Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rosaries for Baby Hannah

It was yesterday when my family started praying the rosary again along with the presence of the image of Our Lady of Fatima. Just few minutes ago, after reciting the rosary, I suddenly remembered an ill baby girl whose life story was featured last year in a certain documentary program. The parents of the baby decided to devote their entire time - taking care of their daughter's needs; doing everything for her survival. Thus, they ventured into home business - rosaries.

As I sat in front of this PC, I immediately went to google and made a research. Since I forgot the baby’s name I just typed all the possible words that could lead me to the site that was mentioned during the show. At once, I found this article Ordeal of a child with a congenital breathing defect. Please read or proceed to Hannah Ysabelle’s Bassinet.

I invite you to support them through personal prayers or by praying the rosary. Let’s pray for baby Hannah's survival and recovery and strength for her loving parents.

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-ellesig- said...

saw her page. :(

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