Sunday, January 27, 2013

My First Footsteps

January 20, 2013, Sunday, was a historic day for a 29-year-old true-blooded Manileña. I stepped on the grounds where Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned before his execution in Bagumbayan.   Yes, it was my first time in Fort Santiago. A milestone, indeed.

I know. Fort Santiago is a top destination for educational but mostly not so educational field trips for either elementary or high school students. My mother probably thought that a tour in Fort Santiago and nearby historical sites like Luneta Park, Children’s Playground, National Museum, Children’s Museum, Manila Zoo and Planetarium doesn’t cost much (May pinagmanahan #alamna). She could even bring me there herself anytime I want since it's in the vicinity of the city of Manila. But I’ve been to other spots I mentioned but never in Fort Santiago. 

My aunt and I left the house before dawn for early bargain hunting in Divisoria. Purely for business reason. But I decided to begin the day with a mass in San Agustin Church in Intramuros. That’s aside from my desire to see the intricate ceiling of the old church. Unfortunately, the magnificent paints were gone for it is currently under renovation. In spite of that, the rich history of both the Catholic Church and our nation as a whole is still visually vibrant. And the mass was solemn, most importantly.

 The orange paint outside is almost gone

Right after the mass, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to see Fort Santiago. It was few meters away plus the weather was just appealing for leisure walks. Why not, coconut?! #Samantalahinangpagkakataon. Achieved. :)

Here are some souvenir photos...

 Brilliant view of Escolta from afar. Among the photos I have taken this is my most favorite. The sight reminds me of Clark Quay of Singapore.

 Looks like a very classy kalesa to me. :) 

I adore kalesas. Obviously. 

I wanted to see this long long time ago. 

A tranquil place to inhale the morning breeze

A life size statue of Pepe under the sun

The last footsteps of our national hero. Big feet = Big shoes :p

 Jose with ex GF Leonor Rivera

 I really thought it was interesting to have a glimpse of the deeper bottom. But a picture of a boa constrictor eventually changed my mind. #playfulimagination

Don't even think of bringing a magnifying glass. It won't work.

Visit Fort Santiago. It is a place where you can ultimately appreciate the beauty of the city of Manila and the great boldness of our blood. It is good to have a glimpse of our rich history every now and then. Ika nga nila "Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan." :)

Fort Santiago is open daily 8am - 6pm including holidays
Entrance Fee: Php 75.00 adults; Php 50.00 children/student/teachers (valid I.D. required); free entrance for disabled and senior citizens

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