Friday, June 19, 2009

Today’s Jackpot Prize: P288M

When I was in elementary and high school, a long line of people signifies the start of flag ceremony. Today, a long line of folks means the jackpot prize in lotto hits P288M. OMG! Almost everyone is going crazy.

Imagine this: You wake up one morning, grabbed the newspaper and saw the six digit numbers that you bet last night. Voila! You are P288 million richer.

Question: What will you do with the money that you have just won?

I will make your life easier by giving you choices:

(a) Buy a house in the most expensive subdivision in the metro(b) Experience a luxury cruise vacation to all seven continents(c) Get the latest model of high-speed car(d) Invest it in the stock market
(e) Venture into a lucrative business
(f) Throw a feast for your family and friends
(g) Assist those who are unemployed(h) Pay all your debts(i) Donate a million to your parish(j) Save it in bank(k) Build houses for street children and abandoned elders
(l) Acquire the latest gizmos
(m) Run for mayor in your municipality(n) Have a membership in all resorts exclusive for elites
(o) Eat all you want
(p) Splurge on night bars
(q) Invite your most favorite celebrity for a private concert
(r) Help the poor sick people in public hospitals(s) Gamble in casinos(t) Have a billboard in EDSA(u) Submit a business proposal to Lucio Tan or Henry Sy(v) Participate in all events for a good cause(w) Attend seminars to increase your financial literacy
(x) Study in the most classy university in the Philippines(y) Contribute to all charitable institutions that you know(z) Deposit a hundred thousand to my bank account (the best choice. hehe!)

The options are actually 10 exponentially raised to the nth power.

Whatever you want to do with your wealth I hope you will invest it wisely, spend it properly and share your blessings generously because the world needs a cheerful giver.

Actually, this post is not just about winning the lottery or a way of enticing you to bet. It’s a simple reminder that any amount of money can quickly disappear if not properly manage. We can either waste it to non-sense activities or use it to bless the world. :p
Posted 6/19/09 1:28 PM

10 Speak:

YULI said...

my big prob is,... Hindi ako marunong tumaya ng LOtt0 :P

PeterPan said...

Would you believe what my wife said if she won, she will give 90% to charity.

Hehe pataya ka na lang


SIGH. Same here. I am not a LOTTO FAN.

The Pope said...

Daming pera, sarap mangarap na manalo, pero di ka mananalo kung di ka tataya hahaha.

Siguro I'll invest in real estate.

Happy weekend.

Rej said...

Actually ako rin di tumataya. Nagtataka lang talaga ko minsan pag sobrang haba ng pila sa lotto. ang tsaga ng mga taong pumila. hindi ako tatagal dun mainipin ako eh at tight fisted pag walang kasiguraduhan ang papupuntahan ng datung ko. :D

Rej said...

@ PeterPan:

Your wife has a good heart. :)
10% of 288M kakaloka pa rin un.

foongpc said...

If I win so much money, I will invest all the money to double or triple the amount! Then, I will place all the money in the bank account where I can get a steady monthly income and quit my job and go travel all over the world! : )

chennn said...

wohw! andaming mcfloat nun kung sakali! ehehe..
tumaya kami ng sis ko sa lotto nung minsan, tamang trip habang hinihintay sila dadi.. aun, 2 numbers lang nakuha.. ahaha!

Rej said...

@ fonngpc: that' what a true rich man does. Thank you for visiting again. :)

@ chenn: in fairness may lumabas na 2 number. hehe!

To all: Let's continue to dream big. Our imagination will inspire us. :)

Bradpetehoops said...

Lotto is so famous everywhere in the world even in Germany, USA and more.

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