Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rekindling Ties

I didn’t like Facebook. A lot of my friends were inviting me to join and experience the fad. But knowing how I can easily be influenced and eventually be addicted to things, I refused to. But not until a friend shared the album containing our “reunion photos.” Since during that time I wasn’t a member yet, I couldn’t open the link. I had no choice but to create an account for myself. Her tactic worked! And the rest is history.

It’s really amazing how technology is able to connect people. Through Facebook I’ve seen friends which I haven’t seen in years. Some of them were my classmates in grade school. And after long years of no communication, we’re chatting again. Some of them even had a small gathering recently. But here’s my most favorite part my mother is also rekindling ties with her old friends. But I hate the part when both parties are sharing stories about us, their children. My mom is green with envy. Haha!

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