Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Brief Prophetic Autobiography

I just finished blowing two numeral candles, a double no. 9. Yes, today is August 12, 2082. Surrounded with people from generation Y to the babies of the 21st century, I am celebrating my 99th birthday.

Some still get surprised when they discover my real age. They thought I am only in my 60’s. Thanks for the compliment, folks. I owe the current formation of my human anatomy not to any surgical doctor or to any medicinal tablet but to people who has never failed to bring life in my life through the years. However, I must admit that my eye sight is getting dimmer and my bones are becoming weaker each day. Thus, I can feel that I am about to reach the end of my journey. Standing beside me is a handsome young man. In his hands is my autobiography which I dictated few days before this very day. With a joyful heart, I’d love to share this with you.

I was born in 1983. My parents, Baltazar and Evangeline Reginio, named me Joan. I was the 2nd and only daughter of three children. My father is a high school graduate and never entered college. Sweat and blood flowed as he tried to climb the ladder of success. He was triumphant. He became a seafarer, a 3rd Engineer. My mother is a college dropout. She remained a housewife and nourished us with good values. My parents were the epitome of Good Samaritan of their generation. They loved each other so dearly. It was through my parents where I learned how to love another human being.

I studied in four different schools: a public elementary school, a Catholic learning organization, a private non-sectarian institution and a public university. I had a lot of wonderful memories as a student. I struggled severely to get high grades but still I failed in several subjects. But it was ok. At the end of every school year I got passing mark. I also had many petty quarrels and a few quite serious disagreements with my classmates but we managed to work things out because we longed for the friendship that we once had. Most of my friends stayed for a long time. Look around, if you see a woman or a man with white hair and still looks gorgeous as I do, s/he is probably my classmate in high school or college. Some of them went to heaven ahead of us. They all had prosperous lives. To those who are still alive, I want you to know that I am very lucky to have friends like you.

When I finished college, I would move from one company to another after few months or a year of service. I wandered for a long time. It was frustrating. Because of this, it came to a point that I suspected myself to have Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. I met a psychologist. On our second meeting, she told me I was 100% normal. With that, I was a bit relieved. We had a total of seven sessions. However, our communication didn’t stop there. She continued to inspire me until she died of old age. She was a terrific woman.

In September 2007, I experienced an incredible twist in my life when I attended the Kerygma Feast, a Catholic prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Community. I experienced a spiritual renewal. I also instantly became part of the Kerygma Family which was formed only through exchange of messages in a Catholic virtual forum. They were composed of young men and women with the same desire to restore their lives through Christ. After almost a year, my family finally decided to join me in the fellowship. Our relationship significantly changed as we encountered God’s presence in our daily living. Soon we became part of the LOJ Community which to this very day we still serve.

In March 2009, the job hopping finally stopped when a media company trusted my aptitude. They hired me as a production assistant. I was part of a very talented, dedicated and loving team. We decided to work hand in hand so we could help the company rise to greater success. After two years, I was promoted and got one of the highest positions. I couldn’t believe in what I heard. At first, I doubted my capacity to lead but my team assured me with their support and trusted me even more. I accepted the challenge. My team became faithful to their promise and our company stood very strong amidst economic crisis. When I had a reunion with some of my former officemates, they were very happy to hear the good news that finally I found the place where I truly belong.

Before I reached 30, I met a man that changed my point of view about growing old with a significant other. I was very firm with my decision to stay single but he was too stubborn that he never stops courting until I said YES. It’s funny because at a time when a lot of people no longer believed on true love, I did (Hehe!). We dated for more than a year and got married when we both realized we couldn’t imagine ourselves becoming old without each other. We were blessed with one beautiful daughter. We were living a comfortable life when we decided to adopt an abandoned boy. Our yearning to help poor kids go to school grew to as much as 25 children. They all became successful with their chosen career. Our kids eventually had their own family but they helped us continue what we have started.

When my parents started their own business, I and my brothers, supported their passion morally and financially. They finally got to see their own dreams. We encountered difficulties but together we were able to surpass everything. I loved my family and my sister-in-laws, their kids and my grandchildren. We gathered in our parents’ huge farm in Tagaytay once a month. We also travelled the Philippines and the 7 continents once a year. We also enjoyed participating in various activities for a good cause. Yes, I was a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a grandmother, an aunt, a godmother, a corporate leader, a businesswoman, a ministry servant or a volunteer. I retired at the age of 55 but continued to serve God through my family, my friends and different ministries. I also had my first book that gives inspiration to a lot of people whose lives were going astray.

Having said all these, God indeed has showered me with blessings beyond my imagination. To everyone, thank you for loving me and understanding my weaknesses and shortcomings. Thank you for helping me fill up what is lacking in my life. I became who I am because of your love. And I thank God for having you in my life. Soon, I will die and meet my Creator. May you continue to love each other as you have loved me. God loves you very much and he also wants your life to be very blessed.

Always young at heart,

Joan aka Rej
P.S. Thank you my handsome grandson for reading my story.

**This article is inspired by Bro. Bo Sanchez. Last Sunday, we were encouraged to rewrite our own life story. This activity, however, has an interesting twist. The rule is to combine the past, the present and the future. Sounds cool? Quick, do your own now.
Three Reminders:
1. Include the bad experiences and the lessons learned. That’s part of your life and there is no way that you can erase it. Do not be afraid to be judged. Keep in mind that you cannot please everybody. Be open-minded and know that you are loved. Who knows what you consider awful might serve as an inspiration to many.
2. If your present is something that you want to continue, imagine how you want it to go on. Otherswise, develop a new scene.
3. Remember that the future may not happen exactly the way you imagine it. Remember this is just a vision. God knows best. Nevertheless, keep on imagining. It will motivate you to reach your dreams. And know that dreams do come true through optimism, hardwork, perseverance, and trust in God. Keep the faith.
My God will fully supply whatever you need, in accord with his glorious riches in Christ Jesus - Philippians 4:19
P.S. Part II: Sorry if I broke my own words not to share anything about myself for the meantime. I was excited to do this, so please bear with me. =)

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