Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is This Love? - His Version (Part II)


It’s 9 o’clock in the evening
His favorite dish was still hot and smoking
But he walked straight to his bedroom
As if he didn’t hear his tummy rumbling.

Three knocks from his beloved mother
And a saccharine reminder
“Son, I prepared a square meal
Because I know you are dog-tired.”

He momentarily looked at his laptop
And made a short pledge
“I will be back in a jiffy
Coz I cannot disappoint mommy.”

While savoring his preferred meal
His fantasy was actively playing
Hoping that the world will conspire
With either FB or Multiply.

Finally, he turned on his laptop
Signed in and made a research
On the screen no photo was familiar
OMG! Where is she?

He clicked "See more results"
A familiar face finally showed up
He stood up with both hands in the air
Then his heart started shouting: dubdub dubdub…

He opened the girl’s page
With colossal enthusiasm
But the first thing he saw in her info
Turned him into a sour face.

To be continued…

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bluedreamer27 said...

hi rej it's been a while... sorry for losing my track...
i am now following this blog of yours so i can visit you again more often

have a great day and happy blogging

if you have time you can just visit me in my main blog
Bluedreamer's Top Five
see yah

erwinator said...

ay alam ko to... In a relationshio na yung babae. gnyan na gnyan storya ko eh! X-O

Rej said...

@ bluedreamer: happy blogging din bro. :)

@ erwinator: ay hindi... lolz

Anonymous said...

waah asan na un kasunod?? galing mambitin. hoho.

Rej said...

hi tsenn. namiss kita. :D nabitin ka ba? ako din eh, iisipin ko pa kasi yung kasunod. pasencia na kung installment. hanggang jan pa lang ang kaya ko. hehe!

YULI said...

apir er, ganyan na ganyan di ang storya ko. :))

Rej said...

@ YULI: iba yung naiisip ko kaso ang corny sobra. hehe!

Rej said...

@ tsenn: bitin ba? bitin rin ang utak ko eh. hehe!

Ruby said...

sinusunod ko na talaga tong storie na to...hehe...i'll proceed to part 3..hehe

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