Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Old Me and The Changed Lass

What is change?

Why do people need to change?

My dear friends, what you are about to read are not the answers to my questions above. This is about me again. Yes, for the nth time. This is about a fraction of my past, my present and some very simple changes I never thought would make incredible effect in my life.

(Drum Roll)

On Food Intake

3 cups of rice, 3 chicken drumsticks, 1 whole tomato and 12 oz. bottle of soda. No, that’s not my meal for the whole day. That’s an illustration of my lunch when I was in Grade 2. So, would you still be surprised if I tell you I once weighed 50 kilos? 50 kilos for a Grade School student, just imagine that.

Now, I am 25 years old. I can go to Departmentstore and buy t-shirt in Kids section. Surgical clinic will not earn profit from me for two reasons: (1) surgical procedure is exclusive for millionaires and (2) I don’t need it. Halleluiah!

On Tasting Siopao

I dreaded eating siopao. Not because I believe in the rumor that siopao contains cat meat. Eww!!! I hated it! I cursed it! I swear to myself never will that circular white Chinese food touch even the tip of my tongue. Ok, I’m exaggerating. Hehe! In short, the first time I tasted it I didn’t like it. Period.

Well, not until my mom made a few. My perception about siopao has instantly disappeared. Still not my most favorite food but at least the Chinese people would no longer hate me. My mom is the best cook in the world, I swear! :p

On Writing Essays

When I was a kid and a teenager, I never had an interest in writing. I never experienced being part of school paper because my journalism knowledge will not qualify. I also rarely got high grades in essay quizzes. Though my ideas were all written still my teachers didn’t get my point. Dammit!

In college, I saw the year book of Quezon City Science High School batch 1997. It was composed of few paragraphs describing every student who graduated in that year. I scrutinized it. I made sure I understood every page; grasped new words; learned from their creativity. After that, I experimented. If you want to see my first attempt in writing composition, click here. Today, I manage five blogs. My grammar still fails, the use of punctuation mark is usually incorrect, wrong spelling is a common mistake and my vocabulary is so simple. However, my product nowadays if to be compared way back elementary and high school my teachers will absolutely understand my point of view. And blogging has a lot of thing to do with this high leap.

On Book Collection

When I was a student, the only books you can see in my bag and cabinet were academic-related. The books that I bought were part of my teachers’ requirements. I would enter the library only because I had assignments or I had to memorize the history of mankind because we’re going to have a graded recitation the following day.

At a time when life is starting to hit me and begin to miss school, I have learned to love National Bookstores and Powerbooks; to honor writers and novelists; and to embrace non-fictional stories. Academic books are out; novels, inspirational and humorous manuscripts are in. Not to mention a few fashion and home magazines.

On Meeting People

At first glance, you may have an impression that I am a snob, in tagalong suplada. If you have never seen a raging tiger, just look at my face you will have a perfect picture of what it looks like. Most people think I’m always like ready for a boxing match. I say “Don’t worry because I don’t have plans of following Manny Pacquiao’s career path.”

Its 2009. Still nothing has changed. No, there’s a bit. I’m still the kind of person that I was but I have good news. If I was the type of person who would never make a first move to make friends because I’m kinda shy and moody, I can do that now. Really. As I have said, my face usually resembles the look of a furious tiger, so there are times that I really try to make an effort to reach out to people just to assure these people that I don’t bite; that I’m also a human being just like them. Hehe! Perhaps, circumstances have also trained me to become more sociable.

On My Relationship with My Mom

Have you heard the saying “Birds of the same feather flock together.” Well, my mom and I have different feather. We’re so different in many aspects. She loves cooking; I don’t. She sleeps early; I sometimes sleep when she is about to wake up. I like listening to music; she would only listen to music if I turn on the radio. I’m a minor lakwatsera; she’s a certified homebody. We frequently argue over small things.

My mother was my mother and I was her child. Well, that was before. Now, my mom is also my best friend. We’re still very different but we both have learned how to adjust to each other’s likes and dislikes. She respects my opinion as much as I respect hers. She values my decision the way I value her authority. She loves me and I love her too. J

On Catholic Faith

Few years back, I rarely go to church to hear mass. I must admit I once considered Catholic mass dull and unnecessary. I only went to church maybe because if I didn’t hear the first and second reading I might fail in our religion quiz the next day; or possibly because of my upbringing. I didn’t really understand what Catholicism is all about; why having strong faith in God is important.

Today, I regard Sunday as my favorite day of the week. Going to church excites me. Hearing mass has become a celebration of life. It’s a day of glorifying God together with my brothers and sisters in faith. I’m happy I’m a Catholic.

The Conclusion

Things do not change, we change – Henry David Thoreau

*Imagine if I didn’t control my eating habit, you might think Doraemon and I are twins.
*Imagine if I didn’t taste the siopao that my mom cooked, I missed one of my mom’s masterpieces.
*Imagine if I didn’t try composing essays, my inner thoughts and feelings might be buried for a long time.
*Imagine if I didn’t buy new books, dust and pest would have built a home in my bookshelf.
*Imagine if I didn’t open my mouth and make friends, the people around me might really think I'm a tiger hiding in a human form.
*Imagine if I didn’t try to understand my mom and vice versa, maybe our house is like a war zone minus wire barricades and medical assistants.
*Imagine if I didn’t choose to go to church every Sunday, I maybe living in devastation by now.
Imagine if I didn't decide to change, I ignored seven wonderful blessings.

Tangible objects do not change. It will remain lifeless forever because it is man who created it. But human beings are made different because it is God who molded us. We have a brain and a heart. And we all know the purpose of these two major body parts, right?

To change is a brilliant decision. It can lead you to a happier life. But change doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. So I hope when we decide to change something about ourselves it’s for the better, not for worse. If simple changes can make enormous difference, what more are the big changes can do to our lives (and maybe to others)?

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Josephine said...

Hey, first time dropping by to ur blog...
I enjoyed reading your posts!

Jun Bullan said...

I just posted something that changed in my life. Hope you will visit my site. Thanks

Chyng said...

Nice segue at ending! (claps!)

At natawa ko sa "Suplada".. I thot suplado eh? ;)

Life Ramblings said...

stay positive regardless of any problems. it is possible if you believe in yourself.

dylan dimaubusan said...

Siopao ei, fave ng sis ko yan kaya gusto ko matututunan kung panu gawin.

Malaman ng post na to..Nag enjoy ako.

Nice conclusions.. ^___^

Jasper said...

links >>??

chennn said...

ang taba ng utak nio :)
labs ko rin kerygma tv ^___^
salamat po sa pagdaan sa lungga ko :)

chennn said...

nyay pero taga-bulacan pa po ako :)
lagi po kau dun??

Rej said...

Josephine, Jun Bullan, Chyng, Life Ramblings, Dylan, Jasper, chenn – Thanks :)

@Josephine, I enjoyed reading yours too.

@Jun Bullan, pareho tayo maikli ang temper hindi na gano ngayon

@Chyng: pati dito sa blog, napagkakamalan akong lalaki. Lol.

@Life Ramblings, yes im really trying too. :)

@Dylan, mommy ko marunong magluto ng siopao pero ako im a cooking disaster

@Jasper, sige add kita

@chenn, salamat din sa pagdalaw

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