Thursday, July 28, 2011

When Red Turned Green

I've been hearing about it since 2007. However, I didn’t pay too much attention until the last quarter of 2010.

Last November, I was granted with a free seat to How to be Truly Rich seminar for winning in Bo Sanchez’s blogging contest. Yes, my blog entry "The Ups and Downs of Taking Risks" was one of the lucky winners. : ) It is no secret that I admire Bro. Bo’s passion and creativity in sharing God’s words through his books and weekly spiritual meeting called "The Feast." To see a Catholic preacher talks about money might be a bit bizarre if not totally odd. But personally I think that’s also one thing that the church fails to directly teach us.

The seminar was an overview about the following:

Stock market.
Mutual fund.
Treasury bills.

These are just few of the possible income streams that could incredibly augment one’s way of life without shelling out too much sweat. But like any other investments available there are risks and it’s complicated. Now becoming more aware, I thought about the possibilities but I knew that this might take some time. Few months later, in an ordinary day (because it’s not a Sunday –not Feast day), I chanced upon Bro Bo. It was already my opportunity to personally thank him but I chose to be mum. With no significant story to tell I just asked for a photo shoot.

Two months ago, a former officemate invited me to International Marketing Group’s office in Makati. IMG is a marketing company that conducts seminars about various financial investments and business opportunity. My desire to embark in either mutual fund or stock market has fired up once again. But my conversation with my mom triggered me to step on the break to avoid a more intense emotional collision. Wanting to boost our micro income, I thought of attending a crash course on how to become a Virtual Assistant. The cost is no joke so I made a few research before signing up. I found out that to be able to be a good candidate in this field one must be adept with technical skills which I fall short. On the other hand, a lot of testimonials have proven the credibility of the trainer. In the end, I still followed my inkling. Maybe not at the moment.

It’s so obvious that there are so many things that I want to do. But certain things I just can’t. There is no day that passed by that I didn’t ask “What am I gonna do now?”

Local employment – Denied
Overseas work – I can’t see any hope at this time.
Business – Doing good but not enough
Mutual Fund/Stock Market – Denied

My perseverance, however, finally bear good fruit when my mom and I finally had a peaceful dialogue on stock investing. Days before that, I was persistently browsing the net, feeding myself with information. I also attended two seminars in Citiseconline to equip me further without my family knowing it. Yes, I’m serious about stock investing that I wouldn’t give up my dream even after being shattered. On July 11, 2011, I bought my first 10 stocks in AC and my first 100 in RLC. It was funny because most trades in both companies range from 1,000 to 100,000. Mine is a like a junk to these two giant conglomerate. Well, for a small investor like me AC and RLC have no other choice kahit ba 10 tiles lang sa glorietta at robinsons. Lol! Thank God I have Bro. Louis as my mentor.

When we want something, it is best that every single day we nourish it and hope that it will grow soon. But sometimes we reach a point that we wonder why it seems that nothing is happening despite everything that you’ve done; why it seems too far to reach. I still do not understand the rationale behind it but just maybe, God is telling us Please Wait

I still wish to work as Housekeeping Attendant in a hotel in nearby metropolis just to boost my resume. I still wish that one day I will be interviewed by a Canadian national and be granted with a working visa (if the dollar rate is still @ 45+ or not lower than 35). I still wish to have my OWN business. Nonetheless, the last in my list has happened. Just maybe because I waited. The red light was on. Now it's green. It's time to step on the gas and have a joy ride. But it pays to drive carefully specially for a beginner like me. And hopefully My Journey to Financial Freedom will finally take off from here. This is not the end but only the beginning.

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Giselle said...

congrats! :) last statement = very true. i also love Bo Sanchez! :)

Rej said...

thanks. :)

Giselle said...

parehas tayong Leo! :D August 15 ka ba? ano.. ano..? hehe

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