Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spread Generosity

Why do millions of people mourned when the entire world learned the death of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and Michael Jackson?

Because of their famous status?


Let’s admit it. Many of us don’t know these people personally and vice versa. We only know them because of their numerous tv appearance and various written interviews. Thus, their lives became a public interest. By means of media, we were able to follow their ups and downs in their career and perhaps a gist of their personal activities. The fact that we will no longer see them alive on the tv screen or hear any recent story makes us sad somehow. But there is absolutely deeper basis for crying over a person we don’t know personally.

Princess Diana was known not only for having a pretty face and being the wife of a British king. The mass recognized her as a woman with a benevolent heart. The Princess used her energy, her compassion, and her position to seek solution to some of the most important humanitarian issues.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta devoted most of her days on earth in worshipping the Lord by being faithful to her mission. She responded to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor in India.

Pope John Paul II, according to the website zpub.com, is said to be the most recognized person in the world. He is the most travelled pope in the 2,000 year history of the church. He bravely travelled the world to spread the gospel and to give hope to the entire humanity.

Michael Jackson is regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time. His talent mixed with serious dedication amazed people from all walks of life. His dance moves, meaninful lyrics and incredible music videos will forever be remembered.

People follow their lives for so many good reasons. I think being generous is one of their common qualities. They were very generous in sharing not only their material possession, but they unselfishly shared their time, talent, wisdom and goodness.

When Michael Jackson was still alive, many attempted to emulate his skills. In their effort to be like their idol, some of them discover their talent in dancing or maybe in singing or maybe MJ’s commitment towards his work. His generosity in sharing his extreme talent resulted with positive impact. In 2000,  the Guinness Book of World Records cited MJ for holding the world record for the "Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star." What more if people will imitate his charity works and the good acts of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II or any noble man?

In reality, no one can ever change the world because changing the world requires everybody's cooperation. We are all responsible. We are all in charge.That’s why we need to share our blessings. We have to learn the value of generosity. We have to spread generosity.

Many People grieved over their death not only because they are popular and are being idolized. People cried because they are loved; because they touched our lives; because they brought joy; because when they were still alive they were so generous.

Let me end this by sharing with you one interesting question in the Kerygma Feast handout last Sunday

When God blesses you, what do you do?”
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