Thursday, August 4, 2011

I, Me, Myself & My Frugal World (Part II)

He’s a charming teenage boy. Much taller than me. Addicted to online games. Adept in car and motorcycle parts and engine (though we don’t have both). And the guy who stole my crown after 12 years of reigning as the bunso in the family. Let's just call him Utoy. And sometimes Bill. Bill is the root word of BILLi mo ko nyan; BILLi mo ko no’n. And here's the heartbreaking part: his desires worth BILLsss. He is my total opposite. My cabinet is the ultimate evidence to this. It’s not important that I only have two jeans in my closet (one I bought in college and the other I bought on sale four years ago) for as long as it fits and there's no hole that a guy can peek. 

When utoy wants to go shopping this is what he says “ate wag ka na sumama.” Yes, I am not just his ate but also his main villain or his conscience if I’m successful. I am a quiet person in real life but my brother has a natural ability to turn me into a chatterbox. But most of the time all I got is a deaf ear. Hehe!

Having said that, maybe you’re now convinced that I said it wrong. That I am not frugal. I’m tight-fisted or let’s just put it straight – Kuripot. No. I’m not kuripot. I’m not just comfortable with being “One day millionaire.” One day you have everything you want, and the next day you’re back to zero. That’s pathetic and that kind of life is a NO NO for me. 

Have you heard this: “Bakit mo titipirin ang sarili mo pinaghirapan mo naman yang pera mo”?

At one point, it makes sense right specially if your wallet is fat? But have we thought about Meralco, Maynilad, and PLDT? How about food everyday? Fare, if you’re a commuter? Your children’s baon if you’re a parent and their future more importantly? You’re lucky if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you don’t have to work in your entire life. But if you’re just an average city dweller like me, proper allocation of money plays a significant role in our survival. Worse, the future is unpredictable. And if you’re not prepared, what will you do? And lastly, I am very sure that every human being has a dream. Don't you wish to make your dreams come true?

It’s difficult not to have everything you want when you can afford it. But life is not always comfortable. We will experience difficulty. This is a fact. If you’re not prepared sinong talo? sinong kawawa?

Magtipid naman utoy. I keep telling my brother. But for now, I can only hope that one day he will lend me his ears.

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dang said...

I admire so much that value rej...pagtitipid...wonderful...beautiful...sail are worth emulating...God bless!:-)

Rej said...

Salamat po. Magtipid tayong lahat at magpayaman (sana nga may yumayaman sa pagtitipid).

God bless you too. :)

Giselle said...

happy birthday Rej!

Rej said...

thanks giselle. :)

Lyn-Lyn said...

Thanks for this post, sis Rej. Naalala ko tuloy ang younger bro ko. He attracts "bills", too. Waaah! So, I instil in him to also save and invest.

It's possible to be rich through frugality. Let's just have the habit of investing the little amounts that we are able to save.

PS: Sis, I included you in my helpful links page. :)

Rej said...

Yeah. Let's save and invest... for our future. So medyo matagal na tiisan ito pero the result is worth it for sure.

Thanks sis. :)

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