Monday, October 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

Last September 27 was my mom’s birthday; The National Seafarers’ Day was also celebrated. It was a special day for both my mom and my dad. :)


I’m a novice in Facebook. I find this social network too complicated. Status: In need of a tour guide.


My college friend gave birth to a bouncing baby girl yesterday. My 6th inaanak (godchild)! :p

Got hooked by Koreanovela, Marrying a Millionaire. One hour senti mode. Alone on the sofa. It’s sappy but I love it. Hehe!


My high school friend is coming two weeks from now. Reunion time again! Yahoo!


I notice my face is getting bigger. OMG! This is not right! :(


The weather condition these days is so erratic. The sky is deceiving. We don’t know exactly when it’s going to rain or when the sun will come out. Dammit!


I just found out recently that my high school friend is also a victim of typhoon Ondoy. I’m just glad she’s alive and safe.


I couldn’t understand why Sec. Teodora had to speak in behalf of PGMA in these times of difficulty. I know nobody like to see her on national tv. But PGMA is still the nation’s commander in chief. In less than a year she’ll be stepping out of her position, when is she planning to show us true leadership? I just hope this is not a political tactic to elevate their bet in 2010 Presidential Election.


PAG-ASA reports another typhoon is coming. Rain, rain go away!!!

8 Speak:

Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D Kaya hindi ako nag facebook eh, marami nang dapat unahin at tinatamad na akong pag aralan pa yang feysbuk lolzzz

Rej said...

kadedelete ko lang ng FB account ko. salamat sa impluwensya. Tinatamad akong gamitin un. daming kailangang pindutin. wala akong tsaga. sa lokal na lang ako. hehe!

Lord CM said...

Hehehe :D nahawa ka ba? sorry lolzz

Ang tutuo isa lang yun sa dahilan ko, pagkatapos ng mga issue tungkol sa networking tulad ng facebook o twitter eh natuto na ako, mahirap maging Jacque Bermejo :D

The Pope said...

Well, I still keep my FB account, belated happy bday to your Mom and thanks for the info about the Nat'l Seafarer's Day, first time for me to hear such event, I could have posted an article on that event, marami akong kaibigang seamen.

God bless.

-ellesig- said...

rej, maramirami na rin pipila sa pasko! :)

Jun Bullan said...

Kaiistart ko lang ang FB account ko and it was where I have found some of my old dearest friends.

Rej said...

@ Lord CM: ako parang nagsasawa na sa mga ganung social network.

@ The Pope: Salamat po. Hindi na msyado nadama ang National Seafarer's Day dahil sa bagyo.

@ Ellesig: at maramirami na ring tataguan. hehe!

@ Jun Bullan: Yun naman ang maganda sa mga social networks. kahit kababata mo pwede mong matagpuan.


Well, my FB account is just always there. :)

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