Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Date with My Dad

Two days ago, my dad and I left the house at 6 o’clock in the morning to attend a free admission conference of Go Negosyo Caravan held at the auditorium of Philam Life, Manila. It was an hour and a half ride from our place to Doroteo Jose via Sta. Cruz bus or more popularly known as “Esperanza” bus (if you watched Juday’s soap opera Esperanza, you know what I mean) and an additional 15 minute travel to UN Avenue. It was a long trip and kinda nauseating (because of the vehicular smoke I inhaled, moderately heavy traffic along NLEX and a sardine-like condition of the passengers). However, I was elated because finally I had the chance to see Avenida after Mayor Lim ordered to reopen it to vehicles. Actually, I really miss the city of Manila. The roads of Avenida, Taft Avenue and Ayala Boulevard were very significant for it were once part of my teenage years - college days. Oh, it was like yesterday!

Ok, enough of the reminiscing.

The forum started at nearly 10 am. Imagine how early we were? But the funnier thing was most of the participants were students. So apparently my father felt awkward because he seemed to be the oldest in the group. He wanted to back out but I refused to so he had no choice but to be with me (My dad loves me so much, don’t you think? I’m so proud of you, Daddy.). Going back to the main topic, Paolo Bediones, Senator Mar Roxas, and Atty. Gozon of GMA Network were some of the prominent guest speakers. Their stories and entrepreneurial mindset were really inspiring (if you look at the non-monetary angle). As a whole, it was a learning conference that lasted for three hours. Immediately after, we went to Robinson’s Place, entered KFC and ordered two value meals (1 piece chicken with rice and ice tea) for our starving stomachs. Solve!

After lunch, I was planning to go to World Trade Center to see a Food Expo but my dad wanted to go somewhere else. I insisted. For the second time, I won. Yahoo! It was my dad’s first time there. We paid P100 each for the entrance fee. We strolled around, watched free cooking demo, saw giant and high-technology food processors and machineries, observed how businessmen market their product and of course savored the “free taste” foodstuffs. In short, “Sinulit namin ang isang daan.” Sarap!

At 3:30 we decided to go to Quiapo church because it was Friday. It was Quiapo day. Unfortunately, we were not able to enter the church because it was jam packed. So, we just prayed for few minutes outside the church. Then, I wanted to ride a jeepney from Carriedo to Doroteo Jose but my dad would like to walk. This time, I followed him. He won. When we reached the terminal, I wanted to ride FX because my legs were too tired and I assumed he was feeling the same way too. But he preferred the Esperanza bus. The result: We got even at two all. Hehe! As expected, the traffic was heavy and the bus was so full. We were all like sweating mannequins inside the mini-bus. Despite the terrible scenario, I was glad because my dad and I had an opportunity to talk. Nothing so important or serious but the fact that he was sharing a story and I reacting and asking questions that’s quite unusual. After that, I could no longer control my eyes from shutting, so I laid my head on my father’s shoulder. I guess I had a ten minute siesta. We arrived at the subdivision’s main gate at nearly 7:00 pm. Luckily, there was already one passenger. He already wanted me to pay for three passengers so we could go ahead but I refused. I believed it would not take us too long to wait for the last one. The final score: 3-2. Yes, I was victorious. Hehe!

End of the story.

To sum this up, I had a long and exhausting trip yet a very nostalgic, unforgettable, blissful and once in a blue moon date with my dad. I just hope it won’t be the last.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

One Morning

I wonder why I woke up this morning with a vibrant feeling. Did I have an exciting dream last night? I can’t remember. Did I do something special before I went to sleep? I don’t think so. As far as I know, I just had the usual evening routine.

My eyes opened 15 minutes earlier than my regular wake up time. At 6:45 in the morning, I felt that I was too excited to stand up and start a new day with a smile on my face. That’s odd. Because honestly, my usual morning mindset is: “Oh! Another ordinary day.” Now that the sun is about to go down, I should say I had a pretty good day. It’s typical yet the feeling is different. Hopefully, it’s a sign of good things to come. :)

Sunday, February 4, 2007

All About Rej Part II

I am a homebody and an introvert too. I love staying at home because I believe that we should not spend too much money these days. But sometimes I also enjoy going out with friends doing simple stuff like Pilipino’s most favorite pastime “tsismisan” and catering ourselves with the cheapest value meal. I am also friendly and bubbly only when I get approached first, otherwise I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to you because I am really shy and kinda moody.

I used to be furtive but today I consider myself a new person (of course that’s figuratively speaking). I can’t say I am a better human being but I am proud to say that I am gradually learning how to speak up. And that’s good news!

There are things that I can’t do and very poor at. I don’t know how to swim (that’s why I often say “no” to swimming jaunt). I stutter everytime I speak English (that’s why I’d rather write). I can’t sing like Regine Velasquez (although my high school friends call me “R2K”). I have a slight memory problem (that’s why some people say I have Alzheimer’s disease). I am very poor in Science (that’s my worst subject in my entire school history). And lastly, I always have a hard time buying shoes/sandals (that’s my biggest frustration ever). Actually, there is so much more to add in the list. Nevertheless, there are also things that I am good at. Let me enumerate some: (1) I know when I can splurge and when to be tight-fisted; (2) I have long thread of patience when it comes to kids; (3) I iron clothes for about three to four hours; (4) I text my friends at least once in a while just to let them know that I remember them; and (5) I know how to boil water, tear foil packs, open can goods and fry hotdogs. Fantastic, don't you think? Hehe!!

I am also a big fan of the Fab 5, Ely Buendia, APO Hiking Society, Gary Valenciano and so much more. Watching reality tv shows and listening to different kinds of music are my simple entertainment bliss. Although I don’t have the luxury to watch television lately I am still a “Kapuso” and never a “Kapamilya.” I also collect empty perfume bottles, coffee plastic cups, tissue papers, miniature of cartoon figures, pirated CDs and any memorable stuff. Basically most of the things that I own are inexpensive in prices but with gargantuan significance. Actually, I am a bit sentimental fool.

I have a job now. I don’t know my real status in that company but I am working three days a week. It’s annoying at times but I still regard myself lucky because I am able to see all of my friends at least once or twice a week. And most importantly, I have at least few Peso bill to put in my Piggy bank.

At my age, I have not entered a bar and have never been to Eastwood and Rockwell but it does not make my life less exciting. I just choose to take delight on doing simple things (specially when I don't have to take even a single centavo from my pocket). But if you would treat me a dinner in a five star hotel,” of course I won’t be a hypocrite. Hehe!!

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