Monday, December 11, 2006


By Bo SanchezYou Have the Power to Create Love
Take Another Step on the Simple Path to Happiness

Imagine I’m an inspiring actor. You must agree that with my looks, it wouln’t be too difficult to picture this scenario. After all, the horror genre is aplenty.

They tell me that there are five stages that every tinsel town personality must go through. Let me show you the anatomy of fame.

Stage 1: “Who is Bo Sanchez?”
This is the starting point of every fame-hungry person: you’re a nobody. You have to make your first appearance on film, even if your role is that of a costumed freakish alien that gets pulverized by the star at the opening scene of the movie. It might be difficult to imagine now, but even Madonna, Demi Moore and Julia Roberts went through the stage where people asked, “Who’s she?”

Stage 2: “Get Bo Sanchez”This second level is intoxicating. By some stroke of luck, you get recognized for your thrilling talent or thrilling body. Your name is bandied around in the studios, and a small fans club is forming- no longer organized by your mother. Your price tag is still ascending, so all movie outfits fight for the right to make your first box-office. As you walk in the mall, you count the number of times people ask for your autograph. When you get tired of this, you start wearing shades. Ahhh. You have arrived.

Stage 3: “Get me Bo Sanchez look-alike”
The peak! Your face is seen on ads, tabloids, billboards, and TV gossip programs. You’re everywhere! Only the biggest producers can afford you now. So smaller media companies will settle for young artists who look like you. You’re now royalty (e.g. concert queen, king pop, box-office king, soap opera queen). Finally, you know you’ve reached this high point when you can no longer walk in a mall without a huge crowd following you hysterically screaming “Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!”

Stage 4: “Get me a younger Bo Sanchez”
But before you know it, the inevitable hits you. You hear your director ask for someone like you who’s ten years younger, ten years sexier, ten years bolder. You feel offended when scriptwriters offer you motherly roles. Soon, however, no other roles come except motherly roles. Your price tag gets slashed. Your name shrinks in movie and when they congregate around you, you wonder if you’re in some high school reunion of class ’27.

Stage 5: “ Who is Bo Sanchez?You meet some teens walking down the street and they pass you by like you were a telephone post. Ouch. Once in a while, a grandmother points to you and her family looks at you quizzically. You feel like a prehistoric artifact in a museum being surveyed. And then they walk you by. Double-ouch.

And then it hits you: You’re a nobody.

And you realize-wasn’t I here before?

Never go after fame.

In the heart of God, you’re always a star.

Always were, always will be.

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