Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rej on Photography

I love photography!!! I’m not so sure if photography loves me too but I enjoy taking pictures more than saying cheese while waiting for the camera to strike. In fact, one of my dreams in life is to have my own professional camera (with really big camera lens and black strap) even though I remain an amateur photographer forever it doesn't really matter. Allow me to share with you some of my favorite photos I took. A friend of mine once told me she liked my photos but the emotions seem sad. You too are free to criticize it, love it or hate it. Just say so. Your reactions will be highly appreciated.
Closely Scrutinized Shots (Halo-Halo)

While inside the car...

Stolen Shots on People and Animal

So, what do you think?

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HappySurfer said...

Hi Rej. I am not a photographer per se and your shots are good enough for me and I enjoy them esp the people shots. Photos are interesting. They tell a story. Technology is amazing, don't you think? Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

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