Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Bus, the Sun and the Mystery

It was 3pm. The sun’s heat could actually turn your white skin into brown. No kidding! It was soooooooooo HOT!

After hours of wandering in various shoe shops, I went out of Trinoma Mall empty-handed. Poor girl! Just few seconds after I walked out, the BSTC bus driver suddenly stepped on the gas and left me frustrated (route: Alabang – Malinta Exit). I stood in the unloading station (Pasaway no! hehe!) for five minutes hoping that N. Dela Rosa or Sampaguita bus would show up in a little while. But knowing the frequent time interval of buses going to our place (approximately 10 minutes to 1 hour, if unlucky) and the awful temperature, I decided to go back inside.

I wanted to go home so badly because I might get tempted to spend on something that wasn't included in my budget list. But my throat was starting to dry up and so I bought a small size mango shake, sat in the food court and used 15 - 20 minutes of my time to relax a bit. Then, I left. Fortunately, the temperature outside improved. It also didn’t take me too long to wait for the bus to arrive. When we reached Balintawak Tollgate, we noticed an N. Dela Rosa bus that got busted. That’s when I realized, God had saved me. Imagine if I kept on waiting outside because I didn’t want to pull-out even a single centavo, perhaps, I was one of the passengers of the busted N. Dela Rosa bus.

The Conclusion: Everything that happened to me from 3 pm onwards was God’s plan. He brought me to the right direction because He wanted to keep me safe and maybe he desired to give me some rest.
God is so good and He works in very mysterious ways.
Your father knows what you need before you ask him- Matthew 6:8

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


WHAT: Eraserheads Live! The "Final Set"

WHEN: March 7, 2009, 8 pm

WHERE: Mall of Asia Concert Grounds

HOW MUCH: VIP PhP 5000.00; GOLD PhP 3000.00; SILVER PhP 1300.00; BRONZE Php 300.00

(Tickets are available in all Ticketworld outlet. For more details, visit!%20The%20Final%20Set or or
Grab your tickets now before it gets sold out!!!
P.S. Thanks Catergeia (Kuya Rowin's friend) for the info.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Gift from Heaven

My name is Maria Angelica de Borja.

I want more candy!!!

Horse back riding!!! Whewww!!!
She is Maria Angelica de Borja - the youngest (as far as her father’s chronological order in the family is concerned) in the de Borja clan.

It happened three weeks ago when my uncle together with his wife went to Caloocan municipal to register this adorable three-year-old kid under their custody. Her presence has brought so much joy to the whole family. We now have a child to play with and care for; to cuddle in our arms; to teach ABC and 123; and to feed in every child’s favorite resto, Jollibee.

To her parents, she is the answer to their prayer. To all of us, she is God-sent - a gift from heaven.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Latest Addiction

You are My Destiny.

A thirty-minute Korean drama that revolutionizes my typical evening habit. Currently, nighttime for me means having supper and watching Family Feud, 24 Oras (Yes, I am a Kapuso) and at 7:30 pm all attention to my latest obsession. At first, it was only I, now it’s WE. My parents are now fanatics too. Whewww!

The miniseries is airing in Korean language. For this reason, English subtitle is featured below the tv screen. Originally, I was just interested in refining my English writing proficiency. I thought I could use it as a tool in developing a skill. But later on, I became an avid viewer. A fan. An addict.

The story revolves around Jang Sae Byuk, an orphan lady who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after an accident. Unfortunately the doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. Sae Byuk becomes close to Na Young’s family and slowly accepts her as part of the family. Sae Byuk meets Ho Sae, son of a rich family where Sae Byuk foster parents work for. The two have the chance to work together professionally and a romantic relationship flourishes along the way… (Source: Edited).

The soap showcases various scenarios common in any family. It features minor disagreement among siblings, lovers quarrel, financial difficulties, confrontation of in-laws etc. The story, though it tackles a lot of serious matters, is not too complicated. Comedy also constitutes to the effectiveness of the entire production. The show has an element to connect with the viewers without using long and dramatic lines or over blown emotions. Even though I could not understand a thing, I am convinced that the intensity of some heavy scenes is analogous to real life situations. On top of this, we can learn good values: humility, empathy, solidarity, patience and simplicity to name a few.

In addition, the show also exhibits their customs and traditions. Although everyone could relate to the story, it is very obvious that the show has an ingredient that is distinctively Korean. That is why I find it more interesting to watch. Slowly, I am also getting familiar to some Korean words such as ”Appa (father),” “Omma (mother),” and“Annyong haseyo (Hello).” Oh yes, I'm learning too! Hehe!

Love it!!!

P.S. To Sky Cable subscriber "You are My Destiny" is on KBS World (Channel 75), 7:15 or 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

LOVE Thoughts

May boyfriend/girlfriend/asawa ka na ba? [(Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?) or (Are you married?) or (Are you in a relationship?)]

If you answer “none/no.” The next question would probably be like this:

Nagkaboyfriend/girlfriend ka na ba? (But, have you ever been in a relationship?)

Every human being likes discussing topics or issues about love. I mean romantic love. Now, let me ask you a question: How would you react when you are in mid-twentys and someone asks you “May boyfriend/girlfriend/asawa ka na ba?” but have never been in a relationship? Then it would be followed by another question? And the third; the fourth; the fifth… Until the supposed to be short conversation would lead to further curiosity. Would you entertain a burgeoning long chat? Or sincerely answer the first question then feign an excuse so you would not have to undergo “Don’t Lie to Me” segment?

This is my first attempt to talk about matters of the heart. If for most people this is such an interesting subject matter during dull hours or while having lunch or while waiting for the movie to start, for me this is extremely difficult most specially if I am the on the hot seat. Why? Because I do not have much to say and it is causing me severe headache. Just kidding! Hehe!

There are times that I also ponder upon my reasons for being single. And until now I still haven’t discovered the best explanation. At my age, the idea of falling in love seriously has actually never entered my head. I also don’t have the initiative to find one. And I do not even see myself growing old with a significant other. But I wish to raise kids. That’s odd, don’t you think?

However, just like anyone else. I love to love (secretly).I feel that each time I watch romantic films or drama. Hehe! I think loving is the most exciting feeling. And loving is lovelier when you are also being loved. But isn’t depressing to hear stories about broken relationship due to infidelity? Worst, there are people who are still willing to love no matter how deep the wound is. I really could not understand why there are people who are capable of loving despite the pain and people who continue to hurt those who love them.

I have also heard many times on tv that incompatibility is a common ground why a romantic relationship lead to a break-up. On the other hand, there are also stories of perfectly compatible couples after being together for so long would someday make a decision to go their separate ways. Isn’t that intriguing? Hmmm...

When some friends come to me and share their love problem, I would instantly feel sad; sometimes angry towards the other person; sometimes helpless. The first thing I would do is to analyze the situation then give advice if I can. But every so often I feel that my words aren’t good enough to console or mend their broken heart. Then I would realize that the best thing I could do is to listen and just simply be a friend.

After saying all these disheartening realities about love, I am still not sure if I would want to have a lifetime partner or be someone who has mastered the art of loving secretly for I do not know what the future holds. Sometimes, love could be sorrowful but if ever I would be in a serious commitment I would rather think its something I would not regret. After all, love is not always associated to suffering or misery. Love also brings great joy. Right?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Oath for a Heavier Pocket

Last night I finished ironing my personal financial policy for 2009. I think I did a great job. I have decided to have 45% of my monthly income be intended for tithe and savings which I divided into 6 categories. Last year I failed to stick to my monetary plans but this year I want to take it more seriously. This is the reason why I call it “Financial Policy.” This time there will be rules, guidelines, procedure documented in a piece of paper– a written New Year’s Resolution.

I pray that God will bless my finances…

"The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the Lord....A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps." Proverbs 16:1-9

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