Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aesthetic Drinking Glasses for a Hip Lifestyle

Looking for cool, unique cups or glassware for the entire day or any occasions? Check out this fun stuff courtesy of holycool.

Wanna start your day with a beam? Pour the hot water and stir the coffee/tea in these cups/mugs.

Left Photo: Smiling Mug; Right Photo: Tea Dam cup

Above: Taz Ah Mug

Do you enjoy having breakfast or coffee break in front of the boob tube? The sofa mug (left photo) will surely fit to your sofa arm or your knees. Otherwise if you want to balance your mug on your lap, the slanted mug (right photo) will make the job easier for you.

If you’re looking for exotic drinking glasses, the Manneken Piss & Peeing Dog Drinking Glasses (left photo), Swimmer Glasses (right photo) and the Optic Glasses (below photo) are great choices.

Are you going to attend a birthday party of a close friend? Or you are in search of a gift for Kris Kringle during the Christmas season and could not figure out what to buy? The words and arts engraved on these mugs make a big difference.

Poparts Mugs

Did you prepare a small gathering for your friends or “kumpares”? Take out those chilled beer and have a cheer using this hopside down glass.

For more creative items, visit holycool. Be amazed.

3 Speak:

foongpc said...

Cute cups and cool hopside down glass! : )

happysurfer said...

Very cool! The tea dam cup is useful though a tad too shallow.

Marya said...

nice cups!

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