Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm in Love with Mustiola's

I first saw Mustiola's in Pop Talk, a Lifestyle show in GMA News TV. It was a food trip episode in Quezon Province.  Among the three restaurants that were featured, it was Mustiola's that caught my attention the most. It was a carinderia serving typical local dishes in a Spanish inspired old house setting. The entire concept of Mustiola's was so infectious that now I am dreaming of having my own resto in two years.
Few days after the episode was aired, I was able to see it personally. And yes, it’s carinderia. And yes, the tv monitor was not deceiving. It was really beautiful - a classy carinderia. But hey, Mustiola's is not just about ambiance. They are also serving good food. My most favourite is Finura, it’s a halo-halo slash milk shake slash yummier when you sip slash I haven’t tasted anything like that in Manila.

Mustiola's is definitely a must see in Lucban. A great place to eat at fairly affordable price. Pop na Pop!

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