Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I ♥ Blogging?

Have you found something that you can be enthusiastic about?

I think I have found one.

Though I am far from being called a writer, blogging makes me feel like I am. A writing position was one of my wildest dreams after graduating in college. So when opportunity knocked on my door three years ago, I grabbed it only to realize in the end that I cannot be a writer- a professional writer. It was during those times that I wished tomorrow is always a Sunday – NO WORK. I loved the company. I loved the people. But there was one big problem: my performance was pathetic. Seriously. But since writing is one thing that I enjoy doing, I have continued my failed ambition not as a professional writer but a blogger. I blog for a very simple reason: blogging makes me happy.

If you will notice most of my posts were written in English language. Actually, this is a sort of self-training to constantly think in this lingo. This self- training is not a preparation for international beauty pageant but for other purposes more important than a crown (e.g. finding a job). Though English proficiency is not always a requirement, it's still an asset. Meanwhile, please bear with my incorrect grammar, misspelled words, wrong use of punctuation marks and simple vocabulary. I'm a work in progress (I think so).

And lastly, I love blogging because in blogosphere I do not fear being fired.:p

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