Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Short Retrospect in the Past 30 Days

My dear friends congratulate me. After 48 years, I already saw the movie “A Very Special Love” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Thanks to Cinema One. I liked the movie but I would still go for John Lloyd and Bea. Just my opinion. :p

My father went on board last Sunday. We were all sad but some sacrifices have to be made for a greater purpose. :(

My friend and I have repeatedly discussing one common goal – entering business. We are both excited. The realization of our plan will have a delay though because we don’t have enough resources as of this moment. But we are both positive that our vision will push through in the near future.

In connection to the above statement, I found myself researching websites on different recipes and watched few cooking demo in Youtube. That’s odd considering I am a lackadaisical when it comes to kitchen matters. I have not tried any instead I let my mom looked through the food photo and instructions and listened to what she has to say.

Last Friday night, TV 5 presented the TV premiere of the movie Inang Yaya (Mother Nanny), a film produced by Unitel Productions. It’s a light-hearted drama that deals with the struggles and joy of a nanny. The dialogues are not too heavy and the approach to every scene is relatively realistic. The movie deserves a Rated A (Clap Clap Clap).

I had a fantastic date. No it’s not the kind of date that you’re thinking. I had a date with myself in one of my favorite cities in Luzon, the city of Manila. In pursuit of Motorolla model RZR2 V9, I entered all cellphone stores in Robinson’s Place and SM Manila. I treated myself with Plato Wraps’ ham and cheese and noodles and strawberry juice from another food stall. I surveyed Intramuros for a possible business opportunity, had a glimpse of San Agustin church and took short refuge inside the Manila Cathedral. Then I travelled the long roads of España all the way to SM North. The journey drained my energy but filled my heart. J

I finally had the courage to face a serious issue that haunted me for less than a month. It was a frightening decision but the reward of taking the risk was a great relief.

My bedroom looks like a real bedroom now. I am pleased with the “before and after” look. Yihee!!!

My brother is back to school. In line with this, I am preparing myself to a mountain of homework and school projects. We’re back to school if I may say so. J

I am back to blogging. I renovated my 5 blogs, made an update and interacted with some blog addicts. Oh yes, I’m back!!!

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manik_reigun said...

congrats on watching the lloydie flick! haha.
great idea to start a biz. magandang investment yan.
if its ok, would you like to share what kind of biz ure getting into?


Marya said...

starting your own business is good, I hope you'll be able to raise funds for that. thanks for dropping reading my blog! Godbless! :)

Rej said...

we're planning to venture into food business d2 lang sa QC or Manila. pero interested din ako to try opportunities somewhere else...

btw, thanks manik_reigun and Marya for dropping by. sana nga in the future...

chennn said...

wohw! parang ansarap nung road trip mo ate ^_^ daming accomplishments these days ah, congrats po :)

go negosyo bigtime!

Rej said...

oo masaya kahit solo flight kaso kapagod talaga. sumuko ung binti ko ung nasa sm north na eh.

chennn said...

balak ko pumunta sa sm north this coming saturday, para sa "business" ko, ahehe..
i think that would be a solo flight like yours.. exciting ^_^

Rej said...

gud luck sa business mo.pagbutihan mo ha. Carpe Diem!

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