Thursday, March 28, 2013

God Says "Cheer Up!"

For the past five months, I trudged unfamiliar places. Under the scorching sun, I sweated like a pig. But still patiently waiting with the many strangers I never thought I would encounter. Many questions ran in my head, complaining even. Restless in all aspects. The situation I was in was breaking my heart.  But just when a drop of tear was about to fall, a seemingly consolation consoled my crying soul. I felt God cut down a speck in my cross. I just thought, maybe it was God’s way of cheering me up; of converting the bad into good. Not grand but just right. Actually, the real challenge has just begun. Fears and anxiety are hunting me up to this very moment. But I know in my heart, it’s okay to feel this. So maybe I can be even more grateful of God’s teeny weeny blissful surprises along the way.

Sabi nga nila walang problemang hindi natin kaya. Pero gano man ito kalaki, hindi nito matatalo ang Diyos na meron tayo. Have a peaceful Holy Week everyone!

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