.

An Ateneo Law graduates, who was just waiting for the result of his bar exams, was gunned down in a minor traffic altercation. The killer left his motorcyle in the crime scene which has become the primary lead to track him. Reports said that the motorycyle changed ownership four times. The face of the suspect has been published in the major dailies. If the suspect is told that everybody is looking for him, I am sure, he would not be pleased.

Shall we hide when people look for us? Or shall we come out and face them with delight and enthusiasm in our hearts?

I hope people look for us not because of the bad things we have done but because of the good things we have done for them.

Some nuns are assigned to sing in one of our daily masses. On few occassions, they would look for me, “Father, bakit di po kayo nagmisa kahapon? Kailagan po kasi namin ng magtotono ng aming gitara (Father, why didn’t you lead the mass yesterday? We were looking for you because we needed someone to modify our guitar)!”

People should look for us not only because of what we have done but also because of what we can still do for them. Isn’t it wonderful to be sought because of our good deeds in the past and the good deeds we can offer in the future?

It is certainly a blessing if people look for us because they have seen our goodness. They have seen how inspiring we can be to them. They have experienced how we can make their lives better and more meaninful.

People came looking for Jesus. He is someone who offers healing, salvation, care and love. Because the sick experienced the tender compassion of Jesus, they would not let go of him. But not only the sick, many people who were healthy were touched by Jesus’ person. It is no surprise therefore that everybody was looking for him.

Those who have shown us goodness are those we enjoy looking for in life. If you want people to look for you, show them good deeds. Allow them to see Christ’s goodness in your heart!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't Complain

Did you smoke minutes before you go to sleep?
Don’t complain if your wife or husband doesn’t want to sleep beside you.

Did you drink a case of beer last night?
Don’t complain if you feel nauseous and have no energy to report to work.

Did you spend most of your time on online games instead of reviewing for your upcoming board exam?
Don’t complain if your name does not appear in the list of board exam passers.

Did you indulge in womanizing and premarital sex?
Don’t complain if everybody calls you “Playboy” and no one would take you seriously when you’re ready to settle down.

Did you go home late without permission?
Don’t complain if your mother’s voice can be heard in the entire neighborhood and seems unstoppable.

Did you savor your unlimited call or text priviledge until midnight even though you have to wake up early the next day?
Don’t complain if your head is aching and your eye bags are bigger than your eyes.

Did you hit your credit card limit just to splurge it to your luxuries?
Don’t complain if one day you find yourself burried in debts.

Don’t complain. You chose that life.

A Short Tour to Virtual Homes

She started blogging in 2005 when her “unemployed” status brought her to a place she never thought would be her virtual home. Writing (typing rather) was just a simple pastime – a way to ameliorate idleness. For this reason, five blogs were born one after the other: kiddomind, rej-idiosyncrasy (now rej-goneastray), oops-at-23, bam4a and mtv ayos.

The Description
kiddomind – tells a percentage of the lifestory of a twenty something creature who is more oftenly perceived as a kid rather than a young woman (height is one obvious factor). It is a blog that aims to share simple - inspiring - feel good - overjoyed - not too complicated opinions, facts and personal anecdotes.

rej-goneastray – is a compilation of stories with a dose of sadness and misery. However, towards the last part of every entry the author tries to convert the negative emotions into something that we could all learn from (hopefully).

oops-at-23 – are tales that talk about anything under the sun, written in Filipino language. Here, the writer tries to avoid being sentimental. The use of first personal pronoun – I, me, mine and myself is also limited. There are few times, however, she feels a strong desire to express herself in Tagalog. Or should I say she couldn’t translate her thoughts in English for the time being? In short, nosebleed!

bam4a – illustrates the adventures of 39 young adults who took up BAM which stands for Bachelor of Arts in Management at TUP, Manila from year 2000 to 2004. Their bond is equivalent to fun, fun, fun. Warning: Dito, bawal ang pikon!

mtvayos – is dedicated to her high school friends, barkada, dabarkads, berks, tropa or whatsoever. Time and unavoidable circumstances are the two major causes of the group’s physical separation but the memories of the good old days have kept the friendship alive in spirit.

About the Author

Rej is 25, female and Rej is not her real name. Rej is just one of the many names attached to her; a young woman who has no fashion sense, a kitchen disaster, a frustrated architect and doesn’t know how to swim. She has a lot of weaknesses but she prefers utilizing the many blessings she is receiving rather than dwelling to her numerous imperfections. At present, she is internally trying to decipher the track towards the realization of her dreams. Though her direction remains blurry, she is optimistic that there is a bright future ahead of her simply because there are people who are always willing to support her and most importantly there is God who loves her so much (and loves you too).

Her blogs will reveal to you her flaws and wrong decisions in life. Nevertheless, she is very certain that life is beautiful.

The Reason

Thank you Jesus

Joan aka Rej

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Be Still

The picture above is the Novena to God’s Love (by Bo Sanchez), a prayer booklet given to first-time attendees of Kerygma Feast.

What’s inside?

God’s Message To YouDear (Your Name),

I believe in you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have made you into such an amazing and wonderful person. I believe in you so much, I planted dreams in your heart. Dreams that will bless you and bless the world. Dreams that will make you grow in love and will mature in your soul. Yes, I will use you to share My light and love to many.

So believe in yourself even when you fail. Never give up on yourself. Failure is an important part of your success. Look around and you’ll discover that the most successful people are those who have failed the most. Trust in Me. I trust in you!

Know the difference between path and purpose. Even if your chosen path fails, never give up on your sacred purpose. When you write your dreams include the details that you desire. Your imagination will inspire you. But don’t be attached to the details. Surrender to my surprises and open yourself to My abundanc. For I have the best blessings and the perfect miracles for you, far better than what you can think of or imagine.

Nourish your soul in My Love and My Word. Nourish your soul with other Like-mided Dreamers who have fire in their hearts.

Now go, My child, and share My love and light to all those around you.

Always remember that I believe in you.

Cheering you on,

Last week I had a dream; a bad dream; a nightmare; a dream full of uncertainties. In my dream, I trudged an unfamiliar road and climbed straight metal ladder twice all by myself. But every time I felt terrified, a former big boss (which I didn’t directly work with) would suddenly show up out of nowhere and extended his hand towards me. Then, there was a sudden calm in my heart...

Two Sundays ago, the priest said in his homily “Do not fear just believe.”
The Bible says:
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." -
Deuteronomy 31:6
Perhaps, that dream is a reminder that in every trial or problem or suffering or hardships that we are facing, God is telling us we don’t have to bear everything on our own. He promised a helper that will not just accompany us in our travel but someone who will fill our spirit, cheer us up and encourage us to keep on going.

Kerygma Feast is a Catholic Prayer Meeting of the Light of Jesus Community founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez. It is composed of the Holy Mass, worship and talk by Bo Sanchez or other Kerygma preacher. It is held at Valle Verde Country Club (beside ULTRA), Pasig City every Sunday in three sessions: 8:00 to 10:00am, 10:30 to 12:30pm and 1:00 to 3:00pm

For more information you can visit the following websites:

Thursday, July 2, 2009


There is a saying “There is no place like home.”There are songs entitled “Home” by Daughtry and Michael Buble.
When a balikbayan reaches his native land, he or she is greeted with the statement “Welcome Home!”Publication stores sell magazines called "My Home."

Home, Home, Home, Home…

What is home?

Have you experienced sharing a room with strangers owned by a stranger? Or have you tried renting an apartment near your workplace or located in university’s residential areas? Or are you one of the millions of Filipinos who work abroad?

If you answer YES, I am so sure you can define the word HOME even if you don’t scan a dictionary or google its definition.

As for me, I experienced an “independent life” when I started earning a living. I was one of those newly graduates who had a strong desire to save even a small percentage of my monthly income amidst difficulties in balancing financial resources. I rented a space in the vicinity of Leveriza, Pasay City just one ride away from my office. We were a bunch of five - all-female, single and very much available. :p Among the group, I was the most unfamiliar face. I was an alien. Yes, I knew their names and I assume they also knew mine but that’s it. My work schedule didn’t match with theirs, so I had very little opportunity to befriend them. When loneliness started to dampen my spirit, I also began doing the back- and-forth routine almost every other day until eventually I returned all my belongings to its original place.
.My next journey of independent life occurred just recently. I worked in a very far far away land. Two to four hours travel (x 2) to give you a brief description of my daily itinerary. We had a staff house close to our office. I stayed in that place for a while but due to some chronic events I couldn’t agree with, I decided to return to what I do best – the back-and-forth routine. Although I knew that my physical resistance might soon suffer as well as my pocket, it wasn’t really a difficult decision. I was learning to love my job. That’s the foremost reason why I didn’t immediately consider resigning an option. Yet, as expected, I didn’t last long.

There are pros and cons in living a different lifestyle. It takes a lot of adjustment to live with people you are not related with. An independent life has taught me a lot of things. However, there is one thing that I refused to learn – how to stay.


Because it’s true “There is no place like home.”
Because I injected in brain cells the lines “I am going home to a place where I belong...”Because my heart is always shouting “I wanna go home. I gotta go home. Let me go home.”Because each time I step on our door I feel that every folks in this house are telling me “Welcome home!”
Because even the most ventilated residence or the grandest mansion I see in the magazine has no match to a place I call “My Home.”
And on top of everything, "My Family is My Home."

My Family

My dear friends, what is home to you?

The Gift

I have received two gifts from manik_reigun.

Thanks bro. Thank you for the frequent visit. Thank you for appreciating my other home. And thank you also for sharing you stories with us… Drama queen? Tissue please… Hehe!

The rules for these awards are:
1) Accept award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the awards and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the awards to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

In compliance to rule no. 2, I am passing these awards to bloggeros who have inspired me in many ways; made me laugh a lot of times; amazed me with their stirring aritstry; stimulated my boredom and encouraged me to keep on going. Like manik_reigun, there are so many blogs in my list but I have to cut the line to 15.

Drum Roll…


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rekindling Ties

Bakasyon Grande. That’s how we named our first grand reunion after years of not seeing each other. The original plan was a swimming jaunt but because of last-minute confusion stimulated with old beliefs, we ended with Toncy’s treat in Pizza Hut in the evening of May 19, 2007 and continued the festivity in Santiago Street until the next day. It was a night full of stories of the good old days and hottest news noon (hehe!) and a day of kainan, chibugan, chow, Lafang…Yun na!!!

Ang Ebidensya…

THE GROUP (Anne, Berna, Chelle, Ellen, Florence, Joan, Mond
Kathy, Ronz and Toncy/ Not in pic: Arnold - the photographer)
THE 4TIBS (in their most modest pose)

--- THE END ---

You're the ONE

Today is the 1st day of July 2009. What does this month mean to you? Second season of erratic weather conditions, perhaps or maybe two months away to various Yuletide jingles and Santa Claus replicas.

As for me, July marks the beginning of birthday celebrations in our family which runs until December.
July – Big Bro.August – My BirthmonthSeptember – MommyOctober – Our youngestNovember – DaddyDecember – Papa Jesus
It is a norm to a lot of families to throw a feast during special occassions which include birthdays. Ours are just simple merriment – the whole family takes delight on a sumptuous repast put in the dining table while chit chatting over trifling stories to the most complicated.

Now, please allow me to brag a bit about my mom’s cooking prowess. My mom is the best cook in the world. My taste bud and my family's tummies can attest to that plus our relatives and friends testimonials.

We all know that food is a basic necessity for a man’s survival. But for our family, food is more than a need. It is an effective bonding element – an ingredient that nourishes relationship. My mom is a frugal housewife and mother when it comes to providing us with our wants or luxuries. But she spoils us with food which she herself prepares. She loves cooking and she’s very good at it. The rest of the family enjoys eating which by the way is our expertise.

I am my mother’s absolute opposite though. My repertoire in cooking is limited to tearing foil packs, opening canned goods, frying hotdogs, boiling water and cooking rice with the aide of a rice cooker. I am such a pathetic when it comes to kitchen matters. In fact, I can vividly recall the time when I was home alone and was tasked to cook lunch for the family. My mom left me two pieces tilapia which I should fry. I followed her. The outcome however didn’t appear the way it should be. The supposed to be fried fish became ginisang tilapia instead. Oh yes, I literally massacred the tilapia’s flesh. I was not surprised when nobody dared to partner it with a cup of rice. I, myself, wasn’t able to stand the horrible fate of the two tilapia. Poor tilapia!

I am just glad that my mom has a special gift in various cuisines. We don’t have to eat ginisang tilapia or be immuned to canned goods and instant meals.

Sorry Goldilocks, but for me you are not the ONE. My mom is on top of my list.

Thanks mom! :)

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