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Meet Batch 69

Posted 09.15.2010

A class of 8 members and diverse personalities. We are like chalk and cheese gathered under one roof in pursuit of one goal – CANADA.

Meet my classmates. Meet Batch 69 of TECP.

(Drum Roll)

Joan “The Diva”
Trudging an unfamiliar road? Lost in the wilderness? Don’t ever try asking Joan for the right direction if you don’t want to get lost forever. Topography or Geography (anything related to direction that is) is certainly not her cup of tea. Good thing she didn’t consider applying for a tour guide position (Halleluiah!). On the brighter side, she’s tall, petite and a pretty face. But her inside is more beautiful than meets the eyes. She is kind, sweet and humorous too. “Cobalt,” and “Alikanisya” were just few words that only she can understand which later on become everyone’s favorite expressions. Joan is also a Diva. She has a very beautiful voice specially if relevant to her love life. The clues: She sings a song from start to end and at once you can feel the emotion flowing in her blood streams. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Gilbert “The Slang”
Ms. Cari is our English teacher. She’s awesome. But her English accent is nothing compare to this man. Because kuya Gilbert is "Mr. Slang.” He is simply a guy who has the ability to pronounce English words in a non-traditional way (Isn’t that cool?). But that is just one of his multiple talents. Let me enumerate his other skills: (1) He can be a voice talent for an Indian fortune teller. He is ‘Shivaker” of our class; (2) I discovered he is also part of a band in charge of the guitar (or keyboard?); and (3) He also runs fast specially with a starving tummy (Hehe!). A “Talentadong Pinoy” indeed. Seriously, he is close to 40 but he looks younger than his real age (Naks! That’s a compliment. Paburger ka naman). Perhaps that’s the effect of living a life anchored in God. He is a spiritual man. And as a Christian, he practices his faith with action. Although far from being a saint, I can smell a good man in him.

Che “The Chef”
You think she’s quiet. You think she’s a certified early bird. Well, you have been deceived. At first, you would think that Che is a serious gal and always prompt. But wait until she becomes familiar with the norms of the company, she does her job flawlessly. Despite that, her presence is indeed significant because she’s enchanting. She never runs out of stories to tell which she delivers with zeal. And her forte is in showbiz gossip (Right?) Next thing, she is also our certified chef - a chef without a college diploma in HRM or culinary course. She is a kitchen genius who can turn simple recipes into umami cuisine without using Ajinomoto (I assume Che is not a big fan of Quickfire. Sorry, Chef Rose Bud). And my most favorite part in her cooking? She caters us not just with one meal but a feast, a healthy food trip. And it’s for free. Who wouldn’t love her?
Malou “The Detective”
She’s ate Didith’s BFF. She’s the only one in our batch who has a stable job. A wife of a sailorman. Mother of two. And the class detective. If there is an issue or anomaly spreading, ate Malou is always ready to investigate and find an answer. She is not the type who would just sit down and wait for someone to act. She herself will do the investigation and all of us will benefit in her hardwork. Gosh! Her husband must be very careful. Otherwise, he’ll be outside the kulambo (Lagot!!!). Patience is also one of her assets. She actually lives in far far away land of Bulacan but she still manages to work in Makati City five days a week. We all know that traffic in Metro Manila is insane and Makati is not exempted. Only those with long thread of patience will last in the rat race. If I were in her position, I’m gone after five days or two.
Ann “The Shopaholic”
If you’re looking for an MTV artist for a sad love song, Ann is absolutely a good choice. Directors will not have a hard time executing the scenes since drama acting seems to be in her nature. Many times you would catch her looking in the distance with a face that resembles doomsday. It’s hard to tell what she’s thinking as if she’s in different land. But hey, in real world she’s very bubbly and driven. Although one of the smallest in class, you will have to pass through the needle’s hole before you can make her cry. When confronted with difficulty, she is fearless. But don’t be scared because generally she’s very fun to be with. However, if you’re shopping with her, make sure that your legs are in good condition because shopping is her weakness. She’s a shopaholic. Sometimes, she has the habit of splurging but good thing she knows the word “share.”

Niel “The Unexpected Funny Guy”
Spell the word “Late.” N I E L. Late (that’s base on Batch 69’s dictionary). He is a person who has not learned how to operate an alarm clock. Well, punctuality may not be his biggest asset, however Niel is a giant man literally and figuratively. Stands 6 feet (I think. Because if you see me with him you would really think I’m in grade school pretending to be an adult) with good body built, mistizo skin tone and a very masculine face, I am sure that a lot of females (specially the wiser women. hehe!) would turn gaga when he's around. He is also a silent man but when he starts talking everybody listens because he is damn smart. And you would be surprised how funny he could be because he unleashes his punch line with good timing (“Ang sarap ng Virgin” is a winner. Hehe!). To sum it up, Niel is seriousness, wit and diligence packed in a very big and heavy bundle. He is our big brother and instant body guard rolled into one.
Didith “The Richest RA”
If you accidentally saw a woman wearing a Rolex while cleaning a filthy comfort room, that’s ate Didith aka GM (as in General Maniac); aka Senior Citizen [because she is the wisest (that sounds more diplomatic don’t you think?) in our class]; aka Financer ng Batch 69 (she’s a Doña and very generous). Honestly, I didn’t like her at first (Oh no! I just made a confession). She’s loquacious. You would think she’s just full of blah blah. But time and circumstances have proven that she is a no non-sense and definitely worthy of respect. In class, she is the most youthful and competitive. She’s one of us (like twenty something). Nonetheless, her multiple achievements will prove that she is a woman with substance. She is successful because she’s a person who likes winning in all facets of her life. But she faces all her battles evenly and with all her might. She’s young at heart but definitely a tough one. And I am sure no one would object to that.

I am the 8th member of this group and being the owner of this blog there is no way for revenge. Hehe!


We once dreamed of seeing each other freezing beside a real snowman. But a lot of things have changed. It's been more than two years... 

It has been a constant battle to keep my faith on the possibility. My CANADA dream seems so far from reality. Depressing indeed. Nonetheless, I am glad that while I was shaping this in my head, these people were dreaming alongside... Our common goal may have been stained by circumstances, but they are my friends up to this day - the very reason why I didn't regret going through that chapter of dreaming an uncertain dream.

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